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  1. Henry spent a week regretting shaking the count's hand. He spent that time under shuttered shades in his study with a glass of port in hand. That is, until Friday. The grandfather clock across from his desk chimed twice for the afternoon sun. He strained an eye towards its face, but it landed on the bottle instead. It only had enough for one more glass. Soon he would have to get the other bottle from the pantry. That expedition would be fraught with more peril than any to the Antargic; he would have to deal with a more frigid shoulder than any ice shelf. His wife prowled the corridors of
  2. A.D. MCMVIII AUGUSTUS HENRICUS DE SABAUDIA et MARCELLUS BONIFACTUS DE FORDA CULMEN MAGNUM TAPELTORUM hoc vincerunt In nominibus DOMINI et PATRIAE A.D. 1908 AUGUST HENRY DE SABAUDIA and MARCELL BONIFACE DE FORDA Conquered this GREAT PEAK of the TAPELTS In the names of GOD and COUNTRY “My apologies, but I will never climb with him again.” “What? Why is that?” “He has no honor. He tried to cheat me out of my share of the prize.” “It was my understanding that you both received the Duke of Brisa’s—” “The figurative pri
  3. I'd like to hop in on this roleplay, if you'd have me. Certainly no good Christian nation like Eulycea could ignore the plight of its fellows in a time like this. King Charles also more than ever needs to appear as a great humanitarian and liberator to his people, what with Republicans demanding his removal from politics. I would think he would be more than willing to find parliamentary approval and funding for the housing of as many as 50,000 refugees initially, with more in the future if need be. Unfortunately, our hospital ship is currently on its way to deal with Ceris, so it won't be a
  4. The Constantine Palace Brisa, Eulycea It was still early enough in the morning that the sun hadn't come over the mountains to the east. Instead, the whole sky was bright pink and filling the city streets with an expectant air for important business. But today was Saturday, so no important business would be carried out. Only the shopkeepers and distributors drove about at this early hour to beat the traffic and deliver their goods before stores opened for the weekend shoppers. The Constantine Palace faced the western end of King Peter's Way, the broadest thoroughfare of the city, whic
  5. Eulycea Rugby Continues Winning Streak, Defeats Seylos 35-11 "...[Eulycean team captain] Pagani told reporters that 'things were heated on the [Eulycean] bench,' after the rough tackle the Seylosians gave Bercator without penalty from referees. 'But we tapped into that anger for the rest of the game and it fueled us all the way to the end.'"
  6. 19 DECEMBER 2019 Eulycea Rugby Continues Winning Streak, Defeats Seylos 35-11 In the second week of the Six Nations Rugby Tournament hosted this year in Gallambria, Eulycea's rugby team trounced the Seylosian team with a solid 35-11 victory. After 15 minutes of back and forth, #34 Denis Bercator was tackled by a Seylosian player on the first long run of the game for the Eulycean side. The tackle forced him to the ground awkwardly on his right leg and his ankle was injured. Team members helped Bercator off the pitch while on the sidelines the bench booed and jeered at their Seylosian op
  7. Eulycea Defeats Oyus 38-26, Lining Up for Rugby Championship
  8. DECEMBER 8 Eulycea Defeats Oyus 38-26, Lining Up for Rugby Championship Today, the Eulycean national rugby team defeated Oyus 38-26 in a remarkable victory from behind. Both teams met each other with spectacular aggression, making the game a dynamic toss-up in the first twenty-five minutes with the Oyusards in the lead. But soon their fortunes were reversed when the Eulycean team, led by captain and star player Louis Pagani, scored thirty-one points and ended the game with a twelve-point lead. "This team is energy," Pagani told reporters after the game. "Our game is frenzy. We'r
  9. From His Excellency, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Albert Horace de Grandavilla, Count Sancta Pascha de Pampo: To His Excellency Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion [@Tagmatium Rules]: Your Excellency, His Majesty, Charles IV by the Grace of God, King of Eulycea, wishes his Great and Good Friend, the Emperor of Arome, a healthy and prosperous rule. There are too many superlatives upon which we may laud his Greater Holy Empire to remain the proper length for diplomatic correspondence, though we are
  10. From His Excellency, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Albert Horace de Grandavilla, Count Sancta Pascha de Pampo: To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of @Seylos: On behalf of His Majesty, Charles IV, King of Eulycea by the Grace of God, who desires only the peace and security of all nations, who nonetheless observes the potential for conflict brewing on the island of Ceris, and who, with the means available to him, seeks to alleviate the possible sufferings of the peoples there, we wish to ask your government's most gracious permission to receive our hospital ship, the
  11. From His Excellency, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Albert Horace de Grandavilla, Count Sancta Pascha de Pampo:* To whom it may concern: Since the constitutional institution of this ministry in 1855, my predecessors in this office have always endeavored to serve the will of the King of Eulycea by promoting good faith between the kingdom and foreign powers. His Majesty, Charles IV, King of Eulycea by the Grace of God, has appointed me to this prestigious position to do the very same. His Majesty desires no barrier to happy companionship with the nations of the world who equa
  12. Welcome to Eurth! I've very much enjoyed everything you've written in the Academy so far. Keep it up!
  13. Nation in Europa: The Kingdom of Eulycea Flag: Capital name: Brisa Capital location: Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Eulycea Newsroom link: Culture: Eulycea embraces a culture analogous to western Europe, particularly the western Mediterranean. As the product of the Salvian Crusades, it has significant Salvian influences, particularly in its state religion (Eulycean Catholicism, a schismatic branch of Salvian Catholicism). However, the common (and official) language is Eulycean Aroman, primarily as the result of the evangelization of the Order of St. Joseph, who assimilat
  14. 2 NOVEMBER 2019 Princess Christina denies pregnancy rumors Earlier this week, Her Highness, Princess Christina, the Duchess of Brisa, appeared live on Eu24 to discuss her new life among the royal family. After marrying last July His Royal Highness, the Duke of Brisa, Charles, the heir apparent to the throne, she has been "enjoying life quite splendidly." The newly-weds spent their nearly month-long honeymoon in the Tapeltans at an undisclosed skiing lodge that belonged to the bride's family, House Bosonona. "Charles and I are both very athletic," Her Highness commented. "We made great sport of
  15. Here, curated for the international reader's viewing pleasure, are selected headlines from some of Eulycea's most popular news publications. Currently, these publications include:
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