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  1. Federation of Aruthea Aruthea, officially known as the Federation of Aruthea, is an archipelagic country located on the [XX] continent. It consists of approximately around 4,453~ islands, covering a land area of 176,830 km2. Aruana Tuli, located on the southern part of the mainland, is the nation’s capital. The country is inhabited by around 30 million people, divided into three major ethnic groups: Nuwan (47.2%), Kayaran (37.3%) and Chengzese (13.2%), with a small proportion (2.3%) of the population being of foreign descent. The nation's economy is prospering with an impressive GDP per capita of 26,000. Metagame: That's a low tier land area (0 points), medium tier population (1 points), and high tier GDP (2 points) Geography Aruthea has a tropical maritime climate that is usually hot and humid. The country experiences two seasons: hot-dry season and wet-rainy season, although the distribution of annual rainfall isn’t spread evenly throughout the archipelago. The mainland experiences the highest annual rainfall, while Kayar the lowest. Winds are usually moderate and predictable, with monsoon blowing from the south of the archipelago. Typhoons and storms usually occur during the start of the wet-rainy season, so sailors and fishermen usually stay in the docks during that time. History Modern History The first decade of Aruthean independence is plagued with rampant political instabilities. Many competing radical movements fought for complete dominance in the nation’s politics, and the newly-formed parliament is crippled by infighting among the representatives. Meanwhile, the populace were suffering from severe poverty, weak economy, and low education, with rampant ethnic and religious conflict, furthering the division inside Aruthea. Flag of the Free Nuwa Movement In November 1937 and later July 1938, the Aruthean Communist Party attempted several failed uprisings against the kingdom, which prompted the government to completely ban them and execute their leaders. In January 1940, seeing the central government ignorant of their hardships, radical Nuwans formed an armed militia called Free Nuwa Movement (FNM) to free the common Nuwans from the yoke of the unstable government. The FNM saw multiple conflicts against the army, though never decisively defeated. This is because some of the military and the parliament were sympathetic for the FNM’s cause, as the Nuwan made up a significant portion of both the army and the senate. Queen Tuluana XII Disillusioned by democratic bickering and endless unrest, on 10 December 1942, the Queen of Aruthea, Tuluana XII, launched a surprise coup against democratic institutions and the army using the Kayaran-dominated Aruthean Navy, securing for herself the supreme power to decisively rule Aruthea. The queen’s reign is extremely focused on improving the economy and lowering the poverty with effective policies such as the formation of the Central Bank of Aruthea, nationalisation of vital colonial corporations, redistribution of neglected farmlands and plantations to the common people, and many more. She also successfully negotiated with the FNM to stand down by offering them amnesty and granting autonomy for the Nuwa region. Her impressive administration made her extremely popular with the common Aruthean, be it Kayaran or Nuwan. To this day, she is usually referred to as The Mother of Aruthean Economy. Unfortunately, after almost 3 years since the coup, Queen Tuluana died of illness, caused by breast cancer. Her death came as a shock for the nation, as the illness was kept secret until her death. It is said that she worked hard for the common Aruthean people even though she was fighting her own illness. The queen left no heir, which made her power fall onto the navy’s hand. Leadership was awarded to Admiral Seyal Taka, the Chief of Staff of the Aruthean Navy before the queen’s death. Admiral Seyal Taka Under Admiral Taka’s reign, the kingdom was effectively changed into the Republic of Aruthea. Unlike the Queen, he had no patience for the Nuwan people. He promoted the idea of Kayaran superiority. While the Kayar Islands were being intensively industrialized, the mainland was generally neglected. Combined with his lavish budget plan biased for the navy, the FNM rose up once more in September 1946 to overthrow the admiral’s tyrannical regime. Taka responded by enlisting more Kayaran for the Naval Army to stamp down the FNM rebellion and intensified discrimination against the Nuwan. He also expelled generations of Nuwan living in the capital city of Aruana Tuli, which has a significant Nuwan minority, replaced by Kayaran immigrants to further the industrialization effort. The FNM continued their guerilla warfare against the Naval Army, easily winning the support of common Nuwan people, though never resulted in anything more than stalemates. While the Kayaran were treated as the highest class and Nuwan the lowest, the Chengzese found themselves in a unique situation, where they can support either the regime or the rebellion. Taka was well-aware of this. He gave them some degree of autonomy and subsidized their economy and welfare. This made them supportive of the regime, and hated by the rebellion, furthering the division between ethnic Nuwan and Chengzese. Admiral Kila Yaserat In May 1980, Taka died of kidney problems. He was succeeded by his son, Commodore Arul Karisi. His reign was plagued with famines, massive economic downturn, and hyperinflation. This made him completely unpopular, even among the Kayaran and the navy personnel. His incompetence caused the Naval Army to be repeatedly defeated by the FNM, to the point where the rebellion army were approaching the Chengzese province and the capital city of Aruana Tuli. In January 1984, Karisi resigned and escaped to a foreign country to avoid the political fallout, leaving Admiral Kila Yaserat in charge. Yaserat was rather pro-democracy, as he is half-Chengzese himself. He organized the Aruana Tuli Conference, where he invited representatives from the common Kayaran, Chengzese, and Nuwan, while also inviting the high-ranking naval elites, regional leaders, and delegation from the FNM. He proposed a federal nation based on ethnic lines that comprised of 4 states: State of Kayar, State of East Nuwa, State of West Nuwa, and State of Chengzese, with the capital located at the Federal District of Aruana Tuli. After negotiation of several compromises, most notably the exclusivity of the position of head of state only for the Aruthean Admiralty, freedom for each state to raise their own military, and lower taxes levied from each state, a new federation was born. Government High Senate Main Building Aruthea is a federation with a parliamentary system. The Supreme Admiral of Aruthea is the head of state and the commander-in-chief of the Aruthean Federal Armed Forces, elected democratically by the people, though candidacy is limited only for the members of the Aruthean Admiralty, which mostly consists of high-ranking naval elites. The highest representative body on the federal level is simply called the High Senate, a unicameral parliament functioning as the nation’s legislative body and to monitor the executive branch. The senate consists of 135 delegates in total, with each state represented by their own 30 delegates, and additional 15 delegates representing the Federal District of Aruana Tuli. The executive power is vested in the Central Cabinet, led by the Prime Minister of Aruthea which acts as its head of government. The prime minister is chosen by the members of the High Senate, of which the prime minister must be a member of. The cabinet is responsible for federal governing, policy-making, decision-making, and foreign affairs. The nation is comprised of 4 unitary states: Kayar, East Nuwa, West Nuwa, and Chengzi. The State Governor acts as both head of state and head of government for each state, monitored by their own State Legislative Council. Each state is divided into city/county, which are then divided into municipalities. Economy The Aruthean economy is effectively split into two: the agricultural and natural extraction economy concentrated on the mainland; and the industrial economy concentrated on the Kayar Islands. Tourism is also a significant contributor for the whole Aruthean economy, attracting more than 8.5 million tourists annually. Aruthea has a low unemployment rate, never exceeding 6% since the 2000s. However, the economical split between the industrial Kayar and the agricultural mainland means that the nation has one of the highest income inequalities in the world. The currency of Aruthea is Aruthean Korm (ARK), issued by the Federal Bank of Aruthea. Demographics Aruthea is demographically diverse in terms of ethnic and religion. In terms of ethnicity, the Kayar Islands are mostly populated by Kayaran themselves. The mainland is dominated by the Nuwan, with a significant Chengzese population to the west and Kayaran population to the southeast. In terms of religion, Aruthean consist of Catholics (51%), Paganism (33%), and Islam (15%), with Paganism concentrated on Kayar Islands, Islam on the mainland, and Catholics spread evenly across.
  2. Red Tide Haunts Fish Market The price of most saltwater fishes have skyrocketed this October. The most notable increase occurred to the prices of tuna and sardines. According to the Federal Strategic Market Administration (FSMA), the average national prices of tuna reaches as high as 90.15 ARK per kilogram from the usual 40.6 ARK, while prices of sardines increased from 23.8 ARK to 45.85 ARK per kilogram, both the highest prices ever seen since 1994. Shrimp and crab prices have also increased from 13.35 ARK to 20.1 ARK per kilogram, while freshwater fish prices like salmon, eel, and trout saw very little to no increase in prices. These outrageous price increases are believed to be caused by the sudden red tide that appeared in the Aruthean Sea. Jayak, a local fisherman, said that the tides appeared around one week ago, “My fishing yield has decreased by more than a half thanks to those damned tide.” he said, “Me and my friends’ fishing operations have to be suspended, since they won’t be worth the fuel to sail. We just hope that the tide will disappear soon.” Responding to the red tide, the Minister of Fisheries, Helvi Nubara, said “We are very much concerned about the red tides that occurred in the Aruthean Sea, and since fisheries is an extremely vital industry to our economy, we are doing our best to minimize the damage caused by the tides.” It is exactly unknown how these red tides appeared. The most accepted theory is that they are naturally-occuring algal blooms, caused by algae concentrated in one area following the ocean current. Though, some environmentalists argue that this algal blooms did not occur naturally, instead it might’ve been caused by industrial wastewater dumped directly into the sea. Regarding the allegation, Yiras Husera, the Minister of Environment said, “We have opened our investigation regarding the possibilities that illegal wastewater dumping might’ve caused the red tides. If yes, the company responsible for the dumping will be heavily fined and the factory that dumped the wastewater will be closed down immediately.” “If the allegations are true, there will not be any compromise for the perpetrator”, closed him.
  3. Aruthea

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    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Federation of Aruthea Government type of nation: Federal Parliamentary Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Maritime-focused Pacific Islander Give us a short description of your nation: A colonized nation that broke free from its oppressor, the populace split in two ethnicities: The dominating maritime-cultured people and the oppressed agricultural people. After a mass unrest that saw ethnic violence, an agreement between leaders of both ethnics was reached to install a democratic nation, though the nation hasn't seen any improvement of racial relations or economic growth... Do you have an IIWiki page?: Never heard of it WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? Did it once or twice, but not exactly experienced. How would you describe yourself? A reserved, quiet lad who loves to analyze stuff. Also a terrible writer hoping to at least improve his skill to an acceptable level. RP/Writing samples (if available already): None Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here? Sure, that would help me quite a lot! NATIONSTATES Why do you want to join this region?: Looking to roleplay to improve my writing skill. Have you ever had trouble with any moderators?: Not that I can think of. Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it. About a year or so experience. I'm familiar with the whole game, though not exactly active in whatever region I was in. Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates World Assembly? Yes, I'm a member of the WA. Anything else?: Nope. Providing any falsified or deliberately misleading information will result in your application being rejected and your access to the forum revoked. By submitting this form, you are indicating that you agree to abide by the community and RP rules of this community. Any breach thereof may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to revoking of forum posting rights, banning from the forum, removal of regional citizenship, and ejection from the region.
  4. After reading the rules and so forth, I just realized that you're supposed to have your nation's name as username, though creating a new account would be a bannable offense. Welp, what should I do?
  5. Greetings! My country is an archipelagic one called Aruthea. Its a mix of almost all Pacific nation really (Japan, Phillipines, Indonesia, Palau, etc). It's a developing nation, a new democracy born after a mass unrest against the old corrupt, tyrannical power, though capitalism still runs their business as usual. I've found myself to be a rather incompetent writer, so I'm hoping this RP would improve my writing skill, to an acceptable degree at the very least. Constructive criticism towards any of my writing is more than welcome! Hope we can have fun together, lads!
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