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  1. The current government in Yulaa certainly has recognized Communist Volta as the rightful government of Volta. Anything before then I couldn't say as I have yet to rebuild my history prior to this government. It could go either way. The Oyusards in present day don't have anything for or against communists and are all for the reality of the situation. Thus, they'll recognize who truly controls the nation and not some long lost meaningless exiled government. On the other hand, Fearannteth (an NPC in which I have control over and will eventually absorb) would've likely refused to recognize the communists perhaps even to this day. Communism is taboo in a monarchy that is painfully aware it hasn't been adequate for its peoples needs and encouraging or welcoming it in any form may invite revolutionaries at home. They'd offer those fleeing Volta a place to stay likely, though whether the Kingdom was of preference to Voltans I'm not sure. Further specifics would have to be worked out as its history will have to be revised some to include a major war it would've been party to.
  2. Tagging Team Aurelia for any further comment prior to anything moving forward. @Metztlitlaca @Anatea @Shffahkia @Kirvina
  3. Welcome to Planet Eurth! I hope you'll find yourself at home here. Feel free to join our Discord server where a lot of us chill out and talk about our nations here.
  4. Staff has been discussing this and looking over your first expansion. This second expansion we don't think we will be considered before signing off on the first one. Whilst the effort in each post of the expansion thread is certainly notable, the details are rather lacking and short. They're great posts that don't fulfill the expansion criteria. We would like to see more of the process of which the territory is unified, not merely that there is eventual agreement and end of discussion. With more detail, we certainly will gladl grant it to you.
  5. I've long advocated that this canal should be a historical endeavor and not a present day one and will continue to do so. If the canal were open to other nations, Oyus, dependent on the time period, would've certainly contributed to it if outside investment were found necessary. As far as the Manamana RP goes, it didn't get very far and the few involved are practically inactive save for maybe one or so? It'd likely be best to reboot the RP if it were to be done, something that had been previously discussed.
  6. Could you give us some insight on where you see yourself taking Walneria? Where you want to see it go? I appreciate the background on Walneria in this.
  7. No. I don't see how the Haru can do any of this in so short of time since securing Korinium. I don't think the most well written and thought out explanation would be enough. It matters not if it is or is not an expansion. Not to mention, this has little to no information that gives me past the Imperium intending to commit military to randomly invading Yeetland. At some point, I don't think this will realistically stay covert either as someone somewhere is going to likely take notice to the fact there's movement in Yeetland and realistically speaking there is going to be a clash if that were to come up - one I don't think will end up being seen in canon due to creative differences. There has to be other things we can roleplay past another armed conflict or related. Perhaps some insight on how this endless cycle of pushing war may affect the Imperium or its colony in Zharr.
  8. I will be going to Utah from June 24th to June 29th. My activity may be inconsistent, so out of precaution I am posting notice that I will be out and about.
  9. I think it would be nice if we see you all interact in RPs and other players before looking to NPCs.
  10. Maisie Alcorn Queen of Oyus since June 2020 Maisie Alcorn was born August 5th, 1986 to Donald Alcorn and his wife Bonnie Alcorn both of Fearann descent. The Alcorn family is a well established family with wealth and notoriety. Her father is a shipping magnate whilst her mother was a well known socialite that dabbled in local politics in Port Dorcha, Oyus. Maisie very much so followed in her mother's footsteps, as for most of her adult life she spent time fundraising for charities and bringing attention to local issues. It is believed that the Alcorn family had close ties to the Miary Family and came to be confirmed familiarity with the publication of Kera Yulaa's Final Act, which entrusted Maisie Alcorn as heir to the throne until Eka Miary otherwise designated an heir of her own. When revealed in early 2020, she was brought into the Matriarchy to advise and aid the Kera in affecting policy until the Kera was mentally incapacitated due to a flurry of scandals, forcing Maisie to ascend to the throne indefinitely. Alcorn's policy goals seem to be a departure from the status quo of the previous monarchs of the Matriarchs, advocating for some form of democracy and the belief of Oyusard participation in the international stage being key to a better Eurth and Oyus.
  11. To: Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion From: Ambassador to the Leopard Throne & Special Envoy to the Occident at-large, Winston Susman Minister, In recent days the forced annexation of the Kingdom of Fearannteth by the Anglians has come to alarm us as we have gaps with our intelligence within the region, having gone silent overnight. We do not make this request lightly. However, we realize in order to remain prepared to quell the looming Anglian threat in the Typhos Sea and New Wurld as a whole, we must ask for aid from those outside of our comfortable diplomatic lanes. Anglia will surely exact defeat upon us if we do not make such attempts otherwise. I can guarantee that should such sharing of information and intelligence on the matter of Anglia be permitted that we would not hesitate or have any second thoughts in relaying any intelligence we come upon in return. Further, should there be interest from the Leopard Throne, we will entertain any further collaboration to aid one another quell those that disrupt the peace within our respective regions. There will be open ears within the Matriarchy. Cordially, Winston Susman Ambassador to the Leopard Throne & Special Envoy to the Occident at-large
  12. Sharp Are Her Claws “Your Excellency, it is only cat-and-mouse for us if the ANF proves to be adept as revolutionaries.” -- Ruslim Fai, Assistant Minister of Internal Security Dated June 5th, 2020 Some sort of odd tropical take on elevator music played over the airport intercom. Would you call it tropical jazz? What genre even is elevator music? Whatever it was called, it was what was on queue as the young woman tapped her foot while the rental clerk in front of her continued to scroll down the screen of their computer. It was a business formal outfit for her: color coordinated coat and skirt with a white blouse and hair done in a low bun. Her face added to what her foot was doing: not only was she anxious but she was also painfully annoyed. What could the clerk be sitting on? ‘My company has DEADLINES TO MEET!’ she wanted to scream at them. However, she knew better than to do that. She wasn’t about to cause a commotion. No, no. That wouldn’t be any good. Her ‘company’ would be furious over her loss of cool. She’d be ‘fired’. A project down the drain because of a minor road bump. The click-clack of the keyboard, the ceaseless death scroll, all seemed to have stopped as the clerk looked in her direction. “Ms. Greer-McNeil,” the clerk projected his voice in her direction. The name was very… Fearann… she couldn’t get over how of all names that it had to be this one. It couldn’t have been something sweeter and natural. It had to be a hyphen. “You’re free to move along. Here are the keys to your vehicles and apologies for the inconvenience. We hope you have a j-Oyus day and continue to use YourCar in the future.” Greer-McNeil, if that even is a real name, nodded and thanked the clerk and swept the keys off the counter and into a manila envelope. Walking out to the flat asphalt lot into the sea of perfectly colored rental vehicles, some just as formally dressed older men met and strode out with her. “What took so long in there, Kai? It was just some stupid paperwork you had to turn in to them. YourCar isn’t exactly very well known to check or double check.” he kept rattling off on how the time she was at the YourCar desk was suspicious and unnecessary and chiefly put the team behind schedule. Kai didn’t choose to say anything until she was in the driver’s seat of a generic passenger van, driver’s window down and sunglasses now upon her face. “Don’t ‘Kai’ me. I’m not the one who decided I should impersonate some Fearann-descent businesswoman whose credit card is stolen. I was ensuring I didn’t stick out more than necessary.” The driver’s side window would conclude their brief exchange as wheels moved forward and a convoy of similar vans would follow behind her. All strung up over something that was bound to happen when you place such a large reservation. If Miramil simply would have focused efforts on grabbing some professional car thieves in equal supply as whatever the hell she was dealing with - con men? - then there would be no hold up at a rental desk where even a shady rental company may raise its eyebrow for a moment. So much for being shady. Still, all that mattered was the task at hand: forward into the wilderness they had to go. There was a mission to be accomplished and Kai Innes was certainly not going to allow Lonites tell her what is and isn’t, what should and shouldn’t be. It would be their luck, too, that they had less time than believed. At a desk somewhere in an administrative building in the Yulaa Capital District, a phone would ring off the hook as a manager of the YourCar location of the Vaovaohitra International Airport reported that a supposed client had stolen and impersonated a businesswoman and charged their credit card for a mass amount of vehicle reservations. Whatever plans the ANF have for the day are not going to go as planned, even if it will take some time for this information to climb the ladder and be acted upon. “Do we know what she looks like?” the desk agent queried “Why in Acona would we? It’s not like we are known for security, here. We just aren’t going to be facilitators of criminal syndicates, either.” It could have been classified as a Seylosian eyeroll as the desk agent couldn’t believe his ears and slammed the receiver down, shuffling off to begin the bureaucratic dive into Yulaa. From this supervisor to that supervisor. Faxes-wait how is there even paper involved? Nevermind, no time. Faxes were printed, photocopied, re-photocopied, and stuffed into manila folders and then stuffed into leather document folders whilst Agent Cockburn kept wondering how he couldn’t simply just cut to the chase and have the Assistant Minister over Security be fully informed so that the Assistant Minister could take it to the Cabinet directly that the ANF is probably on the move. How long has it been? Three hours? Four? A wrist watch check shows it somehow has been an eternity of only two hours. Surely whatever the ANF was up to is more in swing than if they- nevermind. A door swung open wide. The look on his supervisor’s face said everything they needed to know: mission accomplished. As an alert was sent out to government posts of high value targets across the nation, the clock was ticking for the Front. Tick tock tick tock, little did they know. They had arrived to a more remote area outside of Vaovaohitra, in the middle of some woods. The security seemed a little more skittish from Kai’s observation. Now, she knew it had to be go time. The guards were on alert, and it was either now or never. Innes turned in the direction of her Front colleagues and made some hand motions. Pop. Splat. A guard was downed, and the rest scrambled as a flurry of bullets was unleashed upon the security forces of the National Stockpile. After what seemed like a copious amount of ammunition was fired upon the facility’s first line of defense, Innes motioned once more to her colleagues: a pair of them with bulging pockets made their way to the front entrance, plopping what looked to be explosive devices on them and then taking a dash away from the door and watched as post-detonation and dust settled, a hole the size of a couple of their vehicles was open. Room enough to do double duty. More popping. Kai looked to the direction it came from and more guards were downed. The team was doing their job, looking out for hostiles. They would continue, too, as the vehicles began to queue themselves and the Front began to fill them with arms. As they did so, Innes had to look inside for herself, only to realize something: this was not the arsenal that many purported it to be. While the size and dimensions fit the bill, the contents didn’t. It didn’t seem right. It felt… off. There had to be more, surely. If this was the famed National Stockpile, it had to have had more than what was present to protect the citizenry of Oyus. No, it didn’t make sense at all. “You seem puzzled.” It was one of the boys again. “There should be more.” The frustration was heavy in her tone,”How could there be this little? We are talking about the need to distribute millions of arms to defend some 10, 13 million Oyusards.” “So, politicians lie. It is not as if we need that many, just enough to fit our-” and he was cut off by being cut through by bullets. Another flurry of bullets, only it was aimed at them rather than the other way around. How? Perhaps, there was some degree of awareness something would occur from what the ANF was up to, but not so well pinned down and so easily accessible. The mission, with so little having been loaded into their convoy, was already at risk of failing. It wouldn’t be enough to take solely what they had and would take more to overcome their adversary now that it would put the Matriarchy on higher alert for any future confrontation. Yet, staying to just get a little more may hamstring them and they’d only end up being prisoners, or worse: dead. Whilst it was a given that death was possible, the ANF needed every hand in such a crucial moment. Does she stay? Does she go? Orders are barked out to the men. Begin closing up and return fire. They were rolling out. Better to come away with something than a blood stained clothes and a new pair of bracelets. Engines are frantically started, doors slammed down on their trucks. Rather than having a quick smash and grab with a convoy of seven trucks filled to the brim, it would be with two fairly filled and one to transport the men. The first truck would hustle out and go in one direction, only for the second to go in another. Kai drove away from the scene as fast as she could while looking back in the mirrors hoping to see the third truck pull away. For a moment, she was relieved to see it begin moving until a chopper came down and several Limited Marines disembarked surrounded the vehicle. They may as well have perished trying to load one more truck, because they had lost more manpower than they should have. It was the sigh she knew that may have come out from her, but it wasn’t all the better. Within inches, this mission was a total failure and it was certainly a disaster.
  13. The following is a published letter in the press in relation to A Fox's Affliction. Published the Morning of May 29th, 2021 in the Yulaa Spectator and Portman's Daily From the Desk of Commissary General Charles Metcalf of the @Great Anglian Commissariat of Mesothalassa From this day forth, the Kingdom of Fearannteth is no more and shall cease to exist. The pathetic excuse known as a government in Fearannteth has collapsed in on itself. It stood on a weak foundation, lacked true leadership. It has failed its citizens. So far their star has fallen from their greatest height, you would be excused for not believing they were capable of fielding the greatest army the Adisi had seen. No more shall House Cassie, a failed House, continue to reign. From henceforth, the Great Anglian Commissariat of Mesothalassa shall begin and oversee the improvement and betterment of the daily lives of the Fearann people - Anglian peoples. May this communication serve as a formal notice to neighbors (@Metztlitlaca, @Eulycea, Yeosan via @Fulgistan, @San Castellino, @Kertosono) friendly and hostile alike: transgressions tolerated by the previous regime will be met with the fire and fury of her fleet, the likes of which have never been seen before. Gone are the days of their token sell swords and pathetic gunboats. Further, any attempts to disrupt Anglian affairs will be met with a greater amount of force without warning or notice. We welcome those willing to cooperate for the greater prosperity of Eurth rather than dabble in geopolitics and play white knight because you believe to have the high ground. Opposition to the Empire would be a grave error and the beginning of your undoing. Signed, Charles Metcalf III Commissary General of Great Anglian Mesothalassa OOC: I have chosen to publish this, more personalized and indirect communication in the Oyusard press as opposed to foreign relations desks as basically to illustrate Anglia's unwillingness to further acknowledge those who have essentially already begun to oppose them like LAANN.
  14. I apologize for there not being any feedback and being late to giving it. What you've given is a good picture of the past but I personally would like to see more about what you see for your nation in the present and future. I'd love to hear more about your manifest destiny ideas and more specifics for why the country would feel the need to shift to democracy so quickly after solidifying an authoritarian regime. I also would like to know what sort of RP you may want to do with other nations. Thank you for your patience, and if you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us on Discord or here and we will be happy to assist you.
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