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  1. I dont got any objections, we've already discussed some demographic and history stuff, so yeah.. i consent, great to see a new neighbor!
  2. || APSAN PRIME MINISTER EVEN YARS̠IK CAPTURED The Prime Minister of Independent Apsana has been captured by the Mokhavian army in a millitary raid of Tjamede 2 days ago, he has been set to be trialed by the Qaxaama's court of juistice in 7 days. Apsana has been succesfully retaken and it's status of 'Province' has been reestablished, the Millitary is still looking for Rebels in the countryside while Tjamede, Dzabra and Ingush are being recovered. As said the Millitary is still looking for rebel fighter groups in the mountains, they hope to starve them out for the winter by establishing high police and millitary presence in the settlements around their last known possitions and patroling the rivers. A celabratory parade will be held in the capital after which more reinforcements will be sent to Apsana In other news, the autumn Dog Festival is going to begin in a few days, the Qaoqojannaskatak will be raised in the town of Kot, Marsha Province. The popular music bands like Nejänitä-Qaoqojat, Nejawennaskat, and Puninuppa will be performing in Kot during the festival.
  3. So i'll be absent for about a month or so 'cuz im going to my father's village and stuff... i'll prolly check up every now and then esspecially on the discord but i wont be posting, so yeh.
  4. Mokhavia would like to participate!
  5. To: The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the @Stedorian People's Republic, Ernö Bartok From: Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Nation of Mokhavia, Xaj Wats̠anek̠y The Nation of Mokhavia would be happy to open up to fellow Argic nations, as it is in our intrest. The fact the Stedorian nation is a Socialist country could stand as an issue due to our history with that ideology, but the Qaxaamajkas̠ lus̠nujyk (The chieftains' gathering) has decided to overlook that in favour of opening foreing relations with southern Argis, for we too wish for peace between our nations. We will accept ambassador Detrik Lüke at the embassy building in Moshkal, and have nominated Äjlä Kittsäk̠k̠y,for the possition of ambassador in Stedoria. Peace and prosperity be uppon our nations, sincerely, X. Wats̠anek̠y. Singed: 7.12.2021
  6. || HIKER GROUP FOUND & APSAN AGRESSION The hikers lost in the Chikhchin national park have finaly been found after a month of searching, sadly none were alive to tell the tail of what happened to them. What remained of them was found neer a recently abandoned apsan militia camp, it is suspected that they are what's responsible for the disapearance and death of the hikers, but locals disagree saying they were hearing what they believe to be the sounds of a „kettoettän“, literally meaning 'bear-man' from old Mokha, mythological cryptid creatures said to haunt the mountains. The military has sent reconnaissance groups to search around for other militia camps in the region. The Tour Chikhchin company has been suid and forcefully disbanded due to carrying out tours of the national park during an armed conflict and endangaring innocent people. The situation has caused greater military presence in the area, anchoring down the possition of Apsana as a province of Mokhavia, which has caused greater amount of attacks by the Apsan Separatists, causing a masacree of Mokha people in Tjamede during a religious celabration in the city centrum, the government has increased military presence and surveillance in the province. The Prime Minister of the free state of Apsana has refused involvement in the Hiker incident.
  7. i mean, it'd still need to be changed to sea instead of lake, so not really, plus the carthographer already made a draft with a visible strait so might as well use it, if the neighbors are cool with it
  8. || HIKER GROUP LOST IN CHIKHCHIN NATIONAL PARK A group of eighteen (18) hikers (mainly of Mokhavian decent) and two (2) tour guids touring the Chikhchin national park with the Tour Chikhchin company have gone missing after the severe storm that hit four days ago. Rescue missions have been lead out by both the National Rescue Service (NRS) and Military as the park is located in the northern part of the currently problematic province of Apsana. Some suspect that the group was targeted by a apsan separatist militia, others say they just went off track in the high rain and wind environment during the storm, but no trace has been found yet. Locals from villages neer the park have concerns that the group was attacked by creatures from both Apsan and Mokhavic myth. The NRS is going to be sending helicopters to look from the sky later today and in the next days. In the next days the area in which the park is located in is expecting the weather to severly worsen. The families of some of the lost hikers are looking to sue the Tour Chikhchin company for their lack of acknowledgement of the weather and ignoring the political situation of the area before sending out the group. The municipalities around the park have announced a payment for any locals who are able to go out and find any hints to where the group has disapeared to, which has send quite a few local armed hunters and herders searching the forests. Updates will follow.
  9. @Metztlitlaca @Tagmatium Rules @Ahrana ok so, im fine with the river/strait remaning like that on the map, but i would like the lakes to become inland seas for the reasons ive mentioned (i.e. biology and culture) the strait being enlargened to vissibility on the map would rly only help with species traveling through it, which is why i asked for it, just to be a bit more realistic
  10. To: The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion From: Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Nation of Mokhavia, Xaj Wats̠anek̠y The Nation of Mokhavia would be honored to enter formal diplomatic relations with the Empire of @Tagmatium Rules, Even though, as you have pointed out, our nations are quite diferent, in religioun, culture, language, and lifestyle, we are curently trying to open up our nation to the greater wurld, so we will be greatly honored to take our first step onto the great continent of Europa with the Great Empire of Tagmatium. As for the trade deals with the Canamo nations, as our relations with United States of Prymont are of great importance, we will be happy to start cooperating with your Empire as well, to keep good relations with our neighbors and have more outlets to the Wurld. The only restrain the council has decided on, is that we would ban the travel of religious figures, as in priests and/or missionaries, who are coming with an intent related to your religion diferent from education, except service to our small community of christians, we hope you will honor that wish, and we can soon settle an embassador from your lands in our Nation. Peace be uppon our nations, sincerely, X. Wats̠anek̠y Singed: 1.6.2021
  11. it would of been, but im doing this for the biological factor (i just talked about this to ahrana so you could check that message instead of me repeating myself)
  12. No real benefits to my nation except the fauna ill receave (for example someone suggested me having beluga whales which could of been a food for my ppl, im still looking in the logistics of fauna migration but ive embrased that idea), the downsaids are the water stuffs you mentioned no longer being options, but im not tryna do this for any real benefit, but as ive said before for the biological pluses to the nation and culture. Before this, i tought that there was a strait which turns out to have actually been a river, so eh.
  13. hello, so originally i was under the impression that these were actually inland seas with a strait conecting (controlled by prymont) to the canamo sea, but then when i was looking deeping into it i found out they are freshwater lakes which was problematic as i am rying to build a more ocean conected salt water biosphere and culture*, mainly the animal life present that would effect culture too, you can see in my wiki page, i have a list of more renouned species found in the nation (still working on the logistics of some of them), even if they were made into salt water lakes it would still be problematic for species of marine life that wouldnt be found there naturally. The carthographer (Metztlitlaca) and i also talked a bit about it in discord and they have put out a new version with them being inland seas conected to the Canamo sea.
  14. Teelanittatap S̠avjek̠erajtmaakas Ants̠eenneetaajytmaakavy! Welcome to the Mokhavian National News Netwrok! ._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._. The MNN (S̠ANМ) is the official news outlet of the nation of Mokhavia, every news articles about Mokhavia will be posted here, all translated into the english language for international viewing. Even tho the network has a reputation of being anti-biast towards the nation itself compared to other news networks in Mokhavia, publishing articles even from (certain) Apsan journalists, despite the current political situation. News Director: Ivar Yslajk̠y Contacts: 17, Qaxaaman Ravna str., Moshkal 1111, Mokhavia +77 571 329 617 info@sham.mk/en/
  15. Hello again, i would like to request an update to my topography. I have taken some inspiration from the western canadian coast in wurldbuilding my culture so i think having a 'rocky coast' might help with the realism of some things, so i've decided on pushing my hight to the sea in the region pictured below, with the red (50-500m) color going to the coast (the map i drew has it neer the coast, but it like the bigger red spot to reach the coast itself, while the smaller one, to the east, be more back, like in the map), the blue (500-2000m) color is also pulled towards the coast a bit. Thanks in advanced! Map (note: please dont mind that sploch of greenish-blue, i messed upand forgot that area was part of the river delta): Here are some pictures of what i generally want that region to resemble:
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