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  1. Hugul drove the car with pagan death metal quietly playing from the car's player. The windows were down and chilling air blasted past and tousled their hair. Hugul leaned back and chuckled at the diplomat, "Y'might wanna get some warmer clothes... you'll survive till we get to the apartment," Hugul decided, "we will speak of business when we get there. I want to look into your eyes and see that you understand what I say, and that will not be done very well while I drive. Besides. No man wants to talk politics sober and on an empty stomach. So take your view of the sights, put the book down, the dead can wait," he barked, not intending to be rude. The countryside was covered with swathes of taiga forests, thick with pine trees and interspersed with villages that sharply contrasted the metropolis they came from. The villagers lived in what appeared to be simple wooden huts and stone houses. Upon closer inspection they had man modern amenities like heaters, motorcycles, and guns. Their homes were richly decorated with art and carvings that would normally be forsaken on modern buildings. Smoke from fires of celebration and sacrifice wafted from between the trees, briefly showing the hidden and armed population hidden within the forests. As they drove, wild looking men could be seen from the tree line wearing wolf pelts, watching them intently. Hugul came to the outskirts of another teeming city. The Erilaz's home city was far more defensible. Armed guards openly patrolled the streets; berserkergangr walked freely in the streets. Chanting could be heard in the distance, whether from feasting or fight... was there a difference?" Hugul pulled up to a skyrise and took Ketriaz inside. The apartment was carpeted and decorated with knot art, and an elevator took them to a corner suite where Hugul threw off his boots and busied himself preparing a plate of ribeye steak, hard boiled eggs, cloudberries, mixed vegetables, and ale, "Tell me Ket, what do you know of my land?"
  2. Hugul Leithar arose from his bed and stretched. He threw the blanket on his naked wife and spent the next several hours of the morning waking up. He would lift weights in his home gym and take a cold shower. The man spent time in quiet and reverent meditation to his ancestors, flanked by statues of Odin. Incense wafted through the beams of light that peeked in between the shades. Hugul would pour himself some coffee and mead, leaving a little of each in tiny cups on his altar. Hugul would be cooking a thick piece of meat when his wife stumbled from the bedroom. “Where do your duties take you today Hug?” She sat down at the table and Hugul slid a platter of eggs in front of her. “The Erilaz commands I bring ashore and entertain a diplomat from that socialist nation… Diphtheria?” Hugul pulled some notes from the counter, “DPR Velaheria… a Ketriaz,” Hugul finished his breakfast with his wife and wore his diplomatic attire. Black pants with thin gold filigree down the side like the roots of the wurld tree. A long sleeved, black vest with the wolf symbol of Ulfheimr above his heart in gold. And a thick and furry cloak to keep him warm in the taiga. Hugul slid on a pair of black leather gloves and kissed his wife goodbye. Hugul would be waiting at the port for the diplomat's arrival. He would arrive in a port belonging to the tribe of Kunnagr, the sons of Odin. This tribe boasted some of the most established cities with high walls and their greatest centers of learning. Kunnagr was much more on par with a successful cultural outpost than some of the more remote tribes. The plane would touch down in an airport just outside of Kunnagr's largest city. Hugul would immediately arrive at the side of the plane, "Welcome my friend, to Ulfheimr!" The large man would clap the visitor on the back like he was hammering an anvil. The tell tale wolf head pelt hung below his head, a mark of honor as berserker. While this man was clearly not one for the typical diplomatic pleasantries, he was considered exceptionally mild compared to his brethren, "my friend my name is Hugul and you are in the land of the wolves. Now listen to me lest you not get eaten yes," he snapped his fingers to get the man's attention. You see this wolf's head on my back. I am a berserker. If you see this or a boar's head or a bear's head, do not look the owner in the eyes lest you believe you can best them in a fight for your life. The berserkergangr has ultimate authority over even the police here, follow this simple rule while i take you to your lodgings and we can avoid any diplomatic incidents yes?" Hugul grinned as he led the man to a black car that would take them to an apartment close to the borders of the Erilaz's territory, " I shall explain more on our arrival where we are safe from mischiefs; loki hides around every corner"
  3. Inblasin Ein walked around the hunk of metal they had 'recovered' from a particularly industrious member of the Kunagr tribe. The 'boat' was of single hull with an internal ballast and compensating tanks. It has fixed angle shaft planes and movable forward units for dive control. This was a privately built submersible boat, equipped with two bays that launched self propelled torpedoes. Inblasin observed the construction and chuckled, "To think a lone man could build this. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that a son of Odin had the ability to create something like this. But this event shows us only one thing, that we are effectively behind modern standards of naval warfare, and we will be able to catch up faster than I previously thought..." Inblasin left the prototype submarine in the hands of several hired engineers who would work day and night on future developments. He would walk to another drydock, all of which was on a restricted island off the coast of Ulfheimr. Restricted by the lumbering dreadnought boats who swiveled their battery guns to watch for prey. Upon this drydock, was the death of one machine and the birth of another. Inblasin was involved with the design of this new submarine. A dreadnought was being taken apart for every piece of metal and necessary equipment. It was triple the length and displaced 1.5 times more water. It would have double the propulsion speed and a greater ammo capacity. Inblasin was incredibly proud of his work, but he was not foolish enough to believe this would stand the test of other nations. Still they must innovate and they must test. This would be only the first of many designs.
  4. "You move like little mice men," Lethurblökuskítur crossed his arms and grumbled. He tapped his foot for several seconds before sidling into the police car. The large man barely fit into the police car. He peeked out and stared at the official until he entered the car as well. If a diplomat comes to Ulfheimr then it would make contact with Erilaz Kromeus. Lethurblökuskítur spoke up again, " How long must I wait?"
  5. Hroptyr Yrungr admired a location deep within the territory of Snjornest. He wore a wide brimmed hat and a thick cloak that obscured much of his body in the cold forest. By his side traveled a grizzled wolf. The energies of the children of the Jotunn would be key in his future work. He found a suitable location 60 feet long, 30 feet wide and 26 feet high underneath an abandoned temple to Baldr when the Bjart-Los controlled this section of territory years ago. Hroptyr ran his hands down the doorposts of the stave-church and picked the hoarfrost from inside the engravings. He had shipments of 4x6 inch timbers being delivered to him by the daughters of Skadi Other favors he called in supplied him with high purity graphite and Uranium dioxide from the Gropmold. As construction inevitably progressed, the crude reactor was called Gimle-Vega. It would be encased with a balloon so that the air inside could be replaced by carbon dioxide. A dark gray balloon was created at 25 feet. The top would be secured to the ceiling and three sides to the walls. The remaining side was furled like an awning. Hroptyr would draw a circle on the floor and demand all would leave the presence of the room, his many hired helpers and even the berserkergangr who watched them. Hroptyr would kneel in the room and cut his hand, drawing sacred runes on the floor and calling for blessings from the god of knowledge and sorcery. He gave thanks for the maddening inspirations he had received years ago with Rjistlos (nuetrons). Then the first graphite blocks were laid, with the first layer being entirely graphite. Layers without uranium were alternated with two layers containing uranium, so the uranium was enclosed in graphite. it had no radiation shielding or cooling system, as it was only intended to be operated at very low power. Erilaz Kromeus had secretly sent many of the enslaved and rebellious Gropmolds to Hroptyr to machine the necessary 45,000 graphite blocks enclosing 19,000 pieces of uranium metal and oxide. The graphite was cut into lengths of 16.5 inches with 3.25 inch holes in the blocks for control rods and uranium. A hydraulic press 'borrowed' from the Hasaeti,still flecked with the blood of its previous owners, shaped the uranium oxide into cylinders with rounded ends. Control rods would be manufactured by nailing cadmium sheets to flat wooden strips for the purpose of absorbing nuetrons as Hroptyr found the many years ago when he locked himself in his studies and nearly went mad. A rope would suspend the control rod that, when dropped, would stop the reaction. A nuetron counter was inserted at the fifteenth layer and readings were taken every day. Hroptyr came to the conclusion that the balloon and carbon dioxide would not be necessary after several calculations and consulting the runes. The reactor would have 56 layers and be flatter on top than the bottom. When it was finished, a wooden frame supported the elliptical shaped structure 20 feet high, 6 feet wide at the ends, and 25 feet wide across at the middle. It contained 5.4 tons of uranium metal, 45 tons of uranium oxide, and 360 tons of graphite. All paid either with Mjolnir Mynt, blood, or the persuasion of the Erilaz. After the construction was completed, there was an assembly of 50 berserkergangr to observe the experiments. Hroptyr had an aid stand by with a bucket of concentrated Cadmium Nitrate which would be thrown upon Gimle-Vega in the event of an emergency. Another aid stood ready to cut the line that would drop the control line. The startup began, and within an hour and a half the Gimle-Vega had reached critical nuetron activity, reaching a self sustaining reaction. Within 4.5 minutes, running on 0.5 watts, the reaction was halted as it passed the preset safety level. Hroptyr slapped his thigh and raised his hands to the sky in the place below the temple and gave glory to Odin. With a successful experiment, the next stage of the plan could be... executed. Above Hroptyr, the berserkergangr moved to the main area of the temple where the workers were instructed to rededicate the temple to Odin and Thor by cariving and replacing the old iconography. The rapid report of machine guns filled Hroptyr's ears and screams were cut down as quickly as they came. The berserkers killed every last one of the slave. Smoke filled the temple as the floor was baptized with blood and copper. The berserkers roared and beat their chests, " Hjarrandi! Hjarrandi! Hjarrandi!," The berserkers took the corpses and dragged them to an altar in the center of the temple and lit the bodies ablaze, while the masque-of-odin carved byt their dead hands looked on in morbid fascination. The Berserkergangr would support Hroptyr from now on. Odin would bless them with this sacrifice. Thunder quaked in the distance, as though Thor himself beat his anvil in preperatio to the new age of Ulfan innovation.
  6. Erilaz Kromeus walked deep into the territory of the Gropmold mountains that they had subdued. Several weeks later, Kromeus had convinced several key tribal leaders to contribute to this project that was first envisioned by the Gropmold tribe. When Kromeus heard of this, he moved quickly. Upon the carven sides of the Kendovstrunmahhe Mountains, a new facility was built. From the surface there were three large buildings and two rows of metal columns. There was a large, square pool of water and a small well house. A representative of the Gropmold miners stood by and awaited the Erilaz. "Welcome," he saluted the Erilaz, "I am told you wish to see the function of the new facility?" "Tell me of the process, Chalvik, why are we using alkaline leeching rather than acid leeching? The costs are much more involved with this practice. Or perhaps you know this and you are pocketing the extra funds?" Erilaz Kromeus spoke sternly, but this did not faze Chalvik. "There is a significant amount of gyspum near the uranium deposits. The gypsum 'swallows' the acid, alkaline impregnation is the only solution. Come," Chalvik waved Kromeus to a nearby spot on the mountain. As Chalvik explained, there were 21 wells set up in a seven spot pattern. Six injection wells created a hexagonical shape with an extraction well in the center, three such formation were aligned to make the 7 spot with about 15 meters in between the wells, "Each of the wells have been hydraulically tested to 150% of their design operating pressure to ensure no leakage to our aquifers is possible. We have also placed monitor wells along the outside of the well farm to track any movement of mining fluids outside of the mining area. The submersible pumps initially extract native groundwater from the host aquifer prior to the addition of the alkaline soultion and oxygen before injection into the wellfield. The leach liquors pass through the ore to oxidise and dissolve the uranium minerals in situ. The pregnant solution is extracted and sent to the treatment plant where the uranium is recovered with a liquid ion exchange process. " Chalvik took the Erilaz to a building where a small mound of purified uranium sat as yellow dust, "May I ask what are your plans with this?" Chalvik dared to ask after a few minutes of watching Kromeus stare out at the operations. Kromeus walked back over the powder and considered it, " A warm light for all Ulfans," With his finger he traced three Hagalaz runes into the sandy mound.
  7. Lethurblökuskítur Brjálathur stared down the smaller man without blinking, "I will accept a week's time no less. I realize my arrival is a surprise, but Ulfheimr is not some babe on the river log to be taken so casually or freely. Patience I will have, for one week. " The Raven turned away from the soldier and pushed through the others without even pausing to look back. "I have brought the funds to secure my own lodgings." The man stopped and looked around in mild confusion then back at the man that spoke to him, "Where are your lodgings?"
  8. Ulfheimr scoffs at those who scoff at their professional forces
  9. Kromeus

    Blood for Oil

    Negotiations were soon reached. The remaining howitzer shells were brutally unloaded into the mining community. Acrid smoke and the copper smell of blood filled the air as Erilaz Kromeus made his way down to the negotiation table. Gravel crunched under his feet, and he had left his vest behind at the gun, "By Odin's beard I think we may actually have a fighting chance gentlmen," Kromeus kneeled down beside the body of a slain berserker, his guts laying where his legs should have been. Kromeus flicked the eyelids down, a visage of pure hate and animalistic rage burned into his final moments. He turned to Sigr Riki, "Arrange for their passing to the halls of their ancestors, your tribe will feast for their sacrifice tonight. And for it, we will propel ourselves to new heights on the shoulders of the dead," It took them several hours to find the passed out leader of the Gropmold. It seems that a cave in had knocked him unconscious. He was taken under armed guard and several assault rifles pointed his way so that he could peacefully, willingly, and happily make a materials trade deal for the production of Ulfan military gear or pass with his men. Over the next several months, the trde routes were monitored with armed guards at the loading zone and the transport route until Erilaz felt the Gropmold would hold to their bargain.
  10. Kromeus

    Blood for Oil

    The ground shook and crumbled under the feet of Steinmutr Rassbolt and the tunnel behind him crumbled, falling stone drowning out the screams of the men crushed behind him. Steinmutr held his ground; either the stone would crush him or the berserker would. A screaming, squealing monster of a man wearing boar skin barreled to him down the tunnels through the soot and the dust, the mangled bodies of Steinmutr's comrades in his wake. Steinmutr cocked his shotgun and fired twice into the charging man; he could not distinguish the shotgun from the scream of the barbarian, the thunder that shook their mountain, and the falling rubble. The first shot tore a chunk out of the man's side, and then his thigh. With his one good leg, the boar warrior launched himself the rest of the distance and squashed Steimutr's head into the same stones that fell on his peers. The berserker collapsed to the side, blood streaming from his side, leg, and his mouth, sputtering, "Lækna hold mitt... Hvíldu beinin í mér... Ég vil ekki binda enda á líf mitt... Allt brotið og líkamlega rifið..." and his spirit moved on. Outside of the Gropmold territory, the howitzer had reduced their outposts and watchtowers to dust. A well placed shelling on a previously scouted oil depot sent the building into flames. Erilaz Kromeus chuckled as he watched the burning bodies jump from the building rather than crisp in the flames. Once in a while, he could see a maddened berserker skid out of the opening of one tunnel and into another in pursuit of human prey. "Erilaz!" a man in dusty tactical armor ran uphill to the howitzers position. The hills were littered with the bodies of those who tried to get closer, "The Gropmold's Jarl, Gylir Hogspot, has agreed to surrender and speak terms on your proposed trade!" Kromeus muttered under is breath and looked at the stockpile of ammunition, "... we weren't even done yet... f*ckers. Blow the load!" The pyrotechnic engineer didn't even question the order. Yes they had been given a surrender, yes the battle was over, but he had been given a direct order by his Erilaz and even more so... he could blow shit up, "By the Hammer of Thor!" The dirty man bellowed and pressed a remote controller toggle switch. An entire mile of the top of the mountain exploded in a cacophony of noise, fire, and exultations to the gods of war. The explosive strip we removed from the majority of the fighting force and was mainly done for show, but it certainly crushed a handful of the tribe under molten brimstone., "Send for the Jarl!" Kromeus barked.
  11. @Ateenia Erilaz Kromeus listened intently to the Queen; he did not make eye contact with the translator. He listened to her list off the tribes and he made a mental note. Kromeus drained his coffee mug and filled it with the mead. It would be a long day, as his men made preparations to slaughter the rebellious tribe of Gropmold, should they not submit, " I think it would be a good idea for our nation to be unified yes, in the same way I believe the Norse of Argis can and should unify against a wurld of new ideals, weak ideals. And I believe we can do this without forcing each other to change. " Kromeus smiled and tipped his cup at her, "just as my seemingly dysfunctional family does so. " Kromeus watched the bottle with interest, "Vodka hm? I will send you a case of my finest mead, seasoned with the jewels of the taiga. And you send me a case of your fruit juice," He teased, "Then when we meet we can drink ourselves under the table, or on top of it, " He winked, "As far as trade goes... Each trade agreement must be ratified by me. Send your representatives to the Jarls and you come to an agreement between yourselves. Then this agreement will be brought to me. If I feel the trade is fair you won't hear a thing, unless I feel you are taking advantage of the Jarl or they are being reckless."
  12. The man stood tall and kept direct eye contact with all who spoke to him. He spoke only when necessary, otherwise he watched them all like a Raven watched a morsel laying on the ground. He then turned to the head that spoke to him, "If that is what I must do, then I shall do so." The agent straightened his clothes with a tug, "Then tell me where I must be in what time in order to recieve news of his acceptance or denial, I must give the Erilaz news of either." While they spoke, the man used his excellent memory to make note of the equipment the soldiers carried, whether the officers carried better gear, and took the time to observe the windows of the surrounding buildings around the port.
  13. Erilaz Kromeus saluted her casually with his coffee mug, "Greetings Queen Ena, it is good to see the gods have retained their favor, even so I say Freya has blessed you and your bloodline with her beauty." Kromeus turned the laptop so she could watch him while he made another cup of coffee, a normal cup just wasn't cutting it. This time he added mead, " But on to business. It has come to my attention that you seek some sort of..." Kromeus turned to the camera and sat on the counter holding the coffee pot, waving his hand, "Agreement or influence in my region. And I am more than happy to accomadate some sort of trade agreement..." Kromeus looked at the bottle he infused his coffee with and back at Queen Ena's mug, "Tell me Queen Ena, how do your people make your strong drink?"
  14. Kromeus

    Blood for Oil

    Kromeus Dauthaeeta listened to his Raven's report intently. The agent was bare chested in the Hall of the Erilaz, so everyone could see his Raven tattoo. The hall was as warm as the wood used to build it. A roaring hearth crackled in the center of the throne room. Kromeus reclined on a wooden throne inlaid with gold, and carved with the likeness of Odin and his wolves. "Fela Saeta of the Taela tribe has implored us to not ask them for military aid in the coming confrontation against Gropmold. Their reasoning is if they commit any significant force, their will not be enough to protect their lands from the immediate retaliation of the 'gravel people' regardless of the outcome. Fela has offered us instead safe passage, any intel they have on the tribe such as their tunnel entrances, and a case of AK 5 C's," Kromeus sighed fingered a Hagalaz rune, "I somehow imagined that they would weasel their way out of a confrontation. But by the gods, their time is coming." Kromeus tapped the head of a wolf that made his arm rest, "Tell those sons of Laufeyson, that they must make preparations for a massive troop movement through their territory in which we will invade the cave homes of Gropmold." This was ofcourse, a lie. But the territory of Taela would nevertheless be open to the Erilaz to do with as he wished. "It will be as you say," The agent bowed retreated to his duties as the doors to the great hall swung open. Two men walked to the throne of the Erilaz, Sigr Riki and Gala Fedga. Sigr was the head of Sigrkyn, and Gala headed Kunnagr. Sigr Riki was a tall and well muscled man with shoulder length blond hair. Gala was somewhat older, and temporarily wore an eyepatch over his eye in ritualistic practice to walk closer to Odin. Both of them bowed their heads in respect. "Erilaz Kromeus!" Sigr bellowed and smiled so widely the fire shone off his teeth, " It is an honor to be invited to your hall. I have brought my best boar as you requested, so that we may please the gods in this great endeavor, and remind those gravel eaters where their allegiances lie!" Sigr snapped his fingers and the guards brought in a boar roughly four feet tall at the shoulder. It was tamed by the handler who brought it. "Your contribution to victory will surely be witnessed by Freyr. What about you Gala? Have we use of your... þyrnir?" Kromeus turned to the older man who stayed silent during the exchange. He bore a more concrete stature than Sigr. He stood as a veteran of many battles, and of one who could see what others could not in the strange light of the eyepatch ritual. "Our þyrnir gun is complete, this was created as a prototype with cooperation between the tribes of Hasaeti and Caer-Sig based on designs we have compared against what we have observed from other nations. At the moment we have not the motorized chassis designed to carry this gun, which is truly called a howitzer. We will need to transport it by truck to the edge of Taela territory, and set it upon a defensible embankment from which we can rain down upon the Gropmold." Kromeus nodded his approval, "This will be an important test of our capabilities. Sigr, are your Svinfylking ready to dive into the tunnels of the enemy?" "The Svinfylking have called to Freyr for aid and guidance, and he answered them with visions of death and gore, my berserkergangr stand ready to meet their foes in battle and root them from their holes." It was as if every word Sigr said was embellished for a play, but his sincerity was not doubted. "Our berserkergangr will stand to guard the thyrnir, while the rest of the Kunnagi (tribe members of the Kunnagr) will reinforce the Boar-Warriors and sweep the mines and the mountains." Kromeus was satisfied with their answers. He raised himself from the throne and his wife Feyna came from a hallway bearing a sacrificial knife. She wore a traditional Seidr headress that obscured her eyes. with bits of bone and tooth hanging from her attire. The men fell upon the squealing boar and tied its legs so it could not flee. The men then threw the boar into the hearth. The thrashing pig quickly put out the fire, but so too did Feyna quickly put out the life of the hog with a thrust to the heart. Kromeus knelt down and cut the heart from the boar and held it to his mouth, taking a bite from it. He handed the heart to Sigr and Galar, who repeated the ritual. Feyna handed Kromeus a spear. Kromeus sliced the throat of the hog and Feyna collected the blood in a chalice half-filled with mead. Kromeus held the spear aloft and let the blood drip on his head, then he flicked the tip on Sigr and Galar, sprinkling them with the hog's blood. "Gungnir to the East! Hallow & Hold this holy stead! Gungnir to the South! Hallow & Hold this holy stead! Gungnir to the West! Hallow & hold this holy stead! Gungnir to the North! Hallow & hold this holy stead!" Each of the men raised their arms to the roof. "Gungnir above! Hallow & Hold this Holy Stead!" They stomped on the wood floor. "Gungir below! Hollow & hold this Holy stead! GUNGNIR! HOLLOW AND HOLD THIS HOLY STEAD!" Feyna handed Kromeus the chalice, and each of them took a deep drink, " We move to Taela by morning, have your men and the necessary transport prepared."
  15. It had come to the attention of Erilaz Kromeus that other eyes had been moving to make contact with his tribes, so told by the rumors overheard by his Ravens in the Leynilögregla. Velaheria was a socialist nation from the reports he heard; Kromeus was not sure what plans they would have in Ulfheimr. He intended to make the first move, before he ended up finding a DPR 'diplomat' hiding somewhere in his territory. He had sent Lethurblökuskítur Brjálathur to Velaheria some time ago in a fishing schooner. Kromeus had ofcourse consulted the runes beforehand, as usual with a payment of blood. Uruz, Gebo, and blank. The first two were Merkstave, fortelling potential greed on the part of Velahria and attempted domination. And ofcourse the blank rune, a sign from Odin that the future of the two nations was in the Erilaz's hands. By now Lethurblökuskítur Brjálathur should be approaching Bastaria. Lethurblökuskítur Brjálathur sailed and docked in Bastaria, most likely immediately drawing attention. The man was 6'6" and wore a cloak of raven feathers over a green vest, lime pants and thick army boots. This was the official diplomatic attire for the Leynilögregla. The Raven came without any prior warning. He would make his way to the nearest government office, where he would demand to be taken to their foreign relations office, carrying a letter to invite Velaharian dignitaries to Ulfheimr to see Erilaz Kromeus. This was ofcourse assuming everything went according to plan, and he didn't get shot as soon as he stepped foot in the territory. @DPR Velaheria
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