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  1. 20 days on the run, that was how long it had been. Under a month ago the Rhavanese government was taken over by the power hungry Chairman Pen Ping, imprisoning all government officials. Pinning an attack on the resistance when he had ordered the drop. The jailing of resistance leader, Madame Chantrea Ponagar. 2 days ago, the border closed, all international personnel removed from the now locked down country. And the last agents of the resistance; Janai, Hashim, Yasmine, Reya, and Tam were somewhere in the Cam Dong province, a region infamously guarded by the military. The crew walked through the long yellow grasses of the inner savannas of Rhava, elephants calling to their children in the background. Yellow mountains topped with puffed trees, like the hair of the hills loomed in the distance, with trees sparsely spaced in between. 3 days ago they had been contacted by Kilong's crew. They had been instructed to meet in the Cam Dong province. Now they walked through this yellow expanse of Rhava. "Rumor has it that Mueng people come out of nowhere and take all your belongings and attach your heads to the tusks of an elephant" said Reya shattering the silence. "Don't be silly, that was only a story made my crazy Rhavanese to scare people out of not coming out here" replied Yasmine. "Hey! I'm Rhavanese, you know" shouted Tam. They all laughed, putting their spirits at ease. As they waded through the leg long grass, they heard shouting in the distance. The crew picked up their pace, wanting to rendezvous with the last of the resistance quickly. "Lieutenant Hien!" The tall women turned around her hair a mess, with scrapes and bruises all over her body. "Thousand-eyed Buddha, if it isn't the Mandurae mercenary herself and her band of misfits." Reya and Hien bumped chests and laughed, as the others looked on dumbstruck. "So...why are we here lieutenant?" Hashim asked wiping the confused look off his face. She turned around to face him and said smiling; "Who else is going to break out Ponagar of jail!"
  2. The house was all a bustle. Father and uncle and my brother were back from the fields, this year's harvest was excellent. As they returned home to our quaint little house in central Suea Rong Hai, my mother came outside with fresh cold glasses of limeade. My grandma was in the back preparing mooncakes, while my 3 little siblings painted lanterns and masks, giggling as they got paint all over each others faces. I smiled, taking in the atmosphere. Another harvest done, thank be to the gods. Tomorrow father and the guys would leave to Kronghai city, the capital of the province, where they would sell our crops. As the sun set I quickly made my way through the long grass to the edge of our estate, where our family shrine lay, sheltered under a banyan tree. My red shoes clacked along the stone path, as I made my way towards the shrine. The shrine was a simple pagoda, with paintings and pictures of my ancestors. I entered the pagoda, and put down my bowl of fresh fruits, an offering to the spirits of my family. I then lit an incense, and quickly prayed for safe journey for father, a long life for my grandmother, and good fortune to my family as a whole. I walked back to my family as the sun was a sliver on the horizon. The family has already gathered along a long wooden table. The table was stacked with an assortment of cooked goods, and my personal favorite, banh deo (mooncakes). We all sat eating, laughing, and enjoying each other's company as the plump full moon rose into the sky. We all sat their, just gazing in awe. Across Rhava people would go to visit their families, and celebrate. We all got up and took out lanterns, and lit them. They all rose up steadily into the night, lighting us in an erie yellow glow until they faded out of site. In the distance the sound of a lion dance and the laughter of children echoed down the fields towards us. Eventually my family started going inside, preparing for the big day tomorrow. I decided to lie down on the carpet like grass, and gaze up at the moon. I could almost see the man on the moon smiling down on me. The stars glistened in the night, as I lay there, a sea of stars. Happy mid-autumn festival.
  3. Happy Lin-Chi Day! Rejoice citizens of Rhava, we have made it seventeen days into this new regime. Today is Lin-Chi day, as the Vĩnh Cửu acts come into full effect across the entire country, I already feel all the safer. Lin-Chi day is a celebration of Rhavanese pride, regardless of your skin colour. This day celebrates the independence from Huang imperialism and the Yellow Empire, and the forging of our own path. And it seems Rhava recognizes this, as across the country rioting has ended for the time being. Across all provinces Rhavanese peoples celebrated the tradition of eating Long Life noodles, to preserve and increase life expectancy. Lin-Chi was known as a powerful woman, and a hero for many across the country symbolizing Rhavanese pride in heritage and strength in driving out aggressors out of our homeland. Happy Lin-Chi day everyone! I’m Tang Nguyen, and this is RNN This show is brought to you by viewers like you
  4. (I hope this is the right place to put this) Could you move Rhavapura and Giang Do to the designated dots pls. And I would also like to add that river and lake, it would really help with my history. Also one last thing, I would like Chow Cho to be changed to Cho Vang pls. Thank you so much!
  5. Rhavanese Navy Returns with Dire News It seems that the Rhavanese Navy has returned from sea with the resistance perpetrators from the Gorang crisis. The admiral is seen arriving at Al'Rasif with Chantrea Thi Ponagar, previous foreign minister the madame secretary had reportedly turned herself in to save the remaining Gorang people from Anglians. A likely story. However, there has been reports of increased Anglian influence in the Rhavanese area. As we enter our sixthteenth day of a new government under Chairman Pen Ping, this does not look good for his approval ratings and all in support. This just shows the complete mockery that has been this past mont- [The rest of this program has been removed by the Rhavanese government] Rhavanese Animated R-Drama makes headlines The long running 'trời giấu trời mang đi' anime ended last year in its 11 season making it the longest running Rhavanese anime to date. This left fans asking the question, will it continue? Early April it was announced on the 26th, the anniversary date of the first episode a streaming service by the name of 'Cameo' would be buying the show, and rebooting it with a whole new cast and story. Releasing last week in only Rhavanese, it not only got immediate attention in Rhava, but also in foreign countries such as Rhodellia, a country in Aurelia for all our viewers who do not know. 'Cameo' has announced that the animated r-drama will be released internationally in Huang, Dolch, and Anglish later this month along with other announcements for their streaming service including a live action 'trời giấu trời mang đi' because of the increased popularity. It is estimated to be released in 2022 in Huang, Dolch, Anlgish, and Rhavanese. [poster for upcoming movie] I’m Tang Ly, and this is RNN This show is brought to you by viewers like you
  6. "Madame, four Anglian warships are firing on us." The RUA fleet smoked in the middle of the Coral Sea, 700 kilometers off the coast of Rhava. Alarms sounded, as the lights flickered on and off, the ships withstanding bombardments from both sides. The floor shook, with papers and pens scattering in every direction, with the crew of the S.S. Haikilong shouting orders into walkie talkies. The torpedoes struck the ship, sending Ponagar swearing and falling to the ground, blood dripping from her nose. To their surprise not only did the attack hit them, but also the ships behind them. It seemed the Anglians had no idea of the situation. "Madame secretary, what are we going to do. We are a couple hits from fully being blown to pieces, and the lower decks are already taking on water. We are sitting ducks." Chantrea sighed, it was looking like their loss was inevitable. Snap out of it Chantrea, think she thought. “Get me a line with the Rhavanese fleet.” It was a gambit, one they had to take. The crew nodded, signaling an open line. "General Nguyễn of the Rhavanese fleet, there is something you must know about Goran." Time passed, as more and more impacts shook the ships, as the Anglian bombardment continued. Ponagar tried to convince Nguyễn that he was on the wrong side to no avail. Screams erupted from the lower deck as another impact shook the ship. "General Nguyễn, empress Lin Chi once said; I have a duty to my people. A duty to this city. And a duty to these lands. If, you guarantee the people's safety, and the joint attack on Anglian forces to defend these fleets, I will turn myself in." The crew immediately shouted their disgust towards this notion, but Ponagar shushed them. "That deal sounds, acceptable." The 3 Rhavanese fleet ships docked with the S.S Haikilong, as people jumped ship, heading into the less damaged national fleet ships. Rhavanese and RUA ships fired on Anglian boats, as the fleet not prepared for this unity. Perhaps it was luck, or perhaps it was mercy, but the Anglian fleet retreated back into the fog. The crew let out a collective breath. Ponagar now turned to the crew, gazing as soldiers made their way onto the ship to probably arrest her. "Let's talk about how we are going to free Rhava, shall we?" The crew grimly smiled, as soldier shouts erupted from down the hall. She took a chip from her pockets, running towards the crew. "You must get this to my agents in Bugjjognamu forest. They will know what to do." Rhavanese soldiers dressed in red and yellow ran into the room with guns drawn. And like that they took Ponagar, leaving the crew with one choice, save the resistance.
  7. Foreign States Criticize Rhava's handling of the Goran Crisis Alharun countries criticize Rhavanese handling of the crisis, saying removing government personnel is no a protection of the people's rights, but the beginning of their decent into the depths of totalitarianism. Earlier this week the resistance dropped a bomb similar to Ceris on the island of Goran, later on the history of the island. Foreign governments say that this was likely not an attack by the resistance, but a power grab by the head council member Pen Ping. Governments have even called the Goran crisis, a coup. More coming, on RNN, the national news network of Rhava. History of Goran island Goran island (Gorang), is an island state about 175 km off the coast of northern Rhava. As one of 11 main islands off the coast of Rhava, Goran is one if the most urbanized, with 56% of the island being industrialized. First settled by the Khmeng people, it was a disputed island between Khmeng and Thong groups. During the Pham dynasty, Goran came under the control of Rhava, along with Yanseng, the neighboring island. For the next couple centuries it remained under the control of Rhava, until the colonization in 1525. After Nayasarris revolt the last dynasties, and the eventual Naga Kingdom made no action to retake it, letting it and many other islands govern themselves. During most of the Alharun war, it was operated as a military base. After the Sermerio Accords were signed, the 6th parallel divided north and south Rhava. After the Rhavanese war, the new government pledged to bring Rhava to it's former glory and began a campaign to take over the island territories. Under the government it suffered, until the opening of the market in 2007. I’m Tang Ly, and this is RNN This show is brought to you by viewers like you
  8. Adjusting to the Travesty As more reports come in about the Goran incident, we will be here to tell you all about it. So far 15,000 have been found dead on the island, as sigils across the country are hosted in honor of those dead. The tidals waves hitting coastal Rhava have died down, with only a couple hundred perishing. A small sum comparatively, yet a brutal blow to Rhavanese morality. Ash and soot from the explosion has drifted as far as Manaw, with the haze blackening most of costal Rhava's sky. But while most citizens honor the souls who passed, many have taken to the streets questioning our governments responsibility in this. A curfew has been passed on most cities, and all thought to be aligned with the resistance can be reported and jailed. Some people have even gone as far as to say the bomb was caused by our glorious country. In other news, the Rhavanese fleet has no returned from a voyage into the Coral Sea, east of the Rhavanese mainland. Perhaps this was a resistance strike on the already weakened Rhava, or perhaps it was something else lurking in our waters. I’m Tang Ly, and this is RNN This show is brought to you by viewers like you (damage done to coastal cities after tidal wave)
  9. Ponagar gazed into the now foggy horizon, looking for signs of the resistance. It was almost impossible to see 10 feet in front of her. She sighed, and turned around to glance at the fleet. She was on lead ship of the fleet, surrounded by a frigate and a destroyer, each quickly turned into evacuation ships. She had recently found out that the council had removed the senate and president from office, and had declared her dead. She laughed at this notion, they tried so hard to erase her. "Madame, something has come up on the radar, I think you should see this." She glanced back the man speaking to her, pointing at a monitor. "It says that the rendezvous fleet, should be right in front of us." Ponagar rushed to the window, only to find something that was truly horrific. Shipwreck after shipwreck, the resistance fleet operating in international waters had been destroyed. They all gasped, as civilians all looked in horror at their only hope sinking to the bottom of the sea. "Even more bad news, we are running out of fuel." She swore in outrage, realizing their dire situation. Three ships, in the middle of the Adlantic, being chased to the edge of the wurld by an unstoppable armada. "The Seylosians, the Gallambrians, is anyone on this f*cking planet able to help us!" "No madame, they are all tied up in the Anglian crisis of Europa, or simply don't care." "How far are we from Tagalo, or Tikongkhett. Any Rhavanese ocean territories?!" They shook their heads. Ponagar sighed in outrage, they were in the middle of f*cking no where. They had no fuel. Their crew of misfits were somewhere near Yeosan possibly being hunted down. And she could do goddamn nothing! The comms turned on, with a male voice sounding though it. "This is Lieutenant Chau, in charge of the S.S. Dango, we are on low levels of fuel. We are requesting immediate docking so we may evacuate all personnel." The crew all shook their heads at Ponagar, it was too risky. "I'm sorry S.S. Dango, there is no wa-" "This is Chantrea Ponagar, we will take your people." "But Mada-" "That is not a question commander!" The S.S. Dango began circling back, to where it almost was touching Ponagar's ship. In 10 minutes the ship had emptied out, with only the lieutenant remaining. "Lieutenant Chau, please change ships." "That's a negative madame secretary. A captain goes down with his ship." "That preposterous Chau, get over here no-" The comms shut off. The Dango undocked, and began heading straight towards the Rhavanese fleet. She realized what he was doing, "He's going to give us a fighting chance." The Dango now meters away angled towards angled towards the lead ship of the armada, when it abruptly slowed. "NO!" A barrage of fire lit the sky as the Dango took the hit, slowly sinking into the ocean, smoke leaking from every where, the ship in flames. Screams and cries erupted from the upper deck, as the civilians were once again filled with agony, and hopelessness. And once again the resistance fleet drifted into the unknown. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Admiral Collins. 12 Rhavanese ships have exited Rhavanese waters. They head right towards us, at highspeeds." Admiral Collins was incharge of the S.S. Chimera in the Anglian Whanganui fleet, currently protecting Anglian shipments to the new wurld, though protecting was a loose term. He stared at the open waters to where he assumed Rhava lay. From what he heard, Rhava was a backwater country in equatorial Alharu, and one of the only obstacles between Anglia and Shendao. "It seems like most of Rhava's military has been detailed to this one fleet, whatever they are doing, it must be important." "Prepare to fire." "But sir?! This would be an act of war against the Rhavanese. And what will we tell Naval Command?" "You heard from Captain Morce, they prevented a key victory against the Ryderians. Plus, by eliminating these tiny pests, we not only clear the way for Anglian-Shendao negotiations, but also a full scale invasion of Rhava with little to know opposition. You've heard the news, Rhava is wounded. Besides, we will do away with it swiftly like the other fleet. News will never reach the mainland." "Sir, they have come close enough for us to fire, are you sure about this." Collins thought to himself, he'd always wanted to best that bastard Morce. This victory, could be the key. "Fire." (End of Part 1) To Be Continued...
  10. 4 hours before the bomb drop The madame secretaries phone rang, as she arrived at the resistance compound a couple miles out of Goran island. The palm trees danced in the wind, backdropped by the sparkling adlantic under the night sky. "Who the f*ck is calling me at this hour" she thought to herself as she picked up. "Hello?! Who is this." "Madame Secretary!" "Hashim?" She swore realizing something was up. "What is it. I expect the mission went smoothly." "Madame secretary? This is doctor Janai Kazembe, lead scientist for the RUA. You need to evacuate the island as quickly as possible!" "Why is this doctor...Kazembe?" She became more and more fearful by the second as the caller paused. The wind seemed to pick up, putting Ponagar on edge, as the voice sounded through the speaker again. "I built something for them. They took me because I was in Ceris, during the crisis. I was part of a small Rhavanese group, studying the island. I saw the bombs with my own eyes. And I saw what they did to Liechnenfax with my own two eyes. And they made me build...a more compact version. Tiny orbs filled with fuel, munitions, fertilizer even. Thousands of them. And one big one, to light the match. It could level the entire island, and they will blame it on you." She sighed, they weren't out of the dark yet. "Thank you doctor, I will make sure that today isn't a day where millions die from a shit ton of fertilizer." There was a slight chuckle, though it didn't do much to lighten the mood. She turned to her aid as she hung up. "Get me on a line with Vu Pham." After a couple minutes, you could hear Vu's voice on the other line, drawling with tiredness. "Chantrea? Why are you calling me at this godforsaken hour." "Vu, listen. A Ceris level bomb is going to blow this island to a GODDAMN CRISP! AND YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT YOUR SLEEP!" She yelled into the speaker. "I need you to f*cking get off your ass, and evacuate all essential personnel and the island residents to the fleet, and get them as f*cking far away from this island as you can!" she rasped. "We don't have enough boats for everyone. But I will do my best, the woman and children first." Ponagar sighed, not everyone was going to live today, but she was going to make sure not everyone died. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- half an hour after the bomb drop The boat was eerily quiet, as the citizens of Goran watched their homes and the loved ones they left behind smolder into a crisp. Children cries, and wails of families echoed off the murky waters as they drifted away from the only country they had ever known. As the three ships continued to drift off into the sea, sirens shattered the silence. From behind, an armada of Rhavanese ships came into a view, turrets in view, waiting to fire once they got closer. They would reach the fleet by the hour. Their only hope was to rendezvous with the rest of the resistance, outside Rhavanese waters. Each problem they faced, was like wave after wave crashing against the shoreline, their ferocity growing before storm.
  11. ~ BREAKING NEWS ~ Just now Goran island, was completely obliterated by a bomb dropped by the resistance. Thousands are recorded dead, as much of life on the island have perished. Tidal waves strike the coastline of mainland Rhava, destroying much of coastal Cạm Mê province. Hundreds lay dead on the eastern seaboard, while the coastal guard is investigating the remains of the island, the government has released a statement; "It saddens our hearts that the resistance would take such a gruesome stance against the people of Rhava. Among the conspirators, were people such as Chantrea Ponagar, who lies in hell after the karma she has faced in her own death on Goran island. The Acting President as well as many politicians have been rushed off to safe houses as to protect the people's voices. The council of 6 will take lead of action, against the resistance. As of now, we are in control." You heard it here first folks, the Rhavanese council of 6 will control much of all Rhavanese operations. Essentially. A coup de ta has taken place in the Rhavane- [The rest of this program has been removed by the Rhavanese government] I’m Tang Chen, and this is RNN This show is brought to you by viewers like you
  12. The large propellers were the only noise in the silent starless sky, as the crew left Rhavanese airspace. Hashim caught himself gazing at Tâm as Tâm watched tree after tree pass under them. He was surprisingly good looking, a slight build under his blue uniform with a white dragon patch, the sign of the resistance. After only a day he had become interested. Maybe it was love, or maybe it was just the insanity he was participating in a mission like this. Tâm gazed away and noticed Hashim's stare, and blushed. Hashim turned to look up at the front of the plane, a light warmth to his face. "You like him, don't you" whispered Reya, slightly snickering. Hashim blushed a deep red. "Shut up" he playfully pushed her away, as Yas covered her mouth from laughing. Even Tâm smiled, if not only for a second. A loud voice shattered this sweet moment on the intercom. "We are about to reach the Bugjjognamu forest, strap on your parachutes, as we begin to straighten out" yelled Hien on the loud speaker. They all quickly got up, and grabbed 4 bags, filled with their only means of getting to the fortress . They all strapped on their bags, as the back of the plane opened, showering them in bright moonlight, over a cloud filled sky. "Jump in Săn, Gấu, Mọt!" They all jumped into the cold lifeless sky, as wind circled around them. All of them twirled through the night sky, piercing threw could over as the mountain came into view. In the distance if you squinted far enough, you could barely see Haeju city, in Yeosan. The dove even faster, birds passing them. They each simultaneously released there parachutes, drifting down to the helipad. They all dropped their bags behind them, and sprinted for the door. As they entered, a guard noticed them, and charged them with a gun drawn. Bullets whistled by them as they each drew their Arnis. Tâm was the first to reach the guard, and jumped striking him straight in the temple. He lay on the ground, groaning. "Finish him!" Yaz yelled, as Tâm glanced down at the guard already regaining consciousness. Tâm gulped, slowly drawing a pistol, and holding it to the guards head. He clenched the trigger, sweat going down his face. He suddenly dropped the gun. "I can't." The alarms sounded on, sounding like air raid sirens. A shot echoed down the hallways, as Yaz gazed coldy at the lifeless body. Hashim gasped, as Tâm held his hand to his mouth in surprise. Even Reya looked away in disgust. Laughing sounded back. A woman walked towards them, sword drawn. "Do you think" she laughed. "You can take us out, if you can't even kill someone...as expensable as this." She cackled evilly. Mara Lai, slashed her sword, the guard's head rolling away. "Tâm, Hashim, go!" Reya yelled. "We'll hold her off. Yas nodded, as the both settled into fighting stance. Hashim turned to Tâm. "According to out intel, this is the way to the holding cells." They both sprinted off, Mara looking at them with uninterested. She then looked at her prey. "I though you might be tough girls, but you shouldn't mess with a lioness." Yas and Reya charged, as Mara cackled and swung her blade. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The picked up speed, entering a circular room, with monitors detailing each cells containment. Thankfully, only was filled, as the opened that one, they gazed at each other. Hashim and Tâm looked away blushing. A scientist with dark skin, exited the cell, adjusting her glasses, her hair tied in a bun. She spoke with a thick Tagalonese accent, definitely from one of the island states. "Who are you?" Tâm spoke up; "We are with the resistance, we are here to free you." Hashim nodded rushing over to support her, as she merely collapsed from exhaustion. "We must hurry, our friends are stalling." She gazed up with a strong gaze. "I will not leave. I have put millions of people in danger, I must fix my wrongs. Follow me." Pushing off Hashim, she made her way down the hallway. The two boys glanced at each other, and then followed after her. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reya slashed forward, as Yas parried a strike from Mara, a sickening sound came, from the snapping of one of Yas arnis. With the other Arnis she disarmed Lai. They both were a mere 5 feet away from each other. Yas punched at Mara, as she dodged and kicked her in the groin. Yas yelped in pain. Reya slashed again with her arnis, both breaking on impact with Mara's armor. She sneered, at Reya as she punched her straight into the stomach, Reya losing air. They both backed up, lowering into horse stances. Mara relaxed, noticing their exhaustion. "As much as I'd like to continue play with you little girls, I have places to be." She leaped over them somersaulting in mid hair and sprinting to the helipad. They both sighed, collapsing the floor from tiredness. Reya slowly got up. "We need to help the others." She picked up Yas, who held her hand to her face, revealing a black eye. "Don't worry, I got this." Yas slowly got up, and they both started running in the direction that the boys had gone, slightly limping. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The scientist and the two boys reached a wide room, with a large hole gaping out of the wall. "No, no, no!" The scientist collapsed in tears, as she looked at the place where the monitors had been. "What is it?" They both sat down next to her, trying to comfort the scientist as much as they could. "They made me do it." She sobbed, her shoulders shuddering. "Made you do what?" they asked, already fearing the answer. "I built a weapon, a powerful weapon." She continued to wail. "...What kind of weapon." They both pale faced glanced at the scientist as sniffed, wiping tears from her face. "The kind to level cities, islands even." They both looked at each other fear stricken. "Goran island!" Hashim dialed Ponagar's number, nervously waiting for her to answer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A jet passed over town after town, houses dotting the ground below as the went over ocean. Goran island, a major island off the coast of Rhava, home to millions. And the resistance base. Mara hung up a call, and walked to the front of the plane, with officers circling monitors, eriely looking similar to the base. "We have the go ahead." "Are you sure mistress? There are innocent people down there." The all looked up at her, sweat drenching their faces. "Collateral damage." She didn't even flinch. "Officer, I said drop it. I will not repeat myself." The officer stood up, I will not be a part of this. You and the head council member. You don't care about this country at all. To think I've been working for people the likes of-" A shot rang through the plane, smoke leaking from Mara Lai's pistol. "Does anyone else have a conscious?" She yelled. They all shook their heads, stricken with fear. "Then what are you waiting for. Drop it." A small orb dropped from the bottom of the plane, followed with millions more, each dropping from a titanium container in the plane. In seconds it hit the resistance stronghold, obliterating all life in it. As people gazed from the cities surrounding it, a bright light exploded across the island, a circular cloud coming off the island, visible from the mainland, sending tidal waves in all directions. And when the dust cleared, only the remains of a once beautiful island remained. A scar on the land.
  13. "Here's the sitch." Reya, Yasmine, Hashim, and Tâm sat around a wide table, in the resistance base of Goran island with Chantrea Ponagar and Lieutenant Hien. "So let me get this straight, you want us to parachute into Bugjjognamu forest, infiltrate a government owned base, rescue a head scientist of who cares blah blah, and destroy anything that could be a danger." Reya questioned annoyedly. "Oh Po, this is gonna cost extra." The Lieutenant spoke up, "I know this asking a lot from all of you, but this is something only you can accomplish, this can change the future of all of our lives." "How are we getting out, is there some sort of exit plan?" Hashim questioned, staring pensively at the diagram laid out on the table. "Yes, after the mission is completed, you will all escape through the air ducts to the peak of the mountain, where you will be extracted by one of the pilots that go you there" answered Ponagar. "And yes, you will all get payed extensively for this and the service you will provide to the country." Reya smiled at this, nodding her agreement. "You all have traits that we heavily need. Reya, you have a keen sense of survival, which will be crucial for getting in. Yasmine, you are handy with the blade, and show no mercy to those that hurt you our your family. An excellent weapon against those who get in our way. Hashim, a memory as sharp as steel, not to mention a pinch of realism that always snaps us back to reality. And Tâm, a heart that will anchor us all back to what our goal is. A better Rhava. Some People in there, do not agree with what they're doing. I'm sure you agree with this." They all nodded. "Rest, we leave at sundown" the lieutenant said, as they all walked away to their quarters.
  14. "Welcome Mr. Ping, the general is waiting." A helicopter landed on a pad, illuminated by a structure jutting out of a mountain, 20 kilometers away from the Yeosanese border. Rain poured down, as the head of the council Pen Ping stepped out. Decked out in all black, and wearing black shades, he walked with 3 aids tailing him into the bright hallway of the fortress. "As you can see, the general has been working tirelessly for the plan to come into fruition." Pen nodded as the continued to walk. They entered into a glass tube overlooking a huge device. "The device is almost fully operational." Pen smiled, sliding off his glasses to look down on the device the size of a school bus. Wires pierced the outer metal shell, going into a huge monitor, which a group of strategists were studying. "Bring me" he drawled in a thick Rhavapuran accent, "General Lai." The aid bowed, and rushed down the corridor, the footsteps slowly fading into the distance. Eventually clacking sounded from the end of the hallway. A stunning woman strutted into the hallway, dressed in an ao dai, a gorgeous accompaniment to the head council members fancy suit. Her black hair trailed down her back in a thick braid, dyed red at the end. Mara Lai, commander of the national army. "Champagne?" she asked offering him a glass held in her hand. "No thank you mistress Lai." She smiled. "More for me then." She downed both of them quickly, and handed them off to an aid. "Its beautiful isn't it" she gestured at the device. Pen nodded. "13,000 lbs of titanium armor to protect it. Almost indestructible." They both smiled. "When will it be fully operational" the council head asked. "By the end of the weak sir, the...scientist. She has been most stubborn, it took a little...convincing if you know what I mean to help." "Good. The resistance will be destroyed by the end of the weak. And then nothing will stand between us and our goal."
  15. I'm going to claim Bella Poarch as Mara Lai, the general of the national army, and mastermind who has been building the device using the resistances lead scientist.
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