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  1. yeah which is why i wanted only some of the rivers to be inside of me, so im still more realistic but am not this volnarable. But eh we can see about that in the future, for now im just gonna leave it be cuz the rivers look better when they are longer lel
  2. even if i am mates with 'em im still gonna be under them strategically :/ as my nation has and still does relly a lot on the rivers, id prefer if not all of my major rivers were in the hands of potential enemy
  3. hey do you think you could make some of those rivers that start within my nation? i didnt think about how vulnerable i would become if a nation goes above me
  4. I think the only input i rly have to put is that we should prolly figure out some sort of agreement due to me rellying on that straigt between my lakes* and the canamo for trade, i dont want to completely relly on ateenia so yeah.
  5. alright, thats not a problem.
  6. The break away state isnt that exclave but an area in the hearthland
  7. Nation in eurth/NS: Mokhavia Flag: Capital name: Moshkal Capital location: On the thightest area of the lakes (see bellow). Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Mokhavia Newsroom link: Culture: Mokhavic (based off of various Uralic, Turkic, Tungusic and Paleo-Siberian cultures) Climate: Subarctic/Boreal Location: I've added two more rivers, if its possible for them to be added on the map that would be great I've also included cities, if they are too many, and also for discussion please DM me on discord at Paprkia#0196 / Mokhavia on the E
  8. April 20th 2021 - Region of Palyashia SERIAL KILLER IN PALYASHIA & ONGOING APSANA CONFLICT | СЕРЯЛАВ ОМЕРЕР ПАЛЯШУЛУСДУ & САЯАХЙИВ КОНФЛИКТ АПШАНАН Since the last two months a series of disapearences and a few murders of Apsan minorities within the city of Argashina and the surounding area of Palyashia have occured. This isn't the first time such a thing has occured, It's suspected that an ultra-nationalist Palyashi male is responcible for all the cases, Police aren't sure who that may be, but a few suspects are being put under investigation, if you are an Apsan in
  9. YOUR RP NATION Mokhavia Full Name of Nation: The Mokhavic Federation Government type of nation: federal parliamentary republic Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Mokhavic (Fictional ethnicity that resembles a mix of the Uralic and Yeniseian/paleo-sibiric cultures) Give us a short description of your nation: Mokhavia is country that is the resault of the unification of the Mokhavic 'tribes' which have been politically devided by authoritarian rulers throughought history, it was unified in the late 20th century after a war with another Mokhavic Dictatorship, the fir
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