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  1. I would like to claim young Richard Beymer as Ismaël de la Plata, my Minister of the Foreing Affairs.
  2. 🇫🇷 Have fun in France. I will also be there in August.

    1. San Castellino

      San Castellino

      Oh cool ! Would it be intrusive to ask in which place ?

  3. Hi ! I'm actually on hollyday so I will be fully absent probably until 29th-30th of july. Pour les quelques français, j'espère que vous avez passé un très bon 14 juillet OwO. Lil' kiss from France and good hollydays for the other few happy, San Castellino
  4. Anarchist terrorist attack Today, at 9:48 am, the Tuńel Sullivan connecting the metropolis to the Ferdinades exclave collapsed as a high-speed train was passing underneath. Rescue workers quickly arrived on the scene but unfortunately were unable to rescue the victims. This brutal incident took 119 poor souls who will join the Holy Lord but don't worry anymore : none of the victims were members of the party. Our glorious national gendarmerie conducted the investigation and what a surprise it was to discover that this so-called accident was not an accident. Indeed, our glorious national gendarmerie discovered through a thorough investigation that a bomb had been put in the tunnel in order to make it collapse when the train passed. Although the various anarchist terrorist organisations have not claimed responsibility for the attack - further proof of their obvious cowardice - there is no doubt about the identity of the perpetrators of this terrible terrorist act. The culprits, quickly identified by our glorious national gendarmerie, were given a long, fair and democratic trial lasting 2 minutes and 37 seconds. Following the judge's verdict, these traitors will be shot tomorrow at 3 p.m. in the Plaza de la Libertad, in front of the presidential palace of the glorious General Di Foxycionni, President of the Republic, Supreme Leader, Saviour of all San Castellinos across the seas, if his ramage relates to his plumage, and in the eyes of the passers-by, in order to show once again to the people how the glorious Republic of San Castellino is a haven of peace where democracy and human rights take on their true meaning.
  5. (Here some music to put you in the mood : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnGgGIlnlNI ) Asmavie, the beautiful, the great, the glorious, was magnificently illuminated by its formidable neon lights. The retro-futurism, in the honor since the 90's, composed from now on almost all the city center. Only a small nucleus of old, at the level of the old port and the town hall, had remained thanks to the veto of the party. In the light of neon lights, the moon and the twelve strokes of midnight, the city that foreigners called "Funky Town" was stirring and waking up to make its inhabitants dance and sing. Thousands of nightclubs populated the downtown area, so that there was at least one on every street. Ismael de la Plata got out of his purple Tosca Zelph (see photo below), a car so big (8 meters long and 2 meters wide) that Tosca had to ask the municipalities to enlarge the parking spaces - which was accepted after some bribes. The young man's jacket, pink with a few white stripes and a fluorescent yellow scorpion drawn on the back, and his bright purple sunglasses with branches in the shape of a lightning bolt, would normally have given him a particularly unusual look. But in Asmavia, after the twelve strokes of midnight, this style of dress become the norm. Ismael walked quickly to his favorite nightclub, one of the only ones that closed the eyes of the gendarmerie on acts qualified as homosexual by the "Anti-Luxury" law, the most famous and the most posh of all... the 666LFT (or 666 "Let's F#ck Tonight" of its full name). His friend Theodoros was waiting for him in front of the entrance, looking at the queue with an amused look; it was easily two hundred meters long. - "Hey, Ismael! What's up, che?" - "Hey, Theo. Fine, I'm pretty fine. You know what ? I asked my uncle to have some hollydays and I had one week!" - "Jeez, that's freaking great, che!" - "Oh man, I wanted so long for that." Ismael and Theodoros throw themselves into each other's arms and hug. They look into each other's eyes for a few seconds and Theodoros tries to kiss Ismael but Ismael stops him. - "Not now, Theo: the 666LFT can't corrupt all the avenue." - "Yeah, yeah, that's true. Sorry, che." - "No problem, Theo. No problem. This law will never change anything between us." - "Thanks, che." Ismael answers him by a tenderized smile and the two lovers present each their card of the party to the security guard, thus allowing them to pass by the VIP entrance, and are happily caught by the Asmavian fever of the electro. The Tosca Zelph of 1959
  6. ATTENTION : In "A normal day at San Castellino", I plan to post small stories occasionally, often with very little to do with geopolitics, and usually set in San Castellino (although some posts may take place in New Lyria). So, yes, the concept is totally pumped on Stories from Seylos but I liked the concept so here it is. Thank you to have read this little disclaimer and enjoy !
  7. The Big O' Towers - september 2015 plans Architecture Firm : Asmavie Dreamers SARL History : Asmavie Dreamers was created in 1993 and became famous thanks to the numerous buildings ordered from the firm by the municipalities of Asmavie and Montedoux. They have only recently started to design skyscrapers, but they are already successful in this field, notably with the Empire Tabacco Building ordered by the Alharu Tabacco Company. Details : The center tower of the Big O' Tower, like writen on the drawing, is 630 meters tall and count 119 floors (+ 8 floors in underground). The last floor in the upper side count desks for the CEO and the mains contributors, and, at the center, an open sky garden. In the upper floors of the center tower, there are fancy restaurants, gambling and even an opera. In the lower floors of the center tower, there are gardens, fast foods, saunas, cinemas, and a swimming pool. In the lowest floor of the center tower, there is a little mall. In the other towers, there is mostly desks and some relaxating places like little gardens or cheap restaurants. Challenges : The Big O' Towers, having almost no place for solar panels, will be probably even more energy-expensive. That can be regulated a bit by remooving the central open sky garden of the most upper floor of the central tower, which could provide 28% of the needs in energy of the tower.
  8. Victoire Dahin, President of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission Background : Victoire Dahin was born on April 5, 1960 in Tama-les-Dunes, the daughter of two coal mine workers. Thanks to the neo-Lyrian egalitarian policy, she went successively to school, college and high school. Brilliant, she managed to get a merit bursary and moved to Saint-Alphonse de la Victoire to study Law. However, having some free time, she decided to study political science in parallel. This was a turning point for her and Victoire decided to pursue a career in politics. At the age of 26, first in her promotion, she obtained her doctorate in political science with double honors as well as her lawyer's diploma, once again with honors. With both diplomas in hand, she began a career as a lawyer and, in parallel, began a political career. Embracing the anarchist ideals of her parents, she joined the huge party that was the "Syndicat Anarcho-Communiste Neo-Lyrien". Elected deputy of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission in 1996, the main legislative authority in New Lyria, she is an active deputy and quickly known for her progressive and humanist ideas. It is notably thanks to her that, in 1997, the law of "Chacun son identité" was adopted, authorizing transsexuality and allowing the allocation of aid to people wishing to change their sex and to accompany them in their transformation. This measure, very audacious for the time, made a lot of noise, which even led to many menaces towards Victoire, notably from members of the Anarcho-Capitalist party (which gathers, in truth, as well nationalists as ultraliberals, passing by conservatives). In 2000, due to the split in the Anarcho-Communist Party between the Anarchists and the Communists (caused by internal disputes about how to react to the Great Anti-Government Hunt in San Castellino), Victoire was forced to choose a side and joined the newly formed Anarchist Party. In 2005, she was elected to the honorary title of President of the Steering Commission of the Anarchist Party. She continues her brilliant political career, becoming successively deputy of the Commission for Neo-Lyrian Foreign Affairs from 2006 to 2008, deputy of the Commission for Health and Solidarity from 2008 to 2012, then deputy of the Commission for Justice and Human Rights from 2012 to 2018.In 2018, she is running for the next Chair of the New Lyric Community Commission (the highest executive position whose duties are exactly the same as a normal New Lyric Community Commission member, except that he or she has the additional role of representing the state). Despite a close election that saw a surprising rise of the anarcho-capitalist party, as well as very few votes for the communist party, Victoire Dahin was elected President of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission in 2018. She quickly became popular due to her working class origins and imposed herself as a talented speaker. At the end of 2018, in reaction to the particularly virulent opposition of the anarcho-capitalist party, she succeeds in convincing the anarchist party and the communist party to reunite to reform the "Syndicat Anarcho-Communiste Néo-Lyrien". She was re-elected in 2020. Personality : Victoire is one of those talented people who succeed in almost everything they do if they put enough willpower into it. Although she may seem naive at times, she is in fact particularly brilliant and cultured. Victoire, a humanist at heart, is also particularly touched by the human condition and does not accept the loss of any human life. Her popular origins have in some ways made her a proof of the efficiency of the Neo-Lyrian egalitarian system, which makes her very appreciated by the Neo-Lyrians, who consider her a symbol of national unity. However, she is lacking in pragmatism, which sometimes cause problems. Important events : In 1997, Victoire passed the " Chacun son identité" law in favor of transgender people. In 2018, she was elected President of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission for the first time and united the Anarchist Party and the Communist Party to reform the Anarcho-Communist Party. In 2019, she condemns discrimination against Muslims in San Castellino. In 2020, she is elected a second time President of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission.
  9. So, if I well understand, you mean that it could be kind of "ok" for Tagmatium that San Castellino takes sides with Anglia if, finally, San Castellino choose Tagmatium than the EOS (and thus Orioni) ?
  10. General Sullivan Di Foxycionni, President of the Republic of San Castellino, Supreme Leader, Sullivan Di Foxycionni was born on February 05, 1963 in Gazallenoa. He is the son of the famous politician and military Juan Di Foxycionni. Sullivan had a religious education until he was ten years old. From then on, he was raised by his father according to party principles. At the beginning of the 1990s, he was appointed Secretary of State of the National Capitalist Pact thanks to his loyalty to the party and a few bills slipped into the pockets of the main party members. In 1996, he was appointed President of the Republic for the first time. He is particularly known for having largely reinforced the power of the President to the detriment of the National-Capitalist Pact. Indeed, since the end of Mariachi's mandate ( in the early 90's), San Castellino has had a succession of weak presidents who were manipulated by the high members of the party. The party took advantage of this period to restore its power, which had been weakened since 1970 and the election of Mariachi. Moreover, after having muzzled the party, Di Foxycionni carried out between 2000 and 2004 what has been called the "Great Anti-Governamental Hunt": a great purge among politicians and the military consisting of numerous fake trials, public executions and suspicious suicides. Finally, in 2011, he tried to invade New Lyria, which resulted in the 5th San Castellinos - Neo-Lyrian War, known as the "5th War of Independence" in New Lyria. The war ended with a moderate victory for New Lyria and the annexation of a small part of Lower Revolvina. Today, Di Foxycionni has lost much of his enthusiasm and fervor for national capitalism. However, he is still one of the last San Castellinos politicians who still believes in national-capitalism and still dreams of "returning San Castellino to its glory". An alcoholic for more than twenty years, Di Foxycionni is suffering from cirrhosis of the liver which weakens him greatly. He has never stopped drinking, however, believing that a life full of restraint is no life at all. A fervent tocalic, he is also one of the few politicians who does not frequent the brothels of Gazallenoa. In terms of personality, Di Foxycionni has a very cynical side and, when he is busy, hates being flattered. However, let's not fool ourselves : Di Foxycionni, as said above, likes to enjoy life and regularly organizes big sumptuous ceremonies to impress the party members and remind them who is the boss.
  11. And that's exactly why San Castellino will keep secret his support to Anglia until that they will really need to do it. In addition, show an overt support to Anglia would greatly compromise the relationship between San Castellino and @Tagmatium Rules.
  12. The general, Supreme Leader and President of the Republic Sullivan Di Foxycionni, decided to bring San Castellino out of isolationism, officially declares the intention for the Republic of San Castellino to join EOS. OCC : Sorry of the short post but @Orioni, knowing that I'm pretty busy right now, allowed me to make a short post for my application to EOS.
  13. Have you ever heard of Leon Belflora, aka the " Che "? If you follow the san castellinos news, there is a very big chance that you have. Leon Belflora, a true living legend, is a San Castellinos revolutionary and the leader of the anarcho-communist movement in his country. He was captured by the San Castellinos army a little less than a year ago and was incarcerated in the fortress of Chiqito while awaiting his "trial". Fortunately, just over a month ago, with the help of his lieutenants, the Che managed to escape and is now on the run. Since then, no one has been able to find him and/or has had any contact with him. Leon "Che" Belflora at the Duvent conference But, last Monday we were contacted by a mysterious person who said he wanted to send a message through our newspaper. This person gave us an appointment in a small hotel in Colon-Béchar and what was our surprise to discover that it was the Che himself! He gave us a letter to the san castellinos people with the instruction to publish it in our newspaper exactly five days after our appointment, here it is: "Greetings, san castellinos comrades, I know that we are all suffering from the current regime in our beautiful country, and especially for too long. That is why I have asked the editors of "L'Humanité" - knowing that the newspaper, although clandestine in San Castellino, is widely read there - to publish the following message to you, my comrades. Here I do not intend to denounce the too obvious dysfunctions of the national-capitalist dictatorship or to praise the merits of communism, but simply to give you a message of hope. Because hope is one of the most precious and indestructible things we have. Alone we are nothing, but together we are invincible. The masses are the true heroes. So I would ask only one thing of you: keep hope. I would also like to warn general Di Foxycionni that, at the time he reads this message, I will already be in San Castellino. Good luck in finding me, "Presidente". And above all, comrades, never forget: the International will be the human race."
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