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  1. In conjunction with the Ministry of Self Defense & Security and the Ministry of Commerce & Trade To: Anglia CC: Members of LAANN (@Fulgistan@Metztlitlaca@Yeosan@Heiheguo) From this 11th Day of April of the year 2021; the Oyusard Navy is under strict orders to intercept and inspect all vessels flying the colors of Anglia. In addition to these inspections, a full manifest must be provided in triplicate and vessels charted through the Matriarchy's waters must give advanced notice of passage. Failure to follow these procedures could result in a fine or imprisonment. Followin
  2. Statement on the Anglian incursion of the Social Democratic Confederation The Matriarchy expresses it's sadness that Europa continues to go down a path of violence rather than a path of diplomacy when it is at odds with their neighbors. The Anglian advance on the Socal Democratic Confederation is uncalled for and unnecessary. This especially in an Occident reeling from the aftermath of the recent Haru incursion. Promoting these violent delights will only have a violent end, an end that is preferably not seen. In response to this latest incursion, the Matriarchy will keep open its doors to
  3. To: Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion From: Queen Maisie I, Queen of the Oyusard Matriarchy From the desk of Queen Maisie the First of House Alcorn To my brethren of faith in Tagmatika, As the wurld continues to learn of the Anglian incursion into the Social Democratic Confederation, the Matriarchy would like to extend its hand in aiding in any potential way to like minded partners in the Occident. Given the violent events throughout the region, we understand even the most capable of nations may need another hand to weather the storm ou
  4. Welcome to Planet Eurth Mozimo! Excited to have you here and would love to see more about your nation. Seems like a place that Oyus would certainly get along with. You should fill out this form here and tell us a little bit about you and your nation!
  5. Descent in Dissent “Europans shall one day rue the day they ever came within visual distance of the New Wurld. From the heavens and from the Hell beneath them, the New Wurld will remove Europan influences under one indigenous banner with every tool at its disposal.” -- Endor Miramil, Leader of the Adisi Nationalist Front Dated May 29th, 2020 An envelope. A weathered manila envelope, with permanent marker ink written on it. Beneath an overpass it lay ever so out of place, yet to no one but himself would be down there purposefully. He undid the clasp and took out its contents
  6. If you dont care about winning then you've come to the perfect place. Welcome to Eurth, glad to have you!
  7. I mentioned this before but so everyone is aware I'd fully expect the Anglians to fashion a beautiful client state out of Fearannteth with little resistance. The Kingdom is rather battered and only has token defense. I'd be excited to see where this goes. I already have posts writing themselves in my head with this.
  8. I would like to add another to this list that somehow has slipped through the cracks: Selayar. It has been over a year since they have been spotted on the forums if you see their account last login, and even longer since their last post (1year and 2 months give or take). At the very least their reservation ought to be wiped from Aurelia and potentially even their original claim on their home isle outright.
  9. Fearannteth and Bexshaw are future expansion sites. Fearannteth is the former colonial "overlord" of Oyus eventually being repelled. While Oyus has risen, Fearannteth has fallen very far and away from where it is and is struggling presently. The history of Fearannteth and Bexshaw can be found here on this Google Doc, also posted on the thread linked above. Some of this is likely to be tweaked still as further conversations are hard and further history meshing is done, but overall most of the work has been done for it and finishing touches remain. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rsKjs0
  10. Welcome to Eurth! I get sort of English, Celtic vibes from your profile. Would that be what you are going for in the community? And feel free to join us on our Discord! If you have any questions about Eurth feel free to ask a mentor like myself, we will be happy to aid you!
  11. Yes, that would be ideal. Fearannteth may be in the gutter as far as present day but would have regional importance otherwise so if I take too much time to get to expanding it still would be worth having interactions with perhaps by other player nations. Certainly. In my plans I would like them to be phased in separately as far as expansion goes and until integrated they are distinct from each other.
  12. With Fearannteth well constructed and being finalized I would like to formally request the placement of the two nations that will serve as NPCs until I come around to an expansion for them. The smaller, western 1/3 will be known as Bexshaw. The larger, eastern 2/3s will be Fearannteth proper. For further information on this, check this thread, with a link to the expansive working Google doc for Fearannteth. Thule (*) Winchester Ceitham Paisley (*) Canterbury Banchory Fionnphort Bexshaw <- Fearannteth
  13. I feel like some of this has likely changed due to the fact that we have talked about NPCs as a whole in Team Aurelia. I would have to get some clarification on it but I imagine that it looks somewhat similar as far as what Anatea has mapped out.
  14. By vote in Discord some time ago the Unnamed Sea bordering Oyus, @Shffahkia, @Metztlitlaca, @Anatea is requested to be named the Typhos Sea.
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