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  1. Your RP Nation Official Name: The Federal Republic of Cortia. Government Type: Democracy Ethnicity/Culture: Most of the nation is white, but a large portion is also indigenous and black. Cortia's culture is very much influenced but their white colonizers, however it has blended heavily with the indigenous culture. Give us a description of your nation: Cortia is a mountainous, temperate nation found in the southern hemisphere, known for it's cold climate and it's predominantly French speaking people. Discovered in 1601 by Adain Caron a fluerian explorer and first colonized in 1613. The colony started out as a trade hub for slaves and minerals, but overtime would become a fully functioning society. The nation declared independence in 1725 through a brutal civil war. Today the nation is rather friendly to it's neighbours and fellow nation. The nation avoids war, but will retaliate if needed. Writing Experience: How would your level of experience in regards to roleplaying: I only started roleplaying 3 weeks ago, but I consider myself okayish at it. How would you describe yourself: I'm very introverted IRL, though I'm very interested in geography and Zoology, with the mix of the two biogeography being also quite interesting as well. I spend most of my time studying geography and animals, mainly on YT or nature documentaries with a recent good one being Attenborough's new "David Attenborough: A life on Our Planet." RP Writing Samples (If any available): Don't think so Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you help to help you through the start of the time here? That would be nice. Please and thanks. NationStates: Why do you want to join this region? Because over the short time I've been RPing I've taken a liking to this hobby. Do you have any previous experience in NationStates? Yes, I have 3 other accounts, well four but I forgot that account's password so I don't count it. And again I've only been doing this for the past 3 weeks so I'm still pretty new to this and RPing. Have you ever had any trouble with any moderators? No, not really. Are you currently are plan to be in the World Assembly: No, I already have an account in the WA Anything else? No.
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