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  1. PNN BREAKING NEWS THEODORIAN ELECTION RESULTS 2019 CHARLES MONTE WINS BY SLIM MARGIN CONSTANTUS, Theodoria. At midday today the National Electoral Commision of Theodoria announced the results. Charles Monte, The Real Estate magnate has won with 55% of the vote, with Gustaf Mercie, the son of Prime Minister Mercie, at 40% and Fredrick Battenburg at 3.4%. Charles Monte was born in Hamptus, Theodoria, in 1945 to a prominent Hamptus Family. He attended a boarding school in Northern Theodoria until his attendance at Harvest University in post revolutionary PyeMcGowan
  2. PMN THEODORIAN ELECTION 2019 Prime Minister Mercie of Theodoria has reached the end of his 12 year term in office, aged 62. Despite claims from senior sources that he will change the law to allow a fourth term, as he did in 2015 for his third term, the Prime Minister has decided not to run. The election will be the first since 1942 to allow multiple parties sporting multiple ideologies, and could mark the end for the current way of life in the nation. Prime Minister Willowston has commended Mercie’s actions, stating “I hope this can be a new era for the Auraid”. The announ
  3. PMN BREAKING NEWS REVOLUTION HOAX FOOLS FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS After a period of very little news, pranksters used official channels to project a news story from the ‘Revolutionary Tribune’ a fictional news paper in the former PBC show Wessburg. The news story stated that the nation had collapsed into a communist state, as the rich fled to tropical islands, much like the plot of the PBC show. This lead to share prices of PyeMcGowian companies to fall, leading to layoffs in the United Overseas Bank of Cristina. The PyeMcGowian Government later made a statement through the foreign ministr
  4. THE REVOLUTIONARY TRIBUNE MESSAGE FROM SECRETARY-GENERAL NORFOLK Welcome to THE REVOLUTIONARY TRIBUNE, THE FREE PRESS OF THE SECOND REVOLUTION! Since the first of June, we have stopped all public broadcasting from PyeMcGowan to the outside world, we began by launching multiple attacks on the brainwashing media of the Frobrischer, collectively we the working people destroyed the capitalist megalomania they called Broadcasting corporations, one brainwashing television channel at a time. As the cowards in government, the bourgeoisie, and the rich and discraseful left for Nova
  5. After further consideration I have decided to annex a larger portion of Theodoria following the RP. The New, and probably final PyeMcGowian Claim is below Yellow/white Cities 1.Hamptus 2.Paddington Forbes Blue, Unmarked RP Principalities 1.Constantus 2.Percendon 3.Cardon 4.Vallsdale 5.Hamptus
  6. FINANCE | BUSINESS | STOCK MARKET | COMMODITIES | POLITICS | TECHNOLOGY DAWCOIN DIVES AFTER MEGA LOSS WEEKEND Carlington, Anderson. The Dawcoin crypto currency loses most of its value following a disastrous weekend. The Dawson based crypto-currency became PyeMcGowan’s first and only crypto currency in 2009 when it became public. Until 2016 it was worth at most a few hundred Poggles, but with futher investment prices began to skyrocket making many, who invested in the beginning, multi-millionaires. The currency became so successful that many stores and banks such as Unitons, Uni
  7. PMN MorningBreakfast A Lighter Perspective Westia: A New Capital for PyeMcGowan? Malburg kolaž, Westia. The smal, village in southern Westia is fairly empty and incredibly flat. The area has a small castle, a private school, a country house and a population of 230. Then why would people think that this would make a capital city? A joint venture between the Royal Institute of Architecture, the National Urban Planning Committee And Ministry for Housing an Urban Development, has created a digital mock-up of the proposed city. Our reporters got an early look at this d
  9. PMN ASSASINATIONS KILL 14 THEODORIAN DEFECTORS Police surround the housing complex. 14 Defectors from Theodoria were assassinated today as they were leaving a housing facility for defectors in Anderson. These 14 include 8 men, 5 women and one infant. These assassinations were carried out by amateur gunmen, and the Ministry of Defence stated that these could well be PyeMcGowians taking revenge for those who were killed in terrorist attacks, or in raids of Theodorian funded AA cells. Two of the dead have been named as Dr.Ralph Mollen, a Theodorian Scientific Advisor And Marku
  10. PMN midWeek Roundup OPERATION INDIGO COMPLETED The Joint Operation between the PIO, Police and The Ministry of Defence has been completed, after 785 arrests. The operation has found a network of criminal organisations and gangs, with operations in every aspect of life. Connections have been found between drug lords, financial crimes and even terrorists. The profits from such activities were siphoned into bank accounts in Theodoria, and the PIO suspect that it has further been funnelled into terrorist organisations, such as the AA. The identities of People connected to this
  11. Geschäftsbank Headquaters, Contantus March 2nd What they were doing was secret, most secret. If anybody who didn’t already know knew, it could be the end for them. But they knew they had to do it, under strict instructions from the government. The bank had always been tied to the state, once a state owned company, always a state owned company, It was the Theodorian way. Markus was new to the operation, the operation was simple yet very complicated, their job on the 27th floor was to finance terrorist activities, and not just the AA, they were sending money to every corner of the
  12. PMN Could the Royal Family be escaping to Nova Marina? Yeterday, the Royal Family’s Private Secretary said that the royal family will be heading to the Overseas Territory of Nova Marina for the Grand Prix, and the Karrler Festival. The Royal Family has never entirely been in the same Overseas Territory since the communist revolution, and were eager to return. But with a looming conflict with Theodoria, they may have gone to escape any attack upon the palaces. The Grand Prix And festival has usually only been attended by the second in line to the throne, which makes the decision for t
  13. Nation Name: PyeMcGowan . Official Broadcaster: PBC, PyeMcGowian Broadcasting Company Song Title: Eclipsium Artist(s) Name(s): Period 2, Eloise Charles, David Carlsen, James De Suisse, Pinapp LeJuice. Tune: 7 Nation Army Lyrics:
  14. PMN BILLIONAIRELIFE How to live like a Frobrischer Billionaire. Step 1: Look like a billionaire The first step to becoming a billionaire in the Frobrischer region of PyeMcGowan is two wear the finest of the finest clothing and accessories in the world. The most expensive suits in PyeMcGowan are made at the Wilson Tailor Shop in Wellington Forbes, with another branch in Belforte. These suits can cost up to 250,000 Poggles! Now you need some accessories, a Rolex Unitsen Wilmington Edition Watch (P120,000), An Infromedra Pair of Executive sunglasses (P65,000) And a Zaneruss pa
  15. PMN NEWS AURAID TENSIONS GROW EVEN LARGER RPAF Fighters leave RPAF Edmont in Anderson. Dawson, Anderson As the stand-off at the border ends, more and more Embassy staff are resigning, Theodorians and Andersonian fleeing and Soldiers being deployed are causing more tension between the two Auraid Nations. Yesterday the military deployed futher troops along the border as the Theodorians have been doing for the past few years. The RPAF has launched further patrols along the border, to provide a closer aerial image of the border areas. A few days ago one Theodorian troop b
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