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  1. Welcome to Eurth! Usually we do most of the talking on our Discord Server - quicker responses. If you'd like to get started on your path into joining Eurth's community, you must first go through The Academy (see the "Get Started" tab for more info) and fill out the template on the Front Desk. From there other RP mentors will guide you on your journey if you need further help :). I hope you enjoy your time here!
  2. An Empire Divided Chapter 2, Part 2 "Letters Abound" This document has been authorised by the Standing Committee and the Temple of the Warriors to be sent privately to the Kasekan Government and the Foreign Ministry of @Seylos. Dear Maclver, We apologise for the slowing of responses to the current refugee crisis, and that our slowness has resulted in unnecessary strain on resources for the Government of Kaseka and the Foreign Ministry of Seylos. We would like to begin by acknowledging and thank your people and your city for opening your borders to the supposed fifty thousand refugees at the border. However we cannot currently afford to position our military near the Kasekan border to prevent further stress due to the current conflict between ourselves the Sitallan regime. Our resources are being allocated to the western front to ensure a swift and decisive victory over General Maliano and President General Tario over eastern Sitallo. You must understand that we are doing what we believe is right to end this refugee crisis, by eradicating the issue from the roots we hope to show the Generals of Sitallo that what they are doing is barbaric and foolish, to reopen negotiations for both Kasekan and Metztlican benefit and end the refugee crisis from where it begins. We suspect this war will only continue for another two weeks before the Generals of Tonato, Palisi, and Len agree to an unconditional surrender following the fall of President General Tario and General Maliano. If your city can maintain it’s current situation for that long, we promise to aid in the extraction of refugees back to their homes where we will have begun reconstruction if necessary. Until then, we will provide a small Border Force on the Kasekan border to aid Kasekan border officials in crowd management and the providing of temporary shelter. Sorry, Kwājauh Kh. . . . From: Mictlan_Tonato@SitalloGov.co.sl To: Fayo_Maliano@SitalloGov.co.sl Dear General Maliano, It is clear that the situation between yourself and the government of Metztlitlaca has deteriorated significantly in the past weeks. Our own intelligence agency has estimated you only have 2 weeks until catastrophe. However, the end of your Governorate does not mean you must be captured by the barbaric Metztlicans to be put on a kangaroo court. We are offering you safe passage from Wastepan to the city of Saqalli to aid in our growing defences along the Grosse River. My extraction team will arrive on East-Central Street at 23:00 tomorrow night. Good luck, Mictlan Tario . . . Wītzilōtxtli Battalion Weekly Report #3 Report Issued: 7th of October Reporter: Zan Elimiqīni, 1st Coordinator of the Wītzilōtxtli Battalion Location: Camotlanacaztlan, North-East Sitallo Note: The Wītzilōtxtli Battalion has proven itself to be of significant value to the current war effort, albeit its achievements cannot be said to have been ‘difficult’. All requests for promotions by/for Zan Elimiqīni are to not be sent to higher-ups. Since the start of the war 24 days ago, we have taken 8 villages, all of which surrendered peacefully to allow our great men and women to rest and restock supplies. The only known incident was a group of annoying children throwing rocks at one of the Battalion’s coordinators and calling him a barbarian, typical Sitallan behaviour. Their mothers pulled them away one we told the village’s authorities. No wonder their children are so rebellious and uneducated they only have one mother and one father, not enough eyes to keep an eye on them and to whip them into shape. I pity them. The most recent village, Camotlanacaztlan, warned us that the next village over to the south-west, Qalānqiapan, are more hostile towards Metztlicans, that visitors from the village have called our invasion of liberation a ‘barbaric horde’. Whether or not the Camotlanacaztlanians are just using us in hopes of gunning down a rival village or they actually are aggressive, I am making sure my men and women are prepared and armed for potential conflict as all good Coordinators do. Not that I haven’t been doing that already, but ensuring all Lieutenant Coordinators are doing so as well. I hope this report finds you well, Zan Elimiqīni, 1st Coordinator of the Wītzilōtxtli Battalion
  3. This map is largely one of quality of life updates, as well as hopefully the last 5.4 map. If all goes well then this map should be put up by @Orioni sometime in or after this weekend (9/10/21 D/M/YY). Also expect map updates to slow down as I've now began university, perhaps only occurring once every 1 1/2 months or so. And lastly, Maps 5.5+ will be post-flattening. As in, all layers of a similar type (flags with flags, names with names, etc.) will be flattened down from numerous layers down into single layers to cut back on file size. This should counteract my inactivity by a bit as it'll take less time to implement changes to drafts. 5.4.2 Map Global Changes: ● Borders have been redone!. There were numerous breaks and issues with the borders after years of changes, so I went through the whole map and fixed the borders to be more clear and not have any breaks in them, as well as fixing a couple errors in the borders such as borders with slightly different shades of red. All borders now share the same colour red (HTML: a7220d), which is slightly lighter than the current red. ● The FCNI (Federated Commonwealth of New Iberium) has been added to the Legend, as well as the "Scientific Outpost". The Legend text has also been moved to accommodate the changes. ● Colony Flags (flags of pre-existing nations around islands or non-mainland territories with no names) have been shrank from 30px in length to 20px in length to make the difference between colonies and nations even clearer, as well as just looking nicer and taking up less space. Nations Modified: ● Burkini and Rohini have been put under @Orioni (ORI.) as I had forgotten to do so previously. ● Zevrium's name has been reverted back to Afropa ● Ryder has been re-reverted back to Wajoka ● @Seylos's city of Loughrea text has been flipped to make New Cussia more obvious. ● After 3 years of being missing from the map, @Prymont's island has been returned! ● @Iverica has been shrank in size. Nations Added: ● The Federated Commonwealth of New Iberium's constituent states of Verde, Vasqqa, Narva, and Galicia have been carved out of Iverica's pre-5.4.2 borders. ● @Andalusia Francien has been added to the map in northern Alharu.
  4. Congratulations on passing the academy, now let's try fit your nation on Eurth. Stats Your stats do possess a discrepancy, your GDP stat is $29,000 per capita despite saying you are using only one point on it, which means the maximum GDP per capita you can have with 1 point is $15,000. You would need 4 points in GDP to have $29,000 per capita. Your population at 30,000,000 is fine and your undefined land area (270,000 - 350,000 km^2) is alright if you wish to remain with a 1/1/2 stat distribution. Culture & History: I am unsure if your history could be adapted 1:1 with Eurth, as it relies heavily on real-wurld history that we cannot accommodate for. Such as the Norman culture - which came about by Vikings settling in northern France and adopting their culture. Also Andalusian culture (made up of Spanish and Arabic cultures intermixing) couldn't come about until the 1700s with Iverican (!spanish) colonists. The Franks (as a Germanic tribe) are perhaps the only culture that could exist at the time you wish for them to exist. All of my map proposals will come with pros and cons - most making sacrifices to the cultural history you want. Climate This area highlighted possesses a Mediterranean climate or a pseudo-Mediterranean climate: Possible Locations Below are several locations and borders that may fit your nation, feel free to pick any of them (or none of them). Afterwards we can discuss the finer details of the borders and shape of your nation. 1: This comes out at around 327,500km^2, replacing half of the Kudish area with what would've been the Vandals. It is also close to the Verde-Ygros Peninsula that juts out of Alharu, allowing for easy access of the Amayyed Caliphate into the area. If they're related to the Sayf then possibly they might be Shia Muslims rather than Sunni Muslims. I'm sure you can use the Ivericans and the Franks to produce a pseudo-French culture for the "Francien" part of your nation (who knows, might be fun to try come up with a constructed culture of Franks, Andalusians, and Ivericans). There is also the issue that this place isn't Mediterranean in climate - it's actually quite cold. 2: At an area of 318,400km^2, this area puts Andalusia-Francien at and close to Mediterranean climate, as well as directly bordering both a Germano-Slavic nation (Grenesia), south of other Germanic states, and an Arabic state (Sayf). A-F would also be in direct sight of Lysian colonisation, allowing for more French influence and subsequently the formation of a Norman culture. The only issue here is the lack of a Spanish group - however with changes in Europa underway, perhaps one of the new !Spanish nations could have been an ex-coloniser? 3: 315,200km^2, this area would put more emphasis on the Arabic influence of the nation. Perhaps Kudish Germans (eventually becoming the Vandals) invaded south and carved out their own kingdom? And then when the Franks arrived they subsumed the Vandal state as well as a neighbouring ex-Amayyed state?. Up to you. Almost the entire nation is under the Mediterranean climates.
  5. Amutia is a subcontinent of Europa, it makes up this area of Europa: Mantella is a part of the subcontinent of Amutia on the continent of Europa :). This V5 Europa Discussion Thread, primarily focused on the altering of dead member nations into new NPCs that can be used freely by the community, has been done sub-continent by sub-continent. First Amutia, then Burania and northern Orient, now we are focusing on Amutia and southern Orient. My question was, as you are an ex-colony of an Amutian nation (Mantella), is there any parts of Mantella's lore critical to maintain your own lore. Though as Mantella is owned by @Cristina Mantella themselves would see little change unless Cristina wants changes.
  6. This is rather unprecedented, however as you are an admin I trust in your judgement that this is allowed. My only question is if you wish for all of the The Iberic FedCom States to be bracketed with (Ibe.) / (Fed.), or just the non-Iverican ones bracketed with (Ive.)?
  7. Draft 5.4.1. Due to delays outside of my control, Update 5.4 will largely consist of guideline changes rather than substantial map updates. 5.5 will come packaged with how to apply for NPCs outside of expansions, the difference between regular NPCs and expansion NPCs, and what bonuses new members will get for allowing their country to be landlocked. All of this has been discussed in a staff meeting previously, so expect for it to come sooner rather than later (hopefully). 5.4.1 Map Nations Modified: ● The second Europa V5 group of nations - Burania and the northern Orient - have been converted to their new NPC forms. ● @Mirian Republic and @Youtabonia have been merged into Mirialoyche - Miria is still the official short name for the nation. ● @Koku and @Ide Jima had flags that were ripped from historical or modern nations/regions, thus their flags were changed. ● @Jaihu was converted into Inagata ● @Qardania was converted into Dolet ● Karthenia and Baranchia were merged into Gudewida ● Vetok and @Phil VII were converted into Ouzoia ● @Mongol-Swedes was converted into Turikel ● @Tal Shiar was converted into Nusisium ● Added @Rhava's river and lake as well as the moved cities. Nations Added: ● @Fina ● @Walneria's NPC Dazhdinia All other NPC requests have been frozen until 5.4.2 Note 1: Anglia's recent take over of Azania has not yet been visualised on the map - largely because the exact borders are not yet known. Note 2: After the Burania and northern Oriental states have been finalised, we shall be moving onto Amutia: @Cristina, @Tagmatium Rules, @Orioni, if you believe you have information you deem critical to maintaining Amutia's identity and lore (such as key historic moments, lore-important nations, etc.), please reply to [This Thread]. Ex-colonies of Amutia ( @Iverica, @Anatea, @Fravina, and more) your input regarding your exact lore connections would also be incredibly useful as well. This would also be an excellent time to submit possible retcons you wish to make to your own lore, and help create new colonial powers that accommodate for this change. Note 3: A more user-friendly culture map is in the works, one that doesn't require the use of colour, and would hopefully be a more use than the current one. Note 4: The next V5 Continental discussion will be Alharu, on the subject of climate and interconnected lore. Note 5: After the V5 Alharu discussion, Argis will be next. This will be on the subject of missing Germanic and Slavic colonial powers (e.g. the Dutch) and shared NPCs. After Argis will be Marenesia and Antargis - just a check up and a summary of recent events and any NPCs/borders important to the continent(s) that need to be shown. Then the V5 continental discussion threads will be complete. However they will remain open in case anyone from anywhere on Eurth comes up with interesting ideas for the continent(s) as a whole. [Aurelia V5] [Europa V5] [Alharu V5] [Argis V5] [Marenesia V5] [Antargis V5] Yes to anyone who noticed - this map doesn't have a "Draft 5.4.1" label. I've noticed that people often ask for a non-watermarked version anyways and the likelihood that a draft is accidentally posted instead of the real map is very unlikely nowadays. So I feel safe enough to end the practise of watermarking drafts. All I ask is that you only use drafts for your own personal use and not uploaded onto IIwiki or the forum in any capacity outside of aiding in further map updates.
  8. An Empire Divided Chapter 2, Part 1 "The Hot Road Ahead" The dust was a serpent. It's body slithered across the rural savannah roads, its form created out of the red and yellow dust tossed out from the hundreds of wheels from the numerous military vehicles part of the mechanised infantry. The convoy was almost entirely land rovers, ranging from lightly armoured rovers to larger armoured beasts imported from Fulgistan, to the behemoths near the back of the line stuffed with infantry. Atop almost all of the vehicles were small flags of Metztlitlaca, waving to anyone who may see them. It was a bright blistering afternoon, the start of the monsoon still weeks away, and Metztlitlaca and Sitallo were at war. The war began only 9 days ago, It took three days for the first village within Sitallo to fall. Six days later the 30th village had been put under Metztlican occupation. The Wītzilōtxtli Battalion for the past seven days had been travelling across the northern territories of Maliano, largely opposed and only ever stopped at nearby villages for water or to meet the local rulers to discuss the terms for their village to surrender. Metztlican officers were hesitant to send out a mechanised battalion by itself, but when the environment is more hostile, more willing to kill, then its inhabitants, the choice to use a smaller but faster army proved far more useful. Tewila sat in the back of one of the many personnel carrier trucks, the only noise came from the ground below crunching against the wheels and the occasional cough from one of the fifteen other men and women in the back with her. The heat from outside leaked into the back, combined with the breaths and body heat of her comrades left the whole experience uncomfortably hot for even the most durable soldiers. She had seen the truck from the outside and without any previous knowledge, one could easily mistake the carrier as a rich farmer's vehicle. In truth it probably was to some extent, cheaper to use the same frames and designs for other vehicles designed to go off-road in the scalding savannah. "Water?" Another soldier offered Tewila. She turned her head and immediately recognised the other as Dureau, although most just called him Dūl, holding out a flask and a friendly smile. "Thanks.." Tewila turned her attention to the flask, it was rectangular – common for the army – but its design was peculiar. It was almost entirely baby blue with a white diagonal line and a black horizontal line wrapping around. It took her a couple seconds to realise it was the flag of Galahinda. ".. Real patriotic, huh?" Tewila smirked raising an eye brow as she shook the half-full flash in her hand, the water sloshing back and forth inside garnering the attention of several other soldiers. "It's chill, far from home. I gotcha" Dūl's face flushed pink turning away from Tewila as she took a sip from the flask. It was lukewarm and slightly salty but even that was gloriously refreshing compared to the alternative of sitting tight. Her eyes trained themselves on Dūl; half Galahindan half Tapelt, She never understood why he'd ever give up the life of endless partying and debauchery to come to shit hole one, especially if it meant he would've chanced being drafted into the military. His face was angular with a long head, unlike her squished and rounded face, though both had similar dark brown hair. His complexion was arguably indistinguishable from most of the interracial people in the country, though he did retain the green eyes common with so-called "pure" Azlo people. “Tewila?” His accent was light, which was shocking. Almost every Galahindan tourist she Tewila had ever dealt with.. well most never spoke her native tongue outside of a heavily accented “Moīxpantzinco” or “Nipohpolwiā“. But those that did always spoke with a heavy accent. “Tewila!” ..Still, it was better than being stuffed in the back of a truck going from village to village packed with firearms and artillery like a Rhodellian road trip. "Tewila!. Did you.. finish the.. water?" Dūl asked, his tone flustered and hesitant. Tewila looked down to see she had completely emptied out the flask down her throat. Now it was her turn to go red. "Oh. We'll get more at the next village.". She tried to be blasé about the situation, pushing the flask onto Dūl's chest, but she quickly looked away from the Galahindan, betraying her attempts to act cool, towards one of the transparent plastic 'windows' between two half-awake men. The landscape beyond the plastic sheet was homogenous; the same red cracked dirt, the same succulent planets, the same dust tossed up by vehicles in the front making it hard to see beyond a couple tens of metres out. Galahindans, Seylosians, Rhodellians, Hinterlanders, being a tour guide in the next city over to Kaseka she had seen her fair share of people. Which probably made her more tolerant than the average Metztlican – much more than your average Tapelt or Popolocon at least. Probably why Dūl was only ever talking to her. "We're twenty miles from the next village – look alive people!" a man shouted from the vehicle in front, barely audible to them over the tens of engines roaring and shaking. The two men in front of her suddenly snapped upright, all the soldiers began to murmur and hastily gripped their rifles to their chest, eyes staring forward. Tewila did the same, her face tensing into a poker face. She glimpsed a sign past the window – Zacanopicpac They sat in silence, awaiting orders. Suddenly the vehicle jolted to a stop, their driver trudging on the harsh ground around to the back of the truck to speak to the sixteen soldiers. "Village has sent their surrender over radio – we're free to buy water." The soldiers stared blankly at the man. “We’ll stop for an hour, stretch our legs, and continue to the next village.” Half the soldiers in the truck groaned, the other half relieved. The driver left, going back to the front and the convoy continued down the road. “This is bullsh*t.” One of the Atencan men mumbled, crossing his arms and allowing his rifle to slip to the floor. “A week. A f*cking WEEK.” He yelled out in exasperation just as the truck jolted upwards, passing over a pot hole. “And NOTHING.” Tewila opened her mouth but no words came out, the heat was clawing its way into her brain, tiring her down. So instead she shut her mouth again with a sigh. Her eyes scanned over everyone else, who seemingly had given up in trying to talk. The man’s outrage was just met with more sighs and muttering, his friend beside him elbowing him. “This isn’t even a f*ckin’ war. It’s a camping trip. And none of us can afford a sh*tty phone to take pictures with!” “C’mon man.” Dūl began, taking the attention of the ranting Atencan, “We’re too tired for this sh*t.”. The soldier’s eyes squinted. “Tired? TIRED? What have we even been doing that makes you TIRED?” Tewila watched the confrontation, the man’s exasperated yelling and Dūls attempts to stay cool, making sure to avoid contact with either parties involved. “You’re the Galahindan right?” The man began, causing Dūl to swish his eyes from one side to another – Tewila making sure to look away as he looked towards her. “Half- Yeah?” “Dont’cha call people ‘dolls’?. Well listen here ‘doll’, you’re no longer in some penthouse suite in Cascadia who gets tired after eating their twelfth f*ckin’..-I don’t know!. This is the real wurld, where real men and women fight! So stand down ‘doll’ and shut the f*ck up.!” The soldier hissed back, Dūl sinking down in his seat in response. The carrier went silent. Tewila shifted, her brain wanted to speak, to say something, but her throat betrayed her and sealed shut. Her tongue and mouth remaining still. Eventually she gave up and settled her head on the back of her chair, attempting to sleep through the awkwardness. She didn’t see Dūl’s face or reaction. And to be frank she didn’t want to, the heat made things bad enough. So much for being honourable to friends rang in her mind. She scrunched her face in response and pushed the voice in her head aside. Eventually her tiredness overtook the gross heat of the truck and the prickling pain from the sun baring down through a nearby plastic window, succumbing to her sleep - even if it was just for half an hour.
  9. Welcome @Mondiz to Eurth. I hope you enjoy your time here :). Usually we use our Discord for small talk and to help one another with ideas. And generally keep the community tight. Before you can join Eurth proper you need to pass The Academy. From there you'll need to make a post within the Front Desk - so the staff can try to get a grasp on what you have planned for your nation. From there RP Mentors either on the forum or on the Discord will aid in getting you use to the forum and how we interact and RP 'round these parts.
  10. Hello! From the 15th of September I will be starting Uni, and I will most likely be near to fully inactive for the rest of the month. The Sitallo-Metztli war that was meant to occur today is being delayed for the foreseeable future (when I can return) which hopefully doesn't break anything anyone was planning. If the Anglian crisis occurs in the new wurld when I am gone, the Triple Commonwealth can still be used as a colony for that part of Alharu.
  11. I think I'll go with Anglia after speaking on the forum and in the Discord, just as I think it brings the most opportunity to the lore and present day engagements. Pre-Colonial history would remain the same until 1800, when Anglia would begin the process of conquering the Crescent Empire in a similar fashion to India over the course of ~60 years resulting in the total Anglian Rule of modern day Metztlitlaca, Sitallo, and the Triple Commonwealth by 1860. The Anglians would rule over the region until 1930 when a rebellion causes Anglia to leave the colonies due to high expenses, resulting in the formation of 6 states (Metztlitlaca, Sitallo, the 3 nations that would eventually form the Triple Commonwealth, and a state along Metztlitlaca's coastline made up of Anglian colonists). From the 40s onwards history would be similar to the current lore. By the end of the Great Alharun War the Triple Commonwealth would unify, Metztlitlaca would annex the Anglian coastal state along with territories from Sitallo. The chaos in the region would allow Fulgstan-backed socialists to take over to form the Worker's Republic of Sitallo and the South Palu Federation. By the modern day, Metztlitlaca and the Triple Commonwealth would have large minorities of Anglian colonists and mixed Anglian descendants. Due to IRL stuff I will have to delay the Sitallo-Metztli war (and subsequently their involvement in the Anglian Crisis), which would give me time to begin the process of informally figuring out the new lore.
  12. Welcome to Eurth ! A good way to start on the forum is by completing the Academy's Front Desk (here is the link), from there another RP Mentor will aid you in getting to know the forum and help you graduate through the academy to join Eurth canon.
  13. Oh boy. I do not like coming back to this thread. But it must be done. As we all know, Shffahkia (the nation) is no longer part of Eurth canon. This means Metztlitlaca's primary colonial power is now gone. If I had a nickel for every time my coloniser left Eurth, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it's happened twice, right?. So I am, for like the nth time, changing my nation's lore to accommodate this. An awkward timing as well considering I'm halfway through an expansion, but as I will be changing my nation from Metztlitlaca to the Crescent Empire (or some similar name) with the annexation of Sitallo and the Triple Commonwealth as the Archpriest reclaims the powers of Emperor, this might as well be the best time to plan for that. My main concern is finding a new colonial master. This can be from anywhere after the 1650s to just before the 1900s, and said colonial power isn't looking to exterminate the locals. Currently there are only a couple of options:- (Oh and ignore any modern day ramifications, I'll find ways to make the modern lore work to where current allies and events still make sense) 1) Anglia An easy choice, as I know (historic) English culture quite well and I can bring over the Fearanntethians and the Eireians to create a horrific Aztec British Isles abomination. But this would radically alter the engagement of Metztli in the Anglian Crisis which would be awkward to say the least, as I'm more mentally focused on Sitallo and already have plans drawn up for what the Anglo-Metztli war will look like. 2) Fearannteth or Dolchland Just Fearannteth, not really one I'd like to go for largely because of geography and I don't have much knowledge on Scottish culture, I can work with them in small amounts but as a country as a whole it'll be a disaster. Same goes for the Dolch, although it would really tie up the Dolch Empire to be geographically connected with Metzli/Sitallo/Volta/Rhodellia, I lack much knowledge on German culture outside of Prussian militarism and Medieval Austria and I'm not sure those would work with Dolchland. 3) Azania Someone in Azania perhaps? It would certainly change the look of my nation and I'm not opposed to it, though I'd need to excuse myself a couple weeks to a couple months to read up on specific African cultures far more in depth than I have so far. Metztlitlaca's fear of Europa would remain intact, though it's fear of Argis would be unrealistically dumb by that point. 4) Lysia or Cristina Or I could just salvage what I have and join the other ex-colonies across Aurelia who are Italo-French. 5) Others.? If you think you might be a good historic coloniser and okay to play ball a lot, I'm always down for it :). 6) No one The last option is... Extreme. It is the nuclear option and wiping all current Metztli lore and going with my original idea for Metztlitlaca as a nation who underwent a similar history to Japan of westernising and industrialising - however by the modern day has lost its empire due to [X] (Great Alharun War?) and has only rebuilt enough to reopen itself to the outside wurld beyond it's few key allies. This would effectively make Metztli a 100% native-dominated state (minus Kaseka and perhaps other ports if we go the Chinese concessions route - which would be fun and a unique thing for the nation) controlled by the Sino-Aztecan Azlo and the Quechuan Popoloco. I'm honestly not against this as I'm becoming pretty burnt out at constantly reworking my nation due to colonial masters abandoning their nations and it's honestly just disheartening.
  14. Hello Acadia Fina, congratulations on passing the academy. I would say deja vu but Orioni was the one who did your last map application :P. Your stats appear to be line within their respected ranges. 260,000 - 270,000km^2 is a bit of a blurry, but from previous applications and issues it seems like the consensus is that 268,000 km^2 should be fine. Honestly there isn't much to say, everything is good, the only thing left is requesting consent from @Mokhavia and @Sanarija to be so close to them. If they do not reply within a week consent will be implied. My only request is that you only have a maximum of 4 cities - this is due to file size as we're getting close to the maximum size my computer will allow for converting into a .png file.
  15. All noted!. So in general I am for moving the Dravidians either to just Europa or just Eurth - currently there are no members and if O is okay with future members being placed in Oriental Europa if they are Dravidian or Indo-Aryan w/o being colonies, I'm 100% fine with this. "[...] why is there a need to draw heavily to essentially mirror IRL with Europa/New Wurld? Isnt the nations that compose the two continents what makes the region, not the culture mirror to RL?" This I 100% agree with. Perhaps I've not been explicit enough with what I'm trying to do here. The last thing I want to do is make Eurth Eurth, that would be boring. That's why I've been particularly apathetic about Islam/Salam in the Sub-Saharan countries or moving the Aroman-Descendants out of the Amutia Desert. My goal, hopefully with the aid of staff and the members of Eurth, is to find the reasons why these differences exist and expand upon them to their fullest potential. Not get rid of them. For example, "the New Wurld also has its quirks with two !Asian clusters on the eastern side (Yeosan, Rhava, Kertosono, Utogo) and western side (SSI, Andalla, Yeosan, Heiheguo, ex-Selayar, ex-Fjallshima)." We can find reasons for this, and not have to move unwilling members. My own idea is that the Paran goes through stages of being a large habitable steppe and a desert, that's why the Paran in the present day is half desert half hot steppe - it's in transition from a greener Paran to a more Sahara-like environment. And I've used this idea and tied it to my own lore - it's why the Azlo (!Aztec) people left the rest of the Ute-Aztecan people around the Chenshas area and went south, to greener pastures. When the Paran was in one of it's greener states, the !East Asian / !South-East Asian ethnic cluster covered all of middle-Alharu. Then when the Paran became a desert the two groups became separated and several of these groups on the western side migrated out into Thalassa when the !Egyptians (Cashar/Hemahat) migrated south into the Ketek area. Turning !East Asian in Europa into a !Japanonic region (more than just Japanese) was as an emphasis of this, as if the !Japonic people that migrated to Andalla and the Esonya islands continued west across the Thalassa Islands. We can also add a branch of the !South-East Asians into this for SSI, San Ba, etc. Which appears to be Vietnamese. Deletion should be only be our last choice, adaption is far simpler and more fun in the long-term. As written, "Phase 2.4 – Connections to the Rest of Eurth" is just meant to be any plotholes in our lore with our attempts to remerge Europa back into the greater Eurth lore. The biggest being Lysia is nearly landlocked. To get out of Europa and form colonies it must past: - Akiiryu - Iverican Ancestor (who has similar issues) - Qubdi - Euandria - Sporsia - Tagmatium - Vanamrambaion - Havebergen - Tal Shiar - The 7 islands - Akwisia - Haruspex If just one of these countries declined transit, Lysia could not form any meaningful colonies. It's why the Ottomans never made any colonies in the new wurld, or why Russia could never project real power into the Atlantic, or why China has never breached into the pacific until the advent of global trade. Lysia has the problems they all had but 10x worse. The idea is to move Lysia, the Iverican Ancestor state, and the other colonies further south to break free of their geographic constraints. Two solutions I have already drawn up previously in this thread. And even with the proposals above the master colonisers are still quite separate from their colonies in Alharu/Aurelia/Argis - which we can use as an excuse, plus greater connections by the natives, why colonialism on Eurth is far weaker than it was on Eurth. I think this would be great to keep , thank you for bringing this to my attention @Tagmatium Rules. Perhaps it could be used as stand-in for our Viking era, not counting Ulfheimr and Ateenia raiders. With permissions from @Prymont / @Ateenia, Thelarike could be an ancient Argic Ocean empire as some sort of super North Sea Empire. Do you know how this would affect nations such as Ide Jima? Should we keep their current lore (which was adapted into this new version of Ide Jima) or try come up with something new?. Also something perhaps @Orioni should chime on as the Long War is quite close to his turf. Whoops!- My mistake, I mistook this: "The Triumvirate follows a fanatical doctrine that seeks to control the Eurth and the fate of mankind. Central to their belief system is the strong monotheistic worship of the God of the Abrahamic religious tradition. According to Triumvirate's core belief, the Eurth was last pure and untainted after God cleansed it in the Biblical Great Flood endured by Noah, which they claimed to have occurred around 8,000 years ago. Since then, the Eurth became consumed by chaos and sin. And only the Triumvirate has received God's divine command to restore humanity to paradise." To mean Christian, but after a second time reading I do realise that Volsci's religion is an Abrahamic faith, but not a Christian faith. Noted! Thank you @Volta. This works much better. I like the idea of Salam, but perhaps it could be adapted in a way less blunt. Taking a page from Christianity on Eurth; This is a map of Islam on Eurth pre-Azanian Reboot. Dark Green are nations I know are Islamic / Major minorities of Muslims / Were or had Muslims in the past. ( @Esonice and his San Castellino refugees not pictured here.). Light Green I'm unsure of. It's primarily found in Europa and Alharu, fascinatingly lets look at the sects: Red are Twelver Shias, Blue are Ismaili Shias. The New Wurld is almost entirely Shia Muslims. Europa/Yellow is Salamic, @Orioni's attempt at a rebranded Islam which I will assume are Sunni as that's the sect of Islam most Westerners know and think about (outside of the stereotypically racist idea that all Muslims are Wahhabis). There are several things we can do with this; A: Islamic Europa Homeland That the Shia Muslims fled from the Sunni-Dominated Europa and made their way to Europa. This I think was the original idea with Sayf before northern Alharu / Paran was rebranded as the homeland of the Afro-Asiatic people. However this might not work depending on the individual lores of @Fulgistan / @Sayf / @Rhava / etc. B: Islamic Alharu Homeland That Islam began in Alharu. This would work a lot better for Alharu and the Paran, lore-wise, and it unloads some of the lore from Europa. However this leaves the giant yellow blob of Salam, which can be dealt with in a couple ways. Azania has already been rebooted, with many of the Subsaharan states been given a homebrewed religion of Inkolo. This just leaves Qubdi, Arrif, Assurym, and Asmeruwah as Salamic states. Now we could just leave them as is, and let Sunni Islam dominate in that area under Salam, however with these 3 countries coming under the chopping block soon when we reach Amutia for changes, I think we can do something a lot more fun; Salam as it's own Abrahamic Faith. A religion that, like Christianity, broke off from Judaism. But being a religion primarily found in the Amutia Steppe, it's just as unique as Islam, Christianity, or Judaism. We can then expand this new religion into Yuropa and the northern northern Azanian states. This would allow us to have our cake and eat it too, with neither lores in Europa or Alharu contradicting each other. However doing so would require Bashan to remain in Europa, which is fine if we don't mind the plot hole that a single Afro-Asiatic group popped up in Europa, with all the others in Alharu Perhaps the !Canaanites migrated into the Aroman Empire, and founded their own kingdoms post-collapse, with Bashan, Qubdi, Arrif, Assurym, and Asmeruwah being their present day descendants? Could also be the people who brought the Alphabet to Europa. Up to @Gallambria and @Tagmatium Rules to decide that. (Sorry I offended you through my stupidly-simplified diagram of Religions) If this was done, the name would have to be changed - something in Hebrew or the other Canaanite languages. Why couldn't a reformed Khanate survive into the present? Empires and Kingdoms have - especially on Eurth. Even so in the lore I wrote there is this; "With such a humiliating defeat, many other Turikelian tribes within the khanate demanded independence. To avoid complete collapse the Turikel Khanate reorganised itself into a tribal federation in the 80s and began the process of moving funds from the military towards economic growth and diversification.". Turikel is a federation by the modern day after it's flirt with death. "I also expect some influences from neighbouring Volsci, Vetok and Akiiryu. For example: on the Deltannia page I wrote about Volsci expansionism." This was somewhat done with "But with the arrival of gunpowder in the mid to late 1200s resulted in modern day Turikel and other neighbouring semi-nomads to being conquered by their neighbours. The area of what became modern day Turikel was conquered by Volsci, with other Turik people around Burania being conquered by Aroman-Descendent crusaders, Oriental Empires, and the northern Germanic people.". There was also the agreement when we were making the culture map for Europa that there were significant Turkic groups within Volsci, which have been linked to this expansion. Also the Sved Taypa of Turikel is Germanic in nature - a nod to the Swedes in Mongol-Swedes :P. However if you want more overt influence, that can be done - perhaps their current reformed government could take some cues from the Volsci Empire. Volsci, from what I've read, is meant to be a nation directly opposed to the institutions of Aroma, so having a capital named in the same way as the cities of Tagmatium and friends seemed counter-intuitive. Which I wanted to reinforce in their capital's name. I would also go as far as to suggest replacing Volsci's triumvirate with a Folkmoot. Of course this can be reversed if you'd rather keep Volsci as close to it's current form as possible. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Tal_Shiar. Though perhaps this is something @Tagmatium Rules should decide, not us. I would have to agree with you, I wasn't particularly happy with the renaming of Youtabonia either and merging it with Myria might be the better move. Any other opinions/critique made that I haven't replied to is most likely because I agree with it and/or I have nothing to say to it.
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