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  1. It is all fine and dandy with me!
  2. Nation in Europa: Fjallshima Flag: Capital name: Yokoholm Capital location: Next to the ocean, preferably in a bay. Thalassa, of course. Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Fjallshima (WILL ADD TO IT.) Newsroom link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5733-fsf-fjallshiman-broadcasting-corporation/ Culture: A mix of Japanese and Swedish culture with a strong emphasis on religion, respect, family, hard work, and empathy. Climate: Due to its mountains and being surrounded by water, summer can range from being mild to being hot and humid. Winter is very cold and can
  3. This is the home of FSF, the prime news public broadcasting service for the Republic of Fjallshima.
  4. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Republic of Fjallshima Government type of nation: Semi-presidential republic Culture/ethnicity of your nation: A nation with Japanese-inspired roots heavily influenced by Nordic (mainly Swedish) culture. Give us a short description of your nation: The Republic of Fjallshima is located on an chain of islands right off the coast of northwestern Aurelia that is south of Little Flau. The nation was isolated for a very long time and was homogenously inhabited by the Yamashiman people who worship Seinshinism, a polytheistic religion dominated b
  5. *The scene is at FSF 2019 Election Night Broadcast* Viggo Kiyoshi: "It is only 10 seconds until the clock strikes 12. We will be revealing the results of the FSF exit poll. Throughout the voting period, we polled 40,000 people at 180 polling stations across the country. *Clock strikes 12* *The screen behind them displays a seating chart of the new National Rikskai with the predicted number of seats listed for each party.* Viggo Kiyoshi: "We predict that the governing Free Fjallshima Party will lose their majority in parliament for the first time in 8 years with 125 seats and
  6. Zeefelder folk music is characterized by songs focused around a simple bass line and yodeling. This is a sharp contrast to folk music in most other countries that is based around a melody and singing. Zeefelder folk music first originated in the Girkfeld region and quickly spread to the rest of the nation. It has long been transmitted by oral tradition with the first record of Zeefelder folk music being a song titled “Eenvoudig Haus” by Fabian Faduz dating back to the 16th century. Zeefelder folk music uses the double bass and barrel organ as its primary instruments. Due to many new generation
  7. *The setting is in a gathering room at Amsterfurt Visitor Center. There is a sizeable group of tourists, approximately 15, who are listening to a tour guide. It is currently 1 pm.* Annegret: Guten Middag! My name is Annegret, but feel free to call me Anne, and I am your tour guide today. Before we head out onto the streets of Amsterfurt, I am first going to talk a bit about the history and culture of this city. Amsterfurt was a planned city established in the early 18th century to become the political and financial capital of Zeefeld. The royal family and nobility at the time felt that Ro
  8. *The scene is at RZG 2019 Election Night Broadcast* Erwin Heijkamp: "It is only five seconds until Big Pieter strikes 10. We will be revealing the results of the RZG exit poll. Throughout the day, we polled 14,000 people at 68 polling stations in swing constituencies. As usual, please take this poll with a pinch of spice." *Big Pieter strikes 10* *The screen behind them displays a seating chart of the new Parliament with the predicted number of seats listed for each party.* Erwin Heijkamp: "We predict that the Catholic Action Party, despite losing seats, will be the bigg
  9. Narrator's voice: It has only been a few months after the recession of 2008 hit the nation of Zeefeld. During the few months after recession, incumbent Prime Minister Dirk Kohl of the Free Liberals became deeply unpopular for his unwillingness to enact wide-reaching programs to reduce unemployment. In that time, the economy only improved slightly. He lost a vote of no-confidence and the Social Democratic Party led by Gerhard Drees, campaigning on a program of job creation and expanded welfare programs, formed the next government after the snap election. Not only was he known for his successful
  10. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Republic of Zeefeld Government type of nation: Parliamentary republic Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Hybrid of Dutch and German culture Give us a short description of your nation: The Republic of Zeefeld is a nation located on the southern coast of the Mediargic Sea bordering Saale and Girkmand. It is known for its cosmopolitan coastal cities hosting citizens of the creative class, the financial sector, and manufacturing industry but also for its idyllic villages located within the hills and rivers of Zeefeld. Zeefeld is in the midst of a cultural
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