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  1. G20 protests 'could harm poor' PROTESTERS trying to stop this weekend's G20 meeting in Melbourne risk creating further disadvantage for impoverished nations, World Vision chief Tim Costello has warned. Speaking today on behalf of the Make Poverty History campaign, Mr Costello said his group welcomed the G20 summit as a way for poorer countries to meet with wealthier ones in an attempt to solve world poverty. "The poor would lose if you stop G20," said Mr Costello, brother of Federal Treasurer Peter Costello. "The truth is that part of what my brother and the G20 are on about does lift people out of poverty. "Trade and access to markets is actually what Africans and Asians want. Poor Africans and Asians want that too." However, he said G20 needed to make aid a priority and a "failure of leadership" had allowed it to slip down the agenda. "The G20 often just focuses on markets when you've got to also have aid because how can you run markets when people are sick with HIV and dying from Malaria and don't even get access to school ? 200 million kids don't go to school," he said. Speaking as police strengthened barricades around the G20 conference, Mr Costello said the difference between his organisation and today's protesters was that the protesters were ideologically opposed to a market economy. "They say capitalism is the problem, we don't," Mr Costello said. "We say markets actually create wealth. In India and China they have actually lifted people out of poverty. "But markets can't do it alone, you need markets and aid, which is why I'm calling on Australia to stop being miserly ... and just get with the program." He said Australia needed to increase the amount of aid it provided. Make Poverty History last night held a concert in Melbourne, at which U2 frontman Bono ? a vocal anti-poverty campaigner ? made a guest appearance. Mr Costello said the concert and the campaign had been effective in raising awareness about poverty and placing it on the social agenda. Police have meantime closed off one of Melbourne's busiest city streets and set up double metal barricades at major intersections as protesters prepared to march en masse against the G20 summit. Security has been tightened and a large number of armed and mounted police officers are expected to set up a presence in the area during the day. Collins St has been closed between Spring St and Swanston St and Russell St between Little Collins St and Flinders St and trams rerouted along Lonsdale St.
  2. Kant


    Australia aint going much better then england in Union
  3. What a lot of fuss over nothing. The world is no different than it was yesterday. More sabres will be rattled but anyone with half a brain knows that nuclear war is not in our future. What is in the future is the economic triumph of India and China and the rapid descent into ignominy of Western nations. It's not nukes that will win that war - just fat, slovenly white conservatives who are driving us under the Asian economic jackboot in their SUVs. While we bang on about 'terrorists' and follow the US slavishly, the Chinese are quite happy making our plastic cup holders, novelty key chains and entertainment products, and laugh all the way to the bank. Who needs a war when your opponents are rapidly decaying internally? Oh well, maybe the conservatives will be lucky enough to have Jebus come save us in the nick of time. Then again, I did hear that God only helps those who help themselves.
  4. Kant

    BF/GF ?

    Yep, i've got my self a woman, and things are going well. Though after University things will be fun, she will be a legal officer for the Navy, and i will be a GSO for the Army
  5. From: NMW Sales Department To: Brigadier Gen. Hoke Melewina Very well, it is confirmed construction shall commence at once Niederoestereich
  6. Very well Brigadier Gen. Hoke Melewina, The order shall be full filled to your specs, although the waterproofing will cost an extra $2000 per unit. This may also restrict the vehicles performance in the areas of speed and acceleration due to the extra plating and such. If this is fine, then construction will begin at once. Payment will not be needed until units have been delivered to your nation. Niederoestereich
  7. ---Post here if you require service--- To:Brigadier Gen. Hoke Melewina Procurement Officer Royal KBI Army From: Niederoestereichian Government Sir, This is the channel in which our dealing shall be negoitated. How many units are you interesting in purchasing and which model are you leaning towards. What type of role do you wish for NSLAVs to take part in an maritime assault, for this may determine which type(s) would best suit your needs Niederoestereich
  8. NSLAV $250,000 Variations for Sale NSLAV-25(Reconnaissance) - A three man reconnaissance vehicle armed with an M242 dual-feed 25 mm Bushmaster cannon and two 7.62 mm MAG 58 machine guns. NSLAV-PC (Personnel Carrier) - A two man vehicle armed with a .50 BMG M2 machine gun and capable of carrying 7 scout troops. The standard flex mounted machine gun is in the process of being replaces by a Kongsberg Protector remote weapon system (RWS) which can accommodate either a 12.7 mm machine gun, a 7.62 mm MAG 58 machine gun or a Mk19 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. NSLAV-C (Command) - A vehicle equipped with enhanced radio installation and radio masts, mapboard, stowage compartments, appropriate seating and annex. Armed with a single .50 caliber BMG M2 machine gun. NSLAV-S (Surveillance) - A specialised surveillance vehicle equipped with thermal imager, laser range finder and day television camera. Armed with a single .50 BMG M2 machine gun. NSLAV-A (Ambulance) - Equipped with medical equipment and litter stations this NSLAV can carry three lying patients or six sitting patients. Armed with a single .50 BMG M2 machine gun. NSLAV-F (Fitter) - Maintenance support vehicle crewed by soldiers of the Niederoestereichian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (NEME) for the repair and maintenance of NSLAV vehicles. Armed with a single 7.62 FN MAG 58 machine gun NSLAV-R (Recovery) - Maintenance support vehicle, also crewed by NEME soldiers for recovering damaged or bogged vehicles. Armed with a single 7.62 FN MAG 58 machine gun. Bushmaster $562,878 standard, Ambulance Variation $589,182 Specs Crew 1 (plus 9 passengers) Length 7.087 m Width 2.5 m Height 2.65 m Weight 12.5 tonnes Armour: Monocoque armour Main armament: Gun ring for 5.56mm and 7.62mm machine guns Secondary armament: N/A Power plant: Caterpillar 3126E engine 330 hp (246 kW) Suspension 4 wheel drive Road speed: Over 100 km/h Power/weight 26.4 hp/tonne Range: Up to 1000km Variations for Sale ? Troop vehicle ? Command vehicle ? Assault Pioneer vehicle ? Mortar vehicle ? Direct Fire Weapons vehicle ? Ambulance vehicle
  9. F88 Reichsteyr $2200 per item standard Specs Weight: 3.6 kg, empty Length: 790 mm length: 508 mm Variations for Sale F88: Standard 5.56mm F88 Reichsteyr rifle with 1.5x magnification scope and 508mm barrel, with a bayonet-lug under the barrel F88C: The Reichsteyr F88c is a Carbine version of the regular F88 which has a 407mm barrel (10cm shorter than the standard issue F88). The F88C is generally used as a personal defensive weapon where space is an issue, such as in armoured vehicles. It is also issued to reconnaissance units in the Niederoestereichian Army F88S: The Reichsteyr F88s have a picatinny rail in place of the standard optic sight to allow the attachment of various other sights (such as night vision or high-quality long range sights such as the Elcan C79 Wildcat, ACOG or Aimpoint). This version of the Reichsteyr is notorious amongst Niederoestereichian infantry soldiers because the rail is uncomfortably close to the cocking handle; this feature frequently results in knuckle injuries after prolonged use. F88 GLA: This version of the F88 differs from the standard models as it features an Inter-bar interface (replacing the foregrip and bayonet lug), allowing the user to attach a M203PI Grenade Launcher. It also has a quadrant sight to which a Firepoint red dot sight is attached. F88T: NMW has developed a .22 calibre training rifle for use by the Niederoestereichian Army. The weapon provides an economical training alternative, with very low ammunition cost, which can be used in environmentally sensitive training areas and indoor areas for special forces training with reduced risk to trainees and instructors. F88N4: NMW?s Reichsteyr F88 N4 will incorporate multiple picattinny rails for the fitting of legacy systems such as the M203 P1 40mm grenade launcher assembly (GLA) as well as both commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and military off-the-shelf (MOTS) sighting and numerous additional battle enhancement accessories. MAG 58 $3600 per item Specs Weight: 10.15 kg Length: 1250 mm length: 546 mm Cartridge: 7.62 ? 51 mm NATO Caliber: 7.62 mm (.308 in) Action: gas-operated long piston Rate of fire: 850 rounds/min Effective range: 1,000 m, 1,500 m (with bipod) Feed system: Belt fed
  10. i like the look of the DPM personally
  11. NMW offers military designs and units at low prices. 25% discount applys to all weapons bought by EOS members, or to countries that pay in cash Clymont Class AWD Price: $3 Billion per unit new $1.5 Billion used
  12. Kant

    EOS island

    #3 sounds good
  13. Last time i read, Iran could only enrich Uranium to about 30% purity, and 90% is required to detonate an atomic device, so their still pretty far off in terms of R&D, unless they can inflitrate like the KGB, For god sake, Australia can enrich Uranium to 90% purity and we only have a research reactor at the momment and no offical nuclear programme. so no, Iran can do what it wants, doesn't make me sleep less at night.
  14. Kant

    Ocean's Cup

    The port of Stockinbingal is always open as a point in the race for ether this race, or the next. But, alas, Niederoestereich will not be submitting a boat for race.
  15. Well, of course now you have to "destroy political freedoms in order to save them", similar thinking of "Burning the villiage to save it", such as in Vietnam
  16. Great Bloke, great representive of Australia, he will be sorely missed. Some people at uni were on the brink of crying over it, most distressing
  17. Reading "Australian Foreign Policy from 1901 till 1983", for an essay.
  18. Constitutional Crisis in Niederoestereich The monarch today dissolved both houses of Parliament as the Niederoestereichian federal government ran of money due to the upper house of parliament not passing the money supply bill. The crisis began a few months ago in the upper house of the Federal Parliament, when the Senate, where the Opposition Party has a majority. The Senate deferred voting on bills that appropriated funds for government expenditure, attempting to force the Prime Minister to an election. Such action is unprecedented in Niederoestereichian political history. The government, dismissed such calls, and attempted to pressure opposition Senators to support the bills while also exploring alternative means to fund government expenditure. The impasse has continued for some weeks now, during which the threat of the government being unable to meet its financial obligations hangs over the country. With the very real threat the in no time there will be no money left, the monarch today address a joint sitting in parliament where he announced that for the 2nd time in 3 years, Niederoestereichians will be going to the election booths. Though there is always the possibility that the Monarch will call out the troops from the barracks and declare Marshall law if the crisis is not resolved by the formation and efforts of a new government and executive. As written in the Niederoestereichian constitution, the Monarch, as head of state, may dissolve and permit elections as he or she wishes and is the only power to pass legislation by royal accent at their whim. This principle in the constitution has been called under scrutiny of late in the press that the Monarch, may turn Niederoestereich from a Liberal-Democracy to Police State over night by dissolving parliament and calling out the troops. As the election date is set for some time in the next month, one can only hope and see how this will all play out.
  19. Niederoestereich accepts application
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