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  1. Broadotagildät Stedoriänik Societé d’Radiowigne di Stèdorie ATTACK ON DEFENCE FORCES’ CHECKPOINT IN WEST STEDORIA TATAK TA JELODANEFAKONTROLÖP IN VESÜDASTEDORIÄN L’ATACAEDJE CONTE PONT D’CONTROL DI FWÈCES DISFINSE DINS STÈDORIE DI L’OUWESS Earlier today, a Defence Forces’ spokesman has revealed official details regarding a failed attack on a Defence Forces’ checkpoint by monarchist counterrevolutionary terrorist forces that occurred yesterday in western Stedoria, 25km north of Nölka. According to the report issued by the spokesman, four gendarmes were wounded in the attack, but fortunately no Defence Forces personnel were killed and no civilians were injured. The four injured personnel are expected to make full recovery in time. Counterrevolutionary forces suffered a devastating blow in the attack, with two terrorists being killed, and three being injured and captured after the skirmish. At approximately 19:00 yesterday, gendarmes stationed at a checkpoint, searching vehicles entering Nölka for weapons and contraband came under light arms fire by what are presumed to be terrorists of the so-called “Royal Stedorian Front of Monarchist Resistance”, a counterrevolutionary monarchist terrorist group responsible for numerous heinous attacks against both Stedorian security forces and Stedorian civilians in their goal for the re-establishment of the repressive monarchy that kept Stedoria under its yoke for centuries. In the cowardly element surprise used by the terrorists, four gendarmes were hit by enemy fire and wounded. After gendarme forces took positions, a small gunfight ensued, five minutes after which terrorist forces retreated, abandoning their own wounded. The Royal Stedorian Front of Monarchist Resistance (FRSTR), a barbaric counterrevolutionary terrorist organisation created by Stedoria’s former oligarchs and reactionaries after the triumph of the revolution, has long been terrorising Stedorian civilians with killings and terror attacks, especially in the north-west of the country, in their goal to bring the nation back into the shackles of slavery and oppression. In recent months the terrorist organisation seems to have stepped up its terror campaign, though coming at the cost for them of major losses at the hands of security forces. According to the spokesman that gave today’s briefing, it is believed within the coming year the FRSTR terrorist organisation will be eliminated. In response to this attack, the government has announced a small increase in Defence Forces’ personnel in western Stedoria in order to conduct more searches of the countryside, a location in the west believed to be harbouring many terrorists. Vilfgang Kolmen, leader of the DPB-PÛD, has called for an amnesty on FRSTR terrorists, stating that should the government promise not to prosecute them, they would be willing to return to society. Matyu Fovalt, leader of the Freethinkers’ Party, has criticised both the DPB-PÛD’s decision and the government’s decision, stating that the government must take aggressive measures to destroy terrorists and terrorism in Stedoria. Fovalt has also alleged that fudning for the FRSTR is coming from a source outside of Stedoria, though he refused to say where specifically and has not yet provided any evidence of this claim.
  2. I believe that Stedoria and this potential union would see the Ceriser people as Dolchic given their culturally mixed heritage. Although they aren't a fully Dolchic people, the organisation would be open to all Dolchic people, be them fully Dolchic or only just partially (as is also the case for Volta's population for example). At least from the outside looking in, we would be open to them joining/interacting with us, though I'm unsure of the Ceris States' political situation so I'm not too sure if they'd also be willing to join, again along with considering the fact that they're an AI nation. (Although if AI nations do join international organisations in wurldbuilding, then I'd be happy to have them in this if this idea comes to fruition.
  3. These are valid concerns, and I think I should make some more clarification for this reason. Regarding the situation for trade, the way that I would see it ideally, is that when trade deals would be made with in the organisation, it would be put in place throughout all its member states (be it lower tariffs/less visa restrictions or whatnot) given that this (for now) would be solely an economic/cultural union of sorts rather than a defensive/military alliance, meaning that if for example Velaheria and Volta would what to engage in their own separate trade outside the union, then they could. I'm unsure if some trade organisations actually do this in real life, but if they do, then I believe that this could be replicated here. If this is not the case/is impractical, then further negotiation regarding what can and cannot be traded will need to be made. As for the cultural aspect, this is also a very valid concern pertaining to your nation's history to which I'm a bit unsure of how it would be dealt with in the organisation, though I do a have a potential explanation/reason. Our goal of this organisation would to get all nations that are Dolchic to co-operate. I forgot to clarify in my original post that (fixed it now), the way I see it, there's both Dolch and Dolchic (which I forgot to clarify earlier). To me (and the wurld hopefully), the Dolch are the specific ethnic group who live in Dolchland (Germans, Russian, French for example), whilst the Dolchic are the ethnolinguistic group (Likened to Slavic people, Germanic people, Romance people, etc). So for example we would see ourselves still as Stedorians, but Dolchic (rather than Dolch), and to Stedoria at least, the Mischlings would also be contained within the Dolchic peoples due to their partial heritage. This being the case, this would perhaps look to Volta less like an organisation to celebrate Dolch people only, but to celebrate all of the cultures (Mischlings included) in the Dolchic group who related to one another (a brotherly organisation of sorts). I hope this makes sense.
  4. The following is a rudimentary outline for a potential future cultural/trade-type organisation for nations of cultures of Dolchic descent/nations with a Dolchic minority. I would also like to clarify that the way this organisation would view Dolch and Dolchic are as the following: Dolchic is an ethnolinguistic group made up of related peoples (Stedorians, Velaherians, Dolch, etc) similar to real wurld Romance, Slavs, or Germanic peoples. The Dolch are the specific ethnic group in the Dolchic group that live in Dolchland, similar to real wurld French, Russians, or Germans. Preface: One of the core ideologies of the Government of Stedoria is the promotion and advocation of pan-Dolchic ideals and co-operation among all nations with Dolchic/nations with Dolchic descent. Although the potential creation of this organisation would be serving Stedoria interests in regards to Stedoria's ideology. (OOC) I also believe that it could also potentially look/be beneficial for the other Dolchic nations of the wurld, along with helping promote even more roleplay, especially among Dolchic nations and any potentially future nations that join Eurth in the future. I'm unsure if the creation of organisations like this are limited to members who have been active in Eurth for a certain period time or not, but if this is the case, I'd like to shelve this idea for now but keep it ready for a later potential date when I'm able to help create it. Furthermore, I am unsure if there is potentially enough nations for this idea to be considered, although I believe there is and with this organisation's creation, it could potentially boost that number. Essentially, this organisation would serve as a cultural trade-type organisation for Dolchic nations would have two main types of goals. The first of this goal would be the promotion of Dolchic cultures between all Dolchic nations, along with sharing more about Dolchic cultures to the wurld so that the wurld can better understand Dolchic nations and culture. The second of this goal would be an economic goal. The promotion of more trade agreements and resource agreements in order to help the economies of the wurld's Dolchic nations develop further so that they can be more successful. Potential nations could include @Stedoria (myself), @DPR Velaheria (given their transition out of isolationism), @Volta (given their Dolch origins), @Walneria (given them also being Dolch descendants spiced up with some Slavic cultures), and perhaps also the AI nation of Dolchland itself (although this would be limited give that it's an AI and its fragile political situation). Other nation suggestions/ideas would also be welcome if you have any. Relationship Development: One of the main goals of this organisation would be to help foster better relations among the Dolchic nations of the wurld, along with acting as an outlet by which Dolchic nations can present grievances between each other in order to prevent any type of escalation, allowing potential agreements between each other to be created in order to further these relationships between Dolchic nations, and encouraging Dolchic nations to be more open with one another given their shared culture. Trade and Economics: As previously stated, this potential organisation would help to promote more trade and commerce between Dolchic nations of the wurld. Such examples of this might be lower tariffs, cheaper resources, or potentially giving more access to the establishment and expansion of Dolchic companies across Dolchic nations. With this being said, I do believe that the organisation would place certain restrictions on what can be traded and what cannot (i.e. No other Dolchic nations sending military equipment to more authoritarian nations such as Dolchland and Velaheria). Cultural Exchange: Again, as stated in the preface, one of this organisation's main goals would be to promote Dolchic culture not only within other Dolchic nations, but also throughout the entire wurld. Such examples of this would potentially include cultural exchanges between various Dolchic nations, linguistic conferences, etc. Research and Development: Similar to Esonice's idea of a Partnership of Island Nations, I also think there could be potential for scientific development and research to take place among the organisation's members. Similar to trade though, this would be limited due to the authoritarian nature of governments, and would probably only be focused on non-military/weapons related discoveries, such as in the field of education, medicine, and commercial technology, allowing members of this organisation to develop their nations further to improver their citizens' lives. Conclusion: Currently, this is as far as my ideas for this organisation go, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be subject to development/change in the future. Furthermore, if you have anymore ideas of what this organisation could contain (members or goals), could be, or could do, please share them with me as I'm looking to expand this idea further. Also, as said before, if such an organisation couldn't be create now, then I would very much like for it to be possible for it to be created at a later future date. Thanks.
  5. Walter Thurnherr, the Chancellor of Switzerland, is serving as Stedoria's Chief Consul, Tamäj Köseg. Álvaro García Linera, Bolivia's 38th vice president, will be serving as my Second Consul/Vice Consul, Djuråd-Françwa Delvaux.
  6. Kevoböf Dipik Sogädimik Vü Mensarepüblikän Stedoriän e Repüblikän Fedikim Sogädimik Voltäna Copèracion Diplomatike Sôciålisse Inte li Républike Pôpulêre di Stèdorie et l’Républike Federål Sôciålisse do Volta Socialist Diplomatic Co-operation Between the Stedorian People's Republic and the Socialist Federal Republic of @Volta
  7. Jafäd Foginänikaröletsöpas Vü Mensarepüblikän Stedoriänik e Mensarepüblikän Demokratik Välaheriäna L’Atuzlaedje des Ambassades Inte li Républike Pôpulêre di Stèdorie et l’Républike Democratike Pôpulêre di Vélaherie The Establishment of Embassies Between the Stedorian People's Republic and the @DPR Velaheria
  8. The Establishment of Embassies Between the Stedorian People's Republic and the Nation of @Mokhavia [
  9. Stedoria would be interested in participating.
  10. Broadotagildät Stedoriänik Societé d’Radiowigne di Stèdorie ANTI-CORRUPTION FORCE FORMED ANTI-REMÄDANEF PEFOMON FWÈCE ANTI-CORRUPCION CROEYOWE In a press briefing earlier today, Second Consul Delvaux announced the official formation of a state-run anti-corruption force. The force is to be lead by the Minister of Economics and Development, Djean-Pierre Remacle, and will be tasked with enforcing anti-corruption laws within the Stedorian government in both government and opposition parties and circles. According to Remacle, the task force’s first objective will be to run a full audit of all currently represented political parties’ funding and expenses throughout the last year. The audit is set to begin two weeks as the taskforce is still in process of hiring and assigning auditors. The taskforce’s creation has come amid more calls, both within the NPLS and opposition parties, to clamp down more on corruption amid gradual increases since the revolution and Köseg’s vote into office as Chief Consul. Although corruption has steadily increased since, living standards along with Stedoria’s economy have also increased, bringing Stedorians a much better life today, free from the shackles of monarchism and tyranny, and into the light of equality and Gemotamism. Second Consul Delvaux at today’s press briefing The public’s reaction to the formation of the commission have been met very positively. As seen on social media, many citizens have praised the government’s desire for transparency not only within its own political party but also within the other political parties of the Exovedate. Furthermore, given the fact that corruption has been an increasing problem, many say that the anti-corruption taskforce will help to alleviate the public’s cynicism and distrust in the Stedorian political wurld as they are to be held even more accountable for their actions in regards to taxpayers’ money. Reaction within Stedoria’s political wurld, especially within the Exovedate, have been significantly less positive within all parties except the NPLS. A unanimous statement from the Exovedate’s parties, with the exception of the governing NPLS, have sharply criticised the government’s decision, accusing the NPLS of allegedly attempting to consolidate its power over Stedoria’s opposition parties and turn them into what the statement calls a “controlled opposition”. The statement also outline the parties’ plans to collectively introduce a bill scraping the Anti-Corruption Force, though this is highly unlikely to pass given the NPLS’ control in the Exovedate. Though Stedoria under the NPLS is making great strides in its combat against corruption within the nation, it seems the the opposition within the Exovedate are keen on maintaining the growth of corruption within the nation for their own benefit, rather than ensuring a transparent government for all Stedorians.
  11. This works fine for me.
  12. The Establishing of Cordial Foreign Relations Between the Stedorian People's Republic and the Commonwealth of @Delamaria
  13. Tamäj Vilhälm Köseg Chief Consul of the Stedorian People's Republic Tamäj Vilhälm Köseg, born December 4th 1963, is the Chief Consul of the Stedorian People's Republic, serving since the Stedorian Revolution in 2009. Born to a working-class ethnically Stedorian family in Nölka, his family had been poor labourers for generations according to official familial records recovered after taking office as Chief Consul. His prominence came at a young age. After the Stedorian monarchy's slide from a hybrid democratic-like system into that of an absolute monarchy, various guerilla groups opposing the monarchy formed. Köseg joined the 13th of March Movement as a guerilla, quickly rising the ranks after proving himself a capable and competent commander during raids against Stedorian monarchist security forces and paramilitaries. in 1988, after the death of the Simon Ulbrikt, the founder and leader of the movement, Köseg was chosen to replace him, though this was to be short-lived. Six years later in 1994, he was captured by monarchist security forces, and sentenced to life in prison for sedition, treason, and conducting terrorist activities; at this time, guerilla movements suffered many setbacks and were virtually destroyed by the then monarchist government. Whilst in prison, Köseg continued to dedicate himself to the cause of anti-monarchism, and his bound together his political ideas, goals, and beliefs into a political philosophy known as Gemotamism (lit. Renaissance-ism). His writings were continuously smuggled out of prison, and his political theories would become popular within the Stedorian opposition, and it would become a main ideology associated with the Stedorian opposition. He would continue writing about his political theories until he was freed during the revolution. After the Stedorian Revolution, he was freed, and was quickly selected as the interim head of state by the factions of the military that had taken part in the revolution. He formed the pan-Dolch party known as the Dolch Socialist Gemotam Party and its Stedorian regional branch, the National Party of the Stedorian Revolution, and announced his candidacy for the first election since the revolution. He won the election in a landslide, has subsequently won the following elections in landslides as well. Köseg is widely known as being a humble leader by the Stedorian population, very rarely speaking about himself or his personal life, and instead talking almost always only about Stedoria as a whole. Among the people of Stedoria, he remains a popular figure by the majority of the population. His opponents however criticise him fiercely owing to the very quick democratic backsliding that has been affecting Stedoria since the revolution, and often accuse him of being a dictator, though even many of those who believe him to be a dictator still view him positively, viewing him as a benevolent dictator. His political views remains up for debate, along with the politics of the NPLS. He, along with the NPLS and DSGP, have never explicitly identified themselves as being left-wing or right-wing, resulting in fierce debate among scholars, mainly non-Stedorian, in whether classifying him as far-right or left-wing owing to his advocation of Dolch/Stedorian ultranationalism but also his advocation for strong government centralisation and his opposition to large private corporations and tolerance of Stedoria's Alzi minority.
  14. I don’t have any problem with this map placement.
  15. Meinavagildät Stedoriäna Societé Minire di Stèdorie Mining Corporation of Stedoria The Mining Corporation of Stedoria is the official state-owned corporation in charge of all mining affairs within the Stedorian People's Republic. All mines within Stedoria are required to be under the control of the MGS. The MGS was founded on February 12th, 2010, after the just and fair expropriation of all privately-held mines within the nation in order to fund the new planned development projects in both infrastructure and industrialisation after the NPLS was popularly selected to rule Stedoria. Owing to the large amount of mines in Stedoria, particularly that of silver mines, the MGS plays a significant role for both Stedoria's source of income, along with playing a significant role in the economy of Stedoria for both private and public companies. The MGS in the public sector provides all of Stedoria's raw materials for its industries, such as copper to be used within electrical infrastructure and the production of coal for the nations few coal power plants that are still currently running. In the private sector, the MGS plays an important role in Stedoria's budding private jewelry industry, for which it provides precious and valuable metals for, mainly that of silver. Nearly all mines in Stedoria are found in the north of the country, particularly within the Alzi Autonomous Region, though a fair amount of mines exist within other northern region outside of the AAR. Within the AAR, the MGS's mines employ a large amount of the region's population, with almost 20% of the AAR's employment coming from the MGS, focused mainly in rural areas. The MGS prides itself on being an integral part of the Stedorian economy, along with its well deserved reputation of its fair and just treatment of its workers, ensuring that its workers mine within safe environments and are paid a fair and livable wage, and receive significant support from Stedoria's trade union.
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