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  1. The National Courier ᚱÍᚲᛁᛊᛒᛟᚦᛁ 14.04.2021 ________________________________________________ Conspirators arrested and more conspirators revealed. The Supreme Court has found both Bjorn Gunnarsson and Helle Brennadóttir guilty of bribery and conspiracy and sentenced Helle Brennadóttir to 25 years in imprisonment. Bjorn Gunnarsson has agreed to reveal all the members of the conspiracy he knows of, under the condition that the Supreme Court grants him shorter prison sentence. The Supreme Court agreed to his terms and sentenced him to only 15 years of imprison
  2. Hi once again. I know its been only few weeks since my last request but i would like the honored cartographer @Metztlitlaca to add the following major cities and ports to Ateenia. The red dots are major cities and towns. The black dots are the major ports. The names of said ports, towns and cities are: 1) Grundvik 2) Mandahús 3) Fjoldall 4) Myrrdall 5) Osarvik Thank you!
  3. The National Courier ᚱÍᚲᛁᛊᛒᛟᚦᛁ 07.04.2021 ________________________________________________ More conspirators arrested. The RSA has discovered more leads leading to new suspects part of the corruption conspiracy in the Ministry of Finance. The new evidence suggests that, the assistant secretary of revenue department, Bjorn Gunnarsson and deputy minister of commerce Helle Brennadóttir are also part of the corruption and have been arrested and their court hearing is in 3 days. Because one of the suspects is in ministry of commerce, the RSA suggests that this corrup
  4. I am infact aware of the conditions there (i picked the area for that specific reason) and yeh i also realized not a while back that i wouldnt even have much seasonal ice there. As for the food source throughout history, they have relied mostly on hunting animals and fishing with agriculture only being a small extra for them. As for Atha, the reason it is and has been capital was infact because the founder of Ateenia was born and died in that city (which at the time was only recently evolving into a town). Alot of the population centers would still have been and still are in south around the s
  5. The National Courier ᚱÍᚲᛁᛊᛒᛟᚦᛁ 30.03.2021 ________________________________________________ The Ministry of Finance suspected of corruption. The Royal Security Agency has has concluded in their latest report that they found links, linking some of the staff in Ministry of Finance, to bribes and corruption. Such suspicions became apparent when the government started noticing more and more of the actual revenue disappearing from the expected revenue. The Konráðið, under the guidance of the Divine Queen Ena Kalinka, have instructed the RSA to focus more resources on
  6. hmm that actualy is somewhat good point. If possible i wish to expand my claim to territory between prymonts border and the yellow border. (hopefuly the cartographer makes the borders as close to being like on the picture as possible. i tried to follow land formations with those borders.)
  7. The Capital is very sparsely populated compared to other cities around Eurth and even compared to IRL wurld but it would still be one of the biggest cities in Ateenia due to historical reasons and political reasons. The main economic sectors of that city would be services and industry and such. Overall the most populated areas in Ateenia would be the rivers, the capital and the southern area of Ateenia.
  8. Summers in siberian like climate are actualy very warm due to it being the closest part of the planet towards the sun during summer. As for the ocean being frozen for over half of the year, is what i was looking for. The capital is located there due to the seas being sailable half of the year (allbeit still dangerous due to floating ice) and due to historic reasons where people settled those areas for it being inhabited by seals who get hunted. As for land size, i see i have expanding room so i wish to include the small lake on my southern border, inside my borders, for certain
  9. Nation in Eurth: Ateenia (Kingdom of Ateenia) Flag: Capital name: Atha Capital location: On the coastline, on the smallest river. Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Ateenia Newsroom link: Culture: Ateenian (Based off of Norse culture with unique added features.) Climate: Subarctic or Boreal climate with freezing winters and warm summers. Location: The black border if possible, red border if black is over the limit or not possible. black dot is capital Atha. (if there is a need to further discuss then DM me in discord (*cencored*#7122) History: The fir
  10. The Saga of King Jorling A long time ago, the people of Ateenia would fight among themselves for trivial things like land and wealth, paying for them with the blood of those they loved. Anyone could call themselves king or queen. The sons and daughters of Ateenia would often grow up without a father or even mother. They would fight among themselves for the disputes of their gods. Eventualy the allfather Vrjoln had enough and wanted to stop the killing of his creations over the conflicts of the gods. He destined for a King to be born that would unite the Ateenians and finaly bring peace to
  11. Ateenia

    The Front Desk

    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Kingdom of Ateenia Government type of nation: Elective Absolute Monarchy Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Ateenian (inspired by old norse and germanic cultures.) Give us a short description of your nation: The Kingdom of Ateenia is an elective absolute monarch where the monarch holds complete power but upon his death a new monarch is elected from his dynasty by the jarls and earls of Ateenia. The Jarls and Earls form the Konráðið which collectivly makes decisions on internal matter if such decisions affect more then one earldom or ja
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