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  1. Dalebüd calöfik se Minister Foginänikadinas: Official announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Official Statement Regarding Anglia and the Social Democratic Confederation
  2. Broadotagildät Stedoriänik TRIAL OF TELVAN KELVÖN TO BEGIN THURSDAY CÖDÄD TELVANA KELVÖN OPRIMON DÖDEL Today, the Ministry of Equality and Justice has announced the commencement of the trial of former king Telvan Kelvön, who was ousted in a popular and just revolution by the Stedorian people just over a decade ago. The trial is scheduled to begin this coming Thursday, and is to be conducted by the National Revolutionary Court at the People's Courthouse in Kapojvar, with Supreme Justice Arpäd Etvös acting as the trial's judge. The trial will be conducted in private, with the trial's
  3. In that case, could I have 2 cities in these locations? 1. Nölka 2. Sälno
  4. Yes, this looks excellent, thanks! Also, regarding other cities being included on my nation's map, is that something that I'll be able to do the longer I'm here, or am I able to request one or two cities to be added to my nation's map now?
  5. @Metztlitlaca, Thanks for the other location suggestion. I think that I'll go with the southern area east of Morheim.
  6. Atos binon poträl celöfik Broadotagildäta Stedoriänik, blinöl blofikis nulodis e vögi levoluta menes Stedoriäna. This is the official portal of the Stedorian Broadcasting Corporation, bringing both the news and the voice of the revolution to the people of Stedoria.
  7. @Metztlitlaca, I’ve looked at the location of Morheim, and it looks suitable for me, though if possible, I'd also like to see any other possible location(s) that you or others have come up with, in the event that I prefer one of those locations over Morheim’s. Thanks.
  8. Dalebüd calöfik se Minister Foginänikadinas: Official announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
  9. Atos binon portäl calöfik Ministera Foginänikadinas Menasrepüblikäna Stedoriänik. This is the official portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Stedorian People's Republic. Nuns valik calöfik se Minister Foginänikadinas kanons patuvön is. All official messages from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be found here.
  10. Nation in Eurth: Stedoria Flag: Capital name: Kapojvar Capital location: Coastal region of Stedoria Factbook link: (iiwiki page also created but still WIP) Newsroom link: Culture: Hungarian / Volapük (linguistic-wise) , with Vague Romance minority (still being determined) (speaking Esperanto) Climate: Humid continental climate (Koppen dfa) / Hemiboreal, mountainous far inland Location History: Maintained its independence throughout its history, earliest settlers developed into Stedorians. Remained generally isolated to the wurld until recent times
  11. January 24th, 2018 | Yanul 24id, 2018 MINE COLLAPSE KILLS 12 | MEINÄDASUKUBAM DEIDON 12 Largentinöp, Alzi Autonomous Region On Monday, a silver mine located within the small town of Largentinöp in the Alzi Autonomous Region was the site of a devastating and deadly cave-in. Shortly after the end of the mineworkers' lunch break at noon, as miners made their way back to new sections of the mine being dug out, the newly dug area of mine suddenly and without warning collapsed, leaving some trapped whilst others were feared to be dead. Immediately after the mine section's collap
  12. The Stedorian People’s Republic Menasrepüblikän Stedoriänik (Work in Progress. Subject to changes and edits in the future.) Overview The Stedorian People's Republic is a nation located on Eurth (location still undetermined). Throughout its history, it has consistently taken an isolationist and neutral approach to foreign affairs and neighboring conflicts. Ruled as an absolute monarchy the Kelvön dynasty since the 16th century, this hierarchy was suddenly and violently dismantled with the outbreak of the
  13. Glidis dabinanef! I'm the Stedorian People's Republic (Menasrepulikän Stedoriänik). Our republic was founded after the turbulent but successful Stedorian Revolution; the old monarchic order was destroyed, and thus paved the way for the foundation of a republic for the people, where equality reigns rather than kings. Although the revolution brought our thriving economy to its knees, Stedoria and its people look towards the future with hope. Under the guidance and belief in the sacred ideals of republicanism, equality, and täläktim (reasonism), Stedoria is ready to take its place withi
  14. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Stedorian People's Republic Government type of nation: Federal dominant-party republic/Hybrid regime (Regime with a dominant power syndrome) Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Stedorian, with an Alzian minority (Stedorian names and such are based off Hungarians, whilst the language spoken is Volapük (Stedorian). Alzians speak Esperanto (Alzian), and their culture is based on the French.) Give us a short description of your nation: Stedoria is small-sized nation of approximately 15 million inhabitants. Previously ruled by an absolute monarch, the toppling
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