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  1. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Assorted Lands and Territories of Oxwren Government type of nation: Conditional Elected Monarchy (A system in where there are a certain amount of offenses considered impeachable, and if caught doing one of them a new leader will be picked from that same dynasty.) Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Primarily Wrenican, with a recognized minority of Sedekaris in the Southwest. Give us a short description of your nation: A generally peaceful nation a wintry part of the world. A deep love for the arts, philosophy, and nature. Some say the land
  2. I would add a flag for my PFP, but the file size is to large.
  3. I don’t usually do RP. But I decided that it couldn’t hurt, so here I am on the forums of a role playing region. Believe it or not, this is my first time making a post on a regional forum. My main’s region uses discord for everything. I’m pretty excited to meet you all, and I hope that I’ll enjoy my stay here! Oxwren is a small wintry republic spanning a sizeable amount of land deep in the north. The people of Oxwren are well versed in the ways of Philosophy, Mathematics, Literature, and Art. For the earlier days of Wrenican history, they were a war-loving people, conquering all 15 tribes
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