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  1. Fravi Department of Foreign Affairs TO: The North Adlantic Union Council (@Seylos) CC: @Delamaria, @Galahinda FROM: The Office of the President, the Vice Presidential Council, the Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Department of Trade and Finance, Republic of Fravina The Republic of Fravina values the people above all, and what helps the nation helps the people. It is the view of our government that trade maintains national stability and national prosperity. Thus, trade also helps the people in conjunction. It is also the view of the government that international coope
  2. APPLICATION FORM FOR MEMBER/OBSERVER STATE STATUS Specify Desired Status: Member Sponsor State: @Fulgistan Nation Name: République de Fravina Current Government Type: Parliamentary Republic Brief Background of Policy: Fravina is a democratic nation which has been run by the socialists since the late 1940s. The second constitution, drafted by the socialists, ensures several inalienable rights and freedoms of the Fravi people. With far-left social policies, Fravina is an extremely progressive nation. Fravina is a command economy, with most industries run solely
  3. Fravi Department of Foreign Affairs TO: Stedorian People's Republic Stedoriän Minister Foginänikadinas FROM: Jean-Luc Émissaire, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Fravina The Republic of Fravina would be honored to enter formal diplomatic relations with the Stedorian People's Republic. Our mutual struggles and proximity shall serve as the basis for friendly relations between Fravina and Stedoria. It is the deepest desire of the people and workers of Fravina to see us forge strong, close bonds between our two governments. This relationship would be beneficial for both ou
  4. Fravi Department of Foreign Affairs TO: Worker's Republic of Fulgistan Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy FROM: Jean-Luc Émissaire, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Fravina The Republic of Fravina would be honored to enter formal diplomatic relations with the people of Fulgistan. The workers of Fravina and Fulgistan have gone through mutual struggles in the past, and these shared experiences will forge a strong and friendly relationship between our two governments that would be beneficial for both our people and for our nations. After great discussion among the Cabinet,
  5. Fravi Department of Foreign Affairs The Fravi Department of Foreign Affairs is the official channel of diplomacy for the Republic of Fravina. The department's duty is to establish and maintain international relations and to release statements regarding Fravina's stance on foreign issues. Through the Department of Foreign Affairs, other nations may also establish and/or maintain official relations with the government of Fravina. Fravina is open to establishing diplomatic missions, at home or around the wurld. We are asking governments to please contact us about this.
  6. RIOTS BREAK OUT IN BELLEVILLE OVER MAYORAL ELECTION BELLEVILLE - The reelection of Liberal Mayor Gabrielle Renaud proves to be deeply controversial in Belleville. Riots broke out early last night through into the morning, with protestors burning flags, automobiles, and commercial buildings. Oddly enough, the rioters were composed of people that have wildly opposed political beliefs. As expected, members of the far-right National People's Party are rioting in full force, but so did members of the Socialist and Social-Worker's Parties. It seems that both the left and the right hav
  7. Thank you @Metztlitlaca! I hope it's within the size limitations, sorry if it isn't.
  8. Thanks y'all for all the help. I'm struggling with size and scale but this is roughly what I want my borders to look like. Just north of @Delamaria seems fitting for Fravina.
  9. Hopefully I check all the requirements for a map space. If I don't, I'm so sorry. Nation in Eurth: The Federal Republic of Fravina Flag: Capital name: Port de Sang Capital location: Along the coast and on a river Factbook link: iiwiki in progress Newsroom link: The Rose Window Culture: French-like Climate: Ideally, a climate similar to New England. Location: Unsure (ideally hilly with a major river) History: A former colony of Fleur de Lys, Fravina became independent in 1765. Two civil wars in the early 1900s lead to a socialist revolutio
  10. PORT DE SANG TRAINS WILL NOT BE FIXED UNTIL AT LEAST SATURDAY, SAYS TRANSPORTATION MINISTER On Sunday, it was announced that a glitch was discovered in the software running the Port de Sang rail system. Yesterday, it was announced that train service would temporarily stop in the city as they repaired the system. Earlier today, it was announced that it would take until at least Saturday for the vital transport to be fixed, but may take longer. In a press conference this afternoon, Transport Minister Louis Rivière announced that the government will compensate workers who relied on
  11. THOUSANDS MOURN AT FUNERAL OF FORMER PRESIDENT MARIE BOCHE Today, the nation mourns the loss of former president Marie Boche. A visionary and a pragmatist, she led Fravina into a modern era of growth and prosperity. Thousands lined the streets of Port de Sang today, and even more gathered in Fort d'Olivier, her home city, for the state funeral. Everyone in the city, it seems, fell upon Revolution Square to attend the funeral of the much beloved president. Politicians from all across Fravina also attended the ceremony. Every member of the People's Council, as well as all the pres
  12. The Rose Window is the largest news organization of Fravina. Founded in 1886 by Bernadette Rose, it was originally used as a propaganda arm of the socialists, especially during the 1942-1948 Socialist Revolution. It continued to be owned and operated by the socialist Fravi government until 1991, when President Jacque Edouard decided it was against government interests to keep funding the organization. Currently, the Rose Window is a non-profit news organization most famous for its accurate coverage of national news and hard-hitting investigative journalism in Fravina.
  13. THE NATIONAL FRAVINA BULLETIN 16 JANUARY 2021 'The Shining City of Crime' Review: Triumphant Return for Director Charrier 'The Shining City of Crime' is a brilliant return to form for Director Andre Charrier following a string of mediocre movies. With a star-studded cast and brilliant writing, this movie is sure to be a hit with Fravi audiences. The cast, starring Luis Thomas and Emilie Lambert, bring dramatic gravity to the movie. The two actors play off of each other well with quick wit and banter, bringing much needed levity to an otherwise bleak film. Set in pre-revolut
  14. The smell of fresh food waft through the streets. The loud sound of music rung through the air, and red flags hung high over buildings and homes. The chatter of people filled the air, and so did the soft laughs of children running around in the streets. Today was great day of celebration all across Fravina. Today is Revolution Day! My favorite day of the whole year. Once a year, all of Fravina celebrates the anniversary of the Revolution. A democratic and socialist revolution which changed and improved Fravina forever. This year, it just so happens that it is the 100th Anniversary, so the
  15. Following a tense election, the Red Coalition has gathered a razor-thin majority in the Parliament, thus ensuring the reelection of President Bernard Beaumont. Following some scandals that rocked the nation earlier this year, it seems that the Red Coalition may be losing hold of power in Fravina, losing many seats in Parliament, which the Blue Coalition took for themselves. The 68 year-old president and leader of the Socialist Party has been highly popular throughout most of his presidency. Beaumont has strengthened ties with Fravina's foreign and domestic allies, and unified
  16. Howdy, The nation of Fravina is expecting to adopt a mix of French and German culture. A socialist democracy with a growing fascist movement, Fravina is at a tipping point in its history. I'm not a great writer, but I'm hoping to improve my writing in my time here. I also hope to just make some bonds with people here and grow out of my shell a little. Also, a small question - Is there a canon year that we are roleplaying in? Just want to know to get a sense of my worldbuilding. Thanks!
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    FRAVINA Full Name of Nation: Federal Republic of Fravina Government type of nation: Democratic Republic Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Basically French, with indigenous minorities Give us a short description of your nation: Fravina is a coastal nation, with a climate similar to that of New England's. It broke free from its colonizers in a brutal uprising. What followed was 150 years of instability in the nation, when a bloody socialist revolution broke out. Now, Fravina has stabilized under elected leadership. WRITING EXPERIENCE How would yo
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