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  1. I Already have a point system taken which i forgot to tell you, which is 2 for population 0 for economy and 2 for area. The Cities are as following: Vertia, Bastaria, Erfür, Götain and Köinsburg
  2. Nation in Eurth: Velaheria Flag: Capital name: Bastaria Capital location: The Yellow coloured city is the capital of Velaheria, while the black coloured cities are the other metropolitan centres of Velaheria. Velaheria is highly elevated in the meeting point with the city of Sãlno, Stedoria, I have taken, a large area in my claims, so if this claim is larger than the area, inform me please. Factbook/iiwiki link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Velaheria Culture: Germanic Climate: Temparete. Desired Location History: Velaheria, being liberated in the 1940's
  3. Bastaria, VCNA| 27th April, 2020 Electrical towers and networks to be upgraded and extended in the Southern province of Vörsa-- The Province of Vörsa, a major supplier of food and grains to the Central Granaries, is an important province, both economically and socially, but unfortunately it faces chronic power outages due to unfavourable conditions and outdated infrastructure, and has continued for a long time, i.e for nearly 2 years, until yesterday, when the Deputy chairman of the Red Brigade of the Central Beareu of The Democratic Republic of Velaheria, Mr.Röbert Fjörd, himself wa
  4. The Daily Life of the People of Velaheria: An ordinary day in the life of a student: In Bastaria People's study Hall:- Robert is a student studying in Standard X of the Bastarian People's Study hall, He is interested in studying politics and historical facts, and has been getting good grades in his subjects for the last few years. He belongs to a poor farmer's family, his father has admitted him into the study hall by selling his family's ancient heirloom which was given to them by a high rank official who fought the evil landowners with the father of the state. He hopes that so
  5. Velaheria Full Name of Nation: Democratic People's republic of Velharia Government type of nation: Totalitarian one party state under a dynastical rule Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Velaherian (inspired by slavic and germanic people) Give us a short description of your nation: Velaheria is a communist republic, which got its independence in 1940's, since then velaheria has been known for its extreme isolation and military aid to foreign groups and nations which carry similar views to its ideology, Velaheria is also known for its industrial cities located along its north
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