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  1. MRAsin Criminal Spotlight: Dęge Vrovic Živko Pajić Dęge Vrovic is the most elusive criminal MRAAIIR has ever seen. Most known for the assasonation of our first chancellor, Aca Grgurgovic, he has killed many. Went to school in Brtckovic Military School, some think he was just trying to get his elusiveness out to the military. Some of MRAAIIR's most spectacular alternate historians say this is for the better. He was caught in 1970 to spy on the SAA side of the civil war. They think that if he wasnt put to that role, he'd be on the other side, and the battle of Ntowi would be an en
  2. MRAsin An Influx in Illegal Aliens: What This Could Mean For You Simo Bojević - not a Bolshevik In 2020, we had a record high 1,876 immigrants from our neighboring countries. This could make many things much slower, including traffic and internet. The MRA wants you to report any illegal immigrants directly to your local MRA sector. They are also launching investigation to protect YOUR internet speeds and YOUR traffic. Protect your ability to watch your favorite Twimch streamers and play Hearts of Gold 5 with your friends. Your ability to go to work and get money on time. We also
  3. MRAsin Kabeer el-Rahmani, Arabian member of the MRA There are many hostile factions in MRAAIIR including the Christain Revolutionary Association, Soviet Ally Association, and Atheists Against the MRA. This is a reminder that the government and law enforcment are on your side, and enjoy todays MRAsin article. Hot Dogs: What They Symbolize Andrej Georgijević During the MRAAIIR Civil War, aka The Hot Dog War, started when SAA leader Ilija Savićević (not to be confused with parliament member Ilija Savivić) sent a declaration to The Black House in Ntowi, that also include
  4. 31.10.1946 - Mraii raids on Yugoslav Forts "Into the forts boys!" 100s of men march into the fort at Grgurović Sea, they grab all they can find, kill all they can kill. Some might call it an atrcoity, a war crime, perhaps, but to us, is a great birth of our great nation. Our boys in purple & black seize the fort, starting the Great Halloween Revolution, and marching swiftly through Serbia and only 2 months later to Dalmatia, where the few Yugoslavs that were left surrenderred. Of course, hopes of liberty will inevitably continue, but shall always be stopped, by the grea
  5. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Sultanate of Mraaiir Government type of nation:monarchy Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Serbian/Slavic Give us a short description of your nation: Raiders of their former oppressors. Like the french revolution, they just got a new totilitarian regime. Do you have an IIWiki page?: no WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? I like to rp,and ive done for some time How would you describe yourself?(i take this as my ns country) The supreme leader of all things Y
  6. i didnt see that u had to sign up with your ns name

  7. Im mraaiir (pronounced MIR-ÄR), a serbian muslim state, very extreme capitalist monarchism is the norm with authoritarian dictators ruling the country. They enforce the practice of their variant of Shia Islam, and forgot to make a flag (ill get to that later).
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