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  1. The National Courier ᚱÍᚲᛁᛊᛒᛟᚦᛁ 22.07.2021 AD 48.03.1949 AJB ________________________________________________ Decision to decrease RSA funding, overruled by the Queen. This morning the Konráðið gathered to vote on a decision they have been discussing for the past 2 weeks now. They voted on whether or not to decrease the spending on the KÖ, also known as the Royal Security Agency or the RSA. It was brought up due to some Jarls not being content with their work and thinking they are an useless money sink in this time of economic hardship in the Kingdom of Ateenia, some even pointing out that they are nothing more then bunch of corrupt officials trying to secure their hold over the government stating that the arrest of the previous Minister of Finance and deputy ministers from both ministry of finance, ministry of commerce and ministry of Interior were falsely accused and the evidence of their conspiracy was planted by the RSA. Most Jarls called such claims outrageous but still agreed that the spending on RSA is better used elsewhere instead. The Jarls eventualy voted on the matter and reached a decision, with 13 out of 23 Jarls voting for the defunding of the RSA and 9 against, 1 did not vote due to being impartial in this matter. With the bill passed, the bill was sent to the Queen to sign into effect as was expected by the Jarls, however the Queen decided to not pass the decision and instead decided to veto it. She stated that this budget change is outrageous with the Kingdom of Ateenia being plagued by corruption and stated that the fact that some Jarls want the RSA weakened, brings concern that should be investigated by the RSA further. She stated that instead of decreasing the funding, the Konráðið should be voting on increasing the budget instead to fight corruption harder in hopes of eventualy bringing all those that are hurting Ateenia with their corruption, to their knees. The Queen herself has made another decision on this matter and decided that the budget of RSA should infact be increased by 6% so that they may continue their fight stronger then ever. The Director of RSA, Olga Geldadóttir, applauded the Queens decision and stated that she is grateful for the Queens continued understanding and support on what the Agency is doing to help fix the kingdom. The Konráðið has voiced discontent with the Queens decision to overrule them and some even stated that if she does not let Konráðið pass the decisions they vote on, then what is the point of it existing in the first place. Jarl Knut Olferr was outraged by the veto so much that he threatened that if the RSA does not stop arresting whomever they please after planting fake evidence, then the RSA will not be allowed in the Jarldom of Mosiheimr. The Queen responded to the threat that if Jarl Knut only rules over Mosiheimr because his house has sworn to serve House Kalinka and the Kingdom of Ateenia and that he does not have the right to ban the Kingdoms agencies from his lands.
  2. Ateenia will come and take the W Be ready to lose.
  3. Ena takes out her notebook and begins, "Thank you, yes I on behalf of Ateenia would indeed wish to establish stronger trade agreements with Ulfheimr and its tribes, mainly with the tribes Sygrkyn, Gratablod and Farmadr that seem to have exports we want and we have exports that they want." She waits again for her translator to translate and continues. "I believe that relations between Ateenia and the following tribes would be most profitable and strenghtening for both parties. This would also strenghten the bonds between Ateenia and Ulfheimr and would help your nation to become stronger and more unified in the future." She takes a large sip of mead from her mug as her translator translates and then finds a bottle of the strongest drink of Ateenian vodka in Ateenia and puts it on the table. "As for how my people make our strongest drink, it is a trade secret but I must say, it includes alot of passion and favour of our gods. This bottle of Trumfil vodka from Grundvik is the strongest drink we got there are few that cannot get it down their throat." She puts the bottle back in the shelf. "Be warned, it is not meant to be completly consumed by 1 person for it can kill some of the weaker people. It is 88.2% alcohol afterall." She finishes her mug of mead. "As for this mug of mead im currently drinking, its not very strong but it is my favourite drink in Ateenia, made from one of the finest Ateenian honey and strawberries. Of course there are other fruit taste ones and even the original without any fruit taste but this one is my favourite."
  4. The National Courier ᚱÍᚲᛁᛊᛒᛟᚦᛁ 01.07.2021 AD 27.03.1949 AJB ________________________________________________ Kira'Karn state visit to Ateenia comes to a conclusion. The state visit by the Empress Kira'Karn Elemmiire of the Sovereign Imperium of Haruspex, comes to a conclusion, after 12 days of being a guest in Ateenia and the Heimstrell palace where she and the Queen of Ateenia Ena Kalinka discussed important and not so important topics about both their nations, their houses and themselves. The primary topic between the 2 was about the shared blood link of the 2 dynasties through the blood of the legendary Ateenian king, Jorling that once unified the jarls of Ateenia under his divine rule that brought the Kingdom of Ateenia into being. The shared blood link was discovered in 2001 when the historians discovered mentions of Jorlings 4th son who's existance wasnt certain before due to his name in the Jorlings Saga having been lost to time through the ages. It was discovered that Jorling's son Knorr Jorlingsson led a raiding party east that lost its way and was never heard of again. It was assumed he died in sea at the time but evidence in Haruspex suspect that he and his raiding party found their way to Europa, where they crashed and were forced to stay. Evidence suggests that they lived together with the natives of the area at the time and eventualy Knorr Jorlingsson Kalinka's son, Ivar Knorrsson Kalinka came to form the Empire of Haruspex after the succesful unification of them and the natives in the area. Through out ages, Knorr's bloodline split from Kalinka and became a whole new dynasty, the same dynasty that the empress of today's Haruspex is apart of. Through that historical record, Empress Kira and Queen Ena are certain that they are related, allbeit the blood link is 19 centuries old they still consider eachother blood relatives. This discovery alone has been the driving force of the increased relations between Ateenia and Haruspex in the recent years. The Queen states that they were also discussing on increased trade with the Empress and that they managed to come to an agreement that all tariffs between the 2 countries be lowered by 35%, meaning that when this new law comes into effect in the 89th of Sólmánður (1st of September) this year, the lower prices of goods would encourage the companies of either country to increase trade and presence on both countries while the government owned companies would also be required to increase their exports and imports between the 2. Empress Kira'Karn Elemmiire of Haruspex left yesterday but before she left, she and the Queen Ena made their last handshake and Ena gave a brief speech about the importance visit to the people which ended with this sentence. "Our brothers and sisters are coming home!" It is uncertain what she meant by that but it is speculated that we might start hearing more about Haruspex real soon. The Fleet that escorted Kira'Karn departed yesterday evening around 7pm and was escorted by 2 Ateenian corvettes to the international waters where the Ateenian ships turned around to head back to the port and Haruspex fleet continued on East, back to Haruspex.
  5. Queen Ena accepts the video call right after making a few adjustments to her blonde hair and her dress to look more presentable. She began speaking and spoke for 5 minutes straight only to realize her mic was muted after Erilaz pointed it out, so trying to hide her frustration she lights up a blunt of weed and begins to speak in Ateenian with a translator next to her translating it. "Greetings Erilaz of Ulfheimr, I see you wish to talk, what do you wish to talk about?" She stops and lets her translator translate it into Ulfheimr and waits for Erilaz's response as she takes a sip of mead from her iron mug, decorated with carvings of the wurld tree and the twisted Mörungah, the legendary sea serpent, while sitting comfortably on her wooden chair that is covered in bear skin. Behind her, there are also paintings that glorify both herself and other notable kings and queens of Ateenia that ruled in the past. The walls themselves have decorative carvings of both art and the motto of the Kalinka dynasty that all monarchs of Ateenia have to live by, "ᚷᚢᚦᚾᚨ×ᛞᛁᚱᚦ×ᛊᚨᚾᛜᛁᚱᚾᛁ" which translates to "Gods, Glory, Fairness". A tanistry of the events of the Jorling's Saga is also visible with atleast the beginning of the story being visible.
  6. The National Courier ᚱÍᚲᛁᛊᛒᛟᚦᛁ 25.06.2021 AD 21.03.1949 AJB ________________________________________________ Miðnóttleysa festival has concluded. This year's Miðnóttleysa festival has concluded, lasting from 18th to 20th of Sólmánður, with a turnout of over 3 million people from all over Ateenia having attended the festival at one point or the other. Many of the bonfire sites were overloaded with crowd with most sites having up to 3000-4000 people at their most populated parts of the day. Thousands of sacrifices were made to the god Ungor who is the god of prosperity, peace, forests and wildlife, aswell as to the goddess Ungrilla who is the goddess of love, sex, fertility, beauty, parties and nature so that both of them may grant the Ateenians good fortune and plentiful harvest and children. In the first evening, the chickens and rabbits were sacrificed, in the 2nd evening, the pigs and goats were sacrificed and in the 3rd, the cattle as was tradition. In honour of Ungrilla, people danced, had sex and partied both nights but as is custom, children were not allowed in the areas during night so they were sent home. Overall the festival concluded well with less deaths and injuries then last year but unfortunatly 21 people still lost their lives and 81 injuries still had to be treated. The people were happy with this year's midsummer and some even felt like it outdid the previous festival saying, most likely thanks to more bands playing better music then last year aswell as better food. Emergency incidents were relativly low with only 5 sites almost igniting past the bonfire, however thanks to many firefighters being present and still on duty while taking part of the festival, they were able to stop those fires before they became too great, aswell as only 71 arrests were made by the law enforcement however 53 of them were pardoned due to the festival being the time of letting themselves free and the 53 of them not being guilty of any serious crimes. Image taken in Osarvik bonfire "Iro" in north coast of the city. The "Aar" bonfire The most popular bonfire area was yet again the "Aar" bonfire located near the Heimstrell Palace just outside of Atha that had over 5000 attendants, some of whom were invited by the Queen. The Festival began with the Queen's opening speech which was short. "My belowed Ateenians! Today marks the 18th day of Sólmánður which as you all know is the day of Miðnóttleysa festival, the day where we begin partying and making sacrifices to the gods and begin yelling out Ungor's and Ungrilla's name for good fortune, fertility and good harvest so that we may survive yet another year. As all the years before, I wish you good luck and have fun for saddness is forbidden for the next 2 days. Now may the horns mark the start of the festival and let the party begin." It is known that the Queen Ena Kalinka herself took part of the festival both day and night so there are suspicions whether the queen might have an heir soon or not and whether she found herself a husband or not. Alongside the Queen, the Empress Kira'Karn Elemmiire of @Haruspex and her wife Ayn Gende Elemmiire were also seen accompanying the queen and at some point, even taken part of the festival even if they do not actualy belive in the Ateenian gods. The Queen of Love for the "Aar" site this year was a girl from Atha named Ilga Astridottir who was 17 solar cycles old and was first to walk away from the dancing crow with a mate to make love. After her, many followed. Last year's Queen of Love was a girl from a little village of Trehöll named Silga Olidottir who was 23 solar cycles old. At the end of Miðnóttleysa festival, the participants used a knife to cut a wound on their arm to leave their party spirit behind to the goddess Ungrilla as their sacrifice, like all the years before and after that the festival was officialy over and the people returned to their daily lives, some with their new partners, some with their old partners and the few who were unlucky enough, alone. The Queen herself after the event returned home without a partner but not alone. She went back to the palace with the Empress of Haruspex and her wife to discuss matters that the royal house has not yet announced, so it is only a guess what they may be discussing over. Some suspect that Ateenians might hear alot more about the country Haruspex in the future.
  7. Greetings fellow humans! Me and @Mokhavia have been thinking that the land between me and Mokhavia is something that realisticly would not be empty and would make no sense for it to be empty. Because we both want claims on that area we decided that it would be even better to have an NPC in that area that has both of our cultures but does not want to be part of either Ateenia nor Mokhavia. Thus we have come up with the Federation of Safjal. The Federation of Safjal The Name Safjal comes from the Safjall mountains that exist in the modern Safjal territory where different tribes lived before the unification. flag: The Blue represents the blue skies of Safjal that rule over it and also the rivers and lakes that bring life to Safjal. The White represents the Snowy and pure lands that claim Safjal for most of the year aswell as peace that has ruled over those lands for centuries. The 7 Dots represent the 7 tribes of Safjal that united to first form the Confederacy of Safjal and later the Federation of Safjal. Coat of Arms: The 3 beavers represent the National animal of Safjal which are beavers. There are 3 because the Safjal national culture is formed from the 3 cultures that exist in it, the Ateenians, the Apsan and the Mokhavians. Location: Asumndan is the Capital of Safjal that was founded by the famous Chieftess Asmund Helgadottir who with her impressive charisma, managed to bring what was at the time the alliance of the 7 tribes, under 1 flag of Sjafal, aimed to be completly independent from both Mokhavia and Ateenia and protect its autonomous states from falling under either nations influence or rule. She was the founder of the Safjal nation that at the time was the Confederation of Safjal. As such she is remembered as the hero of Safjal and had the capital city of Asumndan built for her. (out of topic but if possible, could the eastern border be made into a more realistic border? Thanks) History: The path to Safjal nation began in 118 AD when the Jarldoms and Tribes of Ateenia united under the Kingdom of Ateenia, the 3 Ateenian tribes in Safjal area, did not want to be ruled by a king and instead wanted to maintain the rule of their Chief and the independence of their Cheiftoms, so they formed an alliance to fight for their independence together to prevent the integration into the Kingdom of Ateenia. Times went on and in 680 AD, the Mokhavian tribes united into the Mokhavian confederacy where all tribes maintained their autonomy, the 1 Apsan tribe in the Safjal lands did not however want to be ruled over by Mokhavians and seeked protection from the Ateenian tribes and thus joined the alliance formed to protect their independence. in 929 AD when the Mokhavian Confederacy united into the Unduk Federation. The 3 Mokhavian tribes in Safjal, displeased with the increased centralization and decreased autonomy of the tribes broke away, almost causing a war between them and Mokhavia, however because they joined the Alliance of Safjal, the Unduk Federation was discouraged from attempting to force those tribes back into its rule. A few minor wars followed however from 10th century to 17th century, Safjal was mostly peaceful. By 1678, The Safjal Alliance was more then just a defensive alliance, it had evolved into an economic, cultural and military alliance where the borders were opened and citizens of each tribe could visit each others nations. However such an alliance was still not safe from the increasing influence from both Mokhavia and Ateenia and the Safjal tribes were forced to form an unified nation, the Safjal Confederacy which was formed thanks to the charismatic hero Asmund Helgadottir and was ruled by a High Chief, which was elected by the 7 chiefs.. The Safja confederacy continued to live in peace and prosperity but by the 19th century, its people became more aware and were sick and tired of being ruled by a despotic chief that was not elected, seeing the democracy rise in other countries, the Safjal people wanted leaders that represented them, they wanted democracy so in 1881 the people rose up and overthrew their chiefs, those that couldnt were later aided by the now democratic chiefdoms that forced the remaining despotic chiefdoms to become democratic so by 1887, all 7 chiefdoms of the Safjal Confederacy were democratic and the Chiefs from that point on, were elected by the people. In 1889 the Safjal people realised that even though their chiefdoms were now democratic, the Confederacy was still ruled by an unelected high chief that was quickly overthrown. The High Chief became an elected position that was voted for all Safjal people and eventualy in 1894, the elected High Chief called for a referendum for the chiefdoms of Safjal to become more centralized under the Federation of Safjal, which replaced the Safjal Confederacy after having passed the referendum. The Safjal people were finaly represented by their elected leaders and over time, the Council of Chieftains and the Council of Representatives were established as the upper and lower house with the upper house, the Council of Chieftains having 7 elected representatives each representing their state and the Council of Representatives that has 147 elected representatives. Everything else: The Federation of Safjal is considered very free and multicultural with its 3,721,808 population being 8% Apsan, 44.2% Mokhavian and 47.8% Ateenian. Not only does the Safjal nation have freedom of speech and expression, it also has the freedom of religion with Vjoldinism being belived by 39% of the population, Apsan Paganism 4.7% of the population, Mokhavian Paganism 24.6% of the population, other religions 7% of the population, 24.7% of the population is atheist. The Safjal GDP is 12,726$ per capita thus making the total GDP $47,4 billion, The Safjal HDI is 0.661 The Safjal people are represented by both the upper and lower house and the democraticly elected High Chief. The Federation of Safjal's national languages are Ateenian and Standard Mokhavian and regionaly recognized language is Apsan. Safjal uses both Cyrillic and Ateenian script. Edit: Almost forgot, the Safjal currency is Safo. __________________________ Me and @Mokhavia but allot of thought into it and we hope it gets approved. Thank you for your consideration.
  8. From: Her Majesty, Ena Kalinka To: Her Majesty, Kira'Karn Elemmiire Your honoured Empress, I would like to send you an invitation to the Kingdom of Ateenia for a feast and to celebrate our upcoming Miðnóttleysa festival that I wish you to be apart of. As my distant relative through the blood of our great ancestor Jorling Kalinka, I would be honoured to have you and your family visit Ateenia and partake in one of our most important national holiday. There will be food, drinking, dancing and fighting, all the good stuff. As such we will reserve a spot for you and your family in hopes that you shall attend our festival. It will begin in 22nd of June in your calender and will last for 2 days so we suggest that if you do attend, you make it here in the 21st of June of your calender. You will of course be permitted to visit earlier if you so wish and our doors will be open. I hope to see you at the festival and as always, Iwish you a safe travel. Signed Ena Kalinka
  9. The National Courier ᚱÍᚲᛁᛊᛒᛟᚦᛁ 15.06.2021 AD 11.03.1949 AJB ________________________________________________ Preparations for Miðnóttleysa festival begin. People all around Ateenia have begun preparing for Miðnóttleysa festival that is only 7 days away and like always, lasts untill the 20th of Sólmánður. Like always, the government asks that people would get overboard with the purchasing of alcohol and food. The Queen herself has begun preparing for the festival as evident by the number of trucks, full of sacrificial animals, logs. food and alcohol, entering the Royal Palace. It is expected that many Ateenians can celebrate Miðnóttleysa next to the Royal Palace this year aswell, just like all the previous years and like always, all people of Ateenia are welcomed to the party, the queen is hosting. Almost all the buisnesses will be closed on the duration of the festival like always and every worker shall be one way or the other, celebrating Miðnóttleys whether on duty or off duty. The emergency workers will traditionaly set up their tents in those festivals to keep doing their job while also partaking in the celebration. Last year, most of the Ateenian streets and roads were empty with almost everyone partaking in the festival. The festival was also the direct cause for the increased birth rate in Lífsmánður when tens of thousands of new children were born. The Midsummer festival has also sometimes been called the festival of life or the festival of love due to many new couples forming and many pregnancies happening during the Miðnóttleysa. The primary purpouse of this festival is still to make sacrifice to the gods and to party in the name of the gods so that good fortune and fertility may be granted to all of Ateenia. Some say that the allfather Vrjoln and many other gods also took part of the festival, this year it is hoped that the festival will be even greater so that the gods may attend once again. Unfortunatly last years Miðnóttleysa festival was also the reason of death for hundreds of people that either died of drowning, overdrinking or other accidents, 1 death also occured because of fighting, however the killer was cleared of charges due to both parties being consenting to the fighting and too drunk. This year the government advises to take better care in making sure that fights end before anyone gets killed and that no one fights unless they are absolutely certain that they can hold their own. The Queen wants to remind Ateenians that its better to admit defeat in a fight rather then to fight untill you die. The Queen will give the festivals opening speech in the 18th of Sólmánður (22nd of June) when the festival will begin.
  10. From: Her Excellency, Torvi Helgidóttir, Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Ateenia To: The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion Your Excellency, We, in the ministry of foreign affairs of Ateenia, thank you for your request to restore the formal relations between our 2 great countries that in 2005, our previous Queen Aslaug Kalinka terminated after the unfortunate rumours of massacre against the rebels you fought. The current government does not belive those rumours to be true and has no reason not to restore the relations between the Kingdom of Ateenia and the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium. As such Ateenia will take the chance to establish an embassy in Tagmatika and would like to offer Tagmatium to establish an embassy in Grundvik. We hope that this will be the first step in restoring the long lasting economic and diplomatic ties between our great countries and bring prosperity for years to come to both countries. As such we would also like to invite Agios Basileos kai Autokrator Kommodos III and his family to visit Ateenia for a feast with the Queen Ena Kalinka of Ateenia and to celebrate the upcoming midsummer festival. Signed Torvi Helgidóttir Ena Kalinka Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ateenia
  11. From: Her Excellency, Torvi Helgidóttir, Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Ateenia To: Alexi Alenedar, Head of the Ministry of External Affairs of Velaheria After careful consideration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Ateenia has decided that it will acccept the oppurtunity to send journalists to the Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria, however we have decided that trade between our countries will be heavily restricted to only some goods to be traded between the countries under supervision. As a sidenote, the borders between our countries will remain closed with only a few certain individuals being allowed to travel to either country, embassies will not be opened but we are open to the establishment of a consulate with its purpouse being diplomatic communications between the 2 countries. Should Velaheria wish to establish a consulate in Atha, its officials would not be permitted to travel outside the consulate without military police escort. Signed Torvi Helgidóttir Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ateenia
  12. 17. May 2021 To: Her Excellency, Desdemona Tomas-Morra, Foreign Minister of the Republic of @Iverica From: Her Excellency, Torvi Helgidóttir, Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Ateenia Subject: The Polar Services Your Excellency, The Kingdom of Ateenia is happy to announce that the Ateenian Coast Guard will be volunteering the icebreaking tugboats SHH Sjóhestur and SHH Þorskur alongside with the pollution control vessel SHH Hvalur, all of which will be having a group of volunteered crew to operate them, for the Polar Services program that Ateenia joined back in 2019. We hope that this and the 3 search and rescue helicopters the Kingdom of Ateenia volunteered last year, will heavily increase the safety of the trade routes along the Argic Ocean. Additionaly, the annual funding of 44 million ATK is expected to be paid by the end of this month. To finish off, i want to say "May this project strenghten the economies and the relations of our great countries for years to come." Signed Torvi Helgidóttir Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ateenia
  13. dont worry, i'll expand there one day and make you dependent on me
  14. I dont realy have any problems with these expansions. It does give me a concern that the Canamo Sea entry and exit points will all be controlled by Prymont and thus we would have to rely on Prymont for the ability to trade with Ahrana through sea. Other then that i dont have any problems with these plans and wont realy resist it. We would be happier if Ahrana got that souther coast of the strait exiting our lakes in Phase 2.
  15. This is the official channel for the release of statements from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ateenia. All official documents, messages and statements are published here from the Government of the Kingdom of Ateenia -------- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ateenia is responsible for safeguarding the wellbeing of Ateenians around the wurld and to protect the interests of the Ateenian people. -------- The Core Policies of the Ateenian Foreign Ministry are the following: 1) To safeguard Ateenian sovereignty from external threats. 2) To safeguard the wellbeing of Ateenian people abroad. 3) To engage in diplomatic relations with foreign nations that are in the best interest of the Ateenian people. 4) To spread the Ateenian faith. Ateenia is open to diplomatic missions from any nation of the wurld.
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