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  1. The Union of Anarchiae Magna Stats Information: - Population: Low [0], 4.42 million citizens. - GDP: High [3], 30,952 GDP. - Land Area: Low [0], 17,999 kmĀ². General Information: - A small tropical island with a curious an exoctic history. Mostly neglected during colonial times by the metropolis, the island soon became a base for pirates and smugglers, a shelter for minorities and escaped slaves, as well as being the home of the few colonists that arrived and the natives already present. This cohabitation of different peo
  2. Full Name of Nation: The Union of Anarchiae Magna. Government type of nation: A unitary, highly participatory semi-direct democracy, headed by a council called the Comitas Anarchiarum. Even if the elected officials handle most day to the administration, the citizens have the ability to propose, pass and veto legislation as well as policy, they also can call for early elections of the Congressus and recall elected representatives and officials. Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Do to colonization and immigration, there is no one defined culture or ethnicity for the country more than b
  3. This is the nation of Anarchiae Magna, a social libertarian society with a caribbean culture, a welfare capitalism and unparalleled amounts of social and political freedom! The people from Anarchiae Magna are proud on their traditions of tolerance, liberty and democracy. I love RPing so I hope I can do something good among you pals
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