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  1. Culture: Yeah, Indochina would be included. It would be a visible difference in some areas because just like India in real life, certain parts have external influence on culture because of invasions, migrations and so on. But back to point, Indochinese culture would definitely be in it, it would probably be the second or third largest cultural style in the nation. Climate: Yep, I wanted to base the climate on India and Southern China which sees cold areas transition into tropical ones. History: The Yeller Empire is where modern day Fulgistan is, I was talking to him about how I could
  2. Dàha - The peak of southern climbing Hey you! Yes you! Trying to plan a trip to Indirìhya but don't know how to see all it's magnificence? Don't worry, you can always come again and again but we here at the National Parks Associations think that, if this is your first time coming to this most beautiful nation, you should witness the power of nature by visiting the captivating Dàha mountain range which lays between the Marahrastra and Hǎiret provinces. These misty mountains are famed across all of Indirìhya for multiple reasons from their formation, which you
  3. Nation in Eurth: Samrágūo Indirìhya (Empire of Indo-Stan) Flag: The flag of righteousness (I tried to link the image of it from the Iiwiki but failed) Capital name: Jīna Śahaì Capital location: National Capital Territory of Jīnhaìhya Factbook link: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatches/category=1/nationid=2932339 Newsroom link: Culture: Much like India, China and the Indo-Chinese sphere, there are many different cultures but if I had to give an idea of the overarching culture it would be basically be a fusion of India's and China's. It's embedded
  4. Thank you honorable @Haruspex ! I look forward to many more birthdays with this lovely community.
  5. NEWS OF THE EMPIRE - Lotus Sun Network- Front and Center - The Supremacist Menace Nina Ashlao This week, for the first time since 1997, the concept of peace has arose in the Northern Provinces. The famed and beloved 144th regiment 'Troops in Green' along side the fabled 501st regiment began their siege of the Hindu Nationalist Āryāvarta strongholds in the mountain range of Saras and valleys in the Kashmir.
  6. NEWS OF THE EMPIRE - Lotus Sun Network- Revive and Reform Indostan's heart - Jingem Gheo Yesterday Prime Minister Jin Tzu and his cabinet met with the Emperor and his royal court at Ishvara palace to discuss and pass a series of reforms and revisions that the National Congress of Indostan have created. These reforms and revisions are to be the first of many to be enacted as part
  7. This is information that the Indostan Government do not want being seen. They deny this ever happened and there is very little evidence left to support that it did. Captain Arjun vanished from the forces a week after the events before re-appearing 8 years later as a crazed Aaryarlivatraguo terrorist who blew himself up in the Northern Provinces. Some information from his diary entry on this day has been erased or lost in the transference to our base which we know to have been caused by some double agents and also the weather. What we have saved is on this document, typed up by someone who is m
  8. Blessed be Indostan Indostan. The land of fertility, opportunity, progress and glory. Those under the 'Flag of righteousness' live in a country free of racism, sexism and religious segregation. A country where the needy are not left behind, where the sick and elderly are not forgotten and unemployment levels are next to nothing, yes it safe to say that everyone in Indostan is able to obtain their destiny. Under the loving and mighty gaze of Indostan's police force, crime and corruption are dealt with quickly and effectively, leaving no place for rogue behavior to lure
  9. NEWS OF THE EMPIRE - Lotus Sun Network- Lock down drill Every 5 years in Indostan the 'Disaster drill' takes place. As all citizens know this 2 month long period is one of challenge and strength but this year, thanks to the '2nd Health Reform Act', it may be easier for the people. The government implemented the 1st HRA on the 12th of May 2009 only 2 months after the Dàahivén Emperor came to power, it's passing was to begin the process of obtaining access to the latest medical advancements from across the globe as well as focusing more effort into our nation's own medical practi
  10. The Emperor Invites you Greetings all of Eurth. Every man, women, child and pet that lives under the eternal heaven's light. March 10th marks the 226th anniversary of the The Dàahivén Emperor's ancestors claiming the 'Mandate of Heaven' and restoring peace to Indostan's glorious lands. This event falls into the same day as the festival of colour in the nation so of course, this calls for a celebration and as such the Emperor along with 100 professional celebration planners have organised a most amazing gathering for you all to attend. This event is completely free as the gover
  11. ----------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS OF THE EMPIRE - Lotus Sun Network- INSURGENCE CRUSHED BY THE TROOPS IN GREEN. 7 days of insurgence has finally been quelled in Hān'é City by the civil military police force the 'Dūr iĺim' troops. 'The troops in green' as they are nicknamed launched a series of counter attacks upon the Cultist positions taking them by storm, executing or arresting all of them. It is believed there was a total of 26 Cultists by time the troops seized them meaning there would of been 34
  12. News of the Empire *Jingem is seen standing by the weather forecast screen moving his microphone back into position on his shirt whilst Rajev is reading the shows' approval rating* *The Director (Li) comes onto stage* Li: listen guys, i have some news. I need to inform you that a small insurgance in Hān'é city broke out last night in the same region where Nina is *The visual expression of worry appears of Jingem's and Rajev face* J: Is she safe? Li: I assure you she is ok but she sent a message to say she wants to do a live report from the city covering t
  13. OOC. Noted and thank you for the corrections. Jingem as stated was with his family. I should have made that clearer. My apologies. The Emperor does have a name which I am to reveal in the next post (non-news RP) and I can add more depth if it would help. - Kabir
  14. News of the Empire R: Welcome to 'News of the Empire', Happy Week of the Dragon, i'm Rajev and here is the news. R: The Week of the Dragon has arrived for another year, all of today shops have closed early with their owners joining in the enormous festivals through out the nation. People having been gifting strangers and friends with the traditional red and gold cards and joining their relatives at their homes or in the cities to snuggle up, watch the movie marathons and see the fireworks be launched. The Emperor's annual broadcast hit a record high as many people have recently expre
  15. News of the Empire R: Welcome to News of the Empire, i'm Rajev and here is the news for today. R: Futher development into yesterday's truck investigation has found a foreign business by the name of 'Aloe drink' has been secretly funding the Narku cultist. The company has been put under quarantine until further notice and the CEO will appear in high court but in the mean time he is currently being interrogated by the police force with his house and belongings being repossesed. R: In other news, a new mosque has been constructed in central Aurum as part of the 'embrace all' proje
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