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  1. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The United Kingdom of Tara and Cambray Government type of nation: Unitary parliamentary elective monarchy Culture/ethnicity of your nation: The nation is based on the pseudo-history of Tephi Tamar, and therefore has strong roots in Jewish and Celtic cultures. Give us a short description of your nation: Service to state and devotion to family form the bedrock of Taro-Cambrayan society. While the sexes are universally considered equal, males tend to enter political and military service while females dominate the sciences. The arts are highl
  2. The bulk of my RP experience actually comes from the old AOL rooms dedicated to Rhy'Din and the various dice councils like UGC and UAC. I later spent time with an AIM variation called Urth's Legacy. They were character-heavy, much like D&D. In NS, the first half of my career was spent designing and drawing in the LineArt and #Draftroom communities. Those forums were anchored by people like Hogsweat/Questers, Lamoni, Automagfreek, and The Maccabees (Haven, Gholgoth, and Greater Dienstad regions. The second half has been spent in TEP, a defunct UCR called the Kingdom of Alexandria, and
  3. Hello there, I'm Bran Astor, a Guardian of The West Pacific. I've been a part of NS for nearly 12 years, most of which has been spent making things for others to enjoy. I figured it was time for me to find a place where I can experiment, explore, and have some fun without the responsibility of dragging a region of 6,000 along with me. My nation of Tara and Cambray is inspired by the tales of Tephi Tamar, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and Terra Mariana. This is an impressive community you all have built. I hope I can add something to it.
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