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  1. In the United Socialist States of Anblia, you are required at the age of 18 to do 2 years of military service in any department that needs personnel, but what about when you get out of the Armed Forces? What are your options to start a life in Anblia, and what is it like when you do? Well no matter what you choose, it will take place in either the factories of the big cities, or the farms of the rural fields. If you choose the former, be prepared for awful conditions, long hours, bad infrastructure, and low wages, and the latter isn't too much better, operating outdated sharp farm equipment, long hours in either the scalding heat or the freezing snow, and the best part is, the government controls it all, and your wages will probably never increase. If a citizen of Anblia wants to start a family, they must first go through a long marriage process, and yes, you do have to get married to have children, if you don't, you will have to cover the costs of everything the child does, and you will receive no government help. There is no policy on number of children, and you are actually encouraged to have children, because who doesn't love potential new members of the workforce? But what about the affairs of the government? Our glorious leader Patrik Anslopav isn't exactly a mentally stable guy, the stress of running the nation has caused his poor mind to vastly destabilize. He finds himself questioning the legitimacy of his rule, hence why he is determined to install some sort of democracy in Anblia. Seeing as Anslopav can't do his job very well, his various ministers do the job of taking care of his country for the most part. The propaganda minister does a great job of rallying the people against any cause that opposes them, such as any nation that may get in the way of reuniting Anblia with the ocean by claiming that in the times of ancient, Anblia was a great, seafaring tribe that lived on the coast, the funny part being, this ancient powerful seafaring tribe never even existed! Unlike most socialist nations however, they are unusually tame towards capitalism, and have no real problem collaborating with capitalist nations. In conclusion, despite bad conditions, the Anblian people are driven by patriotism, propaganda, and fear, while the government is driven by pursuit of control, power, and order.
  2. This is the vision statement for my nation Anblia, which is comparable to a sort of post soviet Slavic state to answer the basic questions, Anblia was born out of a revolution to separate from a neighboring nation (Idk which one yet cause im not on the map and they obviously have to agree first) when the Republic of Anblia was declared, but not even a year later socialists lost the first election, and in order to try to grab power they started a civil war, won the civil war, tearing up the country, especially the capitol Vyetzya, which fell under siege by the socialists, and finally ending the war when the capitol was taken by socialist forces. The country was then taken over by head of the socialist party Yorzipok Quent, for about 5 years he ruled and basically turned the country into an authoritarian militant, much of his time was spent getting the countries military up to scratch, but the final year was basically him slowly dying, being confined to a wheelchair, appointing Patrik Anslopav, the current leader, as his successor, has a stroke, throws a party (A bit of a goodbye party, not really important) and then he died. The nation's current goals are to rebuild infrastructure and economy and basically lick its civil war wounds, and in the near future it aims to move towards democracy (even if just to earn more political legitimacy) I also have some ideas for a sort of manifest destiny situation to connect the country to the sea (assuming it isn't already) but that is not set in stone.
  3. As Yorzipok Quent wheeled into the cabinet room, I couldn't help but wonder how he had managed to hold onto his life as long as he had. He turned his head to face me and said, "Why do you look at me in this way?" "I surely don't know what you mean" I reply. He looks at me skeptically, but proceeds nonetheless. "I have called this meeting to discuss who shall succeed my position when I pass." I look around the room, everyone else seems to be as uncomfortable as I am. I'm sure everyone in the room had all come up with some plan to seize power after Quent's passing, but I never thought he would address it with us. "I believe," he says, "that for Anblia to prosper in domestic and foreign affairs, we cannot risk another civil war or similar crisis over who will replace me." There is a series of nods and murmured agreements among the various generals and ministers before Quent continues. "I have considered this rather carefully, and I am proud to announce that my successor appointee shall be Major General Patrik Anslopav!" In the moment, I am stunned, I glance around and see the others applauding, but I can tell, they aren't applauding because they are happy for me, but rather out of mock respect and jealousy, and I know now, when Quent dies, I won't be pushed around, I will make these men kneel before me, I will make this nation bow before me. I thank Quent and shake his hand before departing the capitol building and getting into my private car. I tell the driver to take me to my residence, he gives me a quick nod and begins driving. As we drive through Vyetzya, the damages of the civil war are still apparent, and you could tell just by glancing at someone that they weren't happy. I used to look at them and feel bad, I used to tell myself I will improve their lives, but now, I no longer desire to improve the lives of those playthings. Now, I don't care.
  4. Government type of nation: Socialist-Authoritarian Dictatorship Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Russian-Slavic Give us a short description of your nation: A socialist dictatorship, ruled in an iron fist, civilians may not be entirely happy, but they would rather comply and survive than stand up and cease. The economy is largely industrial based, but agriculture is still prominent. Do you have an IIWiki page?: No WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? I consider myself rather good at rp, though im always seeking to improve. How would you describe yourself? A rather aspiring rp writer who likes to wurldbuild RP/Writing samples (if available already): It was 4:30 am, half an hour before Katrina usually woke up, when a soldier in a truck rode through her neighborhood with a megaphone, the truck was noisy, and clearly in need of maintenance, and as it chugged along, the soldier in the back began shouting at the closely packed apartment complexes in a young, yet raspy voice, "Turn on your televisions, channel 3, radio channel 6, this is a mandatory broadcast." Katrina could tell he had been shouting this for a while, and he sounded tired. "Oh Well" she thought, "May as well see what's so important they had to wake us all up.". She lived alone, she had performed well enough putting down anti-socialist riots in some rural townships during her 2 years of mandatory service, of which she got out of last year, that she had been rewarded a class 3 apartment, and it had a television, granted, it was rather old. She put on her factory uniform and walked into the combined kitchen-living room area, and turned her tv on to channel 3, the news channel, while she prepared some eggs for breakfast. The tv showed a Anblia flag and a message that said "Program Beginning Soon". It stayed that way for about 5 minutes, and as she was scooping the eggs onto her plate, the screen flashed to the basic newscasting desk and anchor, who greeted the nation solemnly. "Greetings Anblia, I present to you an announcement, and sorry as I am to present it to you, I can only be honored to pass on such a message." He continued, " At 2 am this morning, our glorious leader Yorzipok Quent, who lead us through the civil war, stabilized our nation, and the namesake of our currency, passed away. I do not wish to hold you for much longer, but we are only just now receiving word of his successor, so please hold... yes, yes we are now receiving word the leadership is being assumed by Major General Patrik Anslopav, and... yes, that concludes this broadcas-" Before he even finished the last word, the broadcast shut off, leaving Katrina sitting on her uncomfortable sofa with an empty plate. She put her plate in the sink and left her apartment, off for the motor factory, wondering what Anslopav would bring to Anblia, and hoping her and her loved ones would be spared from his potential mistakes. Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here? Yes, Please. Why do you want to join this region? Im looking for a fun community that I can contribute to and have fun in. Have you ever had trouble with any moderators?: No Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it. No, I am new, but eager to learn Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates wurld Assembly? Not really Anything else?: My discord is Puffy#3210
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