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  1. Federation of Aruthea Aruthea, officially known as the Federation of Aruthea, is an archipelagic country located on the [XX] continent. It consists of approximately around 4,453~ islands, covering a land area of 176,830 km2. Aruana Tuli, located on the southern part of the mainland, is the nation’s capital. The country is inhabited by around 30 million people, divided into three major ethnic groups: Nuwan (47.2%), Kayaran (37.3%) and Chengzese (13.2%), with a small proportion (2.3%) of the population being of foreign descent. The nation's economy is prospering with an impressive GDP
  2. Red Tide Haunts Fish Market The price of most saltwater fishes have skyrocketed this October. The most notable increase occurred to the prices of tuna and sardines. According to the Federal Strategic Market Administration (FSMA), the average national prices of tuna reaches as high as 90.15 ARK per kilogram from the usual 40.6 ARK, while prices of sardines increased from 23.8 ARK to 45.85 ARK per kilogram, both the highest prices ever seen since 1994. Shrimp and crab prices have also increased from 13.35 ARK to 20.1 ARK per kilogram, while freshwater fish prices like salmon, eel, and
  3. Aruthea

    The Front Desk

    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Federation of Aruthea Government type of nation: Federal Parliamentary Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Maritime-focused Pacific Islander Give us a short description of your nation: A colonized nation that broke free from its oppressor, the populace split in two ethnicities: The dominating maritime-cultured people and the oppressed agricultural people. After a mass unrest that saw ethnic violence, an agreement between leaders of both ethnics was reached to install a democratic nation, though the nation hasn't seen any improvement of
  4. After reading the rules and so forth, I just realized that you're supposed to have your nation's name as username, though creating a new account would be a bannable offense. Welp, what should I do?
  5. Greetings! My country is an archipelagic one called Aruthea. Its a mix of almost all Pacific nation really (Japan, Phillipines, Indonesia, Palau, etc). It's a developing nation, a new democracy born after a mass unrest against the old corrupt, tyrannical power, though capitalism still runs their business as usual. I've found myself to be a rather incompetent writer, so I'm hoping this RP would improve my writing skill, to an acceptable degree at the very least. Constructive criticism towards any of my writing is more than welcome! Hope we can have fun together, lads!
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