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  1. OOC: Eurth Iliad analogue. "The Drakonomakhia, the Dragon-Battle, is the foremost of national epics among the Kirvinsét literary canon. Quite possibly their oldest remaining written work, it is the best approximation of a series of tangentially related oral tales retold throughout the villages of the local countryside. Once read, its importance quickly becomes rather self-evident. While veiled in analogies and mystical obfuscation, the Drakonomakhia is clearly a chronicle of the departure of the people from the collapsing Aroman Empire, and their continuation of their own pocket of Arhoma
  2. Kirvina

    Old Friends

    To: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion From: the Vela Lagatá of the Kirvinska Crown To Our Most Honourable Comrades, It is in the best interests of the Iron Crown to once again re-establish relations with that great power who has proved, though history, time and again a consummate father to the Kirvinska people. In recent years, Tagmatine overtures to the peoples of the Aurelian continent have been duly noted and watched, and it is felt widely among the ruling classes that the time is right to once again initiate relations in the benevol
  3. I: "A NEW WAR FOR A NEW ERA" Eustace paced irritably through the halls of his palace, a small gaggle of limp-wristed attendants shuffling behind him and attempting to keep back. He was annoyed, and made no secret of that fact. For years he had been planning, for years he had been preparing and gathering his resources, but not once, not once had he found a Marshal, a General, capable of matching his own skill in the field. If his subordinates were not equal to him, how could he possibly hope to win? How could he possibly hope to carry the day if the only smart man on the field was him
  4. THE EUSTACIAN WARS NOS GUERRES, NOS VIES, NOTRE DESTIN The year was 1807. Dark stormclouds gathered across the Aurelian continent, promising to burst and shower its citizens in a torrent of unyielding blood. Aurelia may have been at the corner of the world geographically, but its residents saw themselves as its center- proud, stoic, and innovative. It had already been host to all manner of events, including a full crusade, and not one but two great migrations. The continent had weathered a thousand storms. And yet, heralded by the modern age, there came another- one so promising
  5. WAR IN ENOLIA TANK LIEUTENANT BRINGS NEWS FROM FRONT (LIEUTENANT PICTURED ABOVE.) "... BALKOM shipped me out here not because we're in this war, or anything of the sort- we're not involved, of course, but just because we're friends with the Rihannsu. And, low-key, because they don't know what they're f*cking doing. I sit out here every day and watch boys get slaughtered. Boys, reporter. Make sure this bit gets home. Make sure it gets on the news. I watch these boys get slaughtered because their senior officers have no idea how to prosecute a modern war. Their heads are stuc
  6. HISTORICAL OPERA REENACTED IN CAPITAL "LES INDES GALANTES || LES SAUVAGES" The Performance {Click to Watch} "... Now, a couple days after Rasa, and with those big talks still going on up in the Castle, we have a really unique occurrence here on our White Mountain. The most famous historical troupe in all of the country is paying the capital a visit, like they do a couple times a year, normally just a cool little follow-up to festivals. But in light of Rasa, I thought I might do another cultural piece, tell those foreign listeners what we're really about at the heart. It's g
  7. Senator Charvanek’s companions looked at each other, and then back to her- at each other, and then back to her. A few of them began to laugh. “A cute estate — ” “Hohohoho..” “Now there’s a Rihannsu for ya’..” The one in the lead shook his head, turning his attention to her once again. “Well, Sera Charvanek- if there is one thing that our continent needs, it is civilization. It is true that before our arrivals, the continent was dark, to say the least! In two ways!” He laughed again. “Of course, and your philosophy is to be admired! Although what it has in beautiful precepts, it lacks in … soul
  8. SUMMER SOLSTICE CELEBRATED RASA ATŠVESTA COMMENTARY: "...to the backdrop of the invitation of several major Aurelian leaders to the White Mountain, the city is currently enjoying festivities centered around the celebration of the Summer Solstice ... Rasa, one of the biggest holidays of every year. Any Tagmatine or Limonaian viewers we have may find themselves confused when they step outside and feel the chill, but do not despair. We are Down Under, and the sun burns as hot as ever- as hot as it can, with our climes. I encourage anyone looking to enjoy their favorite vacatio
  9. The snow fell in thick and heavy sheets over Bilehora, blanketing the capital city in a cold white that offset its stone buildings with a simple and gentle sheen. Even under the weather, the great capital did not lay quiet, every street bustling with the activity of a country hard at work. For that day was not any ordinary day. The white cliffs did not lay quiet, they could not afford to lay quiet. One of the greatest meetings in Aurelian history had just drawn to a close in the jungles of the Rihannsu, and the treaties signed in pen were to be consummated by the dance and by the firelight of
  10. In lieu of writing a major block of text, I will simply say that I agree completely with your refutations. Pay attention to what I write during the coming weeks; these will be an example of what to expect in the future. Especially once finals are over. There is further work planned on the Aurelian League, the first part of which is actually being released today if my schedule plays out right, and you will be able to get more hints of how I write there. I will leave this thread untouched for a short while and return to it when these examples have been released, but I would like to add on that I
  11. The Kirvinska counterpart to the Rihannsu and Shffahkian plans of expansion on Aurelia, Blood in the Snow, takes the form of the unfortunate meddling and panache that could come from only one man: a young son of an old Duke's Musketeer, set out to a border province on word of a possible commission. The hot-blooded energy of his youth drives him to actions that any other man would have ignored, and through a series of unfortunate duels, the status of the Cagora valley is suddenly thrown into jeopardy. The once self-sustaining river valley, robbed of its leadership, is driven into the arms of it
  12. The Aurelian League might perhaps also be looking to get involved, as a joint entity. Is this possible?
  13. Real World People in Kirvina: - (Young) John Cleese as Míhaly Ertövas, preferably from Silly Walks. - Tom Burke as The Duke, preferably Dolokhov from the BBC's War and Peace. More to be added as I get more characters.
  14. I had realized in the opening that it was quite large, but what must be realized is that there are plenty of large nations in the real world that are not especially powerful. Just because it is large, does not mean that it is densely populated- I am on a nearly empty continent besides, and my territory is geographically a cross between Patagonia and England for the majority of its stretch. To fit on it such a population as I have, I would need it to be quite large. Thank you, though. Good point all around.
  15. Nation in Europa: Kirvina. Flag: See factbook. Capital name: Bílehora. Capital location: See Location. Factbook link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5186-kirvina/?tab=comments#comment-40011236 Newsroom link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5187-kta-káthuna/?tab=comments#comment-40011239 Culture: Kirvinska. See Factbook. Climate: See Factbook for clues, but its climate resembles a mixture of Britain and Patagonia- it can get quite frigid in the winters, and there is snowfall, but it is not dreadfully so. The rain, on the other hand, is incessantly frequent- provi
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