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  1. MrAdamC

    The Front Desk

    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Commonwealth of West Retrooperion Government type of nation: Autocrat (HoS is installing HoG as Monarch) Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Yasic, Zachadic Give us a short description of your nation: The country was formed by survivors of an ethnic cleansing event. They started out democratic but are currently going through a change of governance toward monarchism. Materialist in nature, religion does not play a large role here. (OOC)Slavic in nature, one could describe the populace as a westernized slavic people. (End OOC) Do you have an IIWiki pag
  2. Was democratic so the monarchy will continue from the dictator, he will form a parliament as well. I was looking at the map earlier, I will check the Argis area out again before I make a final determination on location. Edit: The head of state is installing the head of government as Monarch since he basically controls the military forces (50k or so actual combat troops). She will be Queen once I get everything in order.
  3. Thanks! After reading some more on wiki, I'm definitely going to go with Yasil as the national language, the dialect being Eastern. I'm trying to steer toward a monarchy, but we'll see how that goes. Right now I just installed a dictator. It's very early yet, but I'd like to be like a western themed slavic (Yasil) nation. I'll figure it out as I go.
  4. New to all this, and RP. Western Retrooperion was created after much of the populace escaped an ethnic cleansing event from an unnamed/unknown region and formed the current state. Most citizens have adopted English-Russian names, but all speak English. Religion is not a focus of the populace, but technology is held in high regard. The country could be described as being very much so materialist. The Head of Government is currently Toporova Diana Alekseevna; the true face of the country. The Head of State is very much so in the background. The HoS is nearly always selected from the milita
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