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  1. Frankly as cool as the whole Antargis thing goes, I think I'll probably abstain. I'd rather put my emphasis on developing the region around Batengdei than sticking my thumbs into the Antargis pie, which would realistically be a logistical nightmare for my country. Also, given my current ongoing lapse of relative inactivity, now just isn't the time for me to take a dedicated role in any treaty. If members of ICEB are interested in having an ICEB-specific treaty, then I would be willing to participate (lightly). Maybe I'll jump in on the fourth (?). Marenesia gang member, signing off.
  2. Phou and his company had traversed Rusheau for a twelve days now. If he did not have Ankwer writing daily journal entries, he knew he would have lost track of which day it was. It was a Monday. A few days prior the transport had imploded on itself, in typical Batengdeian fashion. Fortunately Meido was useful for more than the occasional quip, and took to repairing it. That had left them stuck for a day, and not in friendly territory. As to be expected, the military presence was low, but not unsubstantial, especially for the jingoistic regime that was the Holy Empire of Rusheau. There was not a city to be passed without some few armored vehicles and troops in it. Though the quality of these patrols were shoddy, it was a testament to the fanatical militancy of Rusheau. It was no wonder the Fulgistani were having issues with direct military involvement. There was a sudden shout, "There it is! The bunker, just saw it!" Phou looked over. It was Pyough, eagle-eyed as ever. They had finally made it to their comrades in Rusheau. The bunker itself was no easy find; had they not been given the coordinates by the Rusheauan People's Liberation Front, they would almost certainly have missed it. It was set within a hill which looked as though people hadn't been in it for fifty years. There was no real signs of human habitation, bar a few rusted-out cars which looked at least fifty years old from the design. In the bunker itself was a small grate, it looked almost like a manhole. Apparently it was an old bombing shelter from some old Rusheauan war. Banlea Chea strode forward into the booth, up to the circular entrance to the bunker. Everyone else, including Phou, came after her. They had put their weapons away, but there was still a level of tension: this whole operation could easily have been a Rusheauan trap for Batengdei, but it seemed unlikely that the country would ever encourage espionage of any kind, even to stage an ambush. Chea took the butt of her rifle, and pounded out a series of knocks to emulate the theme of the Rusheauan march. Chea backed away hesitantly, but there was no response. As Chea approached the hole again, however, there suddenly came a sound from the bunker. A sort of muffled cry which echoed awkwardly out from the grate. A few moments later, the grate was pushed open and a grinning man appeared. His beard looked scruffy and unkempt, and there was a maddened look in his eyes, but he shouted out in some poor attempt at Khaymer: "Hello comrades! We am so happiness to be seeing us!" It was a good effort, but fortunately Chea began in Ceriser, "Thank you comrade, but do not worry, we all speak your tongue. We have equipment for you, and fuel as you requested, but not as much as we originally indicated. I hope you do not mind..." "Pah! My proletarian friend, when you are an 'enemy to the public' you learn to make do with what you can get. Please come inside quickly." And at that they slowly climbed down into the lower bunker. The climb itself was very tense, what little natural light came through was mostly obscured by whoever had decided to go in after Phou, and the person after them. "f*ck!" came a cry from below them. It was in Khaymer and sounded like Meido. Everyone stopped momentarily before he shouted, this time in Ceriser, "Be careful there's a rung down here which is not very secure in the wall!" After some fifteen minutes of intense climbing, everyone was down in the bunker. The industrial lights on the walls illuminated cold concrete walls. Some of those lights were damaged or missing, which created a terrible inconsistency in the lighting of the passageway ahead of them. Various pipes led to and fro from the ceiling and walls, like a tangle of vines, with no real direction. "Down this hall here, we will take a right at the third door." came the Ceriser in the front. Finally, they entered a cramped little room. The walls were draped with banners of the Rusheauan flag, converted into a simple red-and-yellow socialistic banner. The centerpiece of the room was a large table which had a large map of Rusheau, illuminated by floodlights so as to ensure legibility. In the center was a woman wearing Rusheauan military fatigues enhanced with various stitchings of roses and traces of red. "Welcome to our humble home, comrades." said the woman, "I am comrade Gabriela Stein, but you may call me just Gabriela, if you like." She continued, "We of the Rusheauan People's Liberation Front seek to end the terrible state of Rusheau's long shadow of tyranny. You said you will help us, yes? You have brought the supplies we need to begin our war, but the battle is not yet won. We need your help and guidance in our battle to liberate the proletariat of this country." Chea strode over to the table, and looked at the map before smiling at the woman, "We can help you, Gabriela. Our motives are one and the same. Tell me, how do you intend to incite a revolution?" For a moment, Gabriela Stein looked ready to burst with joy, but she quickly composed herself and responded, "We have eyes across the nation; it's maybe the only benefit of living in a country everyone hates. We have some, ah, friends, who are currently stationed in Karkamann, a Rusheauan military supply depot. Recently there have been reports of them diverting a great many troops from there to the front lines to wage war against our Fulgistani friends. We can't get in with the forces we have, we only have thirty people with weaponry we managed to take from the Rusheauan military. You all, however, can coordinate and plan out strategy much better than us, not to mention you can all shoot straight. Can you help get the means of revolution to the people of Rusheau?" "I believe so, yes. I have means of contacting comrades in the Fulgistani Army, and I am sure they would be willing to coordinate with our cause. While we do that, I will have Pyough working at a raid strategy with Phou. We will all be there for fire support, too. I assure you we have this quite under control." Gabriela Stein grinned, "Let's liberate Rusheau."
  3. Prime Minister Gian Gives a Breath of Fresh Air in Acceptance Speech As Batengdei rounded the new year, it had become time for the newly elected Prime Minister Kalama Gian to give an address to the public. The purpose of such speeches are generally to state a mission of the new administration as well as a "thank you" to those who supported them in the election. This year the speech had been delayed a few days, as per the request of Gian, but the delay was certainly worth it. The acceptance speech began simply, Gian stated her pride at being chosen by the people to serve them. But, in a surprising twist which has many around the nation electrified, she then stated the goal of her administration which was to purge corruption and crime in Batengdei. While often used as a talking point for other parties, this had not been explicitly mentioned as a goal of the current coalition government of the Batengdeian People's Economic Coalition. This is a welcome phrase to many in Batengdei as voter participation has declined over the last decade with the chief reason being "corruption". However, Gian continued by stating her plans to launch an investigation into the possibility of bribery among the members of the People's Grand Parliament (which is strictly forbidden under the Batengdeian Constitution). While there have been requests for such investigations, they have primarily been centered around voter fraud. This is sure to be a pleasant surprise to rural Batengdei, who maintained their primary issue as "ending corruption." Gian's plan to launch a large-scale investigation into corruption has already damaged the BPEC, however. Many members of the Liberal Democratic Party have called out the investigation as "unnecessary" and "an unnecessary use of the Prime Minister's Power." Gian responed on Wittier: "All of this fuss over the launch of an investigation only convinces me that this is what our country needs most." Gian's decision, however divisive, will commence within the next couple of weeks. There are already reports of the possibility of holding a new election, but given the proximity to the current election and the sudden sharp increase in support for Gian from the National Council of Polling, it's unlikely to bear much fruit. Batengdei "Ready to Give Full Support" to Crisis-Torn Regions The Batengdeian Ministry of Foreign Endeavors has made a recent public announcement about its ongoing efforts to aid nations in crisis. While many have decried the actions of the Batengdeian foreign aid efforts as being "over-expanded", the announcement has put many concerns to rest. "As it currently stands," claims Dverik He Long, head of the ministry, "we have the funding and planning to be able to carry out our foreign aid to whatever end." The current large-scale aid projects include participation in the Cussian humanitarian mission to provide sanctuary to Cussian refugees in Batengdei and a plan to provide food aid to the famine-stricken region of Ceris, a region near Seylos. The stated goal of these missions are purely humanitarian, and have received international praise. It would appear that despite the current domestic issues of our country, our government has made fantastic strides abroad in the socialist, and ultimately humanist, endeavor of increasing the quality of life in Eurth.
  4. Khaokhett, Kngaok District It was late in the night, and Kalama Gian was drafting up her acceptance speech. She had been finally elected to the Minister’s Throne in Saphea Wat, the seat of power in Batengdei, or at least the seat of power the rest of Eurth saw. In truth, the whole system was designed around a bunch of ruthless, lazy oligarchs who monopolized a little too much of the economy to relinquish any real control. It was a sickening notion, even if she was considered harmless enough to be the Prime Minister. Kalama had hopes to change that, however, and what she needed now was the goodwill of the people. Almost as if in anticipation of her plans, there had been a laughably poor attempt at winning the election from the Bateng Rouge. They had ignored the notion of campaigning on anything other than maintaining a status quo, which was a terrible way to energize voters. It landed the Rouge in a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, of all parties, which was just salt in the wound. It left a dirty taste in her mouth just thinking about it, so Kalama didn’t. Instead, she thought about how she would subvert the expectations of her position. In truth, answer was simple, populism. More specifically, anti-corruption. If there was a cesspool worthy of being purged in Eurth, it was Batengdei. @Tagmatium Rules was another that came to mind, but that was beside the point. Voter turnouts had been declining, faith in the government was near nonexistent, and overall, the biggest reform in the last decade was Krusken’s RDI Act, which was laughably useless. No, Batengdei needed a stronger ruler capable of tackling the people’s problems like they had back in the founding days. The current Batengdei was far too self-absorbed in itself to be of relevance, despite being so close to the spotlight. The means of victory in her hand, but Batengdei preferred to sit contently as the world moved by, horrendous. Kalama knew it was the destiny of Batengdei to lead the nations of Eurth, where they had been neglected for far too long. Now that she had the Minister’s Throne, the ancient ceremonial throne of the old dynasties of Batengdei, now she could lead her people. Gian had known her destiny for a long time, to re-forge Batengdei in the shape of its former glory. To purge the oligarchs who stunted them for their own profits. A new revolution, perhaps? No, not yet, anyway. The computer screen of her rough draft slowly burned into her eyes with a pure, white glow. It made the rest of the room seem darker by contrast. Regardless, she forced herself to step away from her desk and walk around the room to relax a bit. The duties of the Batengdeian Prime Minister were numerous, and she had been beset by a hundred bureaucrats with a hundred petty problems from the onset of her taking office. She just needed a little time to remind herself of the importance of her position. It would take time to win over the population in Batengdei. Fortunately, she had enough control over the media to work unopposed. It would take a coalition of disgruntled workers to create the change necessary to transform Batengdei, this much Kalama knew. Kalama Gian, Prime Minister Gian, spent the next ten minutes pacing anxiously around the room. ~~~ Sang Pithu, Tonle Khlang It had been a terrible month for Hoja Korig, the leader of the Batengdei National Agricultural Company. The election coalition had been felled by a disgusting abomination of an electoral jape. The Bateng Rouge and Liberal Democratic Party? To make matters worse, the coalition began by passing a bill which flopped on its head and sank the economy with it. Production had slowed as workers suddenly were shifted around between foreign countries vying for a spot of the cheap land available. It was a nightmare. To make matters worse, the Khsaamer National Party jumped ship at the defeat, leaving the National Sovereign Party all alone in a sea of corruption. They’d called twice for a recount, twice… or, three times? They would have kept going until the next election had they not been silenced by Kalama Gian herself. Who did she think she was, a dictator? The radio on his desk which had been announcing the most recent rugby game now began playing some song. In Anglish, no less. Hoja lurched forward and attempted to adjust the station, however he couldn’t quite convince his fingers to cooperate, so he instead he swept the damnable machine off his desk, then made for his case of wines. Korig uncorked a new bottle of rice-wine and poured himself a glass. If his company was going to go under, he would race them to it. This would be the third bottle, and he had built up quite a tolerance. Admittedly, the company would likely survive. It was too much of an integral part of feeding the people. Korig’s ownership, however, that could change should the government rule his leadership as “unsatisfactory.” Krusken had been smart to leave him alone, Kalama on the other hand… she had a history of going after company owners who crossed her. Still, they couldn’t touch the mighty Hoja Korig if he wasn’t doing anything wrong, and as if he was… he was simply checking the quality of the rice-wine… “Well, I had better check again, in case this bottle is not up to standard.” Hoja raised the glass and cheered to the ceiling, “To us!”. The wine tasted really quite great, especially with the numbness of inebriation. “How could I lose my position, when I mae’ the best damn wine in the country. Hell, I mae’ the only wine in the country. Who wans to go buy wine … anywhrer elsse…” Hoja Korig was suddenly quite delighted to find the room was gently rocking; rocking him to sleep, most likely. So long as the rice-wine was good, there was nothing to worry about, really. . . “Thanksh… mishter room. . .” And with that, Korig fell into a pleasant stupor.
  5. Response from The Batengdeian Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister, To begin, I would like to apologize for the delay at which I have issued this response, there are a surprisingly large amount of international affairs in which Batengdei has asserted themselves, and, unfortunately, many of them had required my direct attention. Due to my desire to respond to your letter personally, I was rather forced to delay it. Concerning the current nature of our foreign affairs, it hurts me to say there is a great amount of opposition from the isolationist party of the National Sovereigns, which has hampered our ability to address issues abroad. However, we have recently planned out multiple varying levels of foreign aid intended to benefit much of the southwestern portions of Ceris, which is currently experiencing an incredible amount of refugee activity following the collapse of Oclait. Our plan will promote infrastructure development and imports of food to assist the refugees. As for the good Christians of Haru, we have been allocating room to accommodate refugees for some time now, and we are currently looking into the possibility of assisting the Cussian Humanitarian Coalition through a refugee accommodation guarantee for our friends in Europa. Your concern does not fall on deaf ears, I assure you, Dverik He Long Minister of Foreign Affairs in Batengdei
  6. This may come too late to be of much use, but Batengdei has designated a decent area of land within the Kmoach Brisotdei province (the region of Batengdei with the largest percent of Christians) to accommodate our beleaguered friends, the Cussians. We have prepared multiple large-scale (though temporary) settlements, which are currently estimated to be able to house up to 18000 Cussians; we are also prepared to provide a system of benefits and economic assistance to promote long-term stability (including the development of permanent structures) in that region. Obviously these people would get be legally allowed to reside in Batengdei.
  7. If possible, that would be nice. People are (and I don't blame them at all) sometimes getting confused about the Batengdei vs. Batengdai, so having it be Batengdei on the forums could save a multitude of headaches. Of course, if this is a complicated procedure, then don't do it, I'll make do without. Thanks so much.
  8. No power in heaven or hell could save Ceris. This was the hypothesis Phou had come upon as they had been approaching the border of Criasia and the Oclait territories. The first two days had seen some signs of activity, at least, even if much of it was in the form of refugee caravans making their slow journey to the southern region of Criasia. Today, however, there was nothing. The only signs of habitation were the occasional column of smoke from some distant building, but it seemed far more likely that they were indicators of death, not life. The empty shells of buildings littered the landscape like garbage along a highway. The heart of Ceris was a rotted corpse. It was a grim commute, one which put even Meido in a somber mood. The drive so far had been almost entirely silent, bar the occasional “holy shit” from one person or another. It was a warzone out here, and it could only get worse. As if to break the silence, Chea called out, “We are approaching the border of Criasia and the former nation of Oclait.” Were it not for GPS, it would have been impossible to tell. The road simply continued out without any indication of a gate or security check. The only change was some bombed out building which must have served as the customs gate before the collapse. Pyouh Apuok, a seasoned and grizzled veteran of Team Khla spoke, “Let’s not forget we’re in a warzone from here on, no one is our friend out there, even if they wear the flag of Criasia or Fulgistan, for that matter. We’re going to move as quickly as we can and avoid anything that looks like trouble. This vehicle is designed to emulate the Rusheauan military transports, but we still can’t risk confrontation with them.” As he finished, Phou could see everyone looking around nervously. And what reason there was to be nervous: they were sitting ducks out there. Anyone, be it a Rusheauan military group, a band of rebels, even a Criasian force, could attack them in a moments notice. Their vehicle was unmarked and as such was far more likely to be designated “foe” than “friend”. They would be staying away from roads whenever possible here, there was less likelihood for activity in the rolling hills of central Ceris. “I guess all that matters now is finding a good spot for lunch,” announced Phou, in hopes of lightening the mood. No one bit. This part of the operation was tense for everyone, and being alert and stressed was preferable to being relaxed and dead. Phou fiddled with his assault rifle, checking for any signs of wear. This was perhaps the thirtieth time he had done so today, and it was only noon. “f*ck,” thought Phou to himself, “I don’t know how we’re going to get through here in one piece.” Phou should have knocked on wood. As he finished his thought, the transport screeched a sharp turn, punctuated by the sound of rifle fire from the right side. “f*ck! Someone’s already at us!” shouted Pyough from across the vehicle. Phou turned quickly in an attempt to make out the aggressors. It was a couple disheveled men: young, and clearly not in the military. They scrambled around awkwardly from within the ruined building, shouting some unintelligible phrases in Ceriser. They looked as though they had been hiding in the building, and whether in ambush or as a deterrent, they had opened fire on the transport. Fortunately, nothing of note had been harmed and their shots had only made a few holes in the canvas cover where light now beamed through. Phou readjusted his hold on his rifle, and fired a few shots, and the rat-tat-tat-tat of the gun echoed around the landscape. He intended for the rounds to dissuade further combat, not to kill anyone. “What a warm welcome from our comrades in the Oclait!” joked Meido, who seemed to have regained his sense of humor in the sudden burst of combat. “Hopefully the rest of the people we meet are less jumpy,” conceded Chea, who looked frustrated at Meido’s utter lack of conscience about the terrified refugees, “I don’t want to have to kill someone who doesn’t deserve it.” “So you’d be okay if we got jumped by Rusheau, then?” “Ughhh!” “Shut up back there!” shouted Pyough. How nice it was, seeing the team back at each other’s throats, it added a bit of levity to the situation they were in. Phou considered how much sleep he would be willing to get in the next couple days. Not much, probably. The transport kept moving through the countryside, now maintaining a good distance from any structures.
  9. It had been weeks since the envoys had arrived at Rastenstrad, the capitol of Criasia, but to Phou the time could have been months just as easily. It was hard to say whether it was nerves which made him pace the open area of his arranged flat, or whether it was the sheer boredom of being dragged around to countless meetings on the daily. It was no help that each member of ICEB had their own plans for approach. Fulgistan made claims for rapid military deployment, much to Criasia's reluctence. What it led to in the end was a mass of bureaucracy, signing, and standing around. Fortunately, it was all behind him now. Team Khla had departed the moment the discussions had been largely considered finished, bar one decision which was apparently still in the works. It was nice to finally be allowed to do his own thing, away from Rastenstrad. As their transport left the city, however, it gave Phou ample opportunity to admire the place. It was a modern piece, having seen serious urban development since after the Criasian revolution some twenty years prior. Where Noremburg had maintained its old buildings and styling, Rastenstrad rejected them as a snake shed its skin. It was a marvel that such an urban landscape could have been built so quickly, but such was the way with central planning. It was a prime location for a city, bordering a river which connected to the Qingming but far enough from the northern border to keep out of trouble. Despite the rapid growth, teams of cranes scattering the outskirts gave indication that the recent developments had no intention of stopping anytime soon. In that way, it reminded Phou of Khaokhett, the massive island-capitol of Batengdei. The transport eventually left Rastenstrad, to Phou's disappointment. Though it had served as his prison for the last few weeks, seeing the city the last time had reminded Phou of home, something which had been growing more and more distant the further the team traveled. They would be moving northeast from Rastenstrad, however, instead of directly north to Rusheau. While it is quicker to cross the northern border, geographically speaking, it was far less appealing than originally intended. Of late, Rusheau has heightened their border security and general military presence, so Team Khla had decided to make a last-minute detour around the Criasia-Rusheau border and instead enter through the Oclait territory. While it was a more unpredictable choice, it had been deemed necessary due to the extreme risk of taking a vehicle through any other channel. Besides, it would provide a more direct approach to the heartland of Rusheau, as well as the location of the supposed revolutionaries. Suddenly, a head poked from behind a crate of supplies: "Are we there yet?" The head belonged to Malai Meido, the youngest member of the team, fond of making jokes, usually at the expense of others. Normally his spiky black hair was in some strange arrangement, but he was wearing his helmet so much of his face was obscured. "Shut up!" sounded some voice from the cab. It was probably Chea. Actually, it was definitely Chea. It would take a few days of travel yet to cross the border, and far longer to traverse the hellscape of the Oclait territory, so with a reluctant sigh, Phou rest his head against the side of the cab and watched the scenery roll by.
  10. Narrow BPEC Election Victory with Three Recounts The election results are in, and despite much controversy, it seems the Batengdeian People's Economic Coalition has just narrowly gained the majority neccesary to secure a five-year term. The race had been extremely contentious and heated, with many threats of violence from party members. Despite the hostility, though, it would appear BPEC was able to secure its position as the majority (despite three calls for a recount by the NPC) Interestingly, despite the success of BPEC within the parliament, it has seen astounding losses in many Khett across Batengdei, including Bateng Gioro and Tonle Khlang. These new NPC provinces are almost entirely controlled by the National Sovereign Party. This comes as a great surprise to many as only years before the National Sovereign Party had been largely considered "fringe". This election will have interesting results for Batengdei, especially in the long-run. While it could be argued the BPEC is a coalition controlled by the Liberal Democratic Party, it is headed by Kalama Gian, who is considered one of the most progressive members of the Bateng Rouge. It seems this coalition may be bound for some ideological conflicts, and whether it will be capable of functioning in the long-term is difficult to say. In only a few days, Kalama will deliver her inaugural address in front of thousands in Khaokhett, where she will state her plans for the future of Batengdei, her own personal ambitions, and other topics pertaining to her appointment as Prime Minister. It will be more than likely she will have to address the PEOP, which has not only sparked significant controversy across the political spectrum, but has largely been unsuccessful at encouraging investment. It seems it has, rather, been a point of criticism for the failure of the Bateng Rouge to maintain their socialist ideology, including from reporters within @Tagmatium Rules, where they described it as "weakening their socialist ideology". While members of the Liberal Democratic Party claim the bill is "necessary for economic development" the NPC has described the bill as "an abominable stain on the face of Batengdei herself." Whether it will be remembered as a failure or a success is largely up to how it is developed, or curbed, from here. Troubles Arise in Ceris While the political wheels have been turning in Batengdei, the situation of the island of Ceris has seen a recent slide towards collapse. Large-scale protests have risen about food scarcity, and rumors of a dangerous cult have begun circulating. While Batengdei maintains their stance that the rumors of terrorist activity within Ceriser nations are largely false, they have declared there will be efforts made by Batengdei and other members of ICEB to improve the livelihood of all Ceriser nations who would accept it. Some have already claimed that such acts of foreign aid are a movement of neo-imperialism designed to increase Ceris's dependency on foreign aid, while others, such as the NPC bloc firmly believes Batengdei should remain out of foreign affairs and concern itself with solving domestic issues such as addressing the rising unemployment rate and solving the growing levels of wealth inequality across the Khetts. For the time being, however, it seems Batengdei is turning their eyes away from domestic projects such as the RDIA, and more towards foreign aid.
  11. The leaders of Metztlitlalio and Eulycea confirmed to have SHOCKING "group chat" according to Metztli sources. But in all seriousness its really cool to have so many nations which choose to incorporate other pre-existing nations into their canon, makes it feel like a dynamic wurld. Going for the desert region above Metztlitlalio is also a very bold move (which I applaud). It's more than neat to see. I know map-placement is far from an "endorsement" system, but I totally endorse this move.
  12. Welcome aboard @Indo-Stan! I've been here almost a year (5 days away from my 1-year anniversary) and I would say this region is remarkably unique in its level of quality, cooperation, and community: it's a good choice! Big ideas are the key players here, so go nuts (within reason). It's also nice to see Metztli's proselytizing is getting us new members. All-in-all, a warm welcome from us here in Batengdei (ignore the username). :^)
  13. The nighttime sky was a mural of stars, owing largely to the lack of light pollution from Noremburg, Criasia. The small fishing town was the designated landing point for the Batengdeian mission to Criasia to discuss the possibility of aid from Batengdei and ICEB at large. The fishing boat encroached upon the shoreline of Criasia with a leasurely pace. With a touch of apprehension, Dodem Phou stared out at the nighttime shoreline as the boat approached. It was impossible to tell now, but it would be more than likely this would be the same shore to serve as a launchpoint for much of the aid from Batengdei. That was the hope, anyway. In truth, Phou had his doubts about the success of the operation he was undertaking. A mysterious cult, societal collapse in the northern region, a refugee crisis, and a famine. It seemed impossible for so many things to go wrong at once, but then again, it’s the scenario that created the situation at hand. Ultimately, it would more than likely mean the People’s Republic of Criasia would at least be open to foreign assistance. The country was, after all, in a similar revolutionary spirit of Batengdei, though perhaps a little more pure in their cause. Regardless, it is well known truth that Batengdei would always support socialist nations in the same way a mother helps a child, and Criasia was no exception. The Grand Marshal stated his intentions for Batengdei to be the first in ICEB to offer help, and it was up to Phou and his associates to make sure it happened. The team itself was more than capable of handling itself. Five members of the group are Kolbang Bedvot specialising in unconventional warfare, another three were political envoys intended for Criasia. Phou was also a member of the special forces team, and would be escorting the envoys before continuing to their Operation Blackboard. After Criasia had received their envoys, Team Khla would go dark and move to Rusheau under the guise of mercenaries. The plan currently involved meeting an underground Rusheauan revolutionary group, though it was shaky at best. Regardless, reliability was not the issue at hand, subtlety was. In truth, subtlety was the name of the game. As the fishing boat docked beside the seaside port of Noremburg, Phou thought about his purpose, the purpose of the team, the diplomats, about everything. A harsh female voice came from behind him. “Phou! Can you see we’ve landed? Pick up and go, I’m tired of waiting around on this rickety-ass boat!” The voice belonged to Banlea Chea, another member of Team Khla, and had adopted the role of a sort of leader. She was gruff and anxious, but she cared for everyone on the team, mostly. With a start, Phou realized her shouting may be one of the last times he'd hear Khaymer until after the envoys were dropped off: a disturbing notion. Disturbing mostly in that he had not been in a similar situation for some time. In truth, there had not been much action for much of Batengdeian special forces for years; whether or not this mission was a good change of pace was for Phou to decide later, once the team had entered the borders of Rusheau, Criasia's hostile northern neighbor. For now, they could enjoy the comfort of the small but charming socialist nation. Realizing he had once again let his mind wander, Phou quickly gathered his scattered equipment. Chea gave him another harsh look before pushing around him to get a chance at an early disembark. She was ever impatient to leave the dinghy, and while not surprising, it put Phou on edge a little. Phou was the last to leave, and was just able to make it to the rest of the group as a man in full suit walked over to them. He raised out his hands and spoke in a harsh Ceriser: “Well hello friends! Are you the Batengdeian mission? Please, we have rooms for guests in the Bronze Bell, hah! Our lovely inn! We have many rooms, for.. How many are there, eight? Oh, I think it’s nine… No matter. Please, come with me and I can get you situated.” The envoys looked nervously around at their escorts before timidly following the man. Suddenly, he made an abrupt stop, his aging face being only barely illuminated in the dull lamplight. “Did I forget to introduce myself? Hah, I am getting carried away; my name is Alester Amperch, I’m the mayor of Noremburg, and have been since the revolution back in ninety-eight. So I know this ol’ place pretty well… So you alle headed toward Ampleford? The capitol? Have you already arranged transport?” “Yes.” responded a tired voice from the front: one of the envoys; Dodem Bopha was his name, if Phou could remember correctly. “Well great. I’ve already been given most of the instructions from the Chairman, he had made the request to me personally. What an honor. You know, that was the first time I had spoken to a chairman, true fact...” Mayor Amperch rambled on at them in a similar manner for the rest of the trek across town; eventually they arrived at the inn, to the visible relief of the entire team. “Well, this is where you guys go. I don’t know if I’ll see you again, but good luck. Thanks for coming out here to support our country.” If Phou was any less tired, he would have chuckled to himself over that one. The group made their way inside and to their rooms. Phou’s had to be shared with one of the diplomats, but it hardly mattered as he took off his kit and went quickly to sleep.
  14. Ideally, yes! This is my new nation name, it's accurate to what I want. This is mostly important especially in RP-related posts. It doesn't mean you have to go back into all your old posts and look for things referencing Bulgenstaz (if you don't want to), but I would like to begin standardizing the use of "Batengdei". I will be changing my discord nickname accordingly. I think the name has a generally more light feel to it and is less harsh, which matches my intended national aesthetic, if that makes any sense.
  15. This is the link to the document for all those who wish to look at the planned revisions. Any concerns/discussion can be made either here, or in pms on site/discord. Neo-Bulgenstaz, AKA Batengdei Thank you for your time. Also, I guess a question also remains as to the future of my username. It's currently "Bulgenstaz" but I am unable to change it myself. I would ideally like to make the transition smooth, so is there a process for modifying it to the new name?
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