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  1. Nice & easy! Just the way I like it
  2. Communiqué de presse Our glorious president Jean-Louis Yorundu decided not to intervene. "We've got our own problems" he reportedly said. "Unless we're provoced, we will not dragged into one of these conflicts with some landgrabbing empire at the other end of the region." That's all he wanted to say on the current situation. The president also said he would not comment on "rumours" in the press concerning the expansion of the Brawandian fleet.
  3. The door opens, and in comes a tall (about 2,05m), big-boned (not fat!) man. It's Jean-Jacques Wemba, Brawandians president. As he came inside, while carefully observing the bar, he took of his stylish sunglasses. He decided to take a seat at the bar, from where he could see the entire bar. Yep, a nice place... why haven't I discovered it before... I must have past by it a thousand times.
  4. 13-14 would be a nice place. I'm sure the Brawandian people will feel at home. Celesteville, in the bay area, has been declared the new capital.
  5. I can't see the map.. ?? Anyway, Brawandi is a tropical country, so it should be located somewhere more towards the south I presume. It's a fertile land and it has lots and lots of woods. There're some mountains located in the east. There's a huge and wild river flowing from those hills towards the ocean. And our magnificent capital is situated somewhere at the riverside.
  6. Our glorious President understands the worries of Marshall CT, especially since both our countries have been attacked by terrorist organisations. This morning the president condemned the assasination of General Van Helsing, and expressed his compassion to the people of Vanarambion. However, the rebel troops have been very quiet lately... maybe to quiet
  7. I think people shouldn't be forced.. everyone can do with their endorsement what they like
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