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  1. Frankly as cool as the whole Antargis thing goes, I think I'll probably abstain. I'd rather put my emphasis on developing the region around Batengdei than sticking my thumbs into the Antargis pie, which would realistically be a logistical nightmare for my country. Also, given my current ongoing lapse of relative inactivity, now just isn't the time for me to take a dedicated role in any treaty. If members of ICEB are interested in having an ICEB-specific treaty, then I would be willing to participate (lightly). Maybe I'll jump in on the fourth (?). Marenesia gang member, signing off.
  2. Phou and his company had traversed Rusheau for a twelve days now. If he did not have Ankwer writing daily journal entries, he knew he would have lost track of which day it was. It was a Monday. A few days prior the transport had imploded on itself, in typical Batengdeian fashion. Fortunately Meido was useful for more than the occasional quip, and took to repairing it. That had left them stuck for a day, and not in friendly territory. As to be expected, the military presence was low, but not unsubstantial, especially for the jingoistic regime that was the Holy Empire of Rusheau. There was
  3. Prime Minister Gian Gives a Breath of Fresh Air in Acceptance Speech As Batengdei rounded the new year, it had become time for the newly elected Prime Minister Kalama Gian to give an address to the public. The purpose of such speeches are generally to state a mission of the new administration as well as a "thank you" to those who supported them in the election. This year the speech had been delayed a few days, as per the request of Gian, but the delay was certainly worth it. The acceptance speech began simply, Gian stated her pride at being chosen by the people to serve them. But, in
  4. Khaokhett, Kngaok District It was late in the night, and Kalama Gian was drafting up her acceptance speech. She had been finally elected to the Minister’s Throne in Saphea Wat, the seat of power in Batengdei, or at least the seat of power the rest of Eurth saw. In truth, the whole system was designed around a bunch of ruthless, lazy oligarchs who monopolized a little too much of the economy to relinquish any real control. It was a sickening notion, even if she was considered harmless enough to be the Prime Minister. Kalama had hopes to change that, however, and what she needed n
  5. Response from The Batengdeian Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister, To begin, I would like to apologize for the delay at which I have issued this response, there are a surprisingly large amount of international affairs in which Batengdei has asserted themselves, and, unfortunately, many of them had required my direct attention. Due to my desire to respond to your letter personally, I was rather forced to delay it. Concerning the current nature of our foreign affairs, it hurts me to say there is a great amount of opposition from the isolationist party of the National Soverei
  6. This may come too late to be of much use, but Batengdei has designated a decent area of land within the Kmoach Brisotdei province (the region of Batengdei with the largest percent of Christians) to accommodate our beleaguered friends, the Cussians. We have prepared multiple large-scale (though temporary) settlements, which are currently estimated to be able to house up to 18000 Cussians; we are also prepared to provide a system of benefits and economic assistance to promote long-term stability (including the development of permanent structures) in that region. Obviously these people would get
  7. If possible, that would be nice. People are (and I don't blame them at all) sometimes getting confused about the Batengdei vs. Batengdai, so having it be Batengdei on the forums could save a multitude of headaches. Of course, if this is a complicated procedure, then don't do it, I'll make do without. Thanks so much.
  8. No power in heaven or hell could save Ceris. This was the hypothesis Phou had come upon as they had been approaching the border of Criasia and the Oclait territories. The first two days had seen some signs of activity, at least, even if much of it was in the form of refugee caravans making their slow journey to the southern region of Criasia. Today, however, there was nothing. The only signs of habitation were the occasional column of smoke from some distant building, but it seemed far more likely that they were indicators of death, not life. The empty shells of buildings littered the landscap
  9. It had been weeks since the envoys had arrived at Rastenstrad, the capitol of Criasia, but to Phou the time could have been months just as easily. It was hard to say whether it was nerves which made him pace the open area of his arranged flat, or whether it was the sheer boredom of being dragged around to countless meetings on the daily. It was no help that each member of ICEB had their own plans for approach. Fulgistan made claims for rapid military deployment, much to Criasia's reluctence. What it led to in the end was a mass of bureaucracy, signing, and standing around. Fortunately, it was
  10. Narrow BPEC Election Victory with Three Recounts The election results are in, and despite much controversy, it seems the Batengdeian People's Economic Coalition has just narrowly gained the majority neccesary to secure a five-year term. The race had been extremely contentious and heated, with many threats of violence from party members. Despite the hostility, though, it would appear BPEC was able to secure its position as the majority (despite three calls for a recount by the NPC) Interestingly, despite the success of BPEC within the parliament, it has seen astounding losses in many Khett
  11. The leaders of Metztlitlalio and Eulycea confirmed to have SHOCKING "group chat" according to Metztli sources. But in all seriousness its really cool to have so many nations which choose to incorporate other pre-existing nations into their canon, makes it feel like a dynamic wurld. Going for the desert region above Metztlitlalio is also a very bold move (which I applaud). It's more than neat to see. I know map-placement is far from an "endorsement" system, but I totally endorse this move.
  12. Welcome aboard @Indo-Stan! I've been here almost a year (5 days away from my 1-year anniversary) and I would say this region is remarkably unique in its level of quality, cooperation, and community: it's a good choice! Big ideas are the key players here, so go nuts (within reason). It's also nice to see Metztli's proselytizing is getting us new members. All-in-all, a warm welcome from us here in Batengdei (ignore the username). :^)
  13. The nighttime sky was a mural of stars, owing largely to the lack of light pollution from Noremburg, Criasia. The small fishing town was the designated landing point for the Batengdeian mission to Criasia to discuss the possibility of aid from Batengdei and ICEB at large. The fishing boat encroached upon the shoreline of Criasia with a leasurely pace. With a touch of apprehension, Dodem Phou stared out at the nighttime shoreline as the boat approached. It was impossible to tell now, but it would be more than likely this would be the same shore to serve as a launchpoint for much of the aid
  14. Ideally, yes! This is my new nation name, it's accurate to what I want. This is mostly important especially in RP-related posts. It doesn't mean you have to go back into all your old posts and look for things referencing Bulgenstaz (if you don't want to), but I would like to begin standardizing the use of "Batengdei". I will be changing my discord nickname accordingly. I think the name has a generally more light feel to it and is less harsh, which matches my intended national aesthetic, if that makes any sense.
  15. This is the link to the document for all those who wish to look at the planned revisions. Any concerns/discussion can be made either here, or in pms on site/discord. Neo-Bulgenstaz, AKA Batengdei Thank you for your time. Also, I guess a question also remains as to the future of my username. It's currently "Bulgenstaz" but I am unable to change it myself. I would ideally like to make the transition smooth, so is there a process for modifying it to the new name?
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