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  1. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Kingdom of Arkedonia Government type of nation: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Arkedonian (Similar to in real life Roman-Greek Culture) Give us a short description of your nation: Used to be advanced in sailing during the Middle Ages, explored vast oceans fearless and discovered several uninhibited islands, Arkedonia currently is ruled with caring and loving monarch based on Protestant teaching. Do you have an IIWiki page?: Not yet WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe y
  2. Dear everyone, Howdy. My nation name is Arkedonia and I think the nation would be adopting Roman-Greek culture in real life. I've been returning to be active in NationStates. Used to play like almost a year ago in different region with different nation, but went inactive due to work related issues. Hope could get along well with everyone here. One of my friend plays here, his nation name is Anatea. Warm regards, Arkedonia
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