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  1. Statement regarding new Sanctions on @Great Anglia. It is with great shame that I must enforce these sanctions upon the Anglian regime and its people. We, along with many other members of the international community have worked tirelessly to halt Anglian aggression through diplomatic means, however they have disregarded this and have furthered their expansionist approach in the Occident. I am personally shocked at the revelations that the Anglian government pressured the smaller nations of Southern Azania into their coalition, and the implication that a fellow head of government was removed from power to secure Anglian interests in the region. This lack of any regard for the preservation of global stability, and the infringement of sovereignty upon several nations, leaves me no choice but to enforce the following sanctions upon the Kingdom of Great Anglia. All assets of persons employed or associated with the Anglian regime in Delamaria will be frozen with immediate effect. All preexisting economic agreements with the the Kingdom of Great Anglia will be revoked. All Anglian diplomats will be expelled. All Anglian flagged or Anglian registered vessels or aircraft within Delamarian waters or airspace will be intercepted and searched before being expelled. Furthermore no Anglian produced or sourced products will be allowed to be bought or sold in the Commonwealth. Other members of the Occidental-Azanian Pact will not share the same fate as Anglia does, however all products or services sourced from Suverina, Jilderen, Bulungi, Afropa, Sa Hara, Mahdah, Hakenium, and Alshamal will be subject to tariffs. In addition no materials or products that could aid in the war efforts of these nations will be allowed to be sold to their governments, armed forces or associated groups or persons. Similarly to Anglia, the assets of Suverinan persons or organisations, employed or associated with the government or armed forces will be frozen, however release or these assets can be negotiated on a case by case basis. Make no mistake however about who in particular these sanctions are aimed for, these sanctions are designed to help slow Anglian expansionism, and prevent further escalation of the war. Signed, Deborah Van Roose, President of the Commonwealth of Delamaria.
  2. To: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Stedorian People’s Republic ( @Stedoria ) From: David Redman, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Commonwealth of Delamaria RE: The Establishing of Cordial Foreign Relations Between the Stedorian People's Republic and the Commonwealth of Delamaria It is with great pleasure that I, on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Commonwealth of Delamaria, accept your most enticing invitation of establishing cordial relations between our nations. The establishing and maintaining of good relations with nations around the wurld is a hallmark of Delamarian policy, for almost three quarters of a century, the Commonwealth has maintained this doctrine, to secure Delamaria through peaceful means and ensure a lasting global peace. We in Labrador are excited to soon welcome a Stedorian mission in our capital, in which delegations of people’s from across the globe come to exchange and ensure good relations and work so that a lasting peace can be achieved around the wurld. We must recognise that emerging forces are causing upheaval in the wurld today, and though they are far from our shores they pose an ever looming threat to our security and the safety of our people, but I am sure you will agree that our nations must stand up to those who want to put our way of life at risk, and endanger global stability. David Redman. Secretary of Foreign Affairs
  3. DBC NEWS National Security Act Passed, new department founded. Labrador, Labrador. Today President Van Roose signed the National Security Act, a renamed version of the Home Affairs Act, into law, following a narrow margin of victory in congress. The act forms the new Department of National Security, amalgamating dozens of government departments under one roof. The department is the brainchild of Vice President William Patton, who has himself been chosen to act as Secretary of National Security by the President, an unexpected move by Pritchett House, as DSS director Bruce Axelrod was the favourite for the nomination. Axelrod will instead be appointed Deputy Director of the new department while retaining his role as DSS director for the foreseeable future. The department’s purpose will be to ensure the safety of Delamarians, at home and abroad. Giving the department a reach never before seen in law enforcement, intelligence, immigration and counterterrorism. No single government department in the history of Delamaria has had the powers vested in the new Department of National Security, from border protection, to emergency stockpiling, to covert foreign operations, to protecting infrastructure, the department will be present in every region of the nation, and will surely become ever more apparent in our daily lives. The department oversees The DSS, Border Protection Agency, the Immigration and Customs Bureau, the Commonwealth Police, the Arms, Weapons and Explosives Agency (AWE), the National Transportation Security Office, the Narcotics Enforcement Administration, the Disaster Relief Agency and the Office of Emergency Planning, along with dozens of smaller agencies with specific operations in the protection of Delamaria and its people. The department also has partial oversight of the Investigation Bureau (InBe), along with the Department of Justice.
  4. PRESIDENT Deborah Van Roose Deborah Van Roose is a Delamarian politician, author and lawyer currently serving as the President of Delamaria since the November 22nd Attacks in late 2020, and was Vice President under President Pierre Monroe as a member of the United Party. She served as a Senator from the state of Crownsland for 5 years, where she was widely seen as the future of her party. She also served as legal counsel to the United Party and as a congressional staffer. She was born in 1966 to a wealthy family on the island of Nassaua, though spent most of her childhood in education, attending boarding schools in Edwardsland. She achieved a bachelor’s degree in Constitutional Law from New Chester University, where she also met a PhD student named Andrew Van Roose, who she would subsequently marry in 1990. She maintains both liberal and conservative views, noted for her social liberalism and her fiscal conservatism she appeals to a large proportion of Delamaria voters. However she is also seen as a face of the establishment, favouring a strong government and maintaining the status quo. In the future Van Roose promises to invest further into infrastructure and economic stability, whilst also increasing Delamaria’s diplomatic stance.
  5. 1 Year Later Highgrove House, Cape Hope, Providence. Highgrove House was one of the most prestigious sort. The ancestral home of the Carlisle Family, its opulence was once the talk of the town. It’s guests were among wurld leaders, and billionaires, artists and socialites. In recent years however it had become alike a fortress, the headquarters of the Hummingbird Foundation, it was too familiar with burglars, trespassers and investigative journalists. Within the estate was a grand room, where a small crowd of people stood observing a man put a pin on Van Roose’s blazer. ”And with that, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our organisation, it’s been a long road from your initiation, but you are now one of us!” The man said proudly. ”Thank you Governor.” Van Roose Said. “It is an honour for you to welcome me into this society, and I look forward getting more involved.” The crowd begins clapping as the next initiate steps up to the Governor. “How do you feel?” Dargolis asked. “Great it’s good to finally be here.” Van Roose replied. “Good, lets go and get you set up.” Said Dargolis. The pair then walked out of the room and into a stark modern underground passage, which contrasted harshly with the ornate building it led out of. “Here we are.” Dargolis said as she opened the door for Van Roose. As both of them entered the room and sat down a group of three other new members too arrived. A man then entered from the back of the room, a fairly average looking man, in his late 50s, wearing a blue suit and a Hummingbird pin. “Ah you’re all here” The man said. “My name is John Orton and I am your Senop.” The group looked confused but remained eager. “Senop?” Van Roose asked. “Senior Operative” Dargolis replied. “Thank you Ms. Dargolis, do you want to rejoin the party? I believe you’re wanted.” Orton replied. “Oh, I best be off then. I’ll see you later.” Dargolis said as she left. “Now where was I? Oh yes, I am your Senior Operative, which basically means that I will be the line of communication between you four and the main organisation. Any operations, ideas or information will go through me first. Is that clear?” Orton said. The four nodded. “Good, now let us introduce ourselves, Senator Van Roose needs no introduction, quite the star at the party convention weren’t we.” He said with a grin. “Ok well I’m Joseph Durban, I am a Senior Partner at HJW Lobbying.” One person said. “Hi, I’m Julia DuKakis, I am the Deputy Under Secretary for Foreign Missions at DoFA.” Said another. “And I am Bill Amherst, Ian’s I’m the new CFO at DP”. “Well that wasn’t so hard.” Orton said. “Come on, I’ll take you downstairs”. Orton stands and walks through the door at the back. The four looked at each other for a second and followed suit. They walked down a short stair case into a large busy room, with screens and maps lining the walls. “This is the heart of Highgrove, every piece of information passes through this very room. From here you could do almost anything, but we tend to refrain from doing so as not to draw too much attention. Right let’s get you set up.” Investigation Bureau Building, Labrador. In large room with blacked out windows, Green sat before a panel of Senior InBe officials. ”Mr Green it has come to this board’s attention that you have been diverting funds from the entire Northern Division to fund your personal project, jeprodisring several ongoing operations Is this true?” The Chair said. “Yes Sir.” Green replied. “And you are aware that we must act on these actions of yours?” He asked again. “Yes Sir.” Green replied again. “Mr Green, we have no option but to demote you back to your original post in the Briselle Local Office, and a short suspension. You’re reckless spending practises have done real harm to the bureau, and though you are a good agent, we cannot overlook this transgression.” Green was agitated. He had spent months investigating the Montgisard Hotel, and the organisation that was behind it. But every lead had a dead end. Heart Attacks, Car accidents, suicides, everyone who could prove what he believed to be true were falling before him, and though he was firmly loyal to the bureau, he couldn’t help but feel that it too had been long infiltrated. As the meeting concluded he left the room angrier than ever. How was he going to expose the organisation conspiring against them? Now that he had lost what he had worked years to gain, he was powerless and they knew it. The Chair of the panel walked into the hallway, looked around to ensure that he was alone, and pulled out his phone. “It’s done Governor” He said, “Green’s suspended and we’ve taken away his command”. “Good” the Governor replied.
  6. DBC NEWS DSPR Act suspended as oil prices rise high The Delamarian Strategic Petroleum Reserve Act has been suspended as oil prices reach record highs in the past weeks. Following glubal uncertainty of the future of the petroleum industry. The government today said that to conserve the DSPR cash fund oil purchases will be suspended until prices reach previous levels. However the DSPR will continue to invest in the Calendon Port site which is currently under construction. Though analysts believe that oil prices will soon drop, problems in oil producing countries have lead to fears that petroleum will soon become far harder to come across as glubal reserves are being divided among wealthy nations. 4 Arrested in Birden for attempted plane theft 4 Men were arrested at Birden-McInnis Private Airfield today after they attempted to steal a small twin propeller airplane. The Ressna T23 was owned by a local air touring company, and was stored at Birden-McInnis after it had been serviced. The 4 Men’s motive is yet unclear, as it is fairly hard to sell stolen aircraft, however it could be connected to the recent uptick in activity by drug smugglers in the region. The Georgeland InBe Section Chief, Michael Rutherford, stated that “the Investigation Bureau is investigating all possibilities at this point, and would like to ask the public for any information on the men apprehended, or any criminal activities associated with this recent crime”. The 4 Men have yet to be named, and will be prosecuted within the month at Georgeland State Criminal Court. Fears of a possible terrorist connection with the incident have been brought up, however the National Aviation Regulatory Agency, NARA, in conjunction with InBe and the DSS have said that it is very unlikely. 3 Squirrels added to Most Wanted List 3 Crownsland Red Squirrels have been added to the Most Wanted List after an apparent mix up of entities not allowed on board a commercial flight and the list of most wanted persons. In an online statement the DSS took a lighthearted approach to the mistake, after 3 images of squirrels, named Tim, Tom and Marvin, were seen on the DSS website listed as ‘Dangerous to public safety and human life’. Immediately after the public got ahold of it the mistake was fixed, however it had already spread online. The Deputy DSS Director Georgina Anderson said that she would be making a ‘joint press conference’ with the three, to forever ‘clear their name’. Despite the lighthearted fun, this has also raised some questions on the practises of the DSS, and whether the Most Wanted system can prevent mistakes such as this from happening. Critic Alex Noel said “What if it was a person instead of a rodent? Would they suddenly be at risk of being wrongly arrested?”. Despite this criticism the DSS has assured that a mistake like this won’t occur again, and that they were looking forward to ‘welcoming the 3 to Trudeau Plaza’, the headquarters of the DSS.
  7. Investigation Bureau Section Office, Briselle. One day after the Montgisard Hotel incident. The Section office was a stark modern building, that struggled to fit in with the colonial architecture of the city. Outside was a cluttering of news crews from around the country, all waiting for the chief to speak out. Chief Green was a young, tall man, in his early to mid thirties. He had short hair, and a tendency to wear long and dark clothing. He was a well educated man, with a good pedigree, though he rarely showed it. Though it was yet unclear why he was so determined to take down what he knew so little about, he was not going to stop until he had finished what he had started. As the journalists and TV crews harassed everyone who even vaguely resembled an InBe spokesman, Green stepped out. “All of your questions will be answered shortly” he said in a tired yet commanding tone, “But I will now read this statement, at 7:24 PM yesterday, the Briselle Post received a call from a guest at the Montgisard Hotel, though I cannot tell you exactly what was said on the call yet, the caller described the activities taking place at the hotel, which matched an ongoing investigation. After the call ended we were contacted and immediately went to the Hotel. When we arrived there was little trace of what had taken place, the rooms were abandoned and little was left behind. However we were able to apprehend those who had yet to leave, and we currently have them in custody. If you know any information of what was taking place in the hotel please contact your nearest Investigation Bureau office. I will now turn you over to my colleague to answer any remaining questions”. As Green walked away, and the press overwhelmed the poor spokesman Green had left to answer questions, he received a phone call from a number he didn’t recognise. He let it ring for a moment as he entered the building again, as to keep away from the prying eyes of the press. “You’re quite the public speaker Mr.Green” said the voice on the phone. “Who is this?” Green asked concerningly. “My identity will reveal itself soon enough” said the man. “How did you get this number?” Green asked. “Be at Ramsett park at 11 o’clock on Saturday, there’s a bench that overlooks the lake, don’t be late.” And without hesitation the call ended. Green was confused, concerned and excited. Though this could very much be a trap he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn more about something he’d been investigating for little more than two years now. Van Roose Residence, Eastminster, Crownsland. As Van Roose’s car pulled up to her old brick country home, her husband walked out the door, holding her oldest child. “Welcome back, how was Briselle?” Andrew asked. “I need to talk to you, alone” Van Roose replied. “Ok, well I’ll put the kids to bed, you go make yourself ready and I’ll get some wine from the cellar”. Van Roose was exhausted, a full day of travelling, with meetings along the way. Though as she sat down she was still thinking about what she had been offered. She didn’t know all of the details but she understood what she would be undertaking. “So what’s up?” Andrew asked, wine bottle in hand. “I met someone in Briselle, and she made me an offer.” Van Roose said. “Well what’s so concerning about that?” Andrew asked. “They could make things quite easy for me, career wise, and all I would have to do is do them a few favours.” Van Roose replied. “Well what could be so bad about that? You’re a senator now, the only way up from here is Pritchett House, and you know how much Monroe likes you.” Andrew said. “Andy you know what could happen, yeah sure I could be Secretary of something or other, maybe Vice President at a push, but it’s corruption, they probably wouldn’t prosecute but you know what they do to the corrupt, they get bricks through the window, spit in their food, and think about the kids.” Van Roose said in an almost frightened tone. “Deborah, we can handle that, and it’s good for you, really good, and in the off chance something goes wrong we’ll be fine” Andrew said comfortingly. “Thanks Andy, let’s do it then, I don’t know why I was so worried.” Van Roose replied. Van Roose then went to her bag and found a small white card and picked up her phone. “Dargolis?” Van Roose said, “I’m in”.
  8. DBC NEWS Highgrove: The conspiracy theory that just won’t go away. The conspiracy theory commonly referred to as ‘Highgrove’ or the spooky sounding ‘Hidden Hand Theory’ has been gaining traction recently, mostly on online message boards notable for extreme views and dabbling with the truth. In a 2019 survey, 15% of Delamarians believed in Highgrove or similar theories, the highest since the 1970s. The theory first derived from a 1953 book, written by a disgraced politics professor, David Baum, and has since flourished into a complicated network of random and often ludicrous beliefs, involving assassinations, human experimentation and even Aliens! But what exactly is the base of this belief, and why is it becoming so dangerous? In Baum’s 1953 book, Highgrove House: The Hidden Hand, he tells of a shadowy organisation that controls Delamaria’s affairs from the shadows, founded in the early 1900s, it controls all aspects of government, economics and media, or so he would have us think. The book itself makes a lot of assumptions, and sometimes blatantly lies. It tells of people doing things after they had died, and blames complete accidents on the organisation he calls Highgrove. Since then his sons and grandchildren have continued this, with his grandson Henry writing two other books from his grandfather’s notes. Despite this obsession with a fictitious being almost genetic, Baum’s daughter Amelia said in 2013 that the family was obsessed with Highgrove, and without any form of evidence they would shut out any suggestion that it could be false. After that statement Amelia received death threats from the conspiracy’s followers, and had to be moved out of public view to ensure that the threats didn’t come to fruition. So why is this dangerous today? With current distrust of the government at the highest levels in a decade, anti-establishment conspiracies such as this could lead to actual acts of violence. This was best exemplified when a Highgrove following Fleuria man attempted to take then Vice President Pierre Monroe hostage, though his plan failed and all that Monroe received was a slap on the face, it could have led the nation into a crisis, and inspired other plots alike it. When communications regulator Delcom attempted in 2017 to ensure that people weren’t being misled online by putting notices on sites explaining that it may not be true, a plot was discovered to send Mail bombs to the Delcom headquarters in Eastminster, and currently three self described ‘mercenaries’ are wanted by InBe for being contracted to kidnap Nathaniel Eganheimer, and ‘expose’ Highgrove. It should be known that DBC can’t necessarily confirm that all of Baum’s claims are false, however a vast majority are a fabrication, probably intended to sell more copies of his book, and that anyone who researches the theories should keep in mind that what they are being told is far from the truth, alas they indoctrinated into this dangerous and radical cause.
  9. Later that night. Van Roose walked the large grand hallways of the Hotel, surrounded by the rich and powerful, people that she grew up so close to, but had never felt so distant from. Alone and contemplating the proposal which had been brought before her. She took her phone and called her Husband. ”Come on Andrew, pick up.” She said to herself, whilst still trying to remain calm. “Hi Deb, I’m a little busy at the moment, what do you want?” Andrew said. ”Oh good, I just had to talk to you, I’m at the auction, and I got an offer and I’m not sure if I should take it.” Van Roose said in a somber tone. ”Well what was the offer?” Andrew asked. ”I can’t tell you right now, but I think if I wait too long I’ll lose it. It’s a once in a lifetime thing.” She replied. ”Do you want to go hand gliding again? Because I’m not doing it you know I’m afraid of heights-“ Andrew said jokingly. ”No no, it’s bigger than that, much much bigger.” Van Roose said. ”Well if you think it’s in your best interest, then go for it, you don’t need me to tell you what to do Madam Senator Elect” Andrew Replied. As Andrew spoke Van Roose noticed a blue and red hue in the distance. Behind her people immediately began panicking, drinks fell to the floor, papers were blown into the air. ”Andrew I’m going to have to- I’m going to have to call you back” Van Roose said with a concerned tone. Van Roose joined the crowd in running through hallways, desperate to leave. “Everyone needs to be calm” A voice shouted. “We have evac in the underground garage, follow the guards.” Suddenly the doors opened, and the hundreds of guests filed down the stairs and into the dark garage, in which cars had been waiting. Some tried to leave in their own cars, but soon they hit one another, and a gridlock formed leaving some stranded. As Van Roose looked behind her, the gilded corridors of the hotel were littered with documents and broken glass. A few staff remained to destroy any evidence of their activities, and silence any witnesses. As the cars departed the building, they sped along a tunnel lying parallel to sea, Van Roose finally felt relieved, and could think about what was to come as she looked upon the ocean she thought, “Yes, This is what I will do.” Back at the hotel swarms of Police and InBe surrounded the building, helicopters hovered above the cobbled streets, and press crews began setting up outside the perimeter. A lone figure wearing all black came out of an InBe car. ”They we’re here” He Said. “We can’t lose them again”. Inside the hotel was pandemonium, guests, bystanders, and staff began panicking as the police began sealing the exits. “Ladies and Gentlemen” The man says. “I am Sector Chief Jason Green, We have reason to believe that a criminal organisation met at this location today. Everyone must remain on the ground floor to be interviewed by me and my colleagues. To staff, remain here too, do not clean or move anything without the approval of my team. Thank you”. Immediately people begin talking amongst themselves, having seen some famous faces in hotel, who have disappeared. One man picks up a half full glass of champagne and goes to drink it. “Ah” says Green, as he takes away the glass with his rubber gloves. “You wouldn’t want to be wrongly convicted from your dna samples now would you?” Green says. He was one of the best investigators to ever grace the Investigation Bureau, top of his class at Marlborough, the youngest to ever hold the position of Section Chief, and determined to take down the organisation he knew so little about, yet hated so much.
  10. I have already talked to @DPR Velaheria briefly about the cultures of the area. I would like to follow up on Velaheria’s history, especially in its founding and early history. I don’t really see any major issues with its location, however it may bring up problems with expansions on everyone’s parts in the future. Other than that I am fine with the request, and I look forward to welcoming Velaheria to the area!
  11. DBC NEWS Stock market volatility spills over to Delamaria. Since the military takeover of the Sunset Sea Islands, market volatility has swept throughout the wurld. Seylos, Iverica and Prymont are currently in the grips of the economic backlash of the military coup, restricting economic and diplomatic activities. The Sunset Sea Islands is one of the largest economies in the Wurld, and its corporations were increasingly intertwined with the glubal economy. It is currently unknown the status of the SSI’s private corporations, as the only information being received by the outside wurld is a repeating message, vaguely detailing Colonel Ishijima’s takeover. The Secretary of the Treasury, Francis Meyer, said today that the National Economic Council will be holding emergency talks with banks and financial institutions, to find a workable solution to hopefully halt this downturn. The President has made a statement on the takeover in the SSI, but hasn’t yet responded about the economic ramifications. Unlike other countries, Delamaria has decided to not impose any sanctions on the SSI until new information is revealed on the current situation. Ditorro Monagenica sold for $198 Million The famous 1567 painting by Leonardo Di Vipiro was sold at the Battersea Auction House today to the Yates-Mendoza group. The YMP is a subsidiary of the Hummingbird Foundation, which specialises in investing in the arts. The painting is the most expensive piece of artwork ever sold in Delamaria, followed by the painting of the Conquest of Barbeaux, which sold for 156 Million in 2017. The painting will still be available for public viewing at the Delamarian Museum in Labrador until September, when it will be moved to another institute. This follows questions about the Foundation’s spending practises. In 2018 the Hummingbird foundation spent 13.5 Million to buy a vineyard in Crownsland, which the Organisation claims is to be used as a forum space, and to produce wine to be sold at charity galas. The foundation is also known to have spent millions on accommodation and transport for senior officials, as well as political advocacy. New political advertising guidelines put into effect The national television regulator, Delcom, has put into place new guidelines surrounding political advertisements. This comes after the Senate passed a short bill, repealing some restrictions on advertising that endorses or attacks a particular candidate or political party. However advertisements must still be reviewed by Delcom and the National political campaigns watchdog, to ensure that there is no false or misleading information included. The President is known to already have a series of advertisements prepared for the quarterly elections this winter, as well as some explaining policies. The Liberal Party has come under fire recently for its advertisement on local radio stations in Hyannis, claiming that United Party officials bribed local officials to restrict voting in certain districts, as so to reduce the amount of Liberal voters. Though no evidence was or has yet been provided to prove this statement, the party still claims that it acted honestly and truthfully.
  12. To: The North Adlantic Union Council ( @Seylos ). CC: @Fravina@Galahinda. From: The Office of the President, in conjunction with the Department of Foreign Affairs and the National Trade Representative. As do all good governing bodies, the government of Delamaria always, and will always, ensure that every decision made on behalf of the people will benefit the people, and, as I hope you will all agree, this proposed trade zone is in the best interests of our people. After deliberation this morning with the cabinet, I must say that Delamaria is more than happy with such a proposal and we must implore the governments of Fravina and Galahinda to do the same. This provides an opportunity for prosperity to again reign across the North Adlantic, which will not only benefit us as nations, but also our people and our neighbours in Argis. The easing of restrictions on products will allow both small and big businesses alike, to thrive in a collective economic area, to which will trickle down to all levels of society, benefiting us and our future generations. Yours, Deborah Van Roose President of the Commonwealth of Delamaria (Written In conjunction with Trade Representative Kronstadt and Foreign Secretary Redman.)
  13. Official statement regarding recent events in The @Sunset Sea Islands. On behalf of the President, the Cabinet and the Government of Delamaria, the Department of Foreign Affairs must express my concern over the recent ousting of the government by Colonel Ishijima. Though Delamaria currently has no permanent foreign mission to the Sunset Sea Islands, and trade between the nations isn’t significant, this recent act does pose a threat to the general peace and stability of our wurld, and as I am sure all wurld leaders will agree, a peaceful and stable Eurth is one in which we prosper. The government of Delamaria wont yet impose any restriction nor sanction upon the Sunset Sea Islands until a reliable and clear picture of the current state of the nation can be acquired. Despite this we will not put these off the table, though I am sure that no harm will come to the people of the Sunset Sea Islands, nor the glubal peace we are working hard to maintain, if this understanding is broken, another course of action may be required. I am appealing now to Colonel Ishijima and the Transitional Government to give us and the International community the access necessary to put our minds at ease, and ensure us that our great glubal stability and community will be maintained. Signed, David Redman, Acting Secretary of Foreign Affairs.
  14. Official statement regarding events in Anglia and the Social Democratic Confederation. On behalf of the Delamarian government, I must condemn this recent act of aggression on the part of Anglia. Recently Anglia attacked and invaded the Social Democratic Confederation, though unprovoked and without just cause, Anglian forces are overwhelming the nation’s military, and brutalising it’s people. As Delamarians we always try to find a peaceful resolution, without unnecessary bloodshed. However Anglia has not heeded any calls internationally to stop such conquest. I must confess that I am concerned at where this recent act will lead, as a glubal power, Anglia has the ability to exert influence around the wurld, and in that position it must lead with example, however if the wurld is to look at it’s leaders and see such an atrocious act, then we are in danger, as independent nations, and as a collective civilisation. I hope that in the coming months a peaceful solution can be agreed upon, to prevent further Anglian expansionism, and free a people that is all but oppressed. My dearest thanks, Deborah Van Roose, President of the Commonwealth of Delamaria.
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