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    All of my answers to the questions are in GREEN. --YOUR RP NATION-- Full Name of Nation: The Community Of Mozimo Government type of nation: Our Government is weird since we have our own type of government called the ‘Exovact Democracy’, an Exovact Democracy is a full Totalitarian democracy but also is a semi E-democracy government and a partially Social democracy with a multi-party system. There are six parties in the government which are the Halos (Democratic/Left-sided/Liberal), the Lightning (Republican/Right-sided/Conservative), the Flora (Green Party/Left-Sided/Li
  2. Okay, Thank you. We prefer an airplane since we have an amazing intl. airport called the Narkai Oce Intl. Aiport which features 5 runways for planes and seven helipads. Narkai Oce Intl. Airport has many amenities like an mini aquarium and an mind-blowing 5-star restaurant which is on an abandoned plane. If they want they could also use a boat they can arrive at the Narkai Intl. Civil Port which is only for civilians and passengers and not for cargo. The civil port is connected to Narkai Oce Intl. Airport so they can enter the country by going to the Border and Customs Line. Also when they arri
  3. I joined Eurth three months ago to start a wonderful new journey after its been two years since I lasted played NationStates. Okay.. Let me tell you about my country, Mozimo. Mozimo is a wonderful country where our primitive ancestors techniques are still being used to this day. Our country was found after a series of wars and natural disasters left our civilization in ruins. MZO (Abbreviation of Mozimo) is perfect for indoors and outdoors people which why many of our people are very happy and loving. Mozimo is home to some of the best views of nature from its mountains to its caves and b
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