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  1. Would be interesting to have a neighbor, but I think @Metztlitlaca might freak out at the cultural implications of Malaysian in Western Alharu
  2. 🎉 Happy 18th birthday young Sir.

  3. Hey everyone! I'm back again, pushing myself into a new project to get me back into writing and Eurth. So, without further adieu, "What is the Wurld Atlas Project?" The Wurld Atlas Project, or WAP, is an idea I originally had in March of this year. "What if there was an atlas of the Eurth?" I looked up references, and ended up with this: I would have continued to work on this, but I was burnt out, as happens when jumping head first into a project of such magnitude. So this time, I'm pacing myself using a multi-goaled system, in which I don't work on anything until everythi
  4. Time for another google form questionnaire for feedback! https://forms.gle/sWAauvaRNqBDdsHJ7
  5. NEWS » WURLD President Chen Jiang gives an official statement on the conflict in Ceris. Currently no definite word on whether or not the State will be sending aid towards the people of Ceris. President says "if we can, we will." WANG SHUN | 30 MAY 2020 (Pictured) War-torn houses in Ceris in on-going conflict. After several months of deliberation by the State, President Chen Jiang said the following in a Presidential Conference: "Our hearts ache for the people of Ceris, hearing the suffering they are all going through. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to offic
  6. Probably should have done this earlier I'm claiming Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey, as Li Feng OTL
  7. To gather up everyone's thoughts on the current reworks, here's a questionnaire! https://forms.gle/dvGDwf1Yo9uETSTD9 Feel free to continue discussing the changes here and on the Discord. This Google form just helps us gauge the current responses and thoughts to what we've done so far.
  8. NEWS » HEIHEGUO UPDATE: Peacekeeper authorities release information on Saturday's deadly train crash. The conductor of one of the trains says, "the brakes just stopped working." However, Peacekeeper investigators say that the brakes were tested and worked fine. WANG SHUN | 13 MAY 2020 Spokesman Li Feng, pictured above, at SPF Conference 10052020-01. Following the railway accident last Saturday, the 9th of May 2020, State Peacekeepers have been sent to investigate the cause behind the deadly accident. Today, spokesman Li Feng has announced the findings of the State Peacekee
  9. Some more things that I'd like to add: Figure out what is and isn't canon about the Sanar system, and make separate articles for all of the astrological bodies, instead of just having everything link to the Eurth page. Going through each of the organizations of Eurth and ensuring that they actually have more than just an infobox (or marking them for deletion if they're deemed no longer necessary). Ensuring that all files related to Eurth actually have the Eurth category (and or switching them from the Europa category to Eurth). Standardize some of the older articles, su
  10. NEWS » HEIHEGUO Thirty dead and over fifty injured after a major railway accident. The Heiheren Railway Authority is currently unsure of the cause, but say that Peacekeeper forces are currently investigating into the incident. WANG SHUN | 9 MAY 2020 A general view of people by the wreckage after two passenger trains collided close to Gungkoshi. Reports state at least 30 people were killed and many more injured when the two trains collided head on. Two passenger trains collided this Saturday, the 9th of May 2020, just outside of the major port city of Gungkoshi, killing at
  11. Nation in Eurth: Heiheguo Flag: (flag is temporary, since I can't access my phone atm and make it any better, but this is the general idea of it. Original idea by @Yeosan) Capital name: Xincheng Capital location: Factbook link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5786-wip-holy-state-of-heihe-黑河圣国/ and https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Heiheguo Newsroom link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5779-heihe-knowledge-黑河知识/?tab=comments#comment-40015285 Culture: The best comparison for the culture of the Uyghurs. In simpler terms, Near Eastern culture with East Asian influences (that's a lot of east). Climate:
  12. Just saw this topic, didn't even know it was a thing and was sort of doing it already! First, when it comes to article names, from what I've read, Wikipedia only ever capitalizes proper nouns, acronyms, and the first word in an article. So, "List of Spoken Languages on Eurth" would be "List of spoken language on Eurth". Similarly, when talking about something about a nation, i.e. a military, currency, language of a nation, the proper way to name the article would be "Currency of the United States of America" or something similar. For this reason, the previously mentioned artic
  13. NEWS » FOOD Classic Heiheren dishes that will leave your family asking for seconds. Five easy dishes you could make at home for the whole family! LIU QIANG | 3 MAY 2020 A mouth-watering Koshary dish (pictured above). Ladies, it's time to head to the kitchen, because we've got some delicious recipes for you to make tonight! We've got three easy recipes that just scream "Heiheren cuisine." Make these, and they'll leave your family asking for seconds! Koshary, above. Basically the staple dish of Heiheguo, this recipe is a must-know for all of you stay-at-home mothers! E
  14. Heiheguo (/heiːhɣgwoː/ ʜᴀʏ-hoo-gwoh; Huang: 黑河国; pinyin: Hēihé guó; literally: 'Black River State'), officially the Holy State of Heihe (Huang: 黑河圣国; pinyin: Hēihé shèng guó; literally: 'Holy State of the Black River'), is a country in Western Alharu. Heiheguo is bordered by [NPC nation] to the North-east and across the Tiauhai Sea lies Selayar. The country covers a land area of (placeholder) square kilometers (placeholder square miles) and had an estimated population of (placeholder) in 2018. Heiheguo is the [placeholder] most populous nation in Alharu and the [placeholder number] most populo
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