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  1. Songai

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    The United Democratic Republics of Songai Democratic Republic unknown Songai likes to balance civil and political freedoms with a strong government and economy i have an iiwiki page “Songai Overview” I do not have any experience in the RP community i would like to have a mentor I want to join Eurth because it is active, developed, and has a great community I have not had trouble with moderators I have had a nation before Songai but I accidentally got socialism and no marriage so I quit I am currently a member of the WA
  2. SONGAI PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2021 In Songai, Presidential Elections are help every 4 years. This year’s candidates have now been determined. Here are the presidential candidates: JERAD, DEMOCRAT JERAD’S VICE PRESIDENT, LIBERTARIAN AMANDA, CONSERVATIVE AMANDA’S VICE PRESIDENT, CONSERVATIVE SAMANTHA, GREEN SAMANTHA’S VICE PRESIDENT, LABOR O’MAN, LIBERAL O’MAN’S VICE PRESIDENT, DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST Voting will begin September 5th and will end November 1st. Inauguration Day will take place January 6th.
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