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  1. ^ has the munchies! Maybe hanging around Pot lately? < thinking of going to bed early tonight...
  2. ...no, just a little sick when he realizes it was all just a dream and he really shot JR!
  3. ^ not nearly as confused as I am! < researching my summer vacation...
  4. alarm clock...tho I ususally wake up before the alarm goes off! (snake fruit looks strangely like a lychee nut!?!?) hot chocolate by a fireplace or ice tea by the pool?
  5. Welcome to the lovely region of Europa! Just beware of a man bearing pies...
  6. ^ likes to stay snuggled in bed as long as possible < washing machine is broken. contemplating going to a laundromat or wearing clothes from a previous decade...
  7. Better late than never! Welcome, (even tho you arrived b4 me!)
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