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  1. The following is a news article related to The Mermaid's Dark Metamorphosis. Backdated June 3rd, 2020 CPO Officer Haja Tiady Appointed As Southern Secretary MORALAVITRA, OYUS -- On an isle that saw lots of back and forth with a rebellious organization in the now known as the Communist Party of Oyus, the isle’s newest executive was a prolific leader within. Haja Tiady has been tapped to replace the seat made vacant after Maisie Alcorn’s ascension as the monarch of Oyus. Tiady was the lead negotiator for the CPO several years ago when the Matriarchy called for peace between th
  2. This has been an interesting thread to read through. I know there has been a little talk about such an event and perhaps it is to be revisited? If certain ground rules are set like not physically conquering the continent or any given nation in Europa (outside of those of Europa) this is certainly worth a shot, or at the very least, a further discussion. Such a scenario can occur while still honoring those who once called it home. I think realistically, we can figure out who has a chance of return and who doesn't, too. Worth a discussion imo
  3. This should be interesting to watch develop. Welcome to Eurth! If you have questions feel free to ask them and by all means you can find us on our Discord server.
  4. Her Corrupted Scales ~ The Second Chapter Dizzying Ascent The following news article relates to this thread and post. “Our glorious new Queen...announced that the National Congress would be dissolved. At last, a real solution. The National Congress was just an elitist circle-jerk that no one asked for.” -- From a Portman’s Daily columnist Dated May 29th, 2020 Maisie stood in front of a glass window that peered into a padded cell. Beyond the window, there sat Eka in the center of the cell, and some lab coats with clipboards to keep her company. She may have only a
  5. "Rather inspirational that is. I rather agree." the Kera said in response to Chairman Zhao's continental vision. Oyus had for the most part always held such a view, but it differed in how it acted and worked to accomplish it. The Kera, and those that preceded her, always worked towards one or all of what he mentioned to resolving. The issue for Oyus was never that it was not capable of accomplishing those things. It was more than capable. Oyus simply lost focus, as many did. Oyus would make decisions that would only have it regress when it came close to achieving the utopia-like setting it onc
  6. Wish granted! However, because you remain alive, every instance in which you should have died someone close to you succumbs to the horrific fate you would have if not for your immortality, and they die with a hatred of you as their last living thought. I wish to meet the first alien to arrive on our planet.
  7. Here are some thoughts that have come to mind in regards to this proposal There has been a great amount of time and great amount of new ideas and remedies for those that interacted with Rihan that I think rather than embracing/honoring the plan of a since disgraced member of this community we ought to go through with erasure entirely. Maintaining them as an NPC serves no purpose given that pretty much everyone with interactions with this member have since moved on from the community or done what they needed to as far as preserving the work for those interactions goes. Maintaining an NPC
  8. I indicated some time ago that I didn't see any way in which I could sensibly be involved or would like to be. Thus, it might be best to exclude me from this unless there is some ideas that don't mess with the timeline of how my history shakes out.
  9. Cities Oyus Oyus features four principal cities: Yulaa, Vaovaohitra, Port Dorcha, and Morlavitra. Yulaa - The Shining Capital on the Bay Yulaa is still a relatively new city, yet it grew rather quickly and has become the most populous city. Prior to the foundation of Yulaa, a major town of note that has basically been absorbed by it was the religious capital of Oyus: Holy Shore. Aconism was founded and preached from the Holy Shore and thus had a sizable population. Kera Yulaa for that reason chose to spot the new capital of Oyus north of the Holy Shore and planned it out ac
  10. [Pax Eurthica] Abstain - just can't think of any. [Big Stick Dick] 2020 is filled with firsts or unconventional inflicting of pain and as such I feel my nomination ought to go to The Sentists of Ceris. They take no issue in laying waste to get their way in Ceris. [The Pushitzer Prize] Abstain - just can't think of any. [Bron Urgundy Award] Abstain - just can't think of any. [Fully-Diplomatic] Aroman Holiday gets my vote. [Business Cat] Abstain - just can't think of any. [Moving the Goalpost] Abstain - just can't think of any. [Leading the Green Scene]
  11. I did not even think of this so credit to Metz (insert mention here if it was working) but I'll be doing a double answer for the prompts. one for Oyus, and one for Fearannteth. A great way to flesh out what to expect day-to-day in Fearannteth as I push to get things completely settled with them. Oyus When isn't it the weekend? Oyus does align itself with the standard 2 weekend days off (Saturday, Sunday) where they are of agreement on the matter internationally. However, Oyus has within recent history added a third offday, a sort of break in the middle of the work week after Kera
  12. Welcome to Eurth! Excited to see a Spanish speaking nation to join us. Interestingly, we are very short on those and I would love to see more of them.
  13. We really do not have anyone that comes close to being something like a Canada and it will be interesting to see how this pans out. Welcome to Eurth. I hope if things go well with the academy that we can speak about potentially tying our histories together!
  14. Welcome to Eurth! I think Eurth is very different when it comes to RP and it simply cannot be defined solely as an RP region with the amount of worldbuilding going on - it is pretty much at the very least half of what Eurth does. I hope you find Eurth to your liking. It took me some time before finally coming around to it but I am happy it happened.
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