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  1. Thank you, Metz. For this I will have to choose draft 2. Being a dry, rural, never ending steppe is very important to the events of the Civil War which took place from 1997-2004; a decentralized society has decentralized motives. Thank you for your time once again -Sanarija
  2. Nation in Eurth: Sanarija Capital name: Solazok Capital location: Oceanside Stats Chosen: 0 population 2 economy 2 area Factbook/iiwiki link: Sanarija Vision Statement Culture: Vaguely South Slavic Climate: Arid Temperate; steppe History: two-millennium kingdom followed by 100 year brutal communist regime and finally a brutal Civil War brought on by decentralized national interest followed by a shaky republic. Desired Location: Central Argis
  3. Sanarija Sanarija is a country of ~1.5 million with a rather large and untamed amount of territory. The demographics are fairly hard to track due to limited access to rural villages. The capital of Tenogoroč has a population of 152,000. Many of the towns and villages aren't accessible by road or even rail in most cases. One either has to hike in by trail or fly in by plane if the town has a municipal airport (very rare). It is for this very reason that the population is just an estimate; it is a supreme logistical challenge to conduct a census regularly. And so the only complet
  4. Sanarija

    News Article

    1997, Solazok As it would appear today, Premier Estralić has made his final executive decision before resigning immediately after. In a statement on national television he announced, > "Sarnarijans over the past year we have witnessed the decline of a nation. The treasury has gone dry, and outside pressure has isolated our means to outsource. It is with great sadness that I today formally dissolve Sož'alistka Republići Sarnarija. The documents have been signed, the military has been dissolved, government officials have been laid off, and there is only one left to go. &l
  5. Sanarija Full Name of Nation: Republic of Sanarija Government type of nation: Federative Republic Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Vaguely South Slavic Give us a short description of your nation: Formerly plebist country, vaguely stepped over by greater powers throughout history while still maintaining language, religion, and identity through it all. Do you have an IIWiki page?: Not yet. WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? Fairly experienced with writing character rp, still working on mean
  6. Sanarija

    Exam Paper

    This sample is from my thread "Operation: North Wind" Third Directorate Intelligence Compilation Office "Shit. Whoever pulled the trigger first is a f*cking dead man. I don't know if we can keep this stupid f*cking government floating," Mark rubbed his hand on his forehead. "At this rate, I don't know if me and Una will ever be able to move out of the city. f*cking unstable shithole of a country." "We could cry wolf and vie for refugee status in Kamooko," Misha dug into a bag of chips from the vending machine. "Nah, they'll find our military records and hang us for war crimes," V
  7. How's it going? I've been lurking your community, and decided to make a new nation to rp here. I have a little more than a full year of hard rp experience on the NS forums, and am currently OPing/directing the story of a complicated thread with my other nation, Phoenixia.
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