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  1. Faramount is a somewhat politically unstable nation in Alharu, so I could certainly see this terrorist group having some operations there. They might even control some territory in the Northeast of the nation. And the Faramontese government would obviously hate them (simply for contesting its authority), though it wouldn't have the ability to successfully suppress them.
  2. I'd agree with this. The IMO would likely be the base, and it's much more traditional than the UN. Every nation has one vote in the assembly, which controls everything. There is no security council, no permanent members, no nothing like that. I'd see no reason for the UEL to deviate far from this setup, to be honest. I suppose if we really wanted a security council, we could say that there's it exists for the purpose of facilitating rapid UEL response. The members could be elected. We could even RP the elections (or, alternately, say that all active RPers are, by chance, currently elected
  3. So I've given this a bit of thought, and I do have a more concrete proposal for how the history of our UN could look, if we wanted something that justifies more globalization without reaching the level of cohesion present IRL. My proposal is that there is very little treaty-based international law prior to 1959. There are a lot of informal rules that everybody has followed for centuries, but nobody has actually written much of this down. To the extent that things are written down, it's mostly in various treaties between nations, not in any larger international convention. Rising internati
  4. So continuing my necromancy for the day, I figured I'd revive this topic. We left off with the start of substantive negotiations. I detailed here the controversial points of the treaty. If nobody's nation objects to those points, then we can just skip ahead to the signing, and I can get to work on the wiki page.
  5. So I hate to grave dig, but I do think this is an important topic. I was looking at the Eurth treaties page and...well, it's quite bare, lol. I do think it makes a lot of sense to do some of this stuff retroactively. We need to create a history for our Eurth; why would it not include international organizations? I think toothlessness could be a great way to square having these organizations with everybody having their own histories. And toothlessness could easily be explained if these organizations were mostly created ad hoc for minor reasons, not after a world war. I like the idea of the
  6. Sorry for the delay here, guys, had a trial last week and another coming up this week. Schedule is a bit hectic.
  7. So there's an ongoing push for people to move towards more independent and creative denominations, as opposed to existing real-life denominations. Once we've seen how most people have established themselves, we can try to develop denominational groups. But we can keep working on some general thoughts in the meantime. Our current timeline has the Aroman Empire collapsing sometime in the fifth century, and the church fragmenting following the collapse of the empire. So my thought is that the First Council of Nicaea occurred in 325 IG as IRL and the First Council of Constantinople occurred i
  8. I'm still trying to workout some of the world around Faramount first, but I'm hoping to get it going in the next few weeks. A big part of why I started the whole talk on Christianity is to get a base from which to design what will be an important faction in the civil war. Once I've gotten a better breakdown for Christian Imperialism and the Disciples of Balconi, I'll be in better shape. I'd also like to see a definitive answer on the Derthalen thing, as that could have impacts for me.
  9. Giordano Savio applauded respectfully after Seto's address, and again after Ninson speech. Once the two had finished, and no one else had indicated any desire to speak, he signaled to be recognized. "I join with my esteemed colleagues in hoping that today, we can establish a baseline for peace and prosperity in the world's oceans and waterways. Over the last few months, legal experts from a number of nations have come together, developing the proposal that I will now detail. During this process, my delegation has become somewhat of a neutral broker, due to our lack of direct interest her
  10. You're certainly welcome to! But I'd note that this isn't just a Christian group, but rather, a Christian/Truther group. Specifically, the Disciples are a radical Christian Imperialist group.
  11. Reviewing the Terms of Service, it would appear that we could have an IP problem, as we didn't give the forum any right to posted content. So unless someone is willing to approach Derth, we could have an issue there. That might be something worth reconsidering at some point. So perhaps someone should approach Derth? Though I doubt he'll agree. Given the denial of his request to switch nations post-war, this would essentially mean playing as an occupied people if he ever returned to the game. And I mean, hey, I'd love to do that, but I don't think most people are particularly interested in
  12. I'd personally suggest we just abandon the retcon, and continue as-is with the admins running Derth. He's a nice guy, but if he's leaving the region (or being banned as some have discussed), then there's no reason to abandon the RP. @North Dniester, you're certainly still welcome to invade Faramount, but this might be the better RP if you want to have your coup happen quickly. I imagine it'll be a minute before a war in Faramount causes enough attrition to actually undermine the stability of your nation. Plus, if we do undo the retcon, you could just pickup where you left off.
  13. Thank you very much! Any nation can accede to the convention once it takes effect. So, essentially, your country would just have to file a notice saying "we accede to this," and you'd join. I imagine once the conference is done, we could setup a thread in diplomacy for the administration of it, and then you could do like a back-dated post acceding to the convention if the RP powers are okay with it.
  14. So it took far longer than expected, but I've finally finished with what I think are good base documents. I'd run into the problem that the real life law of the sea relied heavily upon the UN, IMO, and existing maritime law. So in addition to trying to simplify things, I also had to try to create a framework in which the convention could operate. I'll be putting up an IC post in the next few days kicking off the substantive talks. But I wanted to summarize OOCly exactly what each document does. The International Maritime Convention: Uses a simplified system of establishing coas
  15. Faramount's longstanding dictator will be dying in the next few weeks, prompting a brief but intense fight to succeed him. His son-in-law will ultimately succeed, but in doing so, will do serious harm the nation's military and security services, thus leading to major gains by communist rebels, ethnic insurgents, and a radical Christian/Truthist militant group. The country will essentially fall into very serious fighting. I've been working over the last few months to give a lot of nations a strong interest in the outcome. @Rihan is exploiting Faramount for petroleum and slaves. Both @Derth
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