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  1. The Traitor, the Bad and the Puppet - Part 2 2.1 "Instead of politicians, let the monkeys govern the countries; at least they will steal only the bananas!”, Mehmet Murat Ildan The Montemadians are breathless. For two hours, and to everyone's surprise, Riveira and Dom Gavalèce are neck and neck. As soon as Riveira seems to take a lead, new votes for Dom Gavalèce are opened. Suddenly, from 7.48 pm, the socialist candidate, in a magnificent spontaneous impulse, surpasses widely his opponent. From now on, everybody knows that the fate of Montemadia is sealed. Dom Gavalèce savors his victory almost as much as the glass of wine that he carries to his lips; an excellent Neo-Lyrian wine offered by his new ally. - Are you sure you have taken all the necessary precautions, Mr. Esther? - Absolutely! They will never be able to prove that the vote was rigged. Replies the director of the Neo-Lyrian secret service, pouring himself a glass of wine, slumped in a velvet armchair. - Good. Good. Concludes the new president of the Cooperative Republic of Montemadia, looking at the city through the bay window of his loft, the top floor of a luxury residence: one of the many gated communities, islands of wealth and egoism, which have been flourishing for the last ten years in the Montemadian capital. In the streets, the anthill is buzzing; the little ants are already asking for a recount of the votes. Looking at them with disdain, Dom Gavalèce speaks to himself in a low voice. Esther does not hear him, too busy emptying his bottle of wine. - The pigeons. We'll just call them reactionary extremists and public opinion will be against them. By the way, I'll have to deal with the journalist who uncovered my stories of bribes, a certain Sintàs I believe. A few bills slipped into the pockets of the right people and that would be it. Finally, his opportunism was about to be rewarded. For more than ten years, he had been waiting for his time; now that he was in power, Dom Gavalèce intended to take advantage of it. He turned and raised his glass. - Let's drink again to our collaboration. Esther stands up staggering, almost stumbles on the coffee table and brutally hits the bottle, now empty, with the glass of his new ally. - Long live... *hic !* our collabora- *hic !* tion, Dom Gavèlare ! 2.2 "Long live the Popular Front! Long live the union of all the antifascists! Long live the Republic of the People! The fascists will not pass! They will not pass! ¡No pasaran!", Dolores Ibarruri At the same time, in Saint-Alphonse de la Victoire, capital of New Lyria. - This is inadmissible! Unacceptable, Mr. Esther. We are very disappointed in you. To take such initiatives, with such consequences, without consulting the Council! You are a constant disappointment for the Commune, Mr. Esther. For several hours, Esther has been severely sermonized by the deputies of the neo-Lyrian Communal Council. Now it's Pierre Bovard's turn, a syndicalist deputy. - You have violated all our ethics with this action. Rigging the elections of a foreign country! But what did you think, Esther? The external role of the Commune is to spread freedom and revolution throughout the wurld; not to impose impostors vaguely in our favor on foreign proletarians! The Council will decide the fate of your career, but don't fool yourself: your future in politics is already dead and buried. Only half an hour later, the Council has already voted and the results are in. Almost unanimously, the deputies voted "yes" to the dismissal of the current director of the Neo-Lyrian secret service. Esther has a bitter taste in his mouth, a strong feeling of betrayal in his heart and his hands are trembling. Trembling with the irrepressible urge to strangle this bunch of well-thinking and spineless bureaucrats. But he doesn't have the courage. He grabs his coat and quietly exits the amphitheater. Esther will remember this. 2.3 “How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing. It seems still more impossible that a quarrel which has already settled in principle should be the subject of war.”, Neville Chamberlain In the amphitheater of the New Lyrian Foreign Affairs Commission, 13 of the 50 deputies are present. For a Monday morning at eight o'clock it is rare to see so many. One deputy is sleeping, two are discussing the weather, three are reading a newspaper and four are looking at their cell phones. Only three deputy are doing their jobs: Ms. Haie and Mr. Bernard in the front row, and Mr. Pontiffe, the Chairman of the Commission. Mr. Pontiffe does not bother to speak to the rest of the assembly, and just looks at the two members in the front row. - Did you see it? - See what? - Saw what? - The agenda. - About the ultimatum? - Yes. - I didn't get the time. - Let me explain. Di Foxycion- - Who? - General Di Foxycionni, the dictator of San Castellino. You know, the rough guy with a cigarette in his mouth. - Oh yes, I see. - Well, he's calling for the dismissal of the new president of Montemadia. - Where is this? - I don't know, another poor country, kind of lost. In the southwest, I think. - Yes, and what? - Well, he's asking for the president of the country to be removed from office. - Oh dear! So what does this have to do with New Lyria? - True, why bring us here just for that? - Well, the guy, the president, is asking for our help and Mrs. Dahin is already thinking of going to talk to the president and the general herself. - The President of the Council? Herself? She's really working hard for nothing. - Yes, but you know that everything that concerns San Castellino, concerns New Lyria. - Yes, that's true. - True. - So we have to vote on whether or not to approve the travel. It will take place at Montedoux, in San Castellino. - Will she be accompanied by a diplomat? - Yes, and several bodyguards. - That's good. - Personally, I have no problem with it. - So do I. - Let's proceed to the vote, then. Pontiffe climbs to the podium, taps the microphone and clears his throat. - For the diplomatic trip of Mrs. Dahin, President of the Council, to Montedoux, San Castellino, who votes "no"? No one raises their hand. - Who abstains? No one, again. - I therefore assume that everyone is in favor. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your attendance. This concludes the meeting.
  2. The Traitor, the Bad and the Puppet - Part 1 1.1 “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people”, Alan Moore, V for Vendetta Since the fall of Francisquèz last Monday and the establishment of the new Republic, Montemadians were euphoric. Life suddenly seemed so light that people forgot about hunger, thirst, poverty, and all the other problems the country had been experiencing long before 1992. They had worn beautiful, colorful costumes, brought out trumpets, and danced all day to the rhythm of pinched double basses. Later, when the euphoria had subsided, the provisional government (made up of a dozen politicians and demonstrators) organized elections. The numerous candidates organized themselves into a multitude of new parties. In order to make sure that everyone could listen to them, each one was broadcast on the radio, which created unusual scenes with about fifty people gathered around a single radio. Among the candidates, two stood out to the Montemadians. Antonio Dom Gavalèce, the first of them, was the president of the Montemadian Socialist Party and advocated an alignment with New Lyria. The second, named Pedro Riveira, was the president of the National Party, the spokesman of the conservative right and above all the figurehead of the movement that wanted total neutrality towards New Lyria and San Castellino. The more time passed, the more the two opponents found themselves neck and neck. The elections were going to be very close until, two days before the elections, a journalist brought to light many corruption cases in which Dom Gavalèce was involved. Then the Montemadians, deeply scandalized, almost all rallied to the side of Pedro Riveira who appeared from then on as a symbol of virtue and honesty. Dom Gavalèce has no more chance to win. 1.2 “The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end”, Leon Trotsky, Their morals and ours: the class foundations of moral practices The office of the Agency for the Defense of Neo-lyrian Interests (ADNI), i.e. the headquarters of the Neo-lyrian secret services, was located at the Quai Boiville, an art-deco building built on the ruins of the old Boiville train station after the Second Neo-lyrian War of Independence. First used as the headquarters of the Communal Council of Health and Solidarities, the Quai Boiville has been used as offices for the Neo-lyrian secret services since 1960. The office of Jean-Patrick Esther, director of the ADNI, was located on the 1st floor. As Esther had just been appointed, he had not yet had time to put personal effects in his office, which made it very empty, the only decorative elements being the neo-lyrian flag and a portrait of Esther. Esther is walking in circles in her office. His serious air and his small glasses contrast with a strong carrure and a tall height. He is waiting impatiently for Gregory Livenot, the head of the Mesothalassa department, to discuss what to do, or if he should simply do something. Esther, on the other hand, already had an idea in mind. He wanted to strike a blow, a big blow, to impress the representatives of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Council and prove to them that he knows what he is doing. Indeed, his candidacy had been more than discussed because of his short stint at the Ministry of Defense which had ended in disaster. Someone knocks on the door. - '' Come in. '' Livenot opens the door, enters timidly and closes it. His brown velvet pants and worn jacket made it look like a university professor rather than a secret service big shot. - '' Livenot, you see, my opinion is that we need a strong but discreet reaction. '' - '' Precisely, if I may p- '' - '' Have you heard about the pro New-Lyrian candidate? Gavalace or some sh#t like that. '' - '' Yes, Gavaléce. He's accused of corruption and his popularity keeps dropping. '' - '' Yeah but we don't care because he's pro Neo-Lyrian. That's why we have to rig the elections. '' - '' What?! But the Montemadians will notice it!'' - '' Thank you Livenot for your advice, I count on you to implement the plan because, as you know, I am your hierarchical superior. Goodbye. '' Concluded he by chasing Livenot of his office, satisfied of himself. 1.3 “Make money my son, honestly if you can, but make money”, Edgar Poe Being Foreign Minister in San Castellino is particularly boring for Ismael de la Plata, since most of the time he just has to sign documents, often diplomatic letters, written in advance by his uncle the Supreme Leader. While he is deep in an exciting (not at all) game of Tuffy Crush Saga®, the phone rings, which startles him and nearly knocks him off his chair. Suddenly, the phone rings, which surprises him and almost knocks him out of his chair. - ''Ismael de la Plata, I'm listening. Good morning Mr. Madrera. Any news from the Mesothalassa? Yes. Calm down, I'm listening. '' He grabs the cup of tea on his desk and starts to take a sip when, surprised by the news, he spits out his sip and splashes his desk. - '' What?! Are you sure? Good God... Find out more about the situation over there and prepare his welcome. No, especially not in Asmavie. Montedoux instead. With great pomp, of course. I'll tell El Presidente. See you later and keep me updated.'' He hangs up the phone and takes a handkerchief out of his pocket to wipe the desk. - '' Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go. '' He gets up, locks his desk, and heads to the Supreme Leader's desk. Ismael makes a sign of the cross and opens the door. - '' Presidente? '' Di Foxycionni, standing with a cigar in his mouth, turns around and frowns. - '' When you call me like this it means there's a big problem, Ismael. '' - '' That is to say... the Montemadians have revolted against Francisquèz and... '' - '' And what? It was suppressed in blood? That's all?''- '' No. The Montemadians succeeded and Francisquèz had to flee. He will arrive in a few hours in Montedoux. '' The President, shocked by the surprise, nearly chokes on the smoke from his cigar. He coughs, a hand on his lungs. - '' Are you sure?! '' - '' Yes, Madrera just warned me. '' - '' F#ck, f#ck!! '' With fury, he takes the first object that falls on his hand and throws it on the ground. It breaks in thousand pieces. Ismael is startled and protests: - But! It was the vase of Mom- '' - '' I don't f#cking care! I needed to calm myself. '' The general takes a great puff of his cigar and resumes. '' - '' We need to impose an ultimatum on the new Montemadian government, something well-written that they will never accept. '' - '' You want to declare war on them?! The diplomatic fallout will be catastrophic! '' - '' Because you really think you can argue with my orders? Yes, we'll declare war on them, occupy them and put the puppet back on his throne. And to the beard of the neo-Lyrians, and all the other fags. Anyway, keep me posted, I'm going to Montedoux to welcome Francisquèz, and then in passing remind him of everything he owes us. See you later. '' - '' Yes uncle, answers Ismael lowering his eyes, before leaving the office. '' Di Foxycionni ruffles his nephew's hair with a paternal smile, grabs his jacket, closes the office and heads quickly to the first floor. Ismael, with his hands in his pockets and a pensive look, mutters to himself: - ''We are not in the crap...''
  3. Fall of the dictator Francisquèz Montemadia, a small mesothalassan republic under the san castellinos tutelage, has recently been in the grip of violent internal political unrest. President Carlos Francisquèz, in charge since his election in 1992, had indeed managed to change the constitution to extend his powers and have the possibility of being re-elected without limit. Already since November 2019, the general discontent had been heard, especially on November 24 with the demonstration of the students of the Polytechnic School of San-Juan-de-la-Cruz, which had led to the death of eight demonstrators and almost a hundred arrests. This brutal repression of the movement put an end to the protest, at least for the moment. Last Monday, following a skirmish between soldiers and three workers, leading to the death of one of them, the people took to the streets to demonstrate their anger and their thirst for democracy. As the procession was approaching the presidential palace of Francisquèz, he ordered at 10:32 am to shoot on the crowd. The army refused and at 10:57 the crowd, with the help of the army, broke down the doors of the presidential palace. Francisquèz could not be found: he apparently fled through the San-Julian-el-Hospitaliero river and would currently be at San Castellino. A provisional government has already been formed and is guiding the country towards democracy, and elections are already scheduled for next Monday. We can only salute the courage of the Montemadian people who had the audacity to revolt against tyranny. In the face of this ray of hope, we can only hope that it will serve as an example for all oppressed peoples throughout the wurld. The Magnificent leaves us... Alfonso Francisco, known as "the Magnificent", unfortunately left us this morning. While riding his motorcycle, he was violently hit by a heavy truck and died on the instant. New Lyria, still in shock, will have to do the painful mourning of its idol. Alfonso Francisco in Beaumont, in 2018 Born on June 18, 1968 in Gazallenoa, he fled the san castellinos dictatorship at ten years old. President Victoire Dahin has spoken publicly about this and has announced that she wants to decorate Francisco with the order of the Legion of Honor for service to the Commune. A national homage will be given next Sunday and will be broadcast live on television, followed by a minute of silence. Alfonso Francisco, beautiful bird gone too soon, your name will remain forever engraved in our memories. Goodbye and farewell.
  4. Perfect ! About Davérèto, I can still remove the mauridavian flag from Davérèto's one. For the culture, I wonder if we could still keep the andesian language because, for that Davérèto seeks for independance, it needs a big cultural difference with San Lorenzo, and a language is perfect.
  5. 1. Are you truly democratic or only a republic in the name ? 2. How is your climate ?
  6. For the time being, as long as San Castellino has not been cut in two by New Lyria, these three NPCs (as well as Eldorado, another NPC already on the map) will remain independent, although either in the sphere of influence of New Lyria (for the time being only San Lorenzo), or in that of San Castellino (for the time being Davérèto, Montemadia and Eldorado). After the division: Once New Lyria has split San Castellino in two, with the anarcho-communists in the North (under the sphere of influence of New Lyria) and the monarchists in the South (totally independent from New Lyria), these NPC's will have a chance to be integrated depending on the case. The San Castellinos Union The San Castellinos Union will be the northern San Castellino under the sphere of influence of New Lyria and led by Leon Belflora. Leon Belflora may try (50% chance) to unite the former countries that were part of the San Constantino colony to form a kind of Mesothalassan Union. However, New Lyria might veto this, for fear of being overtaken by the new union. The Kingdom of San Castellino - reactionary path The Kingdom of San Castellino will be the southern San Castellino and in the continuity of the current national-capitalist dictatorship. If the Kingdom of San Castellino remains a reactionary democracy, then there is no chance that it will try to integrate or invade them. These NPC's will then remain toys for the southern San Castellino and New Lyria, as they were before the division (unless New Lyria lets Leon Belflora carry out his plan for a Mesothalassan Union, which is unlikely to happen). The Kingdom of San Castellino - the fascist way If Ismael de la Plata (the current Minister of Foreign Affairs), with his future fascist party, is elected, then Ismael will undoubtedly try to peacefully integrate these NPC's, or even invade them if some of them categorically refuse (certainly San Lorenzo if he remains libertarian, probably Davérèto because of their Madrian nationalism). Nota Bene: Ismael's fascism, which he calls "fascism with a human face" or "humanist fascism", is largely derived from Brazilian integralism, notably because it does not promote racial hatred (unlike other fascisms) but "the union of all peoples", in order to form a glorious future hand in hand.
  7. Montemadia Name of the country : Montemadia Full name of the country : Republic of Montemadia Flag : Location of the capitale : South-West of the country, at the source of the river San Juliàn el Hospitalario Culture : Latino-american (nothern mexican, more precisly) Climate : Huge mountains at the South, desertic at the north Location : (see the map below) History : Montemadia was part of the colony of San Constantino. After the independance of San Castellino, Montemadia took his independance during the New Lyrian war of independance and the San Castellinos government had no choice to peacefully let Montemadia go in order to avoid a two front war. Even after his independance, Montemadia always been under the San Castellino's sphere of influence, like Eldorado. Montemadia always been a presidential republic and democratic (although pretty unstable) until the election of the pro-San Castellinos nationalist candidate Carlos Francisquèz in 1992 which changed the constitution in order to be able to be re-elected without limit. Since 1992, the president of Montemadia is still Carlos Francisquèz. Noa Bene : For the capitale city of Montemadia (San-Juan-de-la-Cruz-de-Nuestro-Señor-Jesús-del-Río-San-Julián-el-Hospitalario), I know that her name is extremly long so you can short it for San-Juan-de-la-Cruz if you want. San Lorenzo Name of the country : San Lorenzo Full name of the country : Confederated Republics of San Lorenzo Flag : Location of the Capital : Middle-East of the country in the desert Culture : Northern mexican Climate : Mostly desertic with continental plains at the coasts of the river Location : (see the map below) History : San Lorenzo was formerly part of the colony of San Constantino, then of the first Republic of San Castellino, before peacefully gaining its independence during the New Lyrian War of Independence, one week after Montemadia's peaceful attainment of independence. Since its independence, the Republic of San Lorenzo, because of its important mining resources (mainly lead, but also gold and silver), has spent its existence switching between the sphere of influence of San Castellino and that of New Lyria, according to the various presidents in charge, which has always made it particularly unstable. This precarious balance was maintained until 2001, when President Cristobal Cristobes, strongly pro-San Castellinos and following the "advice" of General Di Foxycionni, removed Andesian as the recognized national language, leaving Stillian of San Castellino as the only recognized national language. This led the region of Davérèto to declare its independence. While San Lorenzian troops were out to suppress the independentists, a skirmish between a policeman and miners, leading to the death of one of them, pushed the San Lorenzian workers to revolt. The leader of the libertarians, Jacob Belmonte, manages to take control of the revolutionary movement and makes the pro-san castellinos government capitulate. He sets up a libertarian confederation of seven quasi-autonomous republics, and openly in favor of New Lyria. Shortly after the revolution, San Lorenzo tried to reconquer the Davérèto, but the San Lorenzian troops were crushed by the San Castellinos forces, who, since the end of the pro-San Castellino government, supported the independence of the Davérèto. Davérèto Name of the country : Davérèto Full name of the country : Madrian Republic of Davérèto Flag : Davérèto is highly composed of Madrian culture and a strong Madrian nationalism guide them. So I permit myself to put the flag of @Mauridiviahon Davérèto's flag because, even if they want to stay independant, they strongly indentify themselves to Mauridaviah. Tbh I don't know if that's very logical so if you think that this is a bad idea don't hesitate to tell me it and why. Also, I have to ask Mauridaviah if he's ok with that. Location of the Capital : to the coast Culture : very Mostly Madrian, a bit northern mexican Climate : Mediterranean Location : History : Like the two previous countries, Davérèto was successively part of the colony of San Constantino, then of the first Republic of San Castellino. Independence movements, despite the autonomy of the region, have always been particularly active there. In the 1990s, the Ejército de Liberación Madriano, the most extreme of these movements, was particularly active in terrorism in the region.In 2001, when President Cristobal Cristobès removed Andesian from the national languages, the Ejército de Liberación Madriano staged a successful coup in the local parliament, establishing a military and nationalist junta. Since then, although de facto independent, the Madrian Republic of Davérèto is only recognized by San Castellino ( and maybe by a few other countries, but really very few), which supports the small Republic financially.
  8. Welcome in Eurth ! Happy to see another latino-american nation (if you are, because you look like).
  9. New coal power plant On this Tuesday, August 18, 2021, at 3:02 pm, the new San Castellinos coal power plant was inaugurated by our beloved Presidente! The result of 11 years of intensive work and built on the outskirts of El Angèl, it will now supply the south-eastern regions of San Castellino which, since the hurricane Niño in 2008, has been partially deprived of electricity. El Presidente congratulated Pépito Gomèz, the engineer in charge of the project, for the speed and efficiency with which he carried out the work, and then condemned him for not having completed the project sooner. Fortunately for Gomèz, el Presidente was very lenient and he was only shot. Photography from the newly built coal power plant, in the industrial outskirts of El Angèl This jewel of technology, a real pride for the San Castellino nation, shows once again the immoderate and undeniable technological advance of San Castellino over the rest of the wurld, as well as the efficiency of the national-capitalist system throughout the wurld and its influence on the wurld. Unfounded accusations by the Esonya Foundation International Yesterday, the Esonya Foundation International, a supposedly humanitarian non-governmental organisation, stated publicly that the "San Castellino government is deliberately poisoning - and has been for at least several years, according to the severity of the symptoms in some people - certain minority groups". According to these unfounded accusations, the San Castellino government is putting toxic pesticides in the water sources of the Salam minorities in order to poison them. Irrigation of a plantain plantation by a salam Our glorious Presidente, upon hearing these accusations, declares that he is deeply touched and insulted that a non-governmental organisation claiming to be humanitarian would accuse our beautiful nation of such atrocities. However, to show his good faith, our beloved Supreme Leader, too good for this wurld, decided to forgive this organisation, thus ignoring the gross mistake it had made. The government still investigated - even our glorious party, it seems, can make mistakes - and concluded that the quality of water available to the Salam minorities is far superior to the average quality of water in the rest of the wurld. This proves, once again, that the accusations of the Esonya Foundation International are totally unfounded and wrong. Sad accident in Gazallenoa Early last Friday morning, the lifeless body of Juan Nicolas was found in a dark alley in Gazallenoa with three bullets in the back of his head. The fervent environmentalist had been campaigning against the construction of the new nuclear power plant, not least because it was built right in the middle of a marshland with the last remaining specimens of an endangered frog, thus disregarding the salvation of the nation. The San Castellino authorities, despite the constitutional right not to assemble, as well as the right not to demonstrate, let it happen because, as everyone knows, the Republic of San Castellino is a haven of freedom, a true example of democracy throughout the wurld. Our glorious gendarmerie, guardian of peace, investigated to find out the truth at all costs. After several days of hard work, they concluded that a group of rats armed with revolvers had attacked Juan Nicolas for no reason and that it was therefore an unfortunate accident. The editorial team of the NSC National Chronicle can only advise people with a penchant for recklessness not to go out too late at night to avoid a bad encounter: it seems that rats with guns are becoming more and more frequent.
  10. I would like to claim Sofia Ortega (the representant of the revolutionnaries in Tropico 6) as Jeanne Maheu, one of the leader of the anarchist movement in New Lyria, during the new lyrian war of independance. I know that Sofia Ortega is not an RL people but it's still a unique character. I would also like to claim Jacqueline Kennedy-Onnasis as Victoire Dahin, the President of the Neo Lyrian Communal Commission.
  11. Oh yeah ! I know it. Yes, that's easy, I confirm.
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