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  1. DBC NEWS DSPR Act suspended as oil prices rise high The Delamarian Strategic Petroleum Reserve Act has been suspended as oil prices reach record highs in the past weeks. Following glubal uncertainty of the future of the petroleum industry. The government today said that to conserve the DSPR cash fund oil purchases will be suspended until prices reach previous levels. However the DSPR will continue to invest in the Calendon Port site which is currently under construction. Though analysts believe that oil prices will soon drop, problems in oil producing countries have lead to fea
  2. Investigation Bureau Section Office, Briselle. One day after the Montgisard Hotel incident. The Section office was a stark modern building, that struggled to fit in with the colonial architecture of the city. Outside was a cluttering of news crews from around the country, all waiting for the chief to speak out. Chief Green was a young, tall man, in his early to mid thirties. He had short hair, and a tendency to wear long and dark clothing. He was a well educated man, with a good pedigree, though he rarely showed it. Though it was yet unclear why he was so determined to take down what
  3. DBC NEWS Highgrove: The conspiracy theory that just won’t go away. The conspiracy theory commonly referred to as ‘Highgrove’ or the spooky sounding ‘Hidden Hand Theory’ has been gaining traction recently, mostly on online message boards notable for extreme views and dabbling with the truth. In a 2019 survey, 15% of Delamarians believed in Highgrove or similar theories, the highest since the 1970s. The theory first derived from a 1953 book, written by a disgraced politics professor, David Baum, and has since flourished into a complicated network of random and often ludicrous beliefs,
  4. Later that night. Van Roose walked the large grand hallways of the Hotel, surrounded by the rich and powerful, people that she grew up so close to, but had never felt so distant from. Alone and contemplating the proposal which had been brought before her. She took her phone and called her Husband. ”Come on Andrew, pick up.” She said to herself, whilst still trying to remain calm. “Hi Deb, I’m a little busy at the moment, what do you want?” Andrew said. ”Oh good, I just had to talk to you, I’m at the auction, and I got an offer and I’m not sure if I should take it.” Van Roose
  5. I have already talked to @DPR Velaheria briefly about the cultures of the area. I would like to follow up on Velaheria’s history, especially in its founding and early history. I don’t really see any major issues with its location, however it may bring up problems with expansions on everyone’s parts in the future. Other than that I am fine with the request, and I look forward to welcoming Velaheria to the area!
  6. DBC NEWS Stock market volatility spills over to Delamaria. Since the military takeover of the Sunset Sea Islands, market volatility has swept throughout the wurld. Seylos, Iverica and Prymont are currently in the grips of the economic backlash of the military coup, restricting economic and diplomatic activities. The Sunset Sea Islands is one of the largest economies in the Wurld, and its corporations were increasingly intertwined with the glubal economy. It is currently unknown the status of the SSI’s private corporations, as the only information being received by the outside wurld i
  7. To: The North Adlantic Union Council ( @Seylos ). CC: @Fravina@Galahinda. From: The Office of the President, in conjunction with the Department of Foreign Affairs and the National Trade Representative. As do all good governing bodies, the government of Delamaria always, and will always, ensure that every decision made on behalf of the people will benefit the people, and, as I hope you will all agree, this proposed trade zone is in the best interests of our people. After deliberation this morning with the cabinet, I must say that Delamaria is more than happy with such a proposal
  8. Official statement regarding recent events in The @Sunset Sea Islands. On behalf of the President, the Cabinet and the Government of Delamaria, the Department of Foreign Affairs must express my concern over the recent ousting of the government by Colonel Ishijima. Though Delamaria currently has no permanent foreign mission to the Sunset Sea Islands, and trade between the nations isn’t significant, this recent act does pose a threat to the general peace and stability of our wurld, and as I am sure all wurld leaders will agree, a peaceful and stable Eurth is one in which we prosper. The gov
  9. Official statement regarding events in Anglia and the Social Democratic Confederation. On behalf of the Delamarian government, I must condemn this recent act of aggression on the part of Anglia. Recently Anglia attacked and invaded the Social Democratic Confederation, though unprovoked and without just cause, Anglian forces are overwhelming the nation’s military, and brutalising it’s people. As Delamarians we always try to find a peaceful resolution, without unnecessary bloodshed. However Anglia has not heeded any calls internationally to stop such conquest. I must confess that I am conce
  10. DBC NEWS President Leckhampstead waves as he leaves Pritchett House. James Leckhampstead Sr. named Ambassador-General. Former President James Leckhampstead Sr. has been named the Ambassador-General by President Van Roose in a briefing today at Pritchett House. Leckhampstead, who was President from 1992 to 1996, was the youngest person to serve as Vice President in History, when he was first elected in 1980, under then President Robert Conover. The Former President also served as the youngest ever Governor of Providence, from 1974 to 1980. The Ambassador-Generalship, tho
  11. DBC NEWS VAN ROOSE INAUGURATED TODAY at Pritchett House, President Van Roose was inaugurated to her first elected term as President. The ceremony took place on the South Portico of the Residence, to a large crowd of supporters. The President was surrounded by her family, cabinet secretaries, members of congress, campaign officials and key supporters of her campaign. Also Inaugurated today was Vice President William Patton, this is the first elected office he has held, after a lifetime in public service. The Vice President has served as the Director of the DSS since 2012, numero
  12. Oh it looks like me and @Fravina have a new almost neighbour, welcome to the East Argis @Stedoria !
  13. DBC NEWS Pritchett House proposes new Home Affairs Department. Today the President unveiled a proposal for a new cabinet level department which would encompass many domestic security agencies and duties. The proposed department is called the Department of Home Affairs, and would oversee the DSS, Border Protection Agency, The Immigration Bureau, The Commonwealth Police, The Arms, Weapons and Explosives Agency (AWE), The National Transportation Security Office and the Office of Emergency Planning. This new umbrella department would become the 4th in line to the Presidency in the Cabine
  14. Other than the fact that I think you may have gone over the area allocation, I am perfectly fine with this location.
  15. I would say a landing in Argis itself might draw more interest than those fairly far south.
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