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  1. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Salvian Government Expresses Concern Over Confirmation of Alvernian Cooperation with Anglia Saulius condemned Alvernian cooperation with Anglia Monday morning in a press conference with reporters. Confirmation of Alvernian cooperation with Anglia has prompted numerous Salvian officials to express concern and condemnation this past week. A report published Sunday by the Salvian security community, spearheaded by the Salvian Intelligence Agency (SIA), found that Alvernia conducted arms trading, shared intelligence, and even sent volunteers in both combat and non-combat roles to Anglia and members of the Occidental-Azanian Pact. Alvernia had previously refused Salvian calls to halt trade with the nations, stating that events in Europa and Alharu did not concern them. “Three centuries ago, the Alvernian people revolted against tyrannical Salvian rule and gained its independence,” Alvernian leader Marco Marzeni was quoted as saying. “We did not do this just to have our autonomy questioned once more.” President Saulius, who met with Marzeni back in June 2020 to discuss the possibility of unification, criticized Alvernian actions in a press conference shortly after the report's publication. “Despite calls from her sister nation to halt trade and cooperation with Anglia and the OCA, Alvernia has continued to interact with aggressive nations that threaten glubal security. This is unacceptable, and can not stand.” Saulius added that punitive measures are being considered against Alvernia, indicating a sharp turn in relations between the two states. Salvia is Alvernia’s largest trading partner, and calls for unification of the two states have been echoed since early 2020; last August, the Salvian legislature called for a constitutional convention to allow for foreign states to join Salvia. Provincial representatives met for the first time in mid-July, with talks ongoing. Foreign Minister Alvon Russo expressed concern, saying that if Alvernia did not “correct its course,” relations with Salvia would suffer. Trade and Finance Minister Leo Conway also went on record to warn Alvernia, “Punitive economic measures will be considered if Alvernia continues to trade with Anglia and member states of the OCA.” Alvernia’s Foreign Ministry has dismissed these statements, stating that the statements from Salvian officials were “offensive” in how they “questioned Alvernian autonomy.” Shortly after this, the SIA confirmed that another Anglian cargo ship had entered the Alvernian port and capital of Soncinia. The Salvian Minister of Defense has recalled naval ships from the Oriental Ocean that were participating in TRIDENT operations in order to “secure Salvian waters.” Alvernian officials called the move “unnecessary and threatening posturing” by the Salvian military.
  2. This dispatch was released on May 31st. Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deopolis, the Tapinus Remporu dox Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Subject: Salvian Response to Anglian Aggression and Potential Alvernian Cooperation To the nations of the Kingdom of Great Anglia, the Republic of Alvernia, the member nations of Occidental-Azanian Pact, and the International Community, The Salvian government is utterly appalled by acts of Anglian aggression in both the Old and New Wurld. The actions of the Anglian government threaten glubal security and peace in a way not seen since the wars of the early 20th century, and in a way that has caused suffering for millions of people. Under President Saulius, the Salvian government fully condemns the state of Anglia and their allies in their aggressive actions against the states of Europa and Alharu. These annexations are not recognized as legitimate and the Salvian government will attempt to remain in contact with the rightful governments of the conquered states. A number of sanctions, embargoes, and other punitive measures are to be placed on Anglia, member nations of the Occidental-Azanian Pact (OCA), and officials from those countries. The diplomatic missions of these nations have also been expelled from Salvia, and the Salvian mission to these nations has been withdrawn. Further punitive measures will be placed if Anglia and members of the OCA continue their illegal aggression. There have also been rumors that Salvia’s neighbor Alvernia has cooperated with Anglia and her allies politically and potentially even militarily. Salvia calls on her sister state to halt all interaction or cooperation with the Anglian state and her allies, and to follow Salvia’s lead in placing punitive measures on these nations. Salvia is not afraid to involve itself militarily, in solidarity with her allies in both the Old Wurld and New, to ensure that peace returns. Sincerely, Minister of Foreign Affairs Alvon Russo
  3. OOC: My country was supposed to have elections mid-July. Oops. To give the election more credit than just one article, I’ll be writing a multi-part series that will be backdated around a couple month or so. Here it is. 14 June 2021 Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  One Month Away: How the Election Looks Now The 2021 presidential and Concilio elections are exactly one month away, set to take place on the 14th of July. Much has changed since the anti-Church protests of December 2019 and the massive popularity dip Saulius and his party saw in the subsequent months. Instead of debates over the Church crisis, Salvian nationalism has taken the political wurld by storm. After his approval rating dropped to 53% in February 2020, President Saulius’ popularity has recovered, although it is lower than it was two years ago, now sitting at 60%. While Governor Wehiako, the Ductaha candidate set to oppose the TauPorista Saulius, is primed to give Saulius a run for the office, current NSBN polls have Saulius winning comfortably by at least 5 points. Wehiako’s stances on issues related to the Church, such as corruption and instability in the Church and education, have gone from important in the voter consciousness to secondary issues. As Pope Gregory XVII appears to have stamped out corruption and instability, the Church crisis, while still prominent in the Salvian mind, is just not as important as the Salvian nationalist movement, which some will claim actually originated in the anti-Church protests of late 2019 and early 2020. Instead, Saulius has been the one to capitalize off the unification movement, meeting Alvernian leader Marco Marzeni in June 2020 and having his Trade and Finance Minister host talks over potentially forming a trading bloc with other Salvian states. Despite some recent criticism targeting Saulius’ inaction, Wehiako’s Marenai ancestry is certainly playing a part, especially since he declared that he is personally against Salvian unification. This year’s election will likely be interesting in terms of who’s voting for who. Marenai in the north, traditionally aligned with their conservative TauPorista allies, may instead vote for Wehiako as many are also opposed to Salvian unification. Progressive Ductahas may also switch, this time around voting for Saulius. The 2021 elections are shaping up to be one of the biggest in recent Salvian history, and may go on to influence the nation’s politics for decades to come as party lines become fluid and allegiances flip.
  4. Man I'm late. Salvia would be in. Similar to @Metztlitlaca, my NPC neighbor Alvernia may also participate if needed, and likewise can be an early loser.
  5. Made a few minor edits and added the events. Feel free to look over With moving mostly complete, I would like to get involved in this. I would like for Alvernia, the nation I am expanding into, to side with Anglia. This would lead to a split in the Alvernian government, leading to a minor civil war that @Gallambria and Salvia will quickly put down. Just want to make sure this is ok with everyone
  6. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Populi Representatives Lampoon President Saulius Over Reunification with Alvernia, Foreign Policy Several notable representatives of the Concilio Populi, both from the TauPoristas and Ductaha, have issued a joint statement criticizing President Saulius on the issue of reunification with Alvernia. “[The President] has placed the concerns of foreigners and foreign governments over the needs and wants of the people,” a line from the letter read. “Instead of uniting the Salvian people, he instead places his focus on issues that are not our own.” The letter was signed by over 50 representatives, mostly from urban centers and the south, and was split relatively evenly between conservatives and progressives. The statement comes around a month and a half before Concilio and presidential elections, and at a time when Salvian unification is a hot and divisive political issue. Saulius met with Alvernian leader Marco Marzeni last June to discuss closer integration, and while the talks were celebrated at the time, the Salvian president has drawn criticism as little materialized. Trade and Finance Minister Leo Conway announced last November that there were ongoing plans to form a ‘Salvian Economic League’ to further encourage integration, but since then little has been revealed about when it would happen or what it would look like. Saulius has spent much of the last few months directing government focus to international affairs, with conflict in Ceris and Europa occupying the executive for some time. This is to the chagrin of many, who have demanded unification with other Salvian-majority nations for some time now. The first large pro-unification rallies took place back in December 2019 and have only grown in popularity. Recent NSBN polling has revealed that unification with Alvernia has the support of up to 65% of Salvians. This is up from just 43% in early 2020 and despite warnings from some politicians and economists that unification could result in consequences that Salvia would have to deal with “for years to come.” Unification is staunchly opposed by the Marenai Party, which has argued that Salvian nationalism will result in the rights of natives taking a major step back. Already, attacks on native Marenai homes and places of worship have skyrocketed since 2019, perhaps confirming their fears. Despite their political allies opposing unification, more and more conservative TauPoristas have backed it. President Saulius, a TauPorista, has refused to declare a side, and Ductaha presidential candidate Kano Wehiako, a Marenai himself, has stated that he is personally against it, but would “allow the Salvian people to decide.” Alvernian leader President Marco Marzeni took to social media to comment on the statement, saying, “This should serve as a wake-up call to President Saulius - unification is what the Salvian people want, not foreign wars!”
  7. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Central Bank to Cut Interest Rates as Salvian Economy Sees Small Dip in April Chairman of the Salvian Central Bank, Joseph Monziki, has announced that interest rates will be cut back in response to dips in the Salvian economy, which were noted back in April. The move was announced after the Salvian Central Bank’s monthly meeting took place last Wednesday. It took into account both April's job report and a report from the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, both of which were released earlier this week. “In response to small but notable dips in the economic performance of Salvia these past couple months, the Central Bank Committee will cut interest rates from 5.75% to 4.9% in hopes of stimulating more economic growth,” Monziki announced to the press on Thursday. Previous months saw debate between members of the Central Bank Committee over whether to further stimulate Salvia’s recent economic growth. However, Monziki clarified that the decision this time around was “almost unanimous.” Most of the economic slowdown was caused overseas. A coup in the Sunset Sea Islands mid-April caused some stagnation in many nations while the Anglian invasion of its neighbors has worried the international market. The move drew criticism from some economists, some of which were worried that the lower interest rates would harm exports and discourage investment. However, Monziki dismissed these concerns and maintained that this would be the best course of action.
  8. Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deopolis, the Tapinus Remporu dox Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Recipient: Republic of San Castellino, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Greetings, I wish to express my gratitude that the Republic of San Castellino wishes to pursue Salvia as a future business partner. This deal shall perhaps be the first of many to come, one which benefits both of our nations and allows further economic growth and opportunity. I would also like to show my support for the Republic of San Castellino in its endeavor of throwing off the imperialistic influences of Galahinda. While not like the colonial powers of old, they still wielded influence over the people of San Castellino when they should not. The government of Salvia stands besides your people in pushing back Galahindan influence from the region. The rewriting of the Cascadia Accords to more favor the Republic of San Castellino is one step in the right direction. Regarding the contract, the government of Salvia has decided it will accept the proposed deal. Salvia’s Ministry of Finances and Trade will see about ironing out the specifics of the contract with your respective government body. I hope that this is the beginning of a prosperous relationship. May God bless you and your people, Minister of Foreign Affairs Alvon Russo
  9. This statement was released on April 20th, 8:15 PM Salvian Standard Time Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deopolis, the Tapinus Remporu dox Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Subject: Current Events in the Sunset Sea Islands To the International Community, The Salvian government is shocked and appalled by the recent military takeover of the Sunset Sea Islands and is working tirelessly to maintain the security and safety of all Salvian citizens, government officials or otherwise. The Foreign Ministry is working closely with her allies to ensure this promise is kept to the fullest. The Salvian government does not recognize the new military government and/or any changes, political or otherwise, made by it. The following actions are to be taken immediately: A number of sanctions and other punitive measures are to be placed on Colonel Ishijima and other members of his illegitimate military government, including but not limited to travel bans, asset seizures and forfeitures Measures will be taken to ensure Salvian businesses will no longer conduct any form of business whatsoever with the illegal military government The Sunsetian mission to Salvia is to be expelled Any Sunsetian currently residing in Salvian territory is promised full protection from the Salvian government Further action is being considered and may be taken by the Salvian government. The Saulius executive has also authorized the Ministry of Defense to deploy a squadron of the Salvian Navy to assist in TRIDENT operations in maintaining security in the region, to be joined by vessels of the Royal Gallambrian Navy on their trip to Porto Altaria, Iverica. The Ministry of Defense has stated that this mission will not disrupt current missions in Ceris. The Salvian government wishes to express its hope that this situation may be resolved peacefully and in a way that allows the legitimate Sunsetian government, under Gao He Ping, to be returned to its rightful place as government of the Sunset Sea Islands. Sincerely, Minister of Foreign Affairs Alvon Russo
  10. A humble request for @Metztlitlaca/@Orioni: Could the city of Trinity be renamed to Gaullo? Thank you!
  11. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Pope Gregory in Easter Homily: ‘We need to be stewards of peace’ as Eurth sees rise in conflict Pope Gregory XVII gave his first Easter Homily on Holy Saturday in Intreimor Pope Gregory XVII presided over the traditional Vigil Easter Mass with Pope Hilarius XIX in Intreimor's Vasílica dei Sant Cristóval on Holy Saturday. Having given the homily the previous three years, Hilarius decided to bestow it to Gregory, who said it after the proclamation of the Easter Gospel. In it, Pope Gregory reflected upon the scene of the women visiting the tomb, drawing special attention to the words the angel told them: “Do not be afraid!” “Imagine the faces of these women, their spirits. Pale, broken, full of sorrow. They were visiting a cemetery, much like you or I would. The uncertainty, the fear, the grief, the questions on all of their minds - why should we not despair when even God himself is put to death? Where is the hope?” “Yet among this sadness, they see the angel of God appear and announce the Resurrection. That is something to imagine, and the feelings the women felt even harder to imagine. But we can try, something akin to total hope and joy.” Pope Gregory reminded the congregation of the growing conflict on Eurth, not only in war-torn areas such as Ceris but also in the “Old Wurld and even our own homes, our own nations..” “Like the women, we feel overcome by despair. We ask the same questions. Where’s the hope? Where’s our God?” He went on to say, “We must remember, we are his stewards. The wurld needs this more than ever. We need to be stewards of His justice, His peace.” Pope Hilarius echoed Gregory’s calls for peace in his own homilies, which he said during Masses on Easter Sunday. “For God’s peace to reign on Eurth, it must first originate in us, in the Christian wurld.” The calls for peace come as the plunet sees a rise in conflict. The war in Ceris has claimed the lives of up to ten million, while most of Europa is plagued with internal strife. Even Salvia has seen a rise in tension over Salvian unification, with protests happening daily across the country and Marenai-Salvian conflict in Alvernia continuing to claim the lives of dozens a month. Concluding his homily, Pope Gregory remarked, “Beyond all defeats, evil and violence, beyond all suffering and death, the Risen One lives and guides us.”
  12. @Joosty Yuo wull alsu fund thut it is much eusier tu rulepluy wuth uther nutions thun thuse uther rugions yuo wure tulking abuut. We huve our superpuwers alrught, but thu "uldies" dunt ruign supreme Hope you enjoy your stay here at Eurth, and hopefully we'll see you have your own spot on our wonderful plunet
  13. January 17th, BoroSalvo Stadium - Week 5 The Lead: Gallambria to face off with Eulycea in Championship Game after nail biter with Doves Islanders grab their second with an upset over Silvers, 24-22 With 13 points in the standings, Eulycea needed only 1 or 2 points to essentially guarantee an appearance in the Championship Game. This mindset, some may say, affected their performance against the Islanders as throughout the contest they seemed sluggish compared to their Oyussard counterparts. Compared to their previous form, the offense seemed sloppy and the defense were lazy, fatal mistakes against any team, even one with coaching problems and historically bad times against the Silvers. Eulycea was only able to tighten the game in the second half, probably as the realization that they might not get a spot in the Championship if they don't come out of this with at least one point sunk in. None of this is said to take away the win from Oyus - they played tough and played good ball, but still struggled with defense against an offense that itself was not performing its best. Seylos humbles Reds in dominant fashion, 24-9 While it was unlikely, there was still potential that the Reds could find themselves in the Championship, provided certain conditions met. Unfortunately, one of those conditions was winning. In traditional fashion, Seylos humbled a team without flashy offense and a high score. No tries were allowed as the only points came from penalty kicks, slip-ups on the Seylosian defense once the Reds were in the Sandwiches' 22. Otherwise, a tight ship meant that solid play was found on both sides of the ball for Seylos, who rocket up to third in the standings after the win. Despite missing the Championship once more, there is much to be happy about as a Sandwich fan as they continue to play good, fundamental rugby. Lions secure Championship Game berth over Salvia with 'the closest game in the last decade', 19-16 Not many people expected that the Week 5 matchup between the Salvian Doves and Gallambrian Lions would turn out to be the contest that would send one to the Championship Game, but that's what it became as number two faced off against number three. The energy was absolutely electric as the crowd, with a sizable showing from the visiting side, watched their boys play for a playoff berth. The usual flashy Gallambrian offense was muted by a strong and united Salvian defense, which seemed impenetrable, yet Salvia was unable to conduct much offensive production of their own. With three penalty kicks to each side, the score was 9-9 as the two sides entered the locker room for halftime. Receiving the ball to begin the second half, Gallambria found a chink in the armor and were quickly able to score a try in the 47th minute with a beautiful run down the side. With a 14-9 advantage, the two sides returned to their grueling stalemate, with neither side finding openings. Finally, in the 73rd minute, the Doves put together an excellent offensive drive that began from their own 22, and with a lineout on the Gallambrian 5 were able to score on the wing with a successful maul. The conversion put the score at 14-16 in favor of the Salvians, and upon scoring the kick the crowd went absolutely wild. The Gallambrians, with 5 minutes left after forcing the Doves to kick from their 22, began a slow but steady drive down the pitch. Within 15 meters of the try line and at the 79th minute, Salvia knocked on, resulting in a Gallambrian scrum. From this the ball was executed perfectly towards the backs, who in the trademark Gallambrian flashy fashion ran it down the wing and scored. A controversial TMO review ensued after the Salvian side argued their 15 had held up the ball, but the referee called it a Gallambrian try and the game was ended. The Salvian coach, Antonel Satino, has refused to concede, but the Lions have punched their ticket to the Championship Game, a rematch with Eulycea. Standings after Week 5
  14. Salvia

    Doom of Ceris

    13 August, 0252 The base was located on the apex of the hill, the only one for miles. It was the most defensible position next to the strategically valuable location they now held - the entire reason for the salient formed by the Salvian Expeditionary Force was to seize and hold a road and rail crossroads that would otherwise be used by Sentist forces to penetrate into Secryae. As their Tagmatine allies amassed their forces on the border, the brigade of Salvian infantry had been tasked with holding this crossroads. Already three months into this mission and the going had been relatively easy. The Sentists had not yet arrived in the area in force and there was much to distract them. To the west and north lay territory which lay undefended and unconquered, notably Hodrea and Estaria, the former of which there were reports they were in the midst of invading. Besides that, no doubt the Sentis armies, large as they were, were also slow and unwieldy, and Coalition air forces continued to harass them. All of this is to say that only 15 casualties had been reported, of which only 6 were deaths and most were caused by snipers, which were quickly spotted and exterminated. The squad of Salvian infantry, some dozen members of 2nd Platoon, Bravo Company, Second Battalion, were wrapping up their night patrol when the first flares shot high into the sky, illuminating the entire face of the hill. They were on a dirt trail on the west side of the hill, shrubby overgrowth edging towards the trail which appeared to have not been used in a while. Truthfully, it was a newly forming path, created by the Salvian infantry on their night moves. The staff sergeant leading the patrol, who had earned the nickname “Pup-pup” within the squad after an unfortunate encounter with a Cerisan Terrier puppy, signalled for the patrol to crouch down and remain silent. They shifted over towards the edge of the path near the undergrowth. One of the sergeants who was at the end shuffled over to Pup-pup. He said no words, only listened with him for any movement. 5 minutes passed with no movement and long after the light from the flare dissipated the squad resumed their movement back towards the base. Just 5 meters from the gate that the man on duty had opened for the squad, several distant booms were heard, but instead of being Salvian artillery to the east, it came from the west. Before Pup-pup could yell to find cover, the shells landed directly inside the tent city where most of the First Battalion was, to the north of the base. The base was instantly alive as men scrambled for cover or defensive positions. The distant booms were heard a second time as Pup-pup yelled at the squad to follow him. They had entered the base from the south side as it lay closer to Second Battalion’s tents and Pup-pup decided to bring his squad to the west in case of an assault. They broke out into a run as others scrambled around them, putting on gear and grabbing weapons. A third set of booms were heard and a few moments passed before they too found their marks, this time much closer to the western edge. By the time a fourth barrage could be heard they had reached the HESCO walls where an observation post housed two Salvian troops who were now frantically searching with thermal binoculars for signs of movement. Apparently spotting some, one of them began radioing in their sightings when the other hopped down and, seeing the squad and other troops who had now mustered to the walls, relayed with widened eyes. “Base of the hill, an absolute f*ck-ton of them.” He then ran off. The men that had mustered around the man, around 20 of them not counting the squad, began moving briskly towards defensive positions. A mortar crew nearby began setting up the mortar as a fifth barrage sounded off, the explosions closer once more. The staff sergeant was directing his two fireteams when an explosion rocked the wall not 10 meters from their position, sending most of the squad flying onto their backs and sides. “f*ck, f*ck, f*ck!” Automatic gun fire began pouring out of the base while the mortar crew’s sergeant frantically called out orders. One of the privates of Pup-pup’s squad scrambled over to a body that lay nearby, its arm torn away from the body. Expecting to find the identity of the soldier, the face was completely unrecognizable. The private shook his head, vomited, reached for his gun and picked himself up. He felt a vice grip on his shoulder as Pup-pup yanked him back, his back now to the wall. The staff sergeant began yelling something at him but he couldn’t make it out. Another artillery barrage shook the base before another artillery barrage, this time Salvian, rocked the base of the hill. A flare rose high into the sky, bathing the side of the hill once more in a deep red. Pup-pup stole a look over the wall before ducking back down. A number of Sentist squads were rapidly approaching up the hill. Two platoons worth, maybe three. He shook his head as more Salvian squads arrived on the scene and set up their guns on the walls. More fire poured out of the base, but the Sentists still got closer. A sergeant turned towards him but before he could speak a loud dink! noise was heard. The man fell back, dead before he hit the ground. The light then dissipated, and the hill was once more complete darkness. Sentist voices could now be heard as they began to remove concertina wire that had been set up some 25 or 30 meters from the walls. Pup-pup called out to his squad to fire on them and standing up to see over the walls he emptied his clip into the shapes that were near the barbed wire. Some slouched forward over the wire while others were blasted back. A sixth barrage boomed, whistled, then landed, this time almost on top of them. Dirt was blasted into their faces. The private looked back from his sights to see where the mortar crew had once been, the position now thoroughly destroyed and the bodies unrecognizable. Before he could turn back to fire, a bullet caught him in the throat. The private fell backwards and gripped his throat as he made gurgling sounds, trying to breath through his own blood. A Sentist hurdled over the chest high wall where the private once was, screaming as he charged, bayonet fixed, towards the nearest man, Pup-pup. Three bullets to the chest stopped the man as the staff sergeant rushed over to the wall. A seventh artillery barrage fell on the base as another Salvian one landed at the base of the hill. More and more gunfire now began to hit the sides of the wall, some finding their marks on Salvian targets, but as more men rallied to the western edge and the defense became more organized the Sentist offensive stalled. Grenade launchers and mortars began firing on those taking cover while those who moved upwards were cut down. No more Sentist artillery fell as the combat continued for the next 15 minutes, with the cries of “Medic!” growing in frequency and combat chatter continuously going on. Finally, a jet was heard overheard from the south and the base of the hill and most of the bottom half erupted in fire and smoke. The Sentists were now seen pulling away from the hill, and Pup-pup finally slid down to a seat, his back against the wall. The fierce fight had only lasted for some 25 minutes but still claimed around 150 Salvian casualties. Salvian intelligence having completely failed, the brigade now knew that the Sentists were here and in force. 21 February, 0905 The Salvian troops whooped and cheered as the Tagmatine M-87 E Aisalones jet fighters screeched and thundered through the air above them. Flying low, the jets continued on before dropping their payload, the bombs landing and forming a cloud of fire and smoke some 4 klicks out, which drew further celebratory hollers from the Salvian troops. “Falcon six-three, this is Missionary zero-one, target hit. Good work. Over.” A heavily accented voice picked up on the other end. “Missionary zero-one from Falcon, roger. Good luck down there. Over and out.” Manahia hung up the radio and pulled the binoculars to his eyes to observe the scene, his breath visible due to the chilly February morning. A convoy of Sentist trucks and troops were spotted heading west alongside a road that ran perpendicular to the forward operating base the Salvians had set themselves up on, the Sentists now withdrawing from the area. They had conducted several more assaults against the base, but each time the Salvian defense was more prepared for the assaults and inflicted much more Sentist casualties than they took. Manahia had requested a quick strike from Tagmatine jets - they happily obliged. He now saw the convoy in total disarray, the strike landing somewhere between the front and middle of the line. Manahia turned back towards the radio and picked it up. “White Snake five-zero, this is Missionary zero-one, clearance for fire mission on the same mark. Four barrages from five-one and five-two. Fire in T-minus 30 seconds. Over.” Manahia didn’t bother to stick around for the reply and walked over to a nearby table where men on their break were playing cards to pass the time. One offered the general a cup of coffee, which he accepted. One of those sitting, a sergeant, offered him milk without looking up from his cards, to which Manahia shook his head. He took a sip, the warmth fighting back the cold. A moment later the boom of artillery sounded out, the soldiers failing to even look up from the cards. Manahia once more put the binoculars to his eyes and saw more explosions at the position of the convoy. He nodded. f*ck them. An officer from HQ walked over to the general. “Brigo! A communiqué from the Tagmatines. They ask if we are prepared to move out tomorrow, 0437.” The general nodded before taking another sip of his coffee, the officer saluting before walking away. While he had expected some form of reinforcements that were promised to him by his higher-up would arrive before they began their advance, he accepted that he would probably not be seeing anything close to concrete plans before mid-March. His casualties, now numbering somewhere near 350, would go unreplenished for now. It was just the way life went. Still the brigade was ready to move out. And when Tagmatine tanks rolled towards the west, for some their march would be greeted by the Salvians.
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