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  1. To: the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of @Salvia From: the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of San Castellino Distinguished greetings, Salvia has probably heard about the disagreement between the glorious Republic of San Castellino and @Galahinda. Our glorious President of the Republic has recently reviewed the Cascadia Accord and, with the agreement of the glorious party and the glorious Supreme Leader, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - being informed of your interest in San Castellinos oil - has taken the initiative to propose the following contract to you:
  2. - "Yes, that's true. That could be really interesting. In fact, the San Castellinos bureaucracy didn't change since the 70's and..." He continues in a low voice so as not to be heard by a possible hidden microphone. - "She really sucks." The door to the Ministry can be heard opening and someone announces loudly. - "His greatness the glorious general Di Foxycionni, Presidente de la República, almighty Supreme Leader, savior of the Motherland, guardian of Liberty, without lying, if his ramage relates to his plumage-" The voice is interrupted by another, that of the famou
  3. The idea seems really good to me. Especially because, if Great Anglia colonizes lands close to San Castellino (see the map below) and San Castellino is not yet plunged in the revolution, the government will surely try to side with Great Anglia in order not to be invaded and because they will think that Great Anglia will lead them to glory or that kind of thing. This could lead to an invasion of San Castellino by New Lyria (and perhaps even Mauridaviah and/or Metz) and the establishment of a democratic San Castellino.
  4. Name of the country : New Lyria Full name of the country : the New-Lyrian Commune Flag : Location of the Capitale : North-East (see the map) Culture : Mainly Lysian (so French), a little Iverican (so Spanish, it varies according to the cities and regions), a little Mauridavian (at the border with Mauridaviah). Climate: Semi-arid on the coasts, arid in the interior of the country. Location : History : New-Lyria would have been colonized in the XVe centery by Fleur de Lys and added to the colony of San Castellino after the conquest from the latest. After th
  5. L'Humanité (The Humanity) is the most popular newspaper and radio station in New Lyria. It is an extreme left-wing newspaper of anarcho-communist tendency known for its humanist and optimistic vision of the wurld. However, it does not hesitate to take a particularly critical tone when it disapproves of certain things, even when it comes to criticizing the government or society. Media: Newspaper (print and digital), radio station Political tendency : anarchism, anarcho-communism, libertarianism, deeply anti-capitalism, anti-patriotism, rather anti-liberal, anti-monarchism, deep atheis
  6. Insults from the Neo-Lyrian dictatorship Last Monday morning, Neo-Lyrian warplanes were seen flying over the airspace of our glorious Republic, more precisely over Ferdinades City. Our glorious Minister of Foreign Affairs Ismael de la Plata, with the democratic approval of our glorious Supreme Leader and the party, asked for explanations from the Neo-Lyrian Embassy. The latter, in an insulting letter of insolence and insinuations, answered that they were only, and I quote, "answering the provocations of the dictator Di Foxycionni". New-Lyrie quoted as examples "the excessive number of
  7. Sad incident in a mosque in Lower-Chanchel On the night of February 28th to 29th, the mosque of San-Juan-de-la-Cruz-de-nostre-Señor-Dios - a small town in the Lower-Chanchel - was the victim of an unfortunate accident. On 28 February, around twenty armed people forced their way into the mosque around midnight. About ten minutes later, the imam of the mosque was taken out and forcibly tied to a giant Latin cross planted in the ground. Then the attackers set the cross on fire and danced around it all night, shouting "Death to Muslims! ». In order to find an explanation for this ho
  8. While I am thinking about it, here is a proper map with the main cities that I did some days ago.
  9. Welcome to Eurth !! I hope with all my heart that you will enjoy this place ! ;D
  10. To : The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of @Seylos From : The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of San Castellino The Republic of San Castellino cordially invites the Kingdom of Seylos to concern itself with its own problems and not with the internal politics of foreign countries. Although the Kingdom of Seylos tries to impose its will by many ways, the Republic of San Castellino will not cede in any way. Did we express our disagreement when a homosexual king acceded to the crown of Seylos? In no way, because the Republic of San Castellino underst
  11. @Orioni I propose this area and, in case if she's okay, I placed the cities too. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/778900559759147039/813870201355239444/qAeyGMk.png
  12. To: The Logothesion ton Barbaron, Greater Holy Empire of @Tagmatium Rules From: The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of San Castellino Salutations, The President of the Republic, as a wise and prudent man, has indeed thought a lot about the impact his decision could generate. General Di Foxycionni was very hesitant to make this decision - afraid of provoking an excessive reaction from the Galahindians - but, as he likes to say, great responsibilities come with great decisions. That is why, after careful consideration, our Supreme Leader has decided to repai
  13. Republic of San Castellino, Gazallenoa, 03/02/2020, 10:53 a.m. The Supreme Leader was contemplating the capital from his balcony. The downtown area was crowded with old cars from the 50s that were releasing a horrible stench of smoke. In the distance, one could see the "barriadas", huge and colorful slums that stretched over the Montemount and Montepecho mountains, between the oil wells and the car factories. From here, El Presidente could smell the delicious smell of industry and exhaust fumes, which was synonymous with development and economic well-being, and therefore the wel
  14. UML (Unión Montedosa Libre) Pictures UML Pictures is a san castellinos film studio created in 1921 at Montedoux by Ninio Santana. The film studio quickly gained popularity in the country with films of recognised quality and became the main san castellinos film studio. However, with the opening in 1950 of Gone with the Wind - a cult film recounting the Second War of Independence from the point of view of the Loyalists - the san castellinos government banned the studio and it was forced to flee the country. UML Pictures will therefore move to Theaca. Today, ULM Pictures is a mid-sized studi
  15. - “Well, thank you Mr. Kisyak, I mean, Kisyak. Then call me Ismael. » Slightly surprised by the strength of the handshake, he still let him do it before sitting down. - “Yes, indeed. I have tried several times to convince my unc-, no, I mean, El Presidente of the importance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but he doesn't listen to me very often. Anyway, that's not the point. » The Minister listened attentively to the Ambassador General, slowly nodding his head: an unconscious sign that he agreed with Kisyak's proposals. Ismael replied with a smirk. He was not in the habit of
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