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  1. Nation in Europa: Zargal Flag: Capital name: Zargsburg Capital location: centrally located Factbook link: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=zargal/detail=factbook Newsroom link: Culture: Germanic Climate: moderate Location History: early Germans settled on the mountains and on the coastline. then after gaining Independence from a colonizer Zargal was formed
  2. BREAKING NEWS Otto's Son (Wilhelm) has turned 15 years old today Zargs happy with recent tax cuts Possible economic recession? This has been Zargal News Network
  3. BREAKING NEWS Tensions between east and west are finally cooling down Retail industry at all time high black market dealings lowest in history This has been Zargal New Network
  4. BREAKING NEWS Taxes Are going up by 0.4% Increased military spending Higher conscription rates This has been Zargal News Network
  5. The news For the people of Zargal.
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