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  1. THE GAME ~ Love it or Hate it
  2. OK I'm Back For you newbies. I'm not new just sort of faded away and forgot my vacation button.
  3. Hope Just down the road from me
  4. ^ Probably never seen a pissed Newt < Definitely never seen a pissed newt
  5. Good Charlotte I just want to LIVE
  6. Sorry bout the last answer. Now I understand. Denver home of the BRONCOS NFL
  7. Saint Louis de Ha! Ha! A little town in Qu?bec near the border of Main. I kid you not.
  8. Thomas the Tank Engine . I don't know Fireman Sam Democracy or benevolent dictatorship
  9. Girl with a parrot on her shoulder walks up to the bar and the bartender says " What you doing with the ugly pig?" Are you stupid?" Answers the girl?"It's a parrot." To which the bartender replies."I was talking to the PARROT."
  10. ^ Lucky Dude < Way Too (Humm how do I say this? Oh yea) FAT
  11. Independent Thinking Always had my own way of thinking Camping or just chilling at home
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