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  1. Welcome to Eurth! We have not yet got a Dravidian nor Indian nation on the map so it's great to see one :).
  2. 'Ello Sir @Orioni. After the December Prompts and the plans to move Metztlitlaca westward to allow for Oyus' Fearannteth, I have a couple requests for some new Metztlitlaca Cities. ● Movement of Altepetl Tekaken westward to remain near the centre of the country (and still the capital city). ● Adding the city of Azcapoƶinco / Azcapotzinco. Either version works as well as adding "Altepetl" ● Adding the city of Pomodoria City ● Adding Seylosian Kaseka. The city is going to play a semi-major role in the current Metztlitlaca expansion and as such having it's location on the map proper
  3. Chapter 1, Scene 1: Oyānci Archpriest Oyānci, the uncle-in-law of the first ever Archpriestess (Archpriestess Moyoluani), was the Archpriest who led the Azlo from the Great Paran lake in 8 BCE by the orders of Lōzōnxicoyol herself. Before Oyānci, the Azlo had many archpriests and each archpriest was said to be the divine "Cōconēλ" (Directly translates to "Mouth Piece" or "Puppet") of separate Wēcatoc deities. Under the guidance of Oyānci, the Azlo who left the lake came to be unified under the banner of Ce Meƶλ, The Mun. Without the groundworks for a near-unified religion, the Crescent Empire
  4. Congratulations! You die at the hands of your estranged father after blowing up the entirety of your home country, killing millions, whilst an anarchist raises the dead. You are now known as the committer of the largest genocide in human history*. After death you are for eternity trapped in Hell and plunged into the boiling blood River of Phlegethon, if you try to escape the river you are shot back inside by a herd of centaurs. Looks like Dante was more right then we thought, who'd a guessed? I wish for another apple. One without pesticides. (Last time I'll post here to give other people a
  5. Wish Granted! You are now in the Early Cretaceous Period. Permanently. I wish for a single apple.
  6. Yes please! The region to my east was to be replaced with @Oyus's Fearannteth. As far as I'm aware Oyus is nearly complete (from what he has eluded to in the Discord - although you'd need to speak to him whether or not its ready to be put on the map or not.).
  7. Per Request: A map of Metztlitlaca, Satillo, and the (Not yet canon) Triple Commonwealth: Global: Local: (Excuse the low resolution)
  8. 1B will be the final population of subsuming Sitallo, the Triple Commonwealth, and two other nations in Mesothalassa. Post-Sitallo expansion would give Metztlitlaca a population of 30-40mil. At the end of the expansion the population would be ~120mil (Metztlitlaca's population acceleration would be beginning to enter the "Bangladesh" period - ie incredibly fast population growth), then eventually the population will grow (as the other 4 nations are brought to similar population accelerations as Metztlitlaca and Metztlitlaca reaches its peak % annual increase). As such, from 2021-2023, Metzt
  9. “An Empire Divided” Multi-Expansion RP Proposal Metztlitlaca Expansion My first expansion! Despite the name of the proposal this application is only for the first stage of the expansion, which is the conquest of the Occidental Democratic Republic of Satillo. All currently made information for the expansion (for now) will be below. Since the departure of Derthalen, Adaptus, Limonaia, and Variota, there is no longer a “Boogeymen” nation for people to work with/against. The closest we have is Fulgistan, who although is planning to expand, may not be as amoral as people hope (closer to
  10. “Pax Eurthica” 2020 has certainly been quite the dramatic year for Eurth, most peaceful I would actually give to Andalla for attempting to connect the many nations of Eurth together. Whether or not it’ll succeed in the end… Well, I hope it does. “Big Dick Stick” Gallambria, the eternal wooden paddle that’ll stop LAANN from doing anything too devious. “The Pushitzer Prize” A suddenly new contender has arrived within the past week, being Theaca with their shockingly realistic News Blog academy post. Can an academy nation be nominated? I dunno. “Bron Urgund
  11. Calƶacualli Hunting in Metztlitlaca [11th Prompt] Hunting, especially for sport, is a hotly contested subject in Metztlitlaca. For a country that treats pets poorly, you’d expect them to be okay with it. Hunting of wild animals is regulated by the ‘Temple of Live Stock and Game’ (translated) who have imposed strict boundaries for where an animal may or may not be hunted. Regions classified as Level 2 Rainforests, Level 3 Savannahs, and Level 2 Delta Forests are completely banned from hunting large game (what constitutes as either “game” or “nomadic livestock” is also a fick
  12. Λacualō Īpanmēƶλicān. Eating in Metztlitlaca. The culture of Metztlitlaca – particularly the Azlo – have a deep focus on taking ‘just the minimum’ and to minimise greed. The most obvious show of this rejection of greed is when and what the Azlo eat at what particular days. The time the sun is up in Metztlitlaca is always around twelve hours – being so close to the equator – with a plus or minus an hour depending on the season. The first meal of the day (called λacaλiƶomoni, literally “Day to break”) starts around sunrise at around 5:45-6:15 and is generally a cooked meal most would a
  13. Xināλawīλiyoɥ Overview The Capital of Metztlitlaca – Xināλawīλiyoɥ (literally meaning “Capital/Old City filled with Valleys”) – is the largest city in the country at a population of 2,142,000, around 10% of the total population. The total population living in the city is expected to triple by 2023 due to rapid migration to the city for job opportunities. The local government of Xināλawīλiyoɥ is currently in the process of using the current influx to build the new infrastructure and housing to avoid the formation of mass slums. What will happen to the population once large-scale housing and i
  14. “How long have your people known peace?” Twelve years, take it or leave it. From mid-2020, it has been twelve years since the official end to the South Paluvian civil war and the start of the Dominions of Metztlitlaca. The civil war started in 1992, when the Republic of Metztlica, Republic of Acolica, and the Republic of Tepanizo broke off from the South Palu Confederation’s government to form their own pro-archpriest government. For 10 years both governments did not engage in any large-scale conflicts, but did not recognise the other as a legitimate government. Eventually in 2002 borde
  15. Īpan Lexoxōʯ Mēƶλicān Pets in Metztlitlaca You walk down the shop’s aisle, to your right is the wall full of numerous glass windows with small holes and metal locks. Inside nearly every one of the chambers is a small dog, most appear to be well groomed but some were missing patches of fur, others missing eyes, and some even missing limbs. Your stare caught the eye of the shop’s owner, an old lady in a brown apron and black hair that looked like a wig made from the brush of a broom. “Iƶqīnλi calāmpa zolticyōλ” The shopkeeper remarked. The dogs use to live on the streets. “Namactia λayō
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