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  1. Thanks! I'm drawn to RP, as I have been for a while, mainly because I enjoy having ideas within the settings and scenarios I create. I enjoy thinking up different stories within a 1984-style dictatorship, or even just relationships between characters in smaller RP scenarios. I just like worldbuilding, which fits really nicely into building a nation like this!
  2. Queste

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    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Imperial State of Queste Government type of nation: Unitary Autocracy Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Quessin ((Based on Ukrainian)) Give us a short description of your nation: An authoritarian state recently created from a violent revolution. Support is overwhelming for the new Imperial State, and attitudes towards overly capitalist or bureaucratic practices are at an all-time low. Do you have an IIWiki page?: Not yet, but a NationStates page very similar to a wiki. WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your lev
  3. The Imperial State of Queste General Information - Map - Military - Government - Foreign Affairs - Economy
  4. Hello there! I play the Imperial State of Queste on Nationstates, a new pseudo-Empire recently given power via a violent revolution based on a similar revolution in the mid-1500s. I hope I can make a big impact here by playing a hyper-isolationist state slowly making its way onto the world stage! Thanks~!
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