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  1. Alright! The final draft (if no issues are brought up by the community) of the first map update involving me in the process. I must thank Orioni for teaching me the ropes of properly editing the map using photoshop and keeping to the map guidelines to make sure my involvement in the maps is seamless with minimal theme clashing, as well as being incredibly patient with my blunders and mistakes :). If no other changes need to be made, the v5.0 map will (should) be posted sometime in the upcoming weekend. (Also the "Draft 5.0.X" has been officially standardised, huzzah!) 5.0.3 Map
  2. The Greater Dominion Council room was a large cube with a light grey carpet and wooden walls with sound-proofing foam. Situated in the room were three C-shaped tables with a total of around 500 seats. Xōčiyo sat in her modest throne at the back of the room with the tables facing her, she’d become quite an expert at holding her own tongue and extending her patience over the past two decades of her rule as Archpriest. But on this particular day her nails were sunken into the softwood frame of the throne with a frown across her face and deep sunken eyes. Besides her was a Λaxcalixe represent
  3. The rushing of the water in the distance was their only anchor to reality. The continuous faint white noise from the Phaqcha waterfall (or as his peers called it, Pāqča) told them they were just under two kilometres away from camp. The rushing water and their failing compasses were their only way to navigate in the dense undergrowth. Akllasisa wondered how his distant cousins of the Palāzača could even survive in this malarial hellscape. And yet, here they were, taking cover in the ruins of a great cobbled fortress built into a small hill – a dimple on the great slopes of South Palu. It was ha
  4. Hello y'all. Second version of the 5.0 map update. I couldn't do as much as I would of liked, with several parts of the to-do list still incomplete, and possibly going to be moved to the 5.1 map update. However I won't waste your time any longer, so this is the 5.0.2 map (draft)! 5.0.2 Map 5.0.2 Changelogs (02/04/2021 - 04/04/2021) A couple nations have been added to the 5.0.2 draft. - @Ateenia - @Stedoria - @Tagmatium Rules's Akwisia. But as we congratulate our new graduates from the academy, may we have a minute of silence for those passing through our doors - perm
  5. You may request now in this thread or later in a separate thread for any modifications to your country.
  6. Alright. I attempt to make borders that closely matched the geography and land area you requested. Is this okay?
  7. Of course, unless other state otherwise, these are the two locations we found to closely match what you require, however the southern one (east of Morheim) fits most perfectly. The highlighted areas do not represent the size of your nation. (which I will attempt to get as close to 296,300 km^2 as possible.).
  8. Hello! I've read over this post and land area appears to be suitable, no issue on that part. And I am sure you understand that agriculture will be difficult within Ateenia, the maximum extent of profitable agriculture in the region would be the Dwb climate. Much of your country will be Hemiboreal which means long, dark, harsh, winters. However this is not a death sentence, with the right timing and with strict and fast harvesting, cereals, rapeseeds, and grass crops are possible. Your flatter terrain will also favour the crops compared to the ruggedness of Scandinavia. It is highly likely in
  9. Hello! Most people on this forum knows me as "that map guy", or "that country with the slavery". But since the 27th of March of this year I have been given the title of "Cartographer" equal to "RP Mentor" in the staff hierarchy as part of the general staff delegations over the past year. My role is to keep track of map placement requests, requests by current members for changes to their nations and the wider Eurth, increasing transparency between producing the map and the members of our community, and updating the map as per needed. Orioni is still the head of cartography - as he is the
  10. It appears you both (@Fravina / @Delamaria) have decided one your final borders. I will put them down for the next map update :).
  11. Hello! Like Orioni stated, your application is being discussed. However if you want to fast track this and have your application accepted faster, your nation can take the borders of the currently inactive @Morheim. If not, there are currently a couple locations being tossed around that could fit your climatic and geographic desires, as well as how to accommodate your nation's culture within the wurld of Eurth.
  12. As stated in the Discord, I am very supportive of this idea. The Triple Commonwealth is up for grabs by Anglia if a more interior colony is required, as well as attempts by Anglia to invade Sitallo or even Metztlitlaca if the story we go through puts them on Anglia's target.
  13. A sterile blue light illuminated from a projector onto a dull grey wall, the only light source in the room. “This man is Alez Pellamo” A middle-aged Sitallan man announced, standing in front of several seated soldiers and Lieutenant generals. All the men in the room wore similar cream-yellow outfits designed to match the arid savanna of southern Sitallo. On the screen was a photo from 2016 of Alez exiting a red roofless car. “He is the de facto leader of a major branch of la Milice Confédérée Sudiste, or MCS. Alez and several other high level terrorists make up their high command, called
  14. Besides a couple mistakes (I assume you mean "Alharu & Thalassa Community") this generally appears to be quite well made. I will say though I would be for making the Court of Self Determination & the Court of Justice In-Universe courts as well as platforms for OOC discussions.
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