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  1. A humble request for @Metztlitlaca/@Orioni: Could the city of Trinity be renamed to Gaullo? Thank you!
  2. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Pope Gregory in Easter Homily: ‘We need to be stewards of peace’ as Eurth sees rise in conflict Pope Gregory XVII gave his first Easter Homily on Holy Saturday in Intreimor Pope Gregory XVII presided over the traditional Vigil Easter Mass with Pope Hilarius XIX in Intreimor's Vasílica dei Sant Cristóval on Holy Saturday. Having given the homily the previous three years, Hilarius decided to bestow it to Gregory, who said it after the proclamation of the Easter Gospel. In i
  3. @Joosty Yuo wull alsu fund thut it is much eusier tu rulepluy wuth uther nutions thun thuse uther rugions yuo wure tulking abuut. We huve our superpuwers alrught, but thu "uldies" dunt ruign supreme Hope you enjoy your stay here at Eurth, and hopefully we'll see you have your own spot on our wonderful plunet
  4. January 17th, BoroSalvo Stadium - Week 5 The Lead: Gallambria to face off with Eulycea in Championship Game after nail biter with Doves Islanders grab their second with an upset over Silvers, 24-22 With 13 points in the standings, Eulycea needed only 1 or 2 points to essentially guarantee an appearance in the Championship Game. This mindset, some may say, affected their performance against the Islanders as throughout the contest they seemed sluggish compared to their Oyussard counterparts. Compared to their previous form, the offense seemed sloppy and the defense wer
  5. Salvia

    Doom of Ceris

    13 August, 0252 The base was located on the apex of the hill, the only one for miles. It was the most defensible position next to the strategically valuable location they now held - the entire reason for the salient formed by the Salvian Expeditionary Force was to seize and hold a road and rail crossroads that would otherwise be used by Sentist forces to penetrate into Secryae. As their Tagmatine allies amassed their forces on the border, the brigade of Salvian infantry had been tasked with holding this crossroads. Already three months into this mission and the going had been relatively e
  6. January 3rd, BoroSalvo Stadium - Week 3 The Lead: Salvia drops two straight while Silvers, Reds capitalize on opposition's mistakes Salvia continues losing streak against Islanders, 14-19 The Doves' Week 1 win over the Silvers continues to feel more and more distant as the Oyusards snap a losing streak of their own with a win over Salvia. A close game throughout, the Islanders scored a try out on the wing 78th minute to dig themselves out of a 2-point deficit and put them in the lead. A desperate Salvian counterattack proved fruitless as a knock-on ended the game by
  7. I'd say the first course of action would be settling the canon of our larger IGOs. There's always been the idea of a UEL (United Eurth League) or something like that... I think it'd be smarter to lump this into that. Although if we end up deciding we are definitely not having a !UN (and we may have already decided this and I missed this) then we can return to this as its own idea/project
  8. December 20th, BoroSalvo Stadium - Week 2 The Lead: Gallambria and Seylos achieve victory as Eulycea recovers from Week 1 disaster Eulycea recovers from Week 1 with a victory over Reds, 27-17 Red fans were amped to see this game after Gallambria stole their ticket to the finals last year with bonus points. Finally, they could prove that they too would have beaten the Silvers. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Eulycea’s drop last week was covered up with a textbook win over Batengdei. The Silvers were able to capitalize on a lackluster Reds’ offense who,
  9. I'd say so. He proposed a RP idea then dipped. Great Burlington style - make a post then leave for another year. My personal opinion is that we don't count this.
  10. Port Liosus, Salvian Overseas Territories, 1959 A rocking chair creaked out a slow, steady rhythm as puffs of cigar smoke waft through the air. Pure Iberic tobacco. Much better quality than anything from Marenesia, that was for sure. How the man in the rocking chair acquired such an expensive taste was a tale many knew but one he told few. A glass of water with ice clicked as the man picked it up and lifted it to his lips. After some experiences as a young adult, he rarely indulged in alcohol, preferring water or juice. It sat better in his stomach was the excuse he gave to everyone, but
  11. The Rise and Potential Fall of the Salvian Economy: How Unification with Alvernia Could Trigger a Bust for Salvia and Beyond Xavier Mehiako is a Salvian economist who was head of the Salvian Council of Economists under Stefano Adajio and is considered by many to have been a critical piece in reintegrating Salvia into the wurld economy after decades of isolationism. Retiring from the post in 2017, he has since become a professor of economics at Trinity University. Unification with Alvernia is becoming an increasingly popular and demanded political goal for the Salvian people, and whi
  12. I'll float a radical idea because why not - why not use/change/replace Adaptus? I know he's supposed to be Greco-Roman but if it doesn't throw a wrench in any works by changing him to !Italian I'd say it would be a decent option. Personally I'd go with reworking Byzantium Nova, since it seems to work out pretty well with everyone with minimal struggle. It'd be close to other !WesternEuropean nations, as opposed to using an Occidental nation, a region that's, well, not !WesternEuropean. But I just wanted to throw an idea into the ring and see how it would do The religions of the
  13. That's fine. If you'd like we can try and make it work, but if you don't feel comfortable in an English-speaking region, feel free to leave, we won't judge
  14. Wish granted! You visit New Orleans but contract polio and die within a week. I wish I was a god
  15. ¡Hola! Esta región no hable español - hablamos inglés solamente - ¡lo siento! Podemos intentar ayudarte, pero no se si podemos mucho. Un miembro puede hable español pero no se. Voy a pregunto.
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