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  1. spoke with staff about the optimal move for my nation, here it is: also rivers would be cool notes: very very very rough
  2. Sayf

    Doom of Ceris

    THE SKY, REWHAIN A cargo plane barrels across the sky above Rewhain, evidently originating from Sayf as the marking on its side indicates. Two men sit in the cockpit, at the controls of this aircraft, wearing the uniforms of the Sayfi Air Corps and pairs of green headsets used to communicate with each other and the ground. A voice suddenly comes on, speaking to the pilots of the aircraft- "Khasida niner-sierra-papa, turn left heading two-seven-zero to intercept the localizer, cleared ILS runway one-four into Rewhain, maintain two-thousand-five-hundred feet until established.", the pilot s
  3. Sounds cool. Sayf has to protect their oil.
  4. Sayf

    Doom of Ceris

    SAYFI DEFENSE MINISTRY, BAGHDAD, SAYF A mahogany door with ‘GENERAL HAJAAR’ emblazoned on a golden-plaque mounted on the door swings open. Inside the room is a rotund man wearing green military uniform donning a name tag ‘HAJAAR’, and many medals and ribbons signifying the man’s accomplishments. The man has a sizeable beard, and teeth that have no doubt been yellowed overtime, no doubt by use of tobacco products as is evident by the well-used ash-tray that sits adjacent to him on his desk and an accompanying hookah, which is sitting on the floor nearby- although it is evident it has not b
  5. I'm going to revise my post in accordance to what you've requested.
  6. Apologies for the vague language, by 'taking care' of the piracy I mean that the 5th fleet is mostly escorting ships through the area and attacking active pirates at sea.
  7. Sayf

    Doom of Ceris

    Abu Hajaar, alone in the War Department office, flips open his laptop while enjoying his hookah: SYS:\SAYF-SECURE-DATA-SYSTEM\\... LANGUAGE SELECT: ANGLISH ARABIC ... INPUT LOGIN INFORMATION: USERNAME: abuhajaar69420 PASSWORD: *************************** ACCESS GRANTED WELCOME, GENERAL HAJAAR, TYPE A COMMAND TO CONTINUE SYS:\USERS\ABUHAJAAR69420>"open SYS\CONFIDENTIAL-FILES\CERIS-OPS\" .... CERIS OPERATION FILES: Astaria: A small country on Ceris which has suffered through strife and conflict. We have allocated 5,000,00
  8. -hi, i decided not to do this, please ignore-
  9. Nation Name: Sayf Official Broadcaster: SNTV Song Title: TBA Artist(s) Name(s): TBA Tune: Acid Arab - "La Hafla" ft. Sofiane Saidi Lyrics: TBA
  10. The Arab Republic of Sayf declares that a State of War now exists between the Arab Republic of Sayf and the Confederated Empire of Derthalen. The Arab Republic of Sayf is acting in defense of it's international interests, as well as in defense for the acts of war perpetrated against its allies the Grand Duchy of Limonaia, the Kingdom of Seylos and the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan. The Parliament of the Arab Republic of Sayf has approved and will be acting on it's declaration of war on the Confederated Empire of Derthalen.
  11. I've been quite behind on this, just letting everyone know that the deadline to submit your car and driver is tomorrow at 12:00 PM central time and the main thread is going up that day.
  12. After weeks of polling Sayfi citizens across Sayf, including all the major cities, and the countryside here are the first nationwide poll results of this election Unsurprisingly, Abdullah Al-Fiqri maintains the lead although it also proves that he is not as popular as the current President, Ali Al-Karim who in polls maintained a strong majority of 75% throughout all polls. It is clear many people are taking a look at their political beliefs, even straying towards other candidates such as Tahira Muqasim whose party has experienced an unexpected boost in popularity since Ali Al-Karim a
  13. War Department, Sayfi Military Headquarters, Baghdad, Sayf - 14:50 A Sayfi man smoking a cigar and wearing a trenchcoat and suit from an expensive Liomonian designer brand Certovino walks into the room, in the room, there is a long conference table with a few men of varying ages wearing decorated Sayfi service uniforms, all now staring at the man that just walked into the room before he says anything, he pulls off his coat and throws it across the room, where it lands atop a coat hanger. He plops himself down onto an opulent leather office chair across from the most decorate
  14. Beginning later this year, a new commodity will be planted in fields and open areas across Sayf that likely will change the landscape. These "farmers" are government-subsidized energy companies that have begun manufacturing solar panels and building solar power plants as a part of a government directive to remove the Sayfi economy's dependency on oil as a response to the eventual lack of need for oil on Eurth. As projects are approved and ramp up, arrays of tightly bunched panels tilted south are expected to replace what had been crops or open land, with some projects encompassing up
  15. Right so this to plan and discuss the elections going on in Sayf. There is no main thread, and most updates will come in my news thread. There's going to be a way where other countries can attempt to influence the election, either by attempting to rig or fund a certain party to help them win. Election influence form: https://goo.gl/forms/1Z4DgEKwD10oOKKa2 National Democratic Party - Social Democrat Republican Left of Sayf - neo-liberalism/centrism Conservative Action Party - liberal conservatism Islamic Brotherhood of Sayf - Traditional Islamic Law Say
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