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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. The first region is pretty much exactly what I had in mind. The two colonies idea is something I can really get behind, and would actually give a reason as to why I gave my nation the confederacy title. For the stats, I was thinking the $20,000 would be fitting for what I'm aiming for for my population, and something around 38,000,000 for the population.
  2. Chief Executive Francis LaCroix Background Born in 1965 in the corporate district of Nowhere City, Francis LaCroix was raised from an early age to follow his parents into HinterCorp, one of the largest corporations in the country. After completing his corporate education in 1986, LaCroix instead took a year off to experience his country, becoming a saxophonist in a moderately successful jazz band for some time before getting involved in politics. He became famous across the nation whilst a member of the City Council after filibustering for 6 hours a proposal to demolish a hist
  3. Nation in Eurth: The South Oregon Hinterlands Flag: Capital name: Nowhere City Capital location: By the ocean, straddling a river Stats Chosen: 2 pop, 0 land, 2 GDP Factbook/iiwiki link: Culture: Based mainly off North American/UK culture Climate: Temperate History: Founded by Anglish settlers in the early 1700's, with a culture strongly rooted in freedom and personal liberties. Stromg corporate influence in all walks of life due to historic reliance. Desired Location: The river leading from the lake at the top of the Kezanoi Sea would be good.
  4. The South Oregon Hinterlands, more commonly known as The Hinterlands, is a small nation on the coast of [continent]. Founded in 1698 by colonists from Anglia, the Hinterlands enjoys mild summers and winters, with frequent rainfall. The capital city, Nowhere City, (formerly named Kingstown, until gaining independence in 1724), straddles the Dubris River, and with a population of just under 15 million people residing in the Capital District and surrounding Metropolitan Area, houses approximately 30% of the 49 million inhabitants of the Hinterlands. Overpopulation in the Hinterlands is rapidly be
  5. “Attention all employees, attention all employees. Please remember to have your ID pass visible at all times. Vostrom Incorporated will not be held liable for any injuries caused by security staff in the event of an unknown person in the building. Thank you.” Bill Nostrom flinched slightly at the sound of the tannoy system. The speaker was so close to the hard plastic bench he was perched on it was as if the brisk authoritative voice was shouting directly into his ear. Instinctively checking that his ID tag was on his person, (it was, as always, clipped firmly to the breast pocket of his cheap
  6. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Capitalist Confederacy of the South Oregon Hinterlands Government type of nation: Democratic Republic with Heavy Corporate Influence (Corporate Bordello on NS, I think that this description is pretty close) Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Heavily based on the Pacific Northwest/New York & Massachusetts (Mainly Boston) Give us a short description of your nation: Founded by colonists from the Old wurld, strongly values personal freedoms and capitalism "The Capitalist Confederacy of The South Oregon Hinterla
  7. I get that a lot, it's not what you think I promise. RP is something that interests me but I'm definitely interested in the wurldbuilding here, even if I'll propbably have to do some rewriting
  8. Hey, I've been messing around with nation states for about three years and finally decided to interact with one of the regions instead of sitting quietly in the corner
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