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  1. I'll float a radical idea because why not - why not use/change/replace Adaptus? I know he's supposed to be Greco-Roman but if it doesn't throw a wrench in any works by changing him to !Italian I'd say it would be a decent option. Personally I'd go with reworking Byzantium Nova, since it seems to work out pretty well with everyone with minimal struggle. It'd be close to other !WesternEuropean nations, as opposed to using an Occidental nation, a region that's, well, not !WesternEuropean. But I just wanted to throw an idea into the ring and see how it would do The religions of the
  2. That's fine. If you'd like we can try and make it work, but if you don't feel comfortable in an English-speaking region, feel free to leave, we won't judge
  3. Wish granted! You visit New Orleans but contract polio and die within a week. I wish I was a god
  4. ¡Hola! Esta región no hable español - hablamos inglés solamente - ¡lo siento! Podemos intentar ayudarte, pero no se si podemos mucho. Un miembro puede hable español pero no se. Voy a pregunto.
  5. Tough one! Both have theirs pros. The second one definitely looks better, in my opinion, but the first one comes with a big pro in that it shows political borders, which is pretty helpful. I think I'd go with the first one, although I could have just as easily gone with the second as well.
  6. June 25th Zahabo, Salvia Nothing much could be heard over the din of the parade. Marching bands blared out songs as the Alvernian president Marco Marzeni slowly drove down the avenue, the sidewalks crowded with cheering Salvians. The man stood as a symbol of unification while Salvia’s own leaders piddled around, fussing over whether it should or should not be done. To hell with them, many of them thought. Zahabo, a medium-sized town on the southern border of Alvernia and Salvia, was tied to neither party, instead pledging their allegiance to the Salvian people. Overwhelmingly po
  7. Only thing I'd like to see is a definitive border you'd like. Nothing too spiffy, just an idea besides a general circle. Unless that is the border you wished for, which if that's the case, okie dokie. Also, don't be afraid to ask us on Discord to calculate the area for you, to see if what you are thinking is too small (i.e: you can expand a bit more without going over) or too big (you go over the limit)
  8. June 13 “Strange? In what way?” The man on the other end of the line shook some ashes off of his cigarette as he replied back, “His manner is entirely different. He’s usually much more lively. Now he won’t even take his evening drink.” He took another draw. “I don’t know what to make of it. Or what changed him, for that matter.” Saulius’s brows furrowed and he leaned forward in his seat as Bianchi sat on his desk. “Alright Bergio. Anything else?” “Yea. He’s been mentioning meeting with you guys. Or at least, President Saulius - no offense Bianchi. He’s not said anyth
  9. December 13th, BoroSalvo Stadium - Week 1 The Lead: Batengdei cruises to victory as Gallambria, Salvia secure tough wins Reds conduct strong showing against the Islanders in a 37-9 bashdown Last year’s fifth and third faced off in a matchup experts were largely unsure of. The lack of player or coaching swaps meant these teams were, at least on paper, very similar to themselves last year. However, the Reds quickly proved this label wrong with a smashing 28 point win over the Islanders. A combination of stellar offensive and defensive performance for the Reds and a
  10. Salvia's outlook is similar to Tagmatium's, albeit I'm more invested. Salvia will try and keep the economic deals the same or even make new ones. However, a pagan nation taking over a Catholic one is of some concern. Salvia will be optimistic that Metz does the right thing but we will have a very close eye on the situation. Not saying we'll totally stop the expansion or something but some intervention may take place. We'll see though, I don't want to ruin your expansion I have no issues with this OOC. I think it's fairly balanced.
  11. December 6th The Six Nations Rugby Tournament is an annual rugby union competition between the national teams of @Batengdei, @Eulycea, @Gallambria, @Salvia, @Seylos, and @Oyus. The 2020 version of the Six Nations tournament will be hosted by Salvia in Borosalvo Stadium, located in Deopolis. The competition will begin Sunday, December 13th and will end on January 31st, after each team has played every other team and a championship game has been played. The two teams with the most amount of points* after the last game will face off in the championship game, the winner of which w
  12. (Stats are post-expansion. Salvia itself is not this large lol) Nation Name: Salvia Continent: Marenesia Short Description: Situated on the southern peninsula of Tenarua in Marenesia, Salvia was once known for their large empires that stretched far beyond the present-day borders before their declines and defeats. Now famous for its beautiful weather, tourist attractions, culture and religion, the nation continues its now humble existence into the 21st century. Geography: The heart of the nation is centered on the Salvian peninsula and its expansive coastline defined Salvi
  13. Funerals A staple of all cultures on Eurth, Salvian funerals are celebrated in a unique way that make them stand out compared to other cultures, having held weighty importance since the Friulian Kingdom in the 9th century BC. Salvia (and those who inhabited it previously) have been spiritual for many millennia, and so it's no surprise these people have placed great care into celebrating and sending off the dead. Before the arrival of Christianity, a widespread practice among the Marenai of the Salvian peninsula was the tuku ki tua atu (Marenai, literally “send beyond”), a five-day ritua
  14. None of the pictures could be embedded so you'll have to click on them yourselves lmao https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/646152426088431649/784275106209333288/unknown.png Crusader and heretic armies clash in northern Amhara during the 16th century crusades of the Yellow Empire Salvians call the Yellow Crusades. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/646152426088431649/784273905648926750/unknown.png The Blood-Soaked Fields, one of the most popular images from the People’s War, depicts the final battle of the war outside Deopolis on the Minilivian Fields
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