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  1. To: The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Iverica @Iverica From: Jor Hrovson, Minister of Foreign Affairs - For Her Premiership, Kariana Vinterness To the foreign minster of the republic of Iverica, I send my greetings on behalf of Her Premiership, Kariana Viterness. It is with her blessing that I reach out to you on behalf of the Republic of Stalgora and the Stalgoran People. Your nation is a great power on t
  2. To: The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion @Tagmatium Rules From: Jor Hrovson, Minister of Foreign Affairs - For Her Premiership, Kariana Vinterness On behalf of My Premiere, It my great pleasure to respond to your most generous message. On behalf of the people of Stalgora, it is a pleasure to receive a message from your great nation and its people, and while - as you said so well - mountains and seas separate our people, we bot
  3. Minister of Foreign Affairs Jor Hrovson The mission of the the foreign affairs office is and will always be the peaceful interactions between Stalgora and the states of Eurth. Charged by the Federal government with establishing social, economic, and political relationships; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has executed its mission since the 1900s revolution. We welcome nations to open a dialog with the federal government. Should you have questions, please feel free to contact myself and my staff Embassy Head Office in Havgard, Stalgora. We are actively developi
  4. RONAI AERO 430 PRODUCT INTRODUCTION The Ronai Aero 430 is a long range quadjet wide-body airliner developed to meet airlines high to very-high traffic routes. Built on an original air frame desingn, the Aero 430 features a number of unique features included the patented Sky Atrium featured on the forward section of the aircraft designed for common space, premium passenger spaces, or other uses desired by the customer. The Aircraft features a fixed length frame with variable configurations based on the airline desires. AERO 430 NXA 3-Class Capacity.......................47
  5. RONAI AERO 200 PRODUCT INTRODUCTION The Ronai Aero 200 is a short to medum range twinjet narrow-body airliner developed to meet airlines medium traffic routes. Derived from the earlier Sky 200 series airliners, the Aero 200 series builds off of the Sky 200 tradition with a pair of powerful, high efficiency jet turbines that helps maximize its range. The Aircraft's frame is designed to be stretched to accommodate up to 200 passengers in the full sized stretch design. Product offerings are listed below with full specifications: AERO 200 NX2 2-Class Capacity..................
  6. FROM THE SKY TO THE STARS SALES DEPARTMENT From all of us here at Ronai Aerospace, Takk skal du ha! We are excited that you have take time to consider our aerospace offerings. This page is intended to provide you a place to submit your orders to the company for delivery. These orders can (and should) be customized by you. Once submitting your order, a member of our sales department will contact you privately to finalize the details of your order. Your order will be delivered here to include the finalized/customized design. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our S
  7. FROM THE SKY TO THE STARS INDUSTRY SUMMARY Ronai Aersopace in a Stalgoran based Private Aerospace firm with a history of operations in the Argic and looking to expand its customer base to the wider Eurth community. With a long list of reliable and durable products in both the aviation and aerospace industry, Ronai is a name that people have come to trust in Stalgora and local economies. We hope to bring that same level of trust to you, your customers, and your nation. Ronai Aerospace was founded in Stalgora under the Royal Aviation Society. RAS was founded by the last Mo
  8. Part 2 - Bring Me The Sea A Profile of the Fishing Industry in Stalgora's Distant North October 7th, 2019 . The sea spray catches in his beard and follows the lines of his face from his brow as the waves crash against the small boat. The sun climbs slowly from the horizon. It won't get far. Fall has arrived and sunlight will become fleeting until night takes over. Its the end of the fishing season and the pressure is on.
  9. Factbook developed (though still in progress) and link updated.
  10. HISTORY 0500-1200 - Nomadic Tribes and Indigenous People Settled by nomadic tribes thousands of years ago, the region that would become known as Stalgora is nestled at the top of the world - nicknamed the Crown of Eurth by the locals. With three major historic regions that have an interwoven history, Stalgora proper didn't exist in its current form until Edvard the Conqueror unified the Kingdoms of Stalgora, the Slavic Tribes of the Havden Penninsula, and the Germanic Warlords of the Hinterland in 1628. The first settles of the region were the ocean clans of the Scandinavian people
  11. GEOGRAPHY Stagora is situated on the edge of the Argic circle and on the north eastern edge of the Argic plate. Three climates dominate the landscape of the region - The Argic Mountain climates of the Jormungandr Range, the Temperate climate of the Hinterland, and the Argic Tundra of the Havgen Peninsula. The relative harhness of all but the Hinterland region has contributed heavily to the current population of the nation despite its relatively large landmass. -MORE TO FOLLOW-
  12. ETYMOLOGY The name Stalgora is derived from the Dravian Slavic name for the Jormungandr Mountains - Stalgora - meaning "Steel Mountains." Once a name invoked in fear by the Dravian locals during the invasion of King Edvard the conqueror, the name was adopted by the new King as a badge of honor follow his conquest of the Havden Peninsula. It was formally adopted by the Republic following the People's Rebellion and the rise of the democratic state under the new Federal Republic system.
  13. Federal Republic of Stalgora ____________________________________________________ KEY STATISTICS _____________________________________________ Capital: Havgard Largest: Havgard _____________________________________________________ Official Languages: Norse, Common(Anglish), German, Dravian ____________________________________________________ Demonym: Stalgora ____________________________________________________ Government: Federal Republic Premiere: Kariana Vinterness Vice Premiere: Rikard Alstrom Senate President: Sagan Bresoranov ________________________
  14. I will get working on the factbook asap. I had the numbers mostly discussed with Iverica from when I first joined and created my proposal for my nation. I will make sure it gets posted.
  15. The Federal Republic of Stalgora Capital: Havgard Capital Location: Protected Bay City off the Argic Sea Factbook: Current Version News Link: Courier - Carried Around the World Culture: Historically Dominated by Scandinavian People with a intermingling of Slavic and German Culture - Slavic Predominant on the Havgen Peninsula and the Germanic Tribes of the Hinterland Climate: Frigid mountain coastlines with protected Fjords and Bays which give way to and protected a sea warmed inner region known as the Hinterland - primary farmland and open pit mining region.
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