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  1. Welcome to Eurth ! :D Your nation is very interesting but I don't know if that would be possible. You should see this with the admins. I really hope that your nation will be accept !
  2. Jingle, a patriotic nationalist san castellinos song. Hugo Illamen, the TV presenter nicknamed the "voice of Gazallenoa", is sitting in his seat. - "San Castellinos, San Castellinossa, my dear compatriots. I am Hugo Illamen, your favorite TV presenter live from the RSC National Chronicle TV studios. First of all, we are going to talk about the new laws passed in an absolutely democratic, constitutional and corruption-free manner by the party last week. Then we'll talk about the news of the day with our reporter Elio dom Ursullo." He's putting his glasses back on. - "Today, with
  3. The RCN National Chronicle (or "Republica de San Castellino National Chronicle" of its full name) is the official newspaper (both print and television) of the government and the party. It is also the only authorized media in San Castellino. It is of nationalist tendency, deeply Catholic, anti-communist, anti-anarchist, quite francophobic and slightly anti-European. The newspaper, which is a widely used propaganda tool, is often untrustworthy and gives a very subjective opinion.
  4. I will answer point by point. 1. Area Thank you ! 2. Landscape Yes, indeed. The archipelago model was not satisfying me. So I changed my mind and forgot to change the factbook. Edit : I changed the factbook. So, normally, I fixed the non sense. 3. Climate Yes, I did it on purpose. I really want to give the impression that the mountain range somehow separates the country in two between the South and the North: a kind of giant version of the reality of most of the country's cities. You could compare this to Brazil with the Amazonian forest. Conclusion
  5. Wish granted! This time you get an apple without pesticides. You use it to make an apple pie and go to a friend's house to eat it with them. Except you forgot to turn off the oven and when you come back, your house is burned down. I wish the Paris Commune was a success.
  6. Wish granted! You drive your fancy car and are happy to drive it. But a communist revolution breaks out while you're in your car and the revolutionaries think you're rich. So they imprison you while they await your trial. A week later, you go to court. The new judicial system must really be very effective since you are sentenced to death for "crime against the proletariat" only ten seconds after you enter the courtroom. I wish I could sing as well as Little Richard.
  7. Wish granted! You eat your apple and find it good. But because the apple is full of pesticides, you get blood cancer and die after a few months. I wish San Castellino to have all the oil wells in the wurld.
  8. Wish granted! You receive it by Chronopost and you unpack the package impatiently. But the Chronopost delivery is so catastrophic that you discover that your Playstation 5 is broken into a thousand pieces. So you file a complaint against Chronopost but you are accused of defamation and end up in jail. I wish to use the TARDIS to go to New Orleans in the 1950s.
  9. Republic of San Castellino, Gazallenoa, 08/01/2020, 2:02 p.m. General Di Foxycionni reread his speech one last time. He was sitting in his office. It was a magnificent baroque-inspired Iverican-Colonial-style room at the top of the presidential palace. The architect had skillfully combined the beige stone of San Castellino, marble, exotic woods and gilding to create this huge building over 300 meters long. Di Foxycionni served himself a third glass of rum. His doctor always told him not to abuse the bottle so as not to aggravate his cirrhosis of the liver, but you don't make 40 yea
  10. (Attention : this post will be probably completed in the future.) Name : Sullivan Di Foxycionni Title: General, President of the Republic and Supreme Leader of San Castellino. Country: The Republic of San Castellino Capital: Gazallenoa, the capital of San Castellino. History: Sullivan Di Foxycionni was born on February 05, 1963 in Gazallenoa. He is the son of the famous politician and military Juan Di Foxycionni. Sullivan had a religious education until he was ten years old. From then on, he was raised by his father according to party principles. At the beginning
  11. Yes, I took a look on it a last week-end. I would like to distribute my four points like this: - GDP: low (0) - population: low (0) - area: very high. (4)
  12. Name of the country : San Castellino Flag: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/769238897547804763/795944555022909460/drapeau_Republique_de_San_Castellino_-_NationStates.png Capital name: Gazallenoa Capital location: By the sea, ideally towards the south of the country and far from the borders. Culture: Mainly Iverican (therefore Spanish), a little French (this varies according to cities and regions) and very slightly Mayan. Climate: Tropical or equatorial for the seaside, desert for the interior of the country (ideally between 50 and 60% of the territory is desert).
  13. The RSC National Chronicle The RSC (= Rep├║blica de San Castellino) National Chronicle is the official newspaper of the government and the only one authorized in San Castellino. Like all authorized media in the country, it is totally controlled by the Ministry of Information and Propaganda of San Castellino. Name (in chronological order) : - The Patriot (1936 - 1945) - RSC National Chronicle (1945 - still current) Media: Paper journal, digital journal (above the digital version), and TV journal. Political tendencies: The political tendencies of the newspaper corresp
  14. Scandal, once again. Last Monday late at night, a raid in a brothel in Gazallenoa was carried out by the police force. All those present were arrested but, strangely enough, were released several hours later. Your favorite clandestine newspaper, quickly brought up to date on this case, then investigated on its side to be able to bring you the light on this affair. According to our contacts (whose names we will not mention in order to preserve their anonymity and therefore their safety), Commander Carlos Carlos and several police lieutenants received a large amount of cash, which amounte
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