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  1. Absolutely, count Esonice in! We're ready!
  2. From the 1860s to the 1880s Esonice would likely not really care about what was happening in Mesothalassa as Esonice, and would avoid the topic to not agitate and give fuel to the remaining communists and socialists in the serene kingdom. After the 1880s, it depends when the canal was constructed. If yes, Esonice would slowly start recognising the socialist regime as the true government of Volta and try to cosy up to them. If no, Esonice would not recognise the socialist government and continue its absolute zero tolerance policy for communist and fascist sympathies to avoid destabilising itself for unnecessary reasons. After the creation of the constitutional monarchy after the short civil war in the 1920s, it would still depend if the canal was constructed or not. The new government would either continue the policy of acting friendly towards Volta or denying its existence. After the Thalassan war in the 1940s and the creation of the modern state of Esonice, same reasons. But in modern day now, as we discussed before on the wurldbuilding channel on discord Esonice would definitely recognise Volta's socialist government and deny the existence of the Voltan government in-exile and investing into Volta in exchange of guaranteed and free canal access.
  3. Date - 7th of May 1990 To - Mayor of O'polis NCR @Orioni, City Council of Intreimore @Iverica, City Council of Protiva @Cashar From - Maimedo city council Saiseyo (greetings) from the city of Maimedo to the fellow capital cities of O’polis, Intreimore and Protiva! With the globe becoming ever more interconnected through complex alliances, economic ties and trade, it's important that people across the wurld come to an understanding of one another. This is why Maimedo has come up with a renewed and modernised concept of “sister cities”! What are sister cities - Sister cities, also known as town twinning is a concept that has existed for a few centuries with certain communities establishing mutual relations with each other from foreign lands. The modernised idea for the concept of sister cities is for two geographically and politically distinct localities to exchange something called “twinning charters” or “sister charters” which would formally establish agreements and relations among towns. Those agreements would encompass areas surrounding matters such as travel and education, forming business links, and promotion of cultural and commercial ties. The proposal - As to set an example for the rest of the wurld to follow. The city of Maimedo proposes that all four cities establish this new type of relationship amongst themselves. The proposal holds that - 1. Educational partnership and the development of teaching programmes. 2. Student exchange program. Students of each city are given increased opportunities to study in the schools of each city. 3. Cultural exchange programs. Opportunities to be exposed and immersed to the different cultures that come from our cities. 4. Tourism program including reduced travel fees. 5. Increased commercial ties in areas of trade, business, finance and investment. We believe that these proposals for the foundation of our close relationships will mutually benefit everyone involved. Criticism and change is welcomed of course. And do not feel like these proposals are permanent and unchangeable, cities can always agree to modify and/or add on their agreements at a later date if so desired, including ending agreements. We hope to see a response from other city officials soon! Signed, by the representatives of the Maimedo city council.
  4. You have a new follower. 🙃 It is me.

  5. To: @Great Anglia From the beginning of today, the Serene Kingdom of Esonice on the behalf of his serenity, Serene Prince Sanomi and the Esonian people would like to announce its discontent and hostility towards the almost evilly imperialistic ambitions of the rogue state of Anglia. The Esonian people have been watching closely with disgust as the events in Europa unfolded before their eyes on the television screens of our nation. The acts the Anglians are committing in the old wurld with the violent and illegal annexation of the Social Democratic Confederation, forcing submission upon the poor people of Suverina and infringing on the sovereignty of the nation of Qubdi is repulsive and completely unacceptable. These actions are a threat to the stability of all Eurth nations and international cooperation among us all. We honourably denounce any and all actions committed by the rogue state of Anglia in the recent month, and Esonice demands Anglia to cease its abhorrent behaviour on the international stage and abandon its imperialistic ambition. If such actions continue, Esonice will have to take action and gather other nations to cooperate against the Anglians. Coming to the EOS, LAANN, and ATARA about the matter, and to convince other GIN nations to exclude Anglia from trade and impose pressure. For now, Esonice is forced to impose sanctions on all Anglian products and trade with the state will be limited. With any Esonian businesses present in Anglia being demanded by the government to close down their operations or face more expenses and higher taxes as punishment for perpetrating Anglian aggression. Tourism from Anglia will also be banned as a consequence for the Anglian citizenry not pressuring their government to end the madness. We hope that this will make the Anglian state think about what they have done and the dark times they’re bringing upon the wurld and its people. signed by - Serene Prince Sanomi of Esonice Yumi Kochi, minister of Foreign Affairs Suminori Sugo, minister of defence Arichi Chiyaki, minister of economics and trade
  6. As a result of seeing current international events unfold, the Esonian government is happy to announce to the global community that foreign aid will be increased and directed to certain regions to help and keep peace and goodwill among nations and peoples of the wurld. Alongside the increase to foreign aid spending in collaboration with Esonian non-profit organisations such as the Esonya Foundation international; a humanitarian non-profit organisation that focuses on rebuilding impoverished and wartorn communities, help with education and give humanitarian aid. A refugee scheme is planned to be opened to certain regions to give the individuals there an opportunity to migrate to and be given the ability to start a new life and work in Esonice. The refugee scheme, which will fall under the REP program (Resettlement and education plan), will include an Esonian language course to give candidates an understanding of the Esonian language to an intermediate level while also giving an insight into Esonian everyday life and culture. Also part of the refugee scheme, participating businesses from Esonice seeking new employees will come and give trade courses, apprenticeship opportunities, and employment opportunities which will include interviews. Candidates will also be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to companies if they’re already talented in that area of work such as programming, engineering, medicine, and other practical skills. Background checks of candidates will also be included, with those having certain criminal records being excluded from the program. The REP program will also include the SOP (Student Opportunity Program) which will grant opportunities for younger individuals between the ages of 17 and 21 to study abroad in Esonian schools and universities. Having their foreign student tuition costs cut by 80% by the Esonian ministry of education, and given special support in their chosen course. Several universities, colleges, art schools and others have already voiced support for the scheme and joined the SOP. After graduation, students will be given the choice between settling in Esonice, or moving back home to their families. REGIONS PARTICIPATING - Several regions in the wurld were raised as possible candidates to be part of the directed foreign aid and the REP program. But only a couple got selected as they’re believed to be the best candidates out of all the possible regions that got discussed. The winning candidates are CERIS Ceris, specifically the nations of Uthington, Secryae Hodrea, Rewhain, Nesneubar, the Occlait, Rusheau and many parts of Western Ceris were the top to be selected for foreign aid and the REP program. Special flights from in and out of Ceris and Esonice will be organised to give volunteers and Cerisers safe travel and protection from harm. Many humanitarian non-profits, most major non-profit being the Esonya Foundation International, will be operating in Ceris to help rebuild infrastructure, build new infrastructure such as schools and hospitals and give humanitarian aid to those in need. Foreign aid and the REP program does not apply to the NAU/ @Seylosian controlled territories and Sentist controlled territories. SITALLO Sitallo was selected as the second top candidate, but will not be receiving any foreign aid due to the current events in the nation, and the situation with @Metztlitlaca which will not be commented on. Instead of foreign aid, Sitallans seeking to migrate from the nation will be granted the REP program which will operate in general Palisi’s territory with his approval. NGOs will set up refugee camps for candidates to be processed through the refugee scheme. The SOP will also operate, with younger individuals with the approval of their guardian(s) being given the opportunity to apply to Esonian schools, with the added benefit of Sitallan students having their foreign student tuition paid completely by the Esonian ministry education due to the situation in Sitallo. Sitallans in general Palisi’s territory will also benefit from humanitarian aid efforts, with basic necessities such as food and water being provided to communities and families including medical assistance. OTHER REGIONS THAT WERE MENTIONED - The other regions that were mentioned to be given foreign aid and become part of REP program were: @San Castellino Qubdi Suverina The reasons why these regions were not selected are because they’re either 1. Controlled by a hostile government 2. Region hasn’t undergone years of war/destruction 3. Very limited or no way of giving help to the people there REACTION AND STATEMENTS - Many in Esonice have commented on the government’s directed foreign aid and REP program such as Foreign ministry minister Yumi Kochi. “I think it’s an amazing thing we’re trying to do.” she said. “It will help and improve the lives of many people in the selected regions and give them another chance at life. And it's just wonderful to think that we are able to do this” she continued tearing up. “ I hope that this will improve Esonice’s international image as a nation willing to help those in need, and will leave a good impression in the memories of the people we help. And I sincerely hope that we’ll be able to continue doing such heart-warming programs in the future”. Executive director of Esonya Foundation International. “We’re happy and pleased that the Esonian government has decided to help us in our efforts internationally to help the unfortunate in the wurld” he said. “We’re eager to see what comes off it.” A government funded study has also shown that the majority of Esonians are either supportive or very supportive of the REP program and more foreign aid. But, just as there were many positive responses to the program, there were many criticisms. Regional representative of Kumiko stated that “why should my constituents have to pay for the mishandlings and problems of foreigners?''. But his and many similar comments have been targeted as “heartless” by supporters of the REP program. Many far-right individuals have also come out against the program. Stating that “the scheme is a danger to the cultural and societal stability of the Esonian people'', but such comments have been dismissed as paranoid and racist. Some far-left individuals have also come out against the program, stating that “the program is likely going to depress the wages and working standards of the working classes of Esonice, with foreign workers being prioritised over Esonian citizens”.
  7. I fully and wholeheartedly support this! It will make Western Alharu and Aurelia and Thalassa very exciting to be in and for the new wurld and get everyone to interact and be with each other, rp fighting a common enemy!
  8. Specify desired status: Member Sponsor state: @Iverica Nation name: Serene Kingdom of Esonice Current government type: Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy Brief policy background: Esonice is a constitutional monarchy, with its monarch being called the Serene Prince/Princess, a title that stems from the Esonian belief of divine and tranquil rule. Esonice leads a democratic system, with the executive (Prime minister) and judiciary (Parliament) branches being elected by the people of Esonice. Esonice also leads a federal-like system, with each region having semi-autonomy over their internal matters. Esonice is a capitalist economy which prioritises the economic freedoms of its people and keenly wants to keep job opportunities high and unemployment as low as possible for the well being of the nation. Regulations relating to the environment, hazardous products, workers rights, safety and wellbeing, and abuse of the system (such as loopholes and tax evasion) are in place, and often breaking those rules are not taken kindly by the law. Esonice in its international policy seeks trade, globalisation and international cooperation with little interest in involving itself in wars. Unless absolutely necessary or if the Esonian people are threatened in any way by outside powers. Specify reasons for application: Esonice and Esonians have many reasons for desiring to become a part of ATARA. 1. One of Esonice’s closest neighbours, the Commonwealth of Andalla, is a member of ATARA. Esonice has an interest in keeping friendly relations and economic ties with Andalla close. 2. Esonice seeks to maintain and expand ties with Iverica as Esonians view the Iberic nation in a very positive light, often admiring the culture and people of Iverica. 3. In line with its long term policy, Esonice wants to join ATARA for economic reasons, believing that the bloc will grant the Esonian economy benefits, send more products to, and give room for growth once again ever since the end of the Esonian tiger economy in the early 1990s. 4. Esonice wants closer international cooperation, believing ATARA is greatly helping in other cultures understand each other better. Esonice also wants to help those nations that are in need of aid. 5. With Esonians being generously ready to give resources to nations in need of help if accepted into ATARA, Esonice also desires relief and aid during its struggles against nature. As the nation often struggles against earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activity, among other disasters. They often have an unpredictable risk of being devastating. 6. Maintaining peace and security in the region is one of the nation's goals, believing that instability can directly lead into harming Esonice and the Esonian people. Application form for delegate Name of delegate: Suminori Sugo (58) Headshot/passport photo: Brief background: Suminori Sugo was born in 1962. He graduated from royal college of Nando in 1983, earning a bachelor's degree in economics and political science. After graduation he quickly became a known political activist in the province of Nando, becoming a conservative party backbencher in 1986 doing more activism for the party. But after becoming discontent with the politics of the party he quickly resigned and became a politician for the Liberal party in 1988. He was given a chance to run as head councillor of Nando for the Liberal party in 1995, and quickly established a platform based on liberal social ideas and promising Nando an economic recovery after the fall of the tiger economy, and lower unemployment. He won with an astounding 78% landslide over his conservative opponent. He successfully managed to recover Nando’s failing economy, focusing the city’s direction more on technological and cultural development, helping to fund the city’s video gaming scene which grew renowned in Esonice. He decreased unemployment in Nando, specifically youth unemployment. He became a highly popular politician in Nando, and became an influential politician in Yatosan regional politics. In 1998 he made the regional parliament force the province of Korado to take more environmental protections, and ensure further protection of wild cat populations in Korado. He also in 1999 convinced the Yatosn regional parliament to vote on the protection of gay rights, and giving homosexual couples the right to marry in any establishment, except religious institutions. In 2000 he successfully won re-election as head councillor of Nando and continued to be an influential figure in Yatoshan politics. He became a strong advocate for a higher minimum wage in 2002, not only for Nando but the whole of Yatoshi, saying that “it is criminal that the workers of Yatoshi and our nation are being criminally underpaid by politicians and the Esonian conservatives”. He once again managed to convince the Yatosan regional parliament to vote on a higher minimum wage which only won with a slim majority of 49-51%. With his ever growing popularity during the early 2000s, he decided to run as the regional representative of Yatoshi, resigning as head councillor of Nando in 2004. With a strong platform he successfully won as regional representative with a 63% majority, with the promise to improve the economic situation of Yatoshi, and expand social benefits. Mr. Sugo started becoming less popular in 2006 as the economy of Yatoshi started draining, with many becoming discontent with him as regional representative. He was quickly blamed for mishandling the 2007 banking crisis in the region and the loss of many jobs, rising unemployment, and rising criminal activity. His conservative opponents quickly attacked Mr. Sugo and his reputation. Humiliated, Mr. Sugo decided to not take part in the 2010 regional election. Later in the year of 2010, he was given an opportunity by the newly formed Liberal government of Esonice to act as the minister of foreign affairs of the serene kingdom. He accepted the offer despite many protests from other Liberal party politicians. Many media outlets mocked the Esonian government for taking in a “failed and manipulative politician” as minister. In 2014 Mr. Sugo got mocked “for losing his former influential and charismatic edge”, with many younger critics calling Mr. Sugo as “old fashioned and backwards”. But despite the harsh criticisms, Mr. Sugo continued his work as minister of foreign affairs until being resigned in 2018 and made to do delegative work. In 2021 he is being considered for acting as delegate on the behalf of the Serene Kingdom of Esonice in ATARA, giving Esonian interests a voice in the bloc if accepted. Previous tenure: head councillor of the province of Nando (1996-2004) regional representative of Yatoshi (2005-2010) Minister of foreign relations (2010-2018)
  9. Welcome to Eurth!! As Oyus said feel free to come to the discord server and ask for any help you want!
  10. The Economics Report is an international economic newspaper headquartered in Marusonya, Esonice, and has many bases in other nations. The Economics Report focuses on reporting statistics, information and events relating to business, trade, technology and economics.The newspaper tries to be as politically neutral and unbiased as possible to report statistics and economic situations accurately, and everyone in the publication has to adhere to strict editorial codes to prevent current day-to-day politics getting in the way of reporting - As a result, the Economics Report is considered to be the most trustworthy source pertaining to economics not only in Esonice, but internationally and is often cited by many experts and universities. The Economics Report was first circulated by the economist Arichi Sugo in 1977 during Esonice’s rapid growth towards a modern industrialised economy, he believed the nation and foreigners needed a reliable economic news source to take information from and further encourage people to start a business, and for foreign nations to further invest in the Serene Kingdom. He also coined the term “The Esonian Tiger'' to refer to Esonice’s economic boom in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Ever since, the Economics Report has grown to be the most prominent and well known economic newspaper in Esonice, and soon the newspaper decided to grow internationally in 1987. Opening many branches in other nations and has received considerable success and positive receptions by the international community.
  11. @Seylos@Galahinda@Gallambria@Salvia@Andalla@Sunset Sea Islands@Batengdei@Yeosan@Orioni These are my ideas for the Group of Island Nations, feel free to change, add on, criticise, or completely disavow elements of the idea or all of it! Recently I’ve been thinking about the Group of Island Nations (GIN) and we could potentially make out of it on Eurth, and have a bigger impact on international affairs and RP as a whole. I was thinking about potentially transitioning the GIN into a trade bloc/trade agreement, which would give island nations, especially those smaller ones, in desperate need & poorer ones have some more say in international politics and trade, and also give them some backup when they need help. A much bigger step in helping island nations in the wurld. The new reformed GIN would resemble in some ways the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in real life which is a proposed trade agreement among 12 nations as of currently. (Search TPP on Wikipedia to get a clearer insight to some inspirations!) The proposals I have thought of for the new reformed GIN are also developed from the original contents of the organisation, especially those relating to topics such economic development, trade, natural disasters and ecology. The new proposals that I thought could be added in too to help fellow island nations even more are technological cooperation, cultural exchange, intellectual property protections, funds and minimum standards. Below are the basic ideas of these proposals explained in more detail. Economic development - Improving from discussing economic development and problems in member states, a committee could be created and be funded by fellow island nations that would be able to help members in their economic development to a much greater extent. The Committee would use the funds given by members to use and help those that are in desperate need, have a big idea that they would need money for, or other causes relating to economic development, urban development etc of that nation. Trade - Trade could be greatly expanded in the GIN, with fellow island nations enjoying greater access to each other's consumer markets by lowering trade barriers, and reducing tariffs. This would help island nations that are less privileged on the international stage to have a place they would be able to trade their goods to, and not suffer massive tariffs by much more powerful land-based nations. A committee could also be formed to resolve any trade disputes among members if any happen to occur and require attention. Minimum standards - Along with greater trade access, fellow island nations could adhere to minimum standards placed on products to reduce potential health hazards and create a safer environment for all island members. Technological cooperation & intellectual property protections - Fellow island nations could help each other with their innovation and scientific findings with technological cooperation! This could greatly benefit everyone, especially the island nations that are much less well off from. A fund could be created to help exceptional individuals & groups in fellow island nations to help kickstart their ideas and projects that could potentially change the wurld! Intellectual property protections would also be put in place with all fellow island members having to adhere to them, and prevent intellectual theft that could cause unneeded disputes. Natural disasters - Another committee could be created that would be able to help fellow island nations if they call for help because of a recent natural disaster such as tsunamis, earthquakes etc. They would receive funds to rebuild and help the local population of the affected area. Ecology/environment - The environment is an important topic to all of us, especially when it comes to rising sea levels. Therefore it is necessary that we all do our part in improving our environments on our islands such as protecting endangered wildlife, regrowing forests, improving agricultural practices, making better and eco-friendly fishing methods, and try preventing preventable disasters from happening such as flooding. A committee could be formed to help all fellow member islands with their environmental struggles! Cultural exchange programs and education - Cultural exchange among fellow island nations could be made greater! With programs such as student exchange programs being put in place, where students from member nations could have easier access going to courses in other fellow members. An educational committee made up of teachers and professionals could also be created that would be able to help fellow member states with improving their educational methods and systems, and giving their children a brighter future! I wanted to know if everyone would be onboard with the idea of changing the GIN into something more impactful on all of us! And if they would be interested in partaking and making this into a reality!
  12. Welcome to the serene kingdom’s foreign affairs forum run by the Esonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs! Here the nations of the wurld can directly communicate with Esonice, and hear what the kingdom has to say on international affairs! Esonice is an open minded nation ready to start relations with any and all nations on Eurth; especially those nations that are willing to have closer ties to Esonice, be it economic, cultural or otherwise. The serene kingdom’s current focus in foreign policy heavily leans on starting new trade and economic agreements to mutually grow and expand prosperity and exchange among nations and the Esonian nation itself, and bring the wurld closer together! Esonice is also happy to join any international organisations of interest! As of currently Esonice is an observer state to both LAANN (League of Alharu and Aurelian Native Nations) and the EOS (Entente of Oriental States), Esonice is also the current general secretary nation of GIN (Group of Island Nations). The map below shows a simplified map of Esonice's relations with the international community!! The current head minister of the Esonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is Yumi Kochi from the Blue Flower Conservative party (BFP). All foreign matters and requests shall be passed on and processed by her.
  13. Ever since Esonice adopted the Standardised calendar as the official calendar, opposed to the traditional Esonian calendar during the early 20th century. Weekends have integrated into Esonian culture and everyday life! As according to Esonian Workers Rights Act of 1967, and the 1982 & 2001 amendments. Working hours per week are legally not allowed to cross 52 hours in any situation. And the average working hours per week are expected to be at a maximum 38 hours, unless the employee and employer agreed to a written agreement of their working hours exceeding 38 hours. This entitles many Esonian workers to have free days off during the weekend! But there are some, a lot in essential services such as healthcare & police, which unfortunately are exempt from certain rules. They have to work during the weekend or do night shifts, replacing workers that work during weekdays to keep those vital services and facilities open 24/7. Esonians during the weekend often choose to spend their free days outside! Going to many places that are sources of community such as teahouses, restaurants, parks and enjoying renowned Esonian street food and bustling nightlife! Many Esonians also choose to spend time with friends and family, either going out drinking & partying with friends or walking with their babucha (grandmother) to local shops!. Going to Arikai shrines & temples is also a big tradition for many, especially in more conservative and rural communities. Arikaites often go to get blessings from the Ari (spirits) of their choosing for the following week, or worship past ancestors. Temples often organise community events to bring everyone together also! Students across Esonice are entitled to have 2 days off every weekend! This gives them time to complete any work expected to be given in for the week after, and also to refresh their mind and have free time! Young people from 13 to 18 especially use this time to hang out with friends and be part of the community; and often go to places in town which are known to be sources of Esonian youth culture! For younger children, parents often choose to sign up their kids to weekend classes to develop skills or enhance them (This has been a source of many child abuse controversies). Teachers from time to time have to come in during weekends to complete work and mark students work.
  14. Welcome man! Sounds cool can't wait to see what you create!
  15. Decided Nando is a better name than Nan, so ignore the name Nan and instead use Nando for Nan.
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