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  1. VICE PRESIDENT JEAN MARTIN, FAMILY INJURED IN DEVASTATING CAR CRASH (Pictured above: Vice President Jean Martin and Second Lady Asami Takahashi) Early this morning, long-time Vice President Jean Martin was driving along OR-44 in Orléans between Port de Sang and Beaufort. With him in the car were his wife, Asami Takahashi, his 5 children, including internet star Paul-Henri Martin, and his 2 year-old granddaughter, Danielle Martin. The vice president, who has served since 2003, was allegedly driving to Beuafort for a get-together of the Martin family. Recently released traffic footage show that a red truck swerved and crashed into the front of the Martins' car. This occurred just before 7 A.M. this morning. At 2 P.M. this afternoon, President Bernard Beaumont announced news of the crash, stating that the family had just arrived at the capital for treatment. "I wish my best to the vice president, and hope he and his family soon recover." Besides this statement from Beaumont, not much else is known about everybody's conditions, nor the condition of the truck driver. Jean Martin, a member of the storied Martin Family and grandson of Grand Admiral and President Nicolas Martin, has long been regarded as an honorable and noble man. His strong, stable presence has long been a part of Fravi politics, and his family's presence moreso. Vice President Martin - we wish you and your family a safe recovery.
  2. Fravi Department of Foreign Affairs TO: Ander Von Starinburg, President of the Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria FROM: Bernard Beaumont, President of the Republic of Fravina My dear Ander, I hope this letter finds you well. Our two nations have often worked together, and it is within my interest to maintain our friendship. Thusly, I would adore to visit Velaheria and meet with you, their president and leader. A state visit would bring with it many benefits, not to mention my love of seeing the types of landscapes every country has to offer. Painting landscapes is one of my great joys in life, and I would enjoy painting one of the many great hills or plains of Velaheria that I have heard so much about. Besides my personal whims, a visit would also provide us an opportunity to discuss relations and the future of socialism in East Argis. You know that one of my greatest foreign policy wishes is for peace in East Argis, and my visit would only work to further that goal. I hope you do agree to let me visit your glorious nation. If you are to agree, I hope to schedule this visit for early July this year. I would bring along with me Vice President Valentine LaClaire and Vice President Adelie Grasse, as well as Secretary Jean-Luc Émissaire and Ambassador Davignon Cordonnier. While I know this may seem like a large party, they're mostly coming to look pretty for the cameras and not much else. The people of Fravina look forward to the continuation of great relations among our two nations. With love and adoration, Bernard Beaumont President of Fravina
  3. I'm all for placing Sanarija in East Argis. Would be nice to have a northerly neighbor, despite the huge culture difference.
  4. Bernard Beaumont, President of Fravina Bernard Beaumont, aged 67, was elected President in November 2015. As head of the Red Flag Coalition, Beaumont represents the Socialist parties of Fravina, but is more moderate than his fellow Fravi socialists. He formerly served as mayor of Cannes from 1986-1991, before being elected to the Wing of Legislation. An advocate for domestic reform, he eventually became Vice President, serving under Presidents Blanchet and Garnier. When the Red Flag Coalition failed to earn a majority in 2010, Beaumont was chosen to replace Garnier as leader of the Social Labour Party and of the coalition in 2012. Since his inauguration, Beaumont has overseen the creation of new infrastructure, the end of the military draft, and election reforms throughout Fravina. He is an incredibly popular figure in Fravina, portraying himself as a nice grandfatherly figure and as a common man. Bernard Beaumont is the second President of Fravina to have been born after the Second Civil War, and the first president since 1995 to be Christian.
  5. Seventh Amendment finally approved, prevents repeat of disastrous 2010 Election Ten years after its proposal in June 2011, the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution has finally been ratified and put into effect. This vital act will reform Fravi elections to prevent deadlocks and repeats of the 2010 Election. Over a decade ago, the 2010 Election led to a deadlock in the People’s Council, with no coalitions holding a majority in either the Wing of Legislation or the Wing of Examination. Without a majority in either wing, a government could not form until 2016, following the 2015 Election. While holding a second election was proposed, it was struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. The Seventh Amendment adds a clause to the Constitution that allows for repeat legislative elections 3 months after a government fails to form. However, it does not provide a solution to the decade's long stalemate in the Wing of Examiners. Passing the Wing of Legislation in 2012, the Wing of Examiners in 2014, it took 7 years until the required approval of 5 provinces was met. Both Orléans and Barbier approved the amendment in early 2015. Mont de Mercy gave its approval in mid 2016, and Romarin in late 2017. Prétredy finally gave their approval on May 4, 2021. After its approval by Prétredy, a referendum was held, netting 81% approval from voters. Finally, the Vice Presidential Council passed it unanimously late last night, and President Beaumont signed the amendment at 7:43 A.M. this morning, ensuring the Seventh Amendment’s passing. Hopefully, the nation will not have to experience another 2010. But if we do, at least we will have a safety net on the other side.
  6. Fravi Department of Foreign Affairs TO: The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion FROM: Jean-Luc Émissaire, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Fravina The Republic of Fravina would be honored to receieve an embassy from the Greater Holy Empire of @Tagmatium Rules. Despite the countless differences between our two nations, we believe cooperation is the only path to move the wurld forward. These differences will only prove to help our people, in providing more pathways of thought and beliefs to our great populations. In the interest of maintaining peace and cooperation throughout Eurth, Fravina accepts Tagmatium's proposed exchange of embassies. This path of a more united Eurth will lead to great fortune and prosperity across the wurld in the future. In the interest of maintaining peace across the globe and in eastern Argis, the Republic of Fravina puts forward Jospehine Martin as the most qualified ambassador in our exchange of embassies. The people of Fravina look forward to the establishment of great relations among our two nations.
  7. Fravi Department of Defense and War Armament of Fravina Army of Fravina To the International Community, Fravina is seeking to rearm its military in the face of recent aggression from Anglia. We are seeking only what is necessary to act as a defense force within our nation. We are seeking rifles, machine guns, explosives, and armored vehicles. If our budget affords, we would also like to buy tanks and artillery. The budget for Army rearmament stands at USD$3.25 billion. Cordially, Grand General Wilhelm Noyer Navy of Fravina To @Haruspex, Working upon our previous agreements and negotiations, Fravina would like to buy four corvettes, one multirole carrier assault ship, and a frigate from Haruspex International Armaments for USD$2.4 billion. To @Seylos, Fravina has heard many great things about the ships coming from the ports of Seylos. Thusly, in our quest for Fravi survival, we would like to purchase ships manufactured in Seylos for military use. The ships purchased from Seylos will never be used in aggression and only in defense. The remaining budget for Navy rearmament stands at USD$1.6 billion. Cordially, Grand Admiral Marine Pêcheur Air Force of Fravina To @Gallambria, Fravina is seeking to refit our Air Force for the first time in decades. While our budget for aircraft isn't as high as our officers would like, it is more than enough to purchase effective aircraft. We are seeking to buy helicopters and multirole combat jets from Gallambria. The budget for Air Force rearmament stands at USD$1.5 billion. Cordially, Grand General Lucien Martin
  8. FIGHT BREAKS OUT ON LEGISLATIVE FLOOR, HUGO AND WOLFF HOSPITALIZED As vigorous debate rages on over proposed tax reforms, legislators in every seat of the circle are tired and frustrated as debate on the taxes reached 50 hours last night. The proposed tax reforms would raise taxes for the first time in decades. The increase would be felt hardest on the few independently run businesses in Fravina, especially the owners of these establishments. As it stands, the tax increase is supported by the National People's Party, Communist Party, and roughly half of the Social Labour Party. Opposed by the Liberal Party, Conservative Party, Capitalist Party, and the other half of the Social Labour, the Council is hung on the issue. Breaking the tradition of civil behavior in the People’s Council, brawling broke out Friday evening during debate. Legislators, tired and frustrated from the longest debate in Fravi history, took out their anger on their fellow members. The fight, which left 58 injured, was the largest piece of legislative violence ever experienced in Fravina. The melee left National People’s leader Claude Hugo and Capitalist Party leader Vincent Wolff hospitalized. Both were attacked by Vice President Louise Rochefort, wielding a fire extinguisher. Rochefort was herself attacked by Nicolas Bellamy, an aide for Wolff, using a chair which knocked her out for over half an hour. The fight, which lasted 43 minutes, was eventually broken up when police stormed the chamber. Many legislators and aides were quickly admitted to local hospitals, and the consequences to be faced by those involved are still being considered.
  9. Fravi Department of Foreign Affairs TO: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Seylos FROM: Jean-Luc Émissaire, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Fravina It is the greatest desire of the Fravi people to ensure peace in East Argis, and the government of the Republic sees fit that diplomacy is the one way to ensure this peace. Thusly, we seek to enter diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Seylos for the express purpose of peace and future prosperity in our shared region. The government puts forward Élisabeth Bellerose as the best possible ambassador to Seylos to establish amicable and beautiful relations between us, If the kingdom sees fit to enter relations with Fravina, we cordially request that Seylos also puts forward an ambassador. The people of Fravina look forward to the establishment of great relations among our two nations.
  10. Fravi Department of Foreign Affairs TO: Sunarto Notowiharjo, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Empire of Kertosono FROM: Jean-Luc Émissaire, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Fravina It is the deepest desire of the government of Fravina to see the establishment of relations between ourselves and with the Empire of Kertosono. We believe that the foundation of friendly relations will aid our governments as we march into the future of Eurth. If you agree to establishing civil ties between our two nations, the Fravi government believes that Modestine Labelle will make the best ambassador to Kertosono. If the Empire of Kertosono sees it fit to begin relations with us, we cordially request that their government put forth a potential ambassador in turn. The people of Fravina look forward to the establishment of great relations among our two nations.
  11. Fravi Department of Foreign Affairs TO: Ministry of External Affairs of Velaheria FROM: Jean-Luc Émissaire, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Fravina The Republic of Fravina finds it that the desire of the Fravi people is peace and harmony on eastern Argis, and believes that the establishment of official diplomatic ties with Velaheria would help the continent move forward in this respect. It is the hope and belief of the current Fravi government that our similar shared socialist cause will provide the foundation on which we may build and establish friendly and amicable relations. The establishment of a positive relationship between us would prove beneficial as we work to advance both our nations and our peoples on this continent. In our goal of establishing civil ties, the Fravi government puts forward Davignon Cordonnier as a potential diplomat and ambassador to the nation of Velaheria. If the Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria sees it fit to begin relations with us, we cordially request that their government put forth a potential ambassador in turn. The people of Fravina look forward to the establishment of great relations among our two nations.
  12. Fravi Department of Foreign Affairs TO: The North Adlantic Union Council (@Seylos) CC: @Delamaria, @Galahinda FROM: The Office of the President, the Vice Presidential Council, the Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Department of Trade and Finance, Republic of Fravina The Republic of Fravina values the people above all, and what helps the nation helps the people. It is the view of our government that trade maintains national stability and national prosperity. Thus, trade also helps the people in conjunction. It is also the view of the government that international cooperation is beneficial for the nation. Thus, it is also good for the people. The North Adlantic Union Council will promote justice and peace in eastern Argis, securing a future of greatness for our nations and for our peoples. Since this proposed trade union will help the people, it is in the best interest of Fravina to see fit that it joins the North Adlantic Union Council. We are glad to find that the Commonwealth of Delamaria has plans to join NAUC,. As well, we implore the Unitary Conglomerate of Galahinda to draft plans to join the NAUC as well. It will only benefit our nations and our people by promoting international cooperation, stability, and peace in our shared region. Best regards, Bernard Beaumont President of the Republic of Fravina (Written in conjunction with Vice President Valentine LaClare and Vice President Jean Martin, with counsel from Secretary Jean-Luc Émissaire and Secretary Marie Olivier)
  13. APPLICATION FORM FOR MEMBER/OBSERVER STATE STATUS Specify Desired Status: Member Sponsor State: @Fulgistan Nation Name: République de Fravina Current Government Type: Parliamentary Republic Brief Background of Policy: Fravina is a democratic nation which has been run by the socialists since the late 1940s. The second constitution, drafted by the socialists, ensures several inalienable rights and freedoms of the Fravi people. With far-left social policies, Fravina is an extremely progressive nation. Fravina is a command economy, with most industries run solely by the government. While the Fravi economy isn't the wurld's best, it has been steadily on the rise since the 1990s. Non-government businesses (such as restaurants and nightclubs) are required by law to be worker cooperatives. Fravina's foreign policy is one of non-aggression. Fravina champions diplomacy as the first and main option in any negotiation. As well, the government tries to avoid military conflict with any nation, but maintains a sizable military. All citizens, regardless of gender, are required to conscript into the military's reserve forces between the ages of 18 and 20. This military is used solely as a defense force. Specify Reason(s) for Application: To support the growth and cooperation of nations in this organization. To promote social progress and stability in many nations. To aid in creating peace between ATARA member nations. APPLICATION FORM FOR DELEGATE Headshot/Passport Photo Name of Delegate: Collette Debussy Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Collette Debussy entered the realm of politics in the 1995 General Elections, becoming a member of the Wing of Legislation in the People's Council in 1996. There, she served dutifully as a member of the Education and Foreign Affairs Councils. Under President Garnier, Debussy briefly served as the Secretary of Education, before being shuffled to Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Since the 2010 General Elections ended in a hung People's Council, she was out of the Cabinet and became the Chief Legislator in 2012. This lasted until her resignation in 2016 to become the ambassador to Delamaria, where Debussy currently serves. Previous Tenure: Journalist (1993-2005) Food Critic (1994-2005) Legislator of the People's Council (1996-2016) Secretary of Education (2006-2007) Secretary of Foreign Affairs (2007-2011) Chief Legislator of the People's Council (2012-2016) Ambassador to Delamaria (2016-present)
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