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  1. Woah, I recognize you from Nova Historiae! I believe you had the Asian Republic most of the time I was active. Welcome to Eurth!
  2. Wish granted! You meet Earth's first alien visitor, and it takes you up to space! The alien asks you for directions through your local system. Welp, turns out this alien is actually an intergalactic fugitive criminal, and you lead it right into the hands of police. You are charged (falsely) with aiding this fugitive in his many crimes. You will now be subject to all kinds of torture and experiments by your captors! I wish to have socks that actually fit.
  3. Welcome to Eurth, traveler! I hope you enjoy your stay here.... because there is no return! MWAHAHAHAHA! but seriously, welcome! I look forward to seeing what you'll do!
  4. I'm a bit late for welcoming party... but no matter, welcome to Eurth! Glad to see how well-thought out your nation is upon joining! I couldn't say exactly the same for myself, lol
  5. I could send someone too, as a way to kickstart my RP for this region after my inactivity.
  6. Sorry, I meant to have my population at 1, not 2, I was just looking at my wiki page.
  7. So, here are my stats for the balance sheet: Nation Name: Acadia Population: 32.7 million (1) GDP per capita: 15,000 USD (1) Area: 300,000 km^2 (2) To get the area down to be able to achieve the other stats, I will have to cut off my island (Ile d'Alquiere) and the other piece of land across the bay/strait (New Normandy). This brings me to the mainland, which is 316,000 km^2. Still too big. I decided to get rid of the Northeast corner of my claim, and I don't really care what the border changes to look like, just as long as that corner gets cut off in a 16k
  8. You assumed correctly, I've spoken with them before about combining our histories so that they can fit as pieces in Eurth's history puzzle. If it isn't possible, I would rather have B, as it is much closer to me and was one of the original three colonies (New Normandy).
  9. Nation in Europa: Aanbreck Aurora Flag: Capital Name: Auvergne Capital Location: Island along a harbor (see map) Factbook Link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Acadia Newsroom Link: Culture: The culture of Acadia is mostly derived from French (Lysian) culture, however is unique in that it has some elements incorporated from the Navajo/Pueblo (Diné). This is similar to South or Central America, where the indigenous culture is still prevalent in the modern culture. IRL Mexico is like this in that, though it is very much a full-blown Latin American, Spanish nation, it
  10. Welcome to Eurth, I hope you enjoy what the region has to offer!
  11. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Acadia A WIP, partially done, thought it would be nice if I posted my progress thus far
  12. Jacques rushes over to the President's office, folder in hand and plan in mind. He slides through the entrance to Emmanuel Séverin's personal work space. When he walks in, the President looks up at the little man. "Jacques, what have you that is so important that you have to bother me this day.", complains Séverin. "We're having issues with the Diné Republic again, they're demanding the borderlands, and if we don't comply, they're pressuring all the wurld to make us do so.", explains Jacques. "So, what can we do about it.", inquires Séverin. "I was talking with Defense Mini
  13. [RAA] Home | Acadia | Wurld | Politics | Business | Tech | Sports A New Era: AASA's Mun Mission Takes Flight January 5, 2020 by Léana Bonnet EVERYONE'S BEEN WAITING for this moment, that magical day we've all been waiting for, the day the rocket is sitting there on the launch pad and the launch timer hits zero, and the narrating voice says, "we have lift off." The day finally came, and it was practically a holiday, everyone has Sunday off, and almost everybody was sitting in front of their television sets watching to see with their very own eyes history be made. Many
  14. [Pretend that this is a day later, not a month later.] Crowds gather in Cape Georges to watch history flash before them. The town of Havre Beach, housing little over 50,000 citizens, is packed with tourists from around Acadia and even outside of the nation, thousands gathering to see what has been in the making for decades. They walk across the platform to their new accommodations for the coming week. They walk, no, it's more of a waddle, awkwardly in their bulky white suits, in their giant helmets and large boots. But they were nothing to laugh at. They were the four astronauts maki
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