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  1. She spotted the figure ahead of her about three buildings and she sprinted after. She quickly gained ground, the figure looked back. "Stop!" she shouted, then uttered a swear as she stumbled on the loosely tiled roofs. The figure waved and then jumped into the bustling streets. Reya leaped after the figure, shoving people out of her way. The figure grabbed fruits and tossed them back at running through the crowds. Reya narrowly missed a huge durian flying at her, which proceeded to his someone who fell into the icy depths of the canal, to resurface sputtering. "Sorry!" Reya shouted chasing after the figure. The figure then jumped into the canals filled with boats filled with people buying all sorts of products. Reya continued on the edge of the canals. They both entered into the Sam Đung floating market district of Mandura city. Reya jumped onto an empty boat, and grabbed the motor launching the boat into the center of the canal. The figure jumped onto a boat then pushed the person off and sped into the harbor. Both boats sped after each other entering open water. The figure then stopped to Reya's surprise. "Hey!" Reya shouted, "I think you have something of mine." The figure took off his hood, revealing darker skin, and a Rhavanese complexion. He removed his cloak to revealing a enamel pin of a Jade dog, clutching a fan in it's teeth. The foreign minster's symbol. He was an aid of the Ponagar. "We have been watching you for a while, I think you have what it takes to join our team." The boats touched and the aid climbed onto Reya's boat, clutching the gem. "I'm Jesse, part of the Rhavanese Restoration act, and I think that your talents could be put at a better use, then petty burglaries." Reya laughed, "Why would I ever help you." She grabbed for the sapphire, but Jesse lifted it out of her reach. Reya growled. "Because you could be doing good for a change, bringing unity to Rhava and bringing Mandura onto the wurld stage." Reya chuckled. "I don't think anyone wants to see a unified Rhava here. What happens when Rhava is united, Mandura will lose sovereignty, but more importantly, I'll lose a job. If Mandura is handled then there will be less crime opportunities for me. Now give me my gem and I'll let you go." Jesse not even a little surprised handed her the gem. "Well Reya, I see where you are coming from, and I won't force you to do something you don't want to do. Here's my card, contact me if you want change your mind." Jesse turned around and climbed into her boat. "By the way, the jet leaves at 10pm, there is also a hefty reward" He winked, and the turned on the motor into the distance towards the Rhavanese border. The words caught up to Reya, "Wait! How much!" She tried to wave at the already small spec on the horizon. "Hello!?" She grabbed the gem and headed for her jet muttering about how annoying that aid was.
  2. Final Day of the Celebration Yesterday, the signature Banh Cám made an appearance nationwide, with these delicate greasy balls filled with cold bean paste selling out in all places, on the day celebrating not only the Rhavanese history and culture, but also a celebration of Huang culture and the Nian dynasty. Today, the final day of the Mid-Summer festival ended, with many families taking the tradition of eating Xanh soup, or soup of green broth. It is said that this soup, grants people the energy of the Eurth and nature, and can extend life. It is also common, for it to be a couples soup, with many couples seen in shops all over the nation enjoying broths of soup. The mid-summer festival in short, is a tradition centuries old, that holds meaning towards all Rhavanese regardless of ethnicity. The festival symbolizes welcomeness, and the feeling of inclusion. All should feel happy, letting your lanterns fly in the wind, or sipping the spicy broth flavored with scallions and peppers. summer is something to be cherished, but most of all to be shared with a friend - Minh Vui Quyen Happy mid-summer festival Everyone!
  3. Mid Summer Festival continues with a Bang In the city of Ryuko, Yume province, the fire works festival has begun, with then city in constant light. The second two days of the festival, are about partying all out through day and night. It is common for many young folk, to take the trains into major cities from all over the country to party all day. No province celebrates the traditions more, then Yume. In the city Haseong, the city is known for being especially cold, and nothing is more cold then the ice touch contest. Where thousands of people compete to see who can touch a block of cold fresh ice the longest. The 21st is also an ode to bisexuals, on this day many pride parades take place as well. Updates will continue as the festival continues. I’m Tang Chen, and this is RNN This show is brought to you by viewers like you (Ice touching contest, Haseong city)
  4. Mid Summer Festival Swings into Motion Today the Mid Summer Festival swung into motion, with celebrations sweeping the nation. Millions of Rhavanese people swept the transportation system, with the train system having to close down because of too many people. The “motorcycle migration” also took place, as large amounts of people used this cheap way of travel to get to families. The first day of the festival entailed many beach parties, with the 20th showing gratefulness to the ocean and marine animals. Ambassadors across the wurld returned home, and most political people traveled to Hai Bọt Biển, as this city is the center place of the first days festivals. Head of State Meng was seen participating in the famous water fight that takes place through most streets of the city. We will update you as the festival continues. I’m Tang Chen, and this is RNN This show is brought to you by viewers like you
  5. "Yaz, order at table 12!" The Cas Bar was bustling, with unique smells and tastes of the Thaboul province. Zaatar lingered in the air, as Hashim ran around the kitchen juggling tubs of labne, and half cut parsley for the tabouleh. The mushederah was burning, and the raw kibbeh was attracting flies. "Here's your order Tata Fatimah" said Yasmine as she bustled to table 12 handing them grape leaves and cubes of a pink pickle that was too sour for most foreigners. "Thank you habibti" thanked the elderly woman as she dug in to her usual. Yaz ran into the kitchen barely missing Hashim as he ran around like a headless chicken. "Woof, we could really use some extra help. Even for a day." "Order for table 3. Yes I agree, but you know every 'good Rhavanese citizen' would never want to work at a dirty Cedaani establishment" Hashim muttered rolling his eyes as he handed Yasmine the kibbeh, drenched in oil. "Our time will come brother!" Yasmine sprinted off back into the Cas Bar. ~ A Few Hours Later ~ Hashim sat at a table, with a Rhavanese iced coffee in the center. Papers cluttered the floor, as he tried to sort out the mess of tax returns. As most pages went with the new laws passed by the acting president, there was an extra 2% from Poyans, and an extra 5% from Cedaani. 'The way you earn your rights in a socialist utopia like Rhava'. "Big brother, go to bed, you know those just anger you more." Yasmine stood on the edge of her door, staring knowingly as her brothers hunched back. " "Just go away Yaz, I'm not in the mood. Our parents are in Rhavapura, trying to get money. And we have little to no money to even afford this building, not to mention food and water. And we owe some bad people, some bad money" Yasmine sauntered over to her brother, and pushed him out of the chair. "Don't talk at me like I'm a child!" she yelled, glaring at him. Hashim sighed. "I'm sorry, sometimes I forget how much you've grown up" said Hashim. Yaz smiled, and sat down, moving Hashim out of the seat. "Let me do the forms, go for a walk, maybe the pub." She winked at him knowingly. A knock on the door suddenly shattered the moment. The knock grew louder, until clouds of dust flew into the air. The white plaster walls shook, and they both stood there, tensed up, and ready to run. Yaz grabbed a knife, and Hashim slowly got up and grabbed a knife as well. "We know you're in there, give us the debt and this will all be over quickly" yelled a gruff voice. Yasmine looked at her brother with wide eyes, the mafia she mouthed, while they both backed away from the door. If your not coming out, then we're coming in. They both increased their pace to the window. The door came down with a crash, sending up clouds of dust. Yaz threw the knife, and hear a sick squelching sound of sinew and flesh as it hit the target. "Go!" They both ran out of the window as yells of pain echoed through the apartment, and the sounds of steps as they were chased. They slid down the tiled roof, into the bustling street below. They made their way across the street, and then sprinted down the road. Hashim frantically waved his hand into the road, trying to call a taxi. Sounds of screams erupted from the street, as two burly figures jumped down from the two story window of the Cas Bar. A yellow taxi pulled up, and they opened the door and jumped in, slamming the doors behind them. "Anywhere but here" Yaz said as they pulled onto the roads of Al-Cedaan, and then onto the seaway leaving all they ever knew.
  6. Madame Secretary Ponagar stepped out of her office, taking a deep breath of fresh air. That moment quickly passed as the scent of fuel and gas entered her nose. She loved the city of Hai Bọt Biển. The fresh ocean breeze, and sound of the sea grass in the wind, and the beautiful mountains looming over the city. She did not like the reason she was here. "Madame Secretary, the senator is right outside." Ponagar slid open the balcony door and entered the office, which has ceiling high windows, and pale white walls, with one desk in the middle. "So what are you waiting for, let her in" the Madame Secretary exclaimed. The aid quickly rushed to the door, to welcome the young representative to the room. His name was Ametung Hidayat, and he was the representative from the state of Sambal Bokur present in the senate. "Tôtl'rí Naam Ponagar. Tôtl Mầy Tôtl?" asked the representative, as they both sat down. "Spare me the pleasantries. Let’s skip the bull and get on to your point. What do you want this time" the madame secretary said as she sat down. "And while we're at it, aid, get me some tea. I'm not getting any younger." The aid ran out of the room to fetch hot jasmine tea from down the hallway. "If you insist. I'd like to request and audience with Yeosanese officials. Perhaps they would be more sympathetic to the Poyan cause." Ponagar sighed, and slid her chair closer to the death, releasing a noise as the chair inched closer. "You know I cannot keep doing this, while I am sympathetic to all ethnic groups in Rhava, there just isn't a lot I can do while still helping you from office. It's only a matter of time before the head of state snitches on the me to the council." The aid reentered the office, spilling some tea. "Oh, so now you are in a hurry. I am one of the most goddamn powerful people in the country, show some urgency. Leave us." The aid bowed, and ran out the door again, this time for his job. "Now why do you need an audience with that hole of a country." This time, it was Ametung's time to sigh. "As our closest neighbor, if they were to put pressure on the government, perhaps there could be change." Ametung smiled, proud of his idea. "You know as well as I that we can't send a Rhavanese citizen to Utogo, much less a helpless one." "Hey!" Ametung exclaimed, slightly offended." "Perhaps I can find someone though, hmm." Ponagar opened her laptop, and opened her email to look for it. The representative slid closer, and Pongar slammed to laptop closed. "Did I say you could look at my stuff, no. Get out of my sight." The representative shuffled out of the room leaving Ponagar alone in her office. She once again went to her balcony, and stood there for a while. Change was in the air, she could sense it.
  7. ~ BREAKING NEWS ~ In another act of Poyan hate crimes, a bomb blew up in downtown Poya killing over 200 people, and leaving hundreds without limbs. This weekend, was the annual Sambal Bokur marathon, where people run 47 miles from Manaw to Poya to raise awareness towards Poyan hate. In the final stretches of the run, a bomb blew up hidden in a speaker, sending a shockwave out, that was heard for miles. "Me and my husband, and my two kids were at a park 7.5 miles away from the city, and we were like, what was that. We found out later, and were absolutely shocked." - anonymous "It was incredibly scary, my mother worked in the proximity of the bomb, and she would not pick up the phone when we called. Thankfully she was alright, though a little spooked." There has been no announcement from HoS Rỗ Meng and Acting President Dại Sy, and there probably wont be. Madame Secretary Po Nagar on a diplomatic mission to Buokagio, left the meeting room supposedly and got on a direct flight back to Manaw. She released a statement today, saying that hate was totally unacceptable in our country, and that she grieves for all the families who lost family members on that fateful day. Thats all we have time for, I am Tang Chen and this is RNN This show is brought to you by viewers like you (Poya City, Sambal Bokur Province)
  8. 07/09/2021 Hey vlog, its 10:00 am here, and I finally adjusted to the timezones. Today Im probably only going to vlog one thing. So, at 10:30 I took a pedicab to Tang Rum Aviation (Mr Rum Aviation). When I arrived, there was only a couple, so I was basically on my own. You may be asking already, what was I planning to do here. I wanted to take a seaplane tour over Rhavanăm Lõ Hai Xaan. The tour provided us with some bread and butter and some orange juice, as well as these grilled grapes with salted cheese. Delicious. We boarded the plane, and we were up in the air in no time. First we passed over The Spear Which Pierces Heaven. This was a rock formation said to be created when the God Ben Hương threw his spear to slay a creature threatening Rhava. Next we passed over the Prawn islands, which is a group of islands near the edge of the sea. Apparently most of the southern region's shrimp also comes from here. As we passed over the pilot talked about how these giant prawns are now endangered after overfishing, and that the government is trying to pass laws to prevent overfishing. Then we passed over our final stop the Tian Chanh (100 mountains). These are a series of rock formations closer to coast, said to be the gift from dragons to protect the coast from aggressors. As we were coming in for a landing , I got very scared because the pilot was telling us where to move to keep the plane balanced, it was very frightful. After the flight, I headed down to a fishmarket, where I ate fresh prawns off the boat, and this dish which was basically a raw shrimp. It was so sweet, I loved it. Then I popped by the beach for an afternoon swim. The water was incredibly warm, and the waves were very nice, and it wasn't very crowded. Then I went to back to the hotel. As a reminder next time I vlog, we will be leaving the Rhavanese Sea. Goodnight Pukopai! To Be Continued...
  9. Help comes to Central Rhava in the Onset of Demise During the past few months Rhava has been hit by major storms, stronger than anything seen before. After hurricane Ongan last week the Rhavanese government issued a request for help. Then, in Rhava's hour of need the Central Committee authorized 3,000 reserve military personnel, and 4,000 civilian medical personnel to the middle regions in an effort to humanitarian aid to the population of the area affected by Hurricane Ongan. Foreign Minister, Madame Po Nagar released a statement today saying; "Khonaar Fuhinăm Naam, Lõ Memberī" (Thank you Fulgistani Government, for aid [to Rhava]) Across the country these brave people were welcomed with cheers, cries, and tears. And especially hope for a brighter future. It seems the Rhavanese and Fulgistani meeting on Anglia may also come closer then it may appear, because Rhavanese officials reached out to Fulgistani officials to discuss a meeting date. On other news, Hurricane Padang touches down near Dài Gòn, completely obliterating the promenade and coating the city in 3 feet of rain. Thats all we have time for, I am Tang Chen and this is RNN This show is brought to you by viewers like you
  10. 07/08/2021 Okay, is this thing on? Heeey Vlog, so, today's video is going to be a little shorter due to me transitioning to another hotel and getting situated. So, this morning I got up and packed up. I was out the door at 10:30 and decided to stop at this restaurant called Lê's. I just ordered some spring rolls and some seafood noodle soup. The soup is my new favorite, I loved all the different fish balls and different seafood. If I had to choose I liked these little tipis, filled with mentaiko. It was delicious. Anyways, at 11:15 I called my taxi and headed to North Station, which is one of two train stations in the city. The taxi got a little fed up at me, as I was a little anxious that I was late. They asked for extra, which really angered me. And then dropped me off a street down. So I was running down the crowded streets, towards the train station. I arrived just in time, and waited for my train. I was going to be riding a bullet train, and when it pulled into the station it was hard not to get giddy. I was very happy to ride the famous Rhavanese bullet train. Now you may be asking me, where are you going now? So, the plan is that I will be staying 7 days in Rhavanăm Lõ Hai Xaan (The Rhavanese Sea). I will probably only vlog the first day, as I will be relaxing the rest of the days on the turquoise waters. This is my vacation after all. My hotel in question is on the promenade, in Pukopai city, overlooking the see. As the train rounded the corner I looked out the window to see the gorgeous sea, with thousands of stone structures topped with green jutting out of the water. The train pulled into the station, and I grabbed my luggage. I came out into a beige stone structure, with many people clustered around saying goodbye. I went to the exit where I called a cab. I arrived at my hotel, and glanced at the beautiful ocean behind me before entering the hotel. The inside of the hotel was beautiful, with palms growing from every direction. I got settled and then quickly decided to go to the beach. I walked across the street and arrived at Coco beach, which had everything set up already with rows of seats and umbrellas. I got set up and then ran down to the water, and the water was gorgeous. It was turquoise, and you could see the bottom. And the temperature was just right. It was hard to leave. For dinner I just had some clam pasta, and then went to bed. Goodnight! To Be Continued...
  11. Fun! Rhava will participate.
  12. 7 day mourning period comes to end After the death of our late president, the country has been in a mourning period. With most shops closed and people forced to stay in their homes. Now the mourning comes to an end with people taking to the streets to honor our glorious leader, and lighting lanterns and incense in honor. Though not all were grateful towards our previous leader. In the cities of Al-cedaan and Manaw, posters of President Minh were vandalized, with effigies being burned. And in Mandura city, they celebrated. This mockery of our grand nation is unacceptable, and I am filled with pride that our viewerbase does not stoop this low. also week no storms hit Rhava, causing significant progress on Seaway 66, with the road full getting paved from Al-Cedaan to Kings Corner. Though scientists predict this is not the last of the storms. Thats all we have time for, I am Tang Chen and this is RNN This show is brought to you by viewers like you
  13. 07/07/21 Hit or Miss : Rhava addition Hey vlog, so July 30th I forgot to vlog, but it wasn't really a big deal, because we were going to tour the old quarter but a massive storm hit so we just went to the New Rhava Aquarium, which is the biggest aquarium in the country. In Rhava there is a law that no museum may have ownership of an animal bigger than a great white. They had a giant exhibit of penguins and a tube that went underwater where we saw morays and manta rays. We also got to pet little sharks and stingrays. It was so magical. Then I treated myself, by getting fresh sesame balls stuffed with red bean paste from the bakery below my hotel. The food was so good, it was greasy, filling, and very hot in temperature. The bean paste was cold, and sweet. It was such a great snack. Anyways, the past 7 days I have been trapped inside, because of killer storms and the mourning for the late president. More bad news, my flight for Mandura was cancelled, so looks like I wont be vlogging that either. But anyways, today I was going to check out the old district of the city. I called a taxi through the hotel, and was driven to main street, in front of an old catholic church. The architecture was so beautiful, with carved gargoyles clutching the sides of the red roofs, while stained windows pierced the tan walls with their vibrant colors. I walked around for a bit and stumbled into a restaurant/pub. The lights were dimmed, and the waitress came over to me and gave me a glass of sangria and asked what I wanted to eat. Top service, 5 stars. I ordered some grilled oysters and some scallops. The grilled oysters were awesome, they were so big and they were grilled in cheese and oil, and as I took bites the juices ran down my mouth. The scallops came in their shells on top of noodles, in black bean sauce. This was a apparently a signature dish of Chow Chó, and it was excellent. The scallops were nice and umami and the noodles and bean sauce were very salty. I decided I would walk to the blue palace, which is a palace right outside the old district that looks down onto the city. As I walked through the streets to get there, I looked at the beautiful houses with red tiled roofs, and red stilts attacking them to the ground. The sky was cloudless, and the leaves rustling in the wind were very soothing. But what happened next, I did not enjoy. I had to hike up the hill to the palace, and there were so many stairs. For such a nice and fancy city, could they of not set up and elevator! When I arrived at the palace, I was panting and soaked in sweat. But the building was beautiful, the swopping tiled blue roofs, looked so good with the gold naga snaking down the roof. And more red stilts attacking it to the hill, what is with that. And then, something even worse happened. After walking through the palace, and seeing an ancient buddhist shrine, I noticed that there was a gondola running from the top of the mountain to the ports. I was very upset. I took the gondola, and went to a restaurant called YaYa. They sold this killer poutine, with made in duck fat. The fries were so good, and were given to you in a cone. I also ordered a Banh Mi, which was made with duck fat. IT WAS SO GOOD, definitely coming back, before I leave. I then went to a Rhavanese ice cream roll place, where I tried it for the first time. It was pretty good, but very filling. The designs were cool, and I loved the fresh fruit on the top. I then headed home, and went to bed. Good night Rhava! To Be Continued...
  14. I’m perfectly fine with it, as long as Utogo knows that there is a lot of joint history in the region. I’m excited to have a new neighbor
  15. More Disasters strike Rhava ending all feelings of Normality As we enter the third day of mourning for our president, Hurricane Ongan ravages the middle regions becoming the 6th Hurricane in the past two months. This hurricane struck the 'rice basket' of Rhava, leaving millions without food, after destroying a years worth of crops that feeds over 25% of the country. The acting president is now requesting aid from larger countries, for humanitarian help for the suffering people of our country. While the south and middle regions suffer the storm, the north bears witness what comes after, while paying for Rhava's lack of infrastructure. Tan Tan tunnel collapses In a deadly attack between a local militia and authorities, the TTT collapsed, leaving the city of Chow Chó isolated from the rest of the country, with the only roadway into the city destroyed. 104 people are confirmed dead, while 857 are wounded. The city has now gone into lockdown incase more militias show themselves and harm the civilians, specifically Cedaani and Poyan ethnic groups. Famous Beach Obliterated North Beach in the Kings Corner region, in northeastern Rhava was completely obliterated after highwinds completely destroyed the sand dunes. Repairs have already started, and the beach should be fully repaired in a couple months. No one was harmed. Thats all we have time for, I am Tang Chen and this is RNN This show is brought to you by viewers like you
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