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  1. Here i am! About @Zaxar claim, i'm oke as long as it doesn't claim the area where i want to put my other npc nations So i'm oke! Also welcome aboard, and it's nice to have a new fellow aurelian with us :'D
  2. Great! super thank your for the reply, i agree with all the points
  3. Here i am, sorry! About what Volta proposed i find it oke, i mean, i dont have any objection... especially about changing the name of the canal, Manamana is just hilarious ahahah x'D but Volta canal would be good About the construction and historical event, i just have a little question for @Volta : will other nations be able to pass through the canal or will be just something for the government of Volta?
  4. If you need i can help with artworks! @Orioni@Seylos About this: may i make a news post, and under it (maybe as spoiler) the narrative RP part? Just to see in details the war of expansions and add some more lore
  5. Question: i have my two mercenary characters that i would like to involve in the war that is going on in the south-western part of Europa, problem is that all the prequel rp is done only through news, so i don't know how to rp with them, because i would like to use the narrative way i always use like i did for the Dalstavian War
  6. For now i don't see any problem with all this :'D
  7. Sorry guys if i'm late! Has the war/conflict started or we're still in the Corinium crisis? just to know and organize myself for the upcoming events
  8. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeell-oh and welcome in Eurth mate! hope you'll enjoy the region and you'll have fun! ^^
  9. I'm absolutely oke with this decision :0 especially for the fact that at least we save a good island spot for a new player and we are able to wurldbuild a little more the latin alike native tribes/civilizations in Aurelia Sooooo, super great! >:D About the capital maybe something around Asperia, or Speria (Spe means hope in latin, it would make sense given the fact that they hoped to survive in the new land they discovered, but of course those are just ideas
  10. Here i am! >:D Sooo, let's begin: For example i used Mantella, that is Cristina's NPC. Back in the days was quite a powerful nation (it even had Cristina in its sphere of influence and later on dominion), of course compared to Tagmatium and others was nothing, but could have been like a Venice and Genoa on steroids. The problem is that with me this could work, but maybe with Shffahkia and other italian-alike nations that have more history than me couldn't... so we could have 2 options: A ) We need like a sort of other italian nation in Europa, maybe a little more powerful like, let's see... a colony overseas of the Aroman Empire that slowly became like Italy when the empire collapsed (maybe the colony could be in Marenesia or somewhere else), but honestly this option is pretty rad and have a lot of plot holes. B ) When Mantella found and colonized the Anatean Peninsula, instead of just colonize it they kept going on trying to colonize other areas around it, but maybe in some areas they were repelled or the area was inhospitable/poor of resources and in others (for example Shffakia) they found a perfect base for colonize/trade/spread some culture etc etc etc To be honest i never interacted with Asgeirria and i barely saw some of his RPs... oke, i never saw any of his RPs, but some people said that he still wurldbuilt somehow x'D Maybe we can keep it as NPC but its lore could be rewritten a little to make it more realistic or adapt it, in case you want to keep his dictatorship etc, to make it a rogue nation or a nation that creates tensions :0 But with or without him for me it's oke :0 Ehhhh... can't say much But tbh having more Asian-alike nations around would be pretty nice, so up to you guys x'D From what i heard/talked/remember with @Shffahkia (correct me if i'm wrong) technically the canal/nation is under a sort of Aurelian League supervision, because without it probably a lot of nations would kill each other for take it lol But i would propose to make it a sort of trust territory for the Aurelian League :0 would be nice because when/if Anglia/external powers will try to seize it, could trigger some interventions, sooo...more RPs eh eh >:D Sooooo, wait... first i have to make a question: may i still request Expansion nations/NPCs for single nations in the future/another thread or are literally prohibited unless we have the permission to expand? Because i need some NPCs for my lore and my next rp (not expansion) :0 and also because i finished the Dalstavian War, so technically i need the Ruthenian mini-states otherwise if someone will be near me on the map, all the efforts in my rp would be wasted because i did all that for nothing x'D About multimember NPCs me and Shffahkia were thinking about a sort of big bad nation (the one i proposed back in the days called "Zastov"), and that would be interesting cause it could trigger a lot of other RPs/tensions that could unite/divide some player nations :0 of course we even have to decide a name cause the one i used was provisional x'D The position and shape of the big bad guy (provisional name Zastov) would be this: Mmmmmmm....tbh i dunno, for now i don't need historic empires, at least for me in Aurelia, so i'm good
  11. @Metztlitlaca Heyyy, oh mighty cartographer of the reg- oke oke, i'll get to the point :V instead of make another topic i'll use this, but i wanted to ask you if, when you can, you could change my flag to this one super thank you! ^^
  12. Well, as i said, of course i'll gladly join Not being super good with scientific stuff i'll send a reporter and its crew for make a documentary about the whole travel Looking forward to this rp °^°
  13. . . . With the ceasefire signed in the city-state of Sigta on August 1, 2019, the Republic of Anatea and the Federal Republic of Ruthenia committed themselves in ending the conflict. According to the agreements of the Treaty of Sigta, Anatea would have incorporated Dalstavia into its territory as part of the war debt to be repaid by Ruthenia. Ruthenia, on the other hand, in addition to the debts to repay for the damages inflicted, was constraint to reduce its military strength by 20% and demilitarize the border with the Dalstavia region within 2 months. With the peace and victory obtained, Anatea began the rearmament and reorganization of the army to counter future threats from internal and external sources, while Ruthenia, with the defeat and the immediate weakening of the central power together with the war debts, began to shatter into different and autonomous factions that succeeded one another from the central territory or provoked small local guerrillas. With the ongoing guerrillas, and the assassination of the leader Kars Delai at the hands of a subordinate, Ruthenia began a transitional phase of territorial division to dissolve the created nation that suppressed the regions unwilling to be part of the federal republic. It was in that moment that Ruthenia split into various small states, such as New Ruthenia, Casma, Lybadev and Pyrr, which began to continue on the path of democracy to avoid another dictatorship and, with it, another war. Although the conflict was located on a small front, for the veterans the psychological effect was devastating, especially for the Anateans who had not fought in a conflict for decades. Many suffered from Post Traumatic Disorder (PTSD) and psychological complications from the loss of many comrades (depression, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, alienation, shellshock and self-inflicted injuries), while others left the military to join groups to promote peace and disarmament. Some joined protest groups against the Anatean government after the futile massacre endured on the last day of the war, defined by some as a "sadistic and useless bloodshed". Sol squadron members remained in the Anatean Air Force after the conflict, staying for three months deployed in Dalstavia to keep the region under control. During the period of stay in Dalstavia, the squadron pilots suffered an attack on one of their planes, resulting in a failed attempt. It is not yet known who tried to kill the pilots, but from that day they have been moved to an unknown location. It's still unknown whether they still operate in the military or are under protection. After the death of Colonel Kalt and the losses suffered in the battle of the Dalstavian Plain, the two surviving members of Lydra squadron were discharged from the army. Pauline Inati (Lydra 2) is still hospitalized for psychological complications. Wasav squadron pilots disappeared from the news and the Ruthenian Army after the conflict. It is still unknown whether they are still alive or not. The "72nd Anatean Special Squadron" is still being investigated by the RSS and the army. After the battle of the Dalstavian Plain there is no information about the squadron's pilots. They are still wanted by authorities. After the siege of San Palia, Sergeant Paolo Castellani continued to serve in the conflict, returning home on July 19 after being wounded in Ikras. Private Carlo Iannoni instead was killed the same day during the battle of Ikras. With the death of her teammate Jordan, Corporal Elena continued her sniping activity during the conflict. After the war, she left the army and disappeared for several months, until she was accidentally captured in a video during a firefight in the Pyrr region during the civil warfares in Ruthenia. It is thought that she's operating as a mercenary. With the loss of her crew and severe injuries sustained in the tank battle at Novoljia, Lieutenant Laura Osvaldi was rushed to hospital and saved, losing her left leg. She was discharged from the army as Captain and now lives in Arlost. Edward Riley and Sasha Yumov, after the conflict and their contract, managed to keep the Su-35Ks assigned to them as long as they remained in the Dalstavia region as security forces. At the end of the surveillance period, they returned to their home in Crystal Island and participated in other small conflicts around the wurld. THE END
  14. damn, this topic didn't aged well... ahahahaha x'D
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