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  1. Working on Factbooks and IIWiki page!

    1. Orioni


      Good luck and have fun writing. Feel free to reach out if you'd like some constructive criticism.

  2. Gavrie Jankowski walked through the streets of Alker with his hand clenching his suitcase. His head was low so he can not grab any "Unwanted" attention. He had been running away from the Law and Military for it seemed ages. He was one of the Remnants that were still fighting to free the nation in which they now lived in. The pavement was cracked and the roads were deserted. "This city sure saw better days." Gavrie thought to himself. His mind reminding him why he still keeps fighting even when the situation seems hopeless. He needed to reach his apartment complex before the curfew hits. H
  3. Ustat

    The Front Desk

    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Theocracy of Ustas Government type of nation: Despotic-Theocracy Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Eastern Slavs Give us a short description of your nation: It's a Despotic Theocracy that focuses on god Ali┼ża which promotes Modernity and Progress. Do you have an IIWiki page?: No. WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? I am majorly inexperienced with Roleplaying. But I want to dwell inside roleplaying and to have fun! How would you describe yourself? Pretty inexperienced writer or r
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