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  1. DBC Breaking News President Van Roose addresses nation, declares ‘war’ on Sentism. Labrador. Today at 20:35, President Van Roose addressed the nation. The speech was regarding the recent Sentist attack on the DNS Carlisle, which took place yesterday. Since then DSS sources have confirmed that Sentists were most likely behind the attack, and the President has alerted the military. In the address the President called for a “global coalition to defeat sentism”, as the terrorists have recently gained the attention of the international community. She also called for unity both at home and
  2. Open letter to the International Community regarding recent Sentist attacks. In this age of uncertainty, we as leaders must take a stand against extremism, whether it be at home or abroad. The stability of our global society should be of the upmost priority for each and every one of us. That is why I must declare that a state of war exists and has existed between the Commonwealth of Delamaria and the Sentist terror group. I do not take this recent attack on our nation lightly, and from now on I will spare no expense in the protection of our commonwealth and its citizens. In the past
  3. DBC Breaking News Oil tanker explosion in Dolch Sea damages DNS ship. Dolch Sea. In the early hours of this morning the Oil tanker, Conover Bodmonton, was destroyed causing an explosion that incinerated a DNS speed boat and damaged the DNS Carlisle. Current speculation is that Ceriser Sentists orchestrated the attack, which as of this time has claimed the lives of at least 7 crew members. The crew of the Bodmonton however is still unaccounted for. The Department of Defence has issued a statement saying that no crew members could be seen aboard the tanker, which lead to an investigati
  4. Somewhere in the Dolch sea. 6:02 AM An old, small patrol ship drifts slowly in the calm waters. They had been waiting for hours, relaying with another vessel to escort a tanker back home. “Where are they? We’ve been waiting two hours now, and they’re still not here.” A young sailor asks. “Don’t worry, there’s been some sentists spotted due west, they probably took a longer route to avoid them.” The captain replies. ”Or they were sunk” He says with a bored and annoyed tone. ”Just wait Richards, once we’re back in Hartpool we’ve got four days off.” ”Fine, Captain, I’l
  5. DBC News President Van Roose reduces oil exports, enacts the DSPR Act. Labrador. Following recent events in the oil industry, President Van Roose has reduced the nation’s oil exports by 75%, though Delamaria doesn’t export much oil, the National Energy Council advised that the government reduce sales to international buyers. Instead the Delamarian Strategic Petroleum Reserve Act has been enacted, allowing the government to use funds in the DSPR fund to purchase petroleum and other fuels. Also announced was the allocation of funds to construct the Calendon Port facility, a propos
  6. DBC News Senator arrested on murder charges. Deveraux. Senator William DeForte of the Liberal Party was arrested today at his home in Chevrot on the charge of murdering 27 year old journalist, Julianne Atkins. Atkins was found having been run over on a street in the south of the city after a long day at work. She was assigned by the Briselle Post to look into the infamous organisation, IPAIA. Senator DeForte, a rising star within the liberal party, was somewhat known to be involved in certain circles connected to IPAIA through the 2017 data breach. Though Senator DeForte was not thou
  7. Nation in Eurth: The Commonwealth of Delamaria Flag: Capital name: Labrador Capital location: See map. Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Delamaria Newsroom link: Culture: Predominantly Anglish and Lysian, with small Variot, Cristinese and native Delamarian. Climate: Oceanic, Similar to US east coast. Hot summers and cold but fairly wet winters. Location: I would also like to explore the possibility of a small overseas territory in the form of some very small islands, the result of some guano island type program, and will probably be u
  8. Official response to current events in regards to @San Castellino from President Deborah Van Roose. I have always been an advocate for equal rights for members of the LGBTQ community, it is a cause very close to my heart, and the hearts of the millions of Delamarians who entrust me to protect their right to love and care for whoever they so please, and this is why I am writing to you, the international community, today. Every nation, whether it be a global power or a small local state, must decide, and must act upon, what is best for the wellbeing of its population, this is what I think
  9. DBC wurld News President Van Roose pardons 5 businessmen for criminal charges. Pritchett House, Labrador. Today the Pritchett House Press Secretary, Edward Knope, announced that President Van Roose has officially pardoned 5 notable businessmen, each with ties to the United Party and the government. The most notable being Robert Kronstadt, a billionaire party donor, currently incarcerated in Crownsland awaiting trial on charges of selling weapons on the black market, though he has claimed that the actions were committed by the then CFO John Newton, who has since left the country. The
  10. Welcome to DBC News. The Delamarian Broadcasting Corporation is a state funded television company, but we strive to bring independent non-partisan broadcasting, free for public use.
  11. Delamarian Department of Foreign Affairs Commonwealth Palace, Vandergart Boulevard, Labrador. Welcome to the Delamarian Department of Foreign Affairs’ communications portal! Here you can send and receive official messages to and from the Government of Delamaria. Bienvenue sur le portail de communication du ministère des Affaires étrangères de Delamarian! Ici, vous pouvez envoyer et recevoir des messages officiels vers et depuis le gouvernement de Delamaria.
  12. Redman Memorial Hospital, Rhodeport. A motorcade speeds into the ambulance bay and stops briskly to allow the Presidential car an optimal point for the President to enter the building. As she leaves the vehicle, though surrounded by bodyguards each around a foot taller than herself, she gave a polite smile and a wave to the photographers and news teams covering her arrival. The entourage walks briskly down the corridors of the hospital, a large force, made up of security personnel, aides and government officials. As they arrive at the elevator, the group almost fights over who w
  13. Pritchett House 1:20 AM In a small office at the end of a hall a phone rings. It was long after the main staff had left, and only a few workers remained in the entire complex, a lone staffer enters the office and picks up the phone. “What did you just say?” He runs down the hall searching for another. “Mr Walls?” ”Yes?” The two jog through the empty offices until they reach the President’s. ”Madam President, we have a situation.” ”What? Ed it’s 1 in the morning, wait ‘till the sun comes up.” ”Ma’am this is important” Walls says with a concerned tone.
  14. “To protect the constitution of the commonwealth against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And to preserve the values of our forefathers, now and in perpetuity.” ”Congratulations Madam President” The judge leaves, a flock of government officials and military leaders surrounds the new President. ”Madam President I have the emergencies act here for you to sign” ”Madam President the 1st fleet is awaiting your command” ”Madam President the DoD wants you underground” ”Madam President a plane has disappeared over Radnor” ”Madam President the DSS is on the line” ”
  15. DBC BREAKING NEWS ”If you’re just joining us an explosion has taken place at the United Party Convention, we know it took place around the stage on which the President was speaking with the Foreign Secre- We can now confirm that the President was killed, no word yet on Foreign Secretary Denby, but as of this moment Deborah Van Roose is the President of Delamaria.” An SUV surrounded by police cars speeds down the centre of Labrador. “Ma’am, we just got word. The President is down, you are now the President of the Commonwealth.” ”Jesus Christ, it’s actually happening.”
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