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  1. Well, as i said, of course i'll gladly join Not being super good with scientific stuff i'll send a reporter and its crew for make a documentary about the whole travel Looking forward to this rp °^°
  2. . . . With the ceasefire signed in the city-state of Sigta on August 1, 2019, the Republic of Anatea and the Federal Republic of Ruthenia committed themselves in ending the conflict. According to the agreements of the Treaty of Sigta, Anatea would have incorporated Dalstavia into its territory as part of the war debt to be repaid by Ruthenia. Ruthenia, on the other hand, in addition to the debts to repay for the damages inflicted, was constraint to reduce its military strength by 20% and demilitarize the border with the Dalstavia region within 2 m
  3. damn, this topic didn't aged well... ahahahaha x'D
  4. Briefer << Orders have come in for an emergency sortie. A squadron of enemy fighters and bombers are passing through the Dalstavian Plain, west of Mirevka. Central command thinks their mission is to bomb Mirevka now that our forces have occupied it and most of the Ruthenians have left the region. As soon as we got the first interceptors up, the enemy sent more squadrons into action, and we had to respond by sending you too. The situation is escalating further, and if we don't do something in a short time our forces in Mirevka will suffer heavy losses. We won't let them do it. Launch! >
  5. Noice, instead i was thinking to make my 2 mercenaries fighting FOR Anglia at the beginning, just to give a major perspective inside how Anglia operates for create its client states or other stuff :0 then of course when other major powers will be involved and even Anatea, they'll switch to the others and will fight AGAINST Anglia :0 (mostly because they don't wnat to be obliterated by all the rest of the glube :V)
  6. Briefer << With the destruction of the 10th Ruthenian Army at Ikras, the Ruthenians completely ceased any counter-offensive or defense of the front line, retreating towards Mirevka. They are fortifying it and want to be able to bring home as many soldiers as possible. Obviously we won't let them. >> Briefer << Your mission will be simple: destroy every vehicle that retreats from the city, be it a column of vehicles, cargo planes and much more. Not even a soldier has to go home or stay to defend Mirevka. Every downed enemy will be one less chance for Ruthenia to launch
  7. I hope it will be canon x'D and about Ivy's D20 system, i'm oke to use it sometimes it could be interesting and even break the fact that everything's planned ^^
  8. Darn, i saw this topic just now Anatea would gladly join, given the fact that after the Dalstavian War and with its secret peacekeeping unit they will be involved even more in peackeeping operations, for avoid unnecessary wars around the globe
  9. I'm already preparing the soundtracks instead ahahah :V the hype is real!
  10. Here i am! >:D First of all this is a super cool idea and i can't wait to rp it, even because sometimes is really hard to create a big RP project that is oke for everyone! About the rest for me it's super oke, especially the client states thing, it's super nice that you can deal with them by using both war or even diplomatic methods, this could create some nice interactions between players or other little tensions between the various player nations, who knows! About the nations attacked by Great Anglia or its client states, i offer Anatea as battleground to be attacked/invaded, giv
  11. Heyyyy, here i am As Oyus said, we talked about them in Team Aurelia and in the end we decided those NPCs to add for my lore, such as Azuria, Illirea, Yustov and the four ex-Ruthenian states technically there should be even Zastov but is still a WIP, so for now we're still technically deciding even the name or other stuff ^^ And also thank you for adding the cities! (the image is Metz's last map about our super big reunion with the confirmed npc nations & other stuff :D)
  12. Here i am! Soooo about Limonaia you hit some good points, and i read too that infact the Marenesia Team don't want to have him in their continent, and infact i think it's right because, as Gallambria said on Discord: "Moving a rebranded Limonaia would through an already established and still in-the-works, regional lore." And i support this thing with the fact that in the end my colonization is just a detail, i mean... i don't want to support the idea of moving an inactive nation for then use it and maybe IF i leave the region in the future (probably not because i love this place)
  13. Briefer << This is it. After a long time we finally managed to completely break through the front and get to Ikras. The fall of the enemy in this region is nigh. >> Briefer << The recapture of Ikras is important as most of the Ruthenian 10th Army is concentrated in the area, fortifying the city with everything it has. The battle will be tough but an important one. >> Briefer << Operation "Serenissima" will see troops of the 3rd, 10th and 16th Anatean divisions trying to circumvent and end the siege of the city from the north, south and east. The objective is
  14. i forgot about this Anyway, i super like the second more, but probably because it resembles better the ideas of which part is a desert, taiga etc... the first one is cool aswell, but the second is easily understandable even for those who don't know well how the Köppen climate maps work
  15. Some weeks passed since the San Palia counteroffensive had broken the Ruthenian lines, turning the war in favor of Anatea. The Anatean units, now free from the chaining of the Ruthenian forces, were advancing at full speed across the front, trying to reach Ikras and Mirevka, two strategic cities for the logistical traffic in the region. From above, as AWACS, I could not help but observe all the action and give support with the informations we received from the radar mounted on our E-767. It was a stressful task, sure, but when the results turned in favor of your allies, satisfaction made its
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