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  1. Hello again, and welcome to What is Vostau Doing Today, in a special m a n y w e e k s n o t u p d a t i n g edition! Don't worry, just because I have not been updating here does not mean that I have not got some things to show you. Without further ado... A map: Now, some of you might be wondering what this map is. It's Vostau, yeah, but what does it show? Well, this map shows the rough political situation as of 300 CE. In the time that I've been away from here, I have managed to just about do some history. Not as much as I could have, but I'm going into intense detail, a
  2. Very good question! The Natos complex is located quite far from Thafon, near to the tribe of Xepurton (Cheroni). The notable thing about Xepurton was that it was by the sea, and Xepurton made booming trade in sea salt. The Thafonici, who used salt in funerary rites for nobility and the wealthy, made a trade agreement with Xepurton - salt for food and metals. They agreed. The Natos complex, built between Xepurton, Thafon and Tkesonepkon (Hepsoni), would use salt from Xepurton, and gold from Apkon (Laconi), to bury nobles and monarchs from Thafon in small, sealed stone structures. King Kes
  3. Welcome indeed! Glad to have you here, and interested to see what you end up doing!
  4. You'll get used to it! Welcome to the region! I've found it really awesome so far, and I'm sure, if you engage, you'll have a great time here too!
  5. Many thanks! I'll be working on it much more closely in the future.
  6. Hi there, and welcome back to What Is Vostau Doing Today? Unfortunately, today's post will be very short. Not because I haven't done anything, just because none of it really looks like much at the moment. It's all in preparation for later points. So, I shall write out the in summary. I guess it's my way of proving that I haven't given up on the project In summary: Thafonici: Have the history and settlements up to 900 BCE for all Thafonici tribes outlined. Have the culture mostly worked out (as in, how the tribes would have worked, etc.), just need to write
  7. That is a nice touch! In this case it really was just a matter of me writing it with no clue about the history. I think I'd changed one thing over, but forgot to remove references to pre-human hominids. But thank you, anyway - it's really awesome to see dialogue regarding history.
  8. Aye, definitely one of the more useful uses of mud
  9. Would be very happy to play a part in the history of your nation, but I doubt, with the history I have going, that Vostau could have been a colony in that sense. Still will be interesting to work out history between us - since you'd be near the Keelpijp, that could lead to some form of history there?
  10. Ah yes, I wrote that back before I had heard about the timeline. I can remove that. (Also, yeah, sorry that it's a bit bare bones. It is liable to change - I just want to lock in the land that I'm writing history for)
  11. Hi there, and welcome again to What Is Vostau Doing Today? I've decided to merge yesterday and today as the things I've done on each individual day are less than I'd have hoped to do (I have some study that I've now completed, so we're all good). In any case, here are some of the things that I've done. Tribes and people groups: Perhaps lists are not worth too much, but I have been making a list of the early inhabitants of Vostau. I had tentatively named the people group that would come after these guys 'Calresian', but that name no longer works with my current conception of eve
  12. Indeed so! It's one of the time periods that, formerly, I found very dull until I started researching a lot more into it later on. I'm planning on my ancient city state of Thafon having been pretty key to the Mediargic bronze trade, similar to how Tartessos was IRL.
  13. Hello, and welcome to What Is Vostau Doing Today?, my fun little corner of this forum that attempts to journal my happy funtime adventures through diachronism to eventually work on making an interesting, fleshed-out modern country with an interesting history of my own. The purpose of this thread is threefold - to document my thoughts and ideas as I go through them, to share my progress to anyone who is interested in dry articles about fictitious culture groups with minimal impact on the events of Eurth, and perhaps most importantly, to gain feedback on what and how I'm doing, especially if peo
  14. Aha, sorry, only just saw this. I'm from Queensland, Australia, so if I don't quite line up with the other time zones here, that'd be why! At present, I am beginning the narrative at around 1400 BCE, and am trying to develop the Thafonic people group, as the first main civilisation within Vostau. I could probably go a little earlier, but no indigenous records would exist (unlike later with the Thafonic language/writing system I am developing) and very few outside records (until trade becomes more common) would detail anything about the people, so I figure 1400 BCE is a good stepping off p
  15. Nation in Eurth: Vostau Flag: Tentative flag Capital name: Ferst Capital location: Around where Loonst is located on the current map Factbook link: Expect advancement through the history-writing process Newsroom link: None yet Culture: Slavic/Spanish Climate: Temperate and semi-arid Location History: Detailed
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