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  1. Political Structure and Economics of Khalji Executive: His Majesty Sultan Zakaria bin Ahmed leads the executive branch and his word is law by decree. Under his leadership he appoints Viziers who lead the various ministries. Current Ministries include: Housing Development Infrastructure Military Research and Development Police National Security Services Intelligence Services Health Homeland Security Services Justice Detention Tourism Natural Resources Environmental Protection Foreign Affairs Banking Welfare Religious Morals Cultural Heritage
  2. Well I'm writing this post with some geographic details of my nation. I'm going to base it off of the world map here on Eurth and if possible I'd like my nation to actually be located in the place I described when I'm eligible so just don't claim it for anything else please.. Khalji is located a little south of Fulgistan next to Ghaznian Sea (currently unnamed on the map). The northern region is a burning hot desert while in the south a lush rainforest flourishes. It is across these two regions that most of the political, cultural, and economic divides occur. The north is heavily Ara
  3. Khalji

    The Front Desk

    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Sultanate of Khalji Government type of nation: Sultanate. (Absolute monarchy). Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Arabian in the north, South Asian in the south. The Arabian half dominates the country politically and culturally. Give us a short description of your nation: Desert in the north, Jungle in the south. The northern region dominates politically and culturally while the Southerners generally are second class citizens. Do you have an IIWiki page?: Nope, idk really what that is. Is it important? WRITING EXPERIENCE How
  4. (Well here’s my first post. We’re pretty totalitarian.) Sultan Zakaria bin Ahmed (the first Sultan of the Sultanate of Khalji) stood over his citizens with pride. It was National Day, January 3rd, which not by coincidence was also his birthday. On this day all transportation in and out of the country was prohibited because citizens wishing to party in other countries were considered unpatriotic citizens and this traitors to the Sultan. The natural punishment for anyone who insulted his Majesty was lifetime imprisonment or decapitation depending on the Sultan’s mood. This
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