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  1. Here is the map that I made 1. Retoria (Capital) 2. Cape Keel 3. San LaMaria 4. Debonnaire Please let me know if I do need to change some thing like citys or the border.
  2. Thank you for the working out of area. I like the top one (stretched along the coast) better than the other. I will make an image of the border and citys that I would like in my map. I am very interested in a history between us, as we would be very so close. I have mentioned in the history of Westzeeland about a Iberican colony near me, so I think that you could take that role if you want to.
  3. I am leaning more to the one that is near Variota, but I also would like to get the most land I can from the points that I have and some help with that would be appreciated. And Vostau being near could also play a good part in the history. I certainly have Spanish/Iberican people in my history, but the colony lost to the dutch and many settlers of there moved to a nearby colony which could be Vostau as The location is quite close. I would be interested in Iverica being involved in my history writings. I very appreciate the help that both of you have given me!
  4. I would be ok to have Anglian invasions happen in or near Westzeeland. My military is ok but it will no chance of surviving.
  5. I think that Westzeeland will need some peacekeepers soon, maybe it could be a first mission?
  6. Nation in Eurth: Westzeeland (The Republic of Westzeeland) Flag: Capital name: Retoria Capital location: On the coast, in a low altitude area Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Westzeeland Newsroom link: Culture: Large European population on coast areas. (Main Dutch and English). Inland there is a large former slave population. (West Africa). And a native population scattered around but main inland. Climate: The climate depends on the location. I have 2 ideas, 1 In north Alharu, near Variota, and 2 in South Alharu near San Castellino. So I would be eithe
  7. Protests following gold and lithium control handover to foreign companies Today protests in the communities of Newood and Hayward took place after several mines in the gold and lithium industry were sold to foreign companies. A majority of which are based in Delamaria. The corporations have expressed interest in large layoffs in favor of automation to boost profits. Westzeeland has some of the wurlds largest deposits of Lithium and gold, though most of the revenues aren’t invested in the nation. The leader of the protest, Richard Minawe, said “These people have suffered enough,
  8. National Elections Delayed a month, and are Incumbents escaping? Today President Goldschmeding announced that the National Elections would be delayed until the 20th of April. The elections, which would determine the future president, were expected to take place on the 19th of March, the same day as the legislative elections, however due to recent threats against polling places, the National Election Commission has decided that they will be delayed until voting booths can be considered safe. This comes only days after Presidential candidate Henri Kafi, the first black Westzeelander to
  9. It was a hot late night, the blackout was being enforced so every star could be seen in the sky. Michael lived in a DSA neighbourhood, that’s a Dark Skin area. Though he had become more acquainted with the prosperous white towns of the coast, as his rise to fame in recent months brought support from some of the more liberally prone whites. Though he had gained notoriety, and was recognised across the globe, he still remained in his government enforced abode, along with thousands of those alike him, who did not chose their destiny, but for which were assigned at birth. Sendem was not
  10. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Republic of Westzeeland Government type of nation: Congressional Republic Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Predominantly Black or Biracial, with a white minority. Give us a short description of your nation: Similar to Apartheid era South Africa, a hot tropical nation with vast plains and forests. A former colony currently in conflict with anti-apartheid groups, violence is fairly common. The white minority is currently in power, with all but two members of Congress being of ‘European’ ancestry. In short a South American South Af
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