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  1. The Lost Tomb of Empress Nonaka Found Link Yesterday archeologists delivered shocking news: The lost tomb of Empress Nonaka has been found. After an exhaustive three decade search the temple was found carved into the mountainside and overgrown by dense foliage. Dr. Nakata Uka, the head archeologist of the expedition, has released a statement regarding the discovery of this near mythical tomb: "This discovery could change everything we know about who Empress Nonaka really was! Despite the growth on the surface of the tomb we are certain that the lower
  2. Wish Granted! It comes in all colors and all flavors, mostly sugary. The extra glucose and abundance of food have created a new generation of winter flies that come in swarms thicker than locusts to eat the colorful snacks. I wish to live.
  3. Shūkan Festival Soars in Attendance Link The Shūkan Festival is a venerable celebration of Theacan culture and how far the country has come. It originally began sometime in the year of 2305 BCE. The event was recorded after a particularly harsh winter when a young empress saw the poor condition her people were in and opened the imperial reserves to save her people from starvation. The people rejoiced at the sudden influx of food and the festival was held in the subsequent years as an act of good faith and kindness during the harsh winter months. While harsh winters an
  4. Granted. You are the god of dust bunnies and other useless trivialities. I wish I could see the early cretaceous period.
  5. AH yes please. I'll definitely need some help my points are 0 in area 2 population 2 wealth
  6. Tropic is fine. As long as it isn't a desert I'm dandy my culture will, likely, just be a hodge podge of things I mush together into something that maybe might vaguely resemble something that might have happened. good economy is a + cuz I was going high pop and high gdp but low land.
  7. 1. I had no idea so sure. 2. Tbh I can't tell the climate on that one so I defaulted to the koppen climate one 3. I was gonna have my history shaped by my geography and where I was. Was originally planning a costal silk road with afew people but I think that's null now.
  8. Luxury Flying and What It's Really Like LINK This Article is part of a paid promotion. The discovery of flight has fulfilled one of humankind's most ancient dreams: to soar amongst the clouds. Through careful innovation and an eye for detail Blue Orchid Airlines has brought the premium in luxury flights to the forefront of the market. Blue Orch
  9. Nation in Eurth: Theaca Flag: flag Capital name: Utauchi Capital location: Along the coast here Factbook link: IIwiki Work in Progress Newsroom link: Theacan Broadcasting Network Culture: hodgepodge, Obsession with aesthetics, polytheist, early history as merchants (I'm helping make Alaharu silk road), very progressive. Climate: Temperate- tropical acceptable Location History: Still being sussed out
  10. New Telescope Promises a Stunning View Link The final segment of the first RNT Project telescopes. The final segment of the first ELT in the Roku National Telescope Project has been completed. After two months of delays to ensure proper calibration in the system the final component was produced and is scheduled to be fitted into the the completed ELT as of January of 2021. The Roku National Telescope Project, abbreviated RNTP, has long been a promise of the government to create a new telescope that would not only give scientists across the world a much bigger and clearer pict
  11. Ten Thousand Turn up for Spontaneous Pride Demonstration Link A crowd in front of the stage where Night of Firsts was set to preform live. Over ten thousand party-goers gathered in the historic Terrace Plaza for an impromptu concert by the indie band Night of Firsts. Crowds flooded the plaza garbed in white outfits and carrying flags and signs depicting the 1943 Terrace Plaza Riots. This spontaneous and unplanned demonstration was news to both city administration and local residents who suddenly found their streets flooded with activists. By 13:45 the crowd had g
  12. Presented by Donnet University The Nicer Version The Terrace Plaza Riots, also commonly known as the Burning of St. Alram, was a protest that soon spread into localized riots starting on the 12th of December 1943. The Terrace Plaza Riots began in response to Caspar Alram, a preacher at the Terrace Plaza Gateway Church. The preacher recently gave a sermon denouncing homosexual Theacans and issuing a proclamation that they will suffer in the afterlife. In response protests against the sermon began to mount and on the 12th of December clashes between the protestors and churc
  13. “Good morning everyone I trust you have all slept well.” A thin man with half moon glasses stood atop a small podium and addressed a room. All over the oval shaped room politicians shuffled through their papers to the current legislation. The man adjusted his tie and then continued, “Now then the matter of proposition 243. I do believe that we are ready to discuss it a little further, no?” A few people in the room coughed or checked their watches, it was clear not many of them wanted to continue a discussion that had been ongoing for nearly three days, especially this early in the morning.
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